Google Assistant does not work on Samsung TV. LG47LB652V

How to enable Google an assistant on TV?

All you need to do is use the voice and command “Okay, Google, turn on the TV”. And so you turned on the TV using Google Assistant.

  • While on the main screen, press the Voice Search button. On your remote control. If you press the Voice Search button on the remote control when you are in the application, you will look for in the application.
  • Keep the remote control in front of you and tell your question. The results of your search will appear as soon as you finish talking.

How do I configure Google Home on my Android TV?

Set up and connect a new TV

  • Make sure your mobile device or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network or tied to the same account as Chromecast, speaker or display.
  • Open the Google Home application.
  • In the upper left corner, click “Add” configure the device
  • Click on the house you want to add the device to NEXT.

Reload the device

A simple reboot can help solve the general problems that you may encounter on your smartphone and other electronic devices. If you can’t use Google Assistant on your smartphone due to the sudden appearance of the error “Google Assistant’s error on this device”, try to restart a smartphone or tablet.

We are sure that you know how to restart or restart our smartphone, but just in case we will list steps.

Hold the power button of your smartphone about two (2) seconds.

Click “Reload”.

That’s all. When the reloading process ends and your phone turns on again, Google Assistant should work without errors.

If an error message still appears on the screen whenever you are trying to use an assistant, try the next correction below.

Turn on the Google application re.

If the Google application or some other Google services are disconnected on your smartphone, Google Assistant may stop working correctly. If the Google application is disabled, you must enable it. And if it is turned on and works correctly, but the assistant displays an inaccessibility error, you can manually turn off the Google application and turn it on again.

Follow the instructions below to do it. Of course, the settings menu on your phone may vary slightly depending on the model and manufacturer.

Launch your phone settings menu.

Tap the applications and notifications.

Touch “view all applications”.

This opens the page of information about the application where you can view all applications on your smartphone.

Scroll the page and find the Google application. Click on it to open the Google information page for Google.

If the Google application is disabled, click “Turn on” to start the application and all related functions.

Try starting Google an assistant now, and he should work without errors.

If Google Assistant is turned on. Another trick to eliminate the error “Google Assistant is not available on this device” is to turn off the Google application manually and turn it on again.

Touch the icon to turn off the icon.

A pop.up window will appear with a notification that your device can work incorrectly if you disconnect the application.

Click “Disable the application” to continue.

The next thing to do is to turn on the application again.

Click “Turn on”, and the Google application (and assistant) should now work correctly, without errors.

Make sure you are connected to the Internet.

Google Assistant uses your Internet connection to obtain information for you. Therefore, for proper operation, you need to make sure that you are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or a cellular network.

One of the simple ways to check if your connection is working is to open a browser on the phone and start Google or another site. If it does not open, you have a problem with the connection. Try to reboot the device, check for the network twice, in the “Settings” “Network and Internet” section and go to the area with the best connection.

We also examined how to improve the slow speed of the smartphone if the assistant responds slowly.

If you managed to successfully upload the site, continue to read to find a solution.

Turn on the option “Okay, Google”.

Many people use Google Assistant in high.profile mode with the voice command “Okay, Google”. If the assistant does not open even after that, you probably accidentally turned off the Okay, Google option in the assistant settings menu.

Repeated inclusion of this option must solve the problem for you. You can do this as follows:

  • Launch Google’s application on your device.
  • Click “” in the lower part of the screen and select “Settings”.
  • Click the “Voice” and then “Voice Match” to view the assistant settings menu.
  • On the screen that appears, turn on the HEY Google option.
  • Say “Okay, Google” in front of the phone, and Google the assistant will start.

How to turn off the voice accompaniment on the Samsung Smart TV?

The sequence of manipulations will depend on the Smart Samsung Smart model. Way to find out a model of technology:

    Find a sticker or a tablet with data on the rear wall;

The first marking characters contain data on the manufacturer and size of the diagonal, behind the first numerical designation is an indication of a series of technology. It is precisely on this indicator that the algorithm for disconnecting the vocal support on the Samsung TV will depend.

On new models

  • On the control panel, press “menu” or enter the “settings” on the home screen;
  • Go to the “device” section and find special opportunities there;
  • Find the “voice instructions”, transfer the slider to the “off” position;
  • Save the choice.

How to update the browser on the Samsung Smart TV TV

The instructions for decactivation of special capacity are also suitable for TV, which have adjacent markings, expressed by additional digital values. For example: M453, LS4311 and others.

Is it possible to reset the settings to the factory on TV samsung

On many TV models, the reset of settings is carried out in the same way as turning off the vocal tips. For this you will need a control panel.

