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Great port of an outstanding game: Review of the PC version of God of War

Since the console players first accompanied the god of war to the top of the highest mountain, four winters have passed. Now their path falls to the share of husbands and virgins who own powerful PC. We share our impressions of the long.awaited port of God of War. “Games of the Year 2018” and one of the most impressive Exclusions of the PlayStation of the last generation.

  • Developer: Santa Monica Studio
  • Publisher: PlayStation PC LLC
  • Exit date: January 14, 2022

April.2018 gamers sent some gamers to anti.utopia, save civilization in an outstanding frostpunk, and others into space, fight against the great houses in BatTletech, but the eyes of the owners of the PlayStation shone brighter, who dared to visit the eternal permafrost of the Far North, where he settled with his son. The aging god of war Kratos.

Despite the retreat from the Greek pantheon towards Scandinavian mythology and a sharp change in the genre from the mother, almost the most spectacular at all times of Slasher to the plot action of Advencups, the sequel of God of War III made a real splash. The game received very high marks from most authoritative publications, took the “game of the year” at The Game Awards and D.I.C.E. Awards, and was also awarded BAFTA award in three nominations, in t.h. As the best game.

Recently, Sony Interactive and its main partners willingly share gifts with PC owners, increasing sales and expanding the audience of their key titles. So, last year we finally met with Ela from Horizon Zero Dawn and wilds from Days Gone, most recently we had an unexpected joy to touch the Final Fantasy VII REMAMAKE. We devoted a review to each of them and talked about each of the ports (you will find links at the end of the article).

It is time for God of War, in which we find Kratos to justified in the Far North. The god of the war is growing the Son of Atrey and just recently, some time before the events of the game, the lover of Fei died. After the tradition of her body, the Spartan with her son will have a long and difficult journey, in order to dispel the ashes at the highest peak of median lands. this is the last will of the warrior.

Exploring the rebellious lands of the nine worlds, severe cratos and soft.hearted Atrey will face many dangers and lead new friends, temper their weapons with runes and spells, get used to working in the team and listen to each other.

A very long story campaign with fascinating views, spectacular battles and magnificent (also awarded awards) with musical accompaniment; The strongest narrative and emotional, in some places a very touching story. who would have thought that God of War would once become like that.

Even with some regression in terms of the combat system (here I personally have my opinion as a great lover of previous license plates) God of War gives an extremely exciting experience. The camera now holds on a strictly behind Kratos, instead of the usual blades, the Spartan uses a combat ax for Fay brothers-Gnomas Shindry and Brock, atrai himself actively participates in the battles-first hesitantly lifases the opponents from the bow, but over time it becomes bolder and often goes into the nearby the battle.

Bright pirouettes with chaos blades will be replaced by protective maneuvers with a solar shield and crushing blows by Leviathan, which Kratos can throw and call on his hand, like a handle of his hammer mjelnir. Over time, the god of war will learn special runic attacks, and his son Atrey will turn to the spirits of animals and call them for help in battle