We pick it up and follow the following recommendations:

  • Press the buttons in turn: Info, Menu, Mute, Power. Last button. turning on/off power;
  • A small menu will appear on the screen on the left, where you need to select the “Option” item;
  • In the next window on Samsung, select “Factory Reset”.

Google Assistant. Android TV. Голосовые команды

Click on the remote a few buttons sequentially

The TV will turn off for a while. Then it will turn on again. Now you need to check if the sound has appeared. And also enter your account Samsung. The reset of settings will delete all your previously performed settings and set parameters in the device. If you downloaded the applications in TV, they will also be removed. If these actions did not lead to the expected result, like deactivation of voice tips, you must contact in support. And ask for help.

How to tie a TV to Alice

Before we proceed to setting up, remember that Alice’s interaction with televisions occurs with two important reservations:

  • Firstly, the TV should only be Samsung brands and support Smart TV function. However, not all models are suitable, but only those that came out after 2018.
  • Secondly, Alice can only turn on and off the TV. To manage it with the help of a voice, for example, put a pause for a pause or look for a video on YouTube will not work.

If your equipment meets these requirements, and the permissible control model is suitable for you, then proceed to the instructions for configuring:

First you need to add a TV to the Smartthings application

Now we move on to add the TV to the Yandex application:

At this stage, you need to tie the Smartthings account to the Yandex application

  • In the drop.down window, select the “device” item;
  • Click “” and select the “Smart House”;
  • In the “Popular Manufacturers” section, find Samsung Smartthings;

Update the list of devices and the TV will become available to control the voice

How to manage a TV through Alice

For full control of the TV using Alice, you will need a big Yandex.Station or Yandex.Module

The last action will lead to the fact that a TV will also appear in the list of your devices. From this moment, you can turn on and off it, just contacting Alice with the corresponding requests:

google, assistant, does, work, samsung

Yes, the number of available commands is really not too extensive. But there is nothing to be surprised here. This is just a sample, and for something more it is necessary to purchase either Yandex.Station or Yandex.Max station, or Yandex.The module, which is an analogue of Google Chromecast, but with Alice and the ability to use other Yandex services on TV.

If your TV is added to the Smartthings application, this is not a guarantee that Alice will accept it. The voice assistant refuses to work with televisions released until 2018. I personally do not know exceptions from this rule, but I admit that they can be. But, if you are sure that your TV should be supported, try updating its firmware. Perhaps this will solve the problem.

google, assistant, does, work, samsung

Another aspect that needs to be known is that Alice does not always include even compatible TVs. This is due to the fact that with a prolonged simple TV plunges into a deep sleep, in which it turns off from the Internet. Because of this, Alice cannot establish a connection with him, and, accordingly, enable him. In my case, this happens in about a day.

WhatsApp has recently headed for the implementation of a large number of updates, but some functions in the messenger are still limited. For example, in 2022 it is impossible to send a video in WhatsApp as a whole. Only one and a half minutes. Agree, unpleasant? When WhatsApp gets rid of this restriction. It is not very clear, given how much the messenger lags behind Telegram. Nevertheless, there are several simple ways at once to recover a big video in WhatsApp. Remember life hacks and use them without waiting for the appearance of the messenger update.

Rhythm games have existed for a long time. Who can forget the days of Dance Dance Revolution? We also witnessed a huge surge in the popularity of games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero. These games are no longer popular on consoles, but their contribution was well reflected in games for mobile devices. Now they offer more diversity and an interesting game process in almost every case. To make you even more interesting, we collected the best games of this genre under one heading and suggest you play them in them. let’s get started. The ability to press, brush and hold a finger on the screen emulates many old rhythm games, and many developers coped well with this.

Android operating system is famous for its openness to any change. Therefore, the owner of the smartphone can configure literally every detail of the intese. In particular, the font change is allowed. Why this might be needed? Firstly, someone sees in such settings a way of self-expression or banal decoration of the shell. Secondly, such manipulations allow us to adapt the system to the vision of a single user. So let’s not put the case in a long box and immediately figure out how to change the font on the phone.

How to use Google Assistant on Android TV [Guide]

There is no doubt that Google Assistant is much better than Siri, Alexa, Bixby and Cortana in concerning voice assistants. It has a much better voice recognition algorithm, and also reacts much faster to Pixel devices due to an autonomous voice model. The bestest thing is that Google integrated his assistant on a number of devices, including Android TV. And it works well. You can watch movies, watch the weather information, find films of actors and directors and much more. But what else can he do and, more importantly, what he cannot? Well, to find all the answers, let’s continue and find out how to use Google Assistant on Android TV.

First of all, let’s start with the most obvious team that users ask for Google Assistant on Android TV. If you ask Google Assistant “Reprive the film / show / trailer / video”, it will immediately transfer you to the application in which content is available. However, it works only with some applications such as Netflix and YouTube.

If you want to be specific, you can say “Play X on Netflix”.

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If the film is not available on this platform, it will offer you stream links from other services.

Then, if you simply utter the name of the actor, he will show you all the films for this particular actor, and you can open it to find links for streaming. In the same way, you can look for films and shows by directors, genres, etc. D.

As for music, Gooogle Assistant on Android TV works better only with Spotify. You just need to say “turn on my library / songs on Spotify,” and he will obediently do this. You can even play Spotify in the background.

google, assistant, does, work, samsung

How to Use Google Assistant in Samsung TV⚡️How To setup Google Assistant in Samsung TV

In addition, you can request information about the weather, for example, “what the weather is there?”, And the program will extract data on your location from a smartphone and show you the results.

You can even ask general questions that Google Assistant on Android smartphone. For example, “define a word” or “how far is the moon” and t. D.

Google Assistant on Android TV can also make sounds of different animals, which is not bad.

What I like the most is that you can control many television management elements using Google Assistant. For example, you can simply say: “Reduce the volume to 15%”, and he will immediately follow your instructions. You can also perform similar operations from your Android smartphone. Just add my TV at the end of the team.

google, assistant, does, work, samsung

And the best in Google Assistant on Android TV is that he can even answer about your upcoming calendar schedule and show your personal photos. However, you need to change the key setting on the Android smartphone. Open the Google application and go to the “Additionally” section. “Settings”. “Google assistant”. “Devices”. “TV”. Turn on the switch to obtain personal results.

Now just say “what will happen next in my schedule”, and here it is.

You can even ask Google Assistant to show your photos from the place X and it will extract your images from Google photo. This is quite interesting, true?

Nevertheless, the worst part of Google Assistant on Android TV is that it cannot install reminders or alarms or add something to your Google Keep list. For example, if you are far from your smartphone, you will need to control certain elements of your smartphone, but you cannot do it right now.

At the same time, Google Assistant can open Duo on Android TV with one command: “Open Duo”. However, at the moment he cannot make video calls.

Get a maximum from Google Assistant on Android TV

So, these are some of the main teams that work in Google Assistant, launched on Android TV. While I am satisfied with what Google has done with my voice assistant, especially the recognition of the voice in regional languages. However, some basic functions, such as the creation of reminders and alarm signals, are not supported. We hope that in the near future we will have a full Google Assistant on Android TV. In any case, this is all from us. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and let us know.

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Reload the smartphone

Let’s start with the most obvious and simple: rebooting the phone. This method is easily and quickly fulfilled, and it should definitely try, because it is known for eliminating many problems associated with ubiquitous technologies.

We are sure that you all know how to restart your Android device, but still just in case we will consider this process. All you need to do is to press and hold the power button on your device for a second or two, after which several options will appear on the screen. Select the “rebooting” option, and the other phone will do it yourself.

After the smartphone turns on again, try starting the Google assistant to check if the problem has been preserved. If so, go to the second step.

Make sure that the assistant is included and supported by your device

First, make sure your smartphone supports the Google assistant. not every model supports it. Here are the parameters by which you can make sure that you have exactly the support of a voice assistant:

Android 5.0 or newer Google 6 application.13 or newer Google Play services at least 1 GB of memory

In addition, the language of the device should be installed on one of the following: Chinese (traditional), Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Russian Spanish Swedish, Thai or Turkish.

If all the parameters correspond, but Google does not work on your smartphone, you need to make sure that the assistant is generally turned on. Open the Google application on your device, touch the “review” icon in the lower part of the screen and click on the photo profile or on the icon with the first letter of the name, and then “Settings” “Assistant”. The next step is the choice of the device in the “device with an assistant” section, and then you need to translate the switch next to the parameters “Google Assistant” and “access using Voice Match” to the active position to complete the process. After that, try calling the assistant by saying “Okay, Google”. If nothing appears on the screen, it’s time to go to the third step.

Why is Google Assistant not working in Android TV?

I will tell the reason and solution to the problem at the end of the article, but for now the entry. First I want to tell a little about Android TV and the Google Assistant. I am the happy owner of two TVs based on pure Android TV 9. This is Thomson and Skyworth TV. One of the features of the SkyWorth model is that the manufacturer in standard delivery was laid by Bluetooth remote control. This means that by connecting it to the TV as a Bluetooth device, you can switch the channels without leading the remote control towards the TV. Because the Bluetooth technology allows you to distribute the signal not as infrared rays do it, which are much more common in television remote controls. There is also a separate Google Assistant call button on this remote control.

A microphone is built in the remote control, he writes a phrase and transfers to the TV. Further, depending on the applications selected in the settings, the search will be made on them. First of all, the results will be shown in YouTube. I also have a search for Megogo and Videobox. There are a number of other questions, the answers to which are simply voiced by the TV and do not show links to video videos. Such requests include various mathematical issues, weather, time, Wikipedia requests, etc.D. You can also ask you to install any application or start it. All teams work perfectly in Russian. But there is a spoon of tar and that is what. Metya also has a smart Google Home column and smart lamps. Google Home successfully copes with their management, but Google Assistant, which is built into Android TV, cannot do this. If someone knows the solution to this problem, then write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

The next problem was the fact that in the standard remote control from Thomson, firstly, there is no separate button for the launch of the assistant, and secondly there is no microphone in the remote control or on the TV itself. T.e. Having bought a TV, you simply cannot use the Google Assistant function. The remote control is standard infrared and naturally recording and transmission of sound files is impossible. Well, or possible, but would happen in an unacceptable time. Who found the era of exchange with pictures and melodies through the IR port of the phone will not let you lie how much it was necessary to wait to convey a weighty melody. A little google, I found out that Thomson offers to additionally purchase a Bluetooth remote control with a microphone. This was a surprise. An unknown Chinese brand put such a remote control in the box, and the rather famous Thomson stuck. But I found a way out without acquiring a second remote control. And here. Among the many integrates on the TV there is a standard USB. I had a USB camera with a good microphone. I inserted her into the port and oh miracle, without any additional dances with a tambourine my TV got a microphone and now starting Google Assistant from the main menu, I could give voice teams. Here is such a small hack. Perhaps someone will come in handy. over, the price of a USB microphone is cheaper than a separate remote control.

The application on Android TV flies out

Android TV TV is able to work in standby mode. That is, when disconnected from the remote control, it retains open applications in the background and at launch resumes their work. On the one hand, this is convenient. you do not need to the right video on YouTube or a page on KinoPoisk. On the other hand, it is always fraught with undercuting Android TV. What can be done?

Often throws from applications directly when using

  • In the settings of the device, turn off the “fast start”. the TV will be launched more slowly, but the applications will work more correctly. No need to wait until they “brew”.
  • Check Wi-Fi connection. For example, my TV is located a few walls from the router, as a result of which, when starting, a notification often appears that Wi-Fi is not connected. If possible, just connect the Internet using a cable.
  • Disconnect the location in the settings. Many applications request geolocation, as a result of which many resources are spent.
  • Disconnect Google Assistant. The voice assistant is also activated when the TV is launched, and due to the sudden pressing of the activation button, the system can begin to slow down even on top TVs. It is better to turn off the voice recognition physically. from the button on the rear panel of the TV.
  • Clean the application cache. This is relevant for neglected applications that did not close several days in a row.

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Freezing TV Smart TV

Unfortunately, many budget models of TVs do not have enough resources for the stable operation of the system. Such devices are intended exclusively for viewing TV channels, and Smart TV seems to go in addition. It’s a shame, but such models are definitely not worth buying. recently we analyzed which TV is better to choose and what characteristics to pay attention to. However, there is a way out.

Overloaded main screen Android TV is the main reason for the perch

  • Clean the main screen of extra applications. The fewer offers there are from YouTube and other services on the main screen, the better: they are constantly updated and spend a lot of resources.
  • Disconnect the screensaver. This function faster includes sleeping mode on Android TV, as a result of which the device “comes to their senses” after sleep.
  • Select the image mode. Actual for TVs with a “member”: the function actively works with the picture and spends a lot of resources. And the eyes get tired of such an image.
  • Make a reset of settings. If the applications on the TV do not open, then it is time to roll back to the factory parameters to improve the operation of the system.

If your TV is already for many years, it slows down, try using the TV set: Xiaomi Mi TV Stick works even with old devices and is perfectly optimized for all necessary applications. As a result, you will successfully update the TV instead of buying a new.

As you can see, there is practically not a single TV with Smart TV on the market, when working with which there would be no lags. Is it possible to find something more acceptable? Try Google TV instead of Android TV: our article told how the platforms are different and whether such TVs can do cheaper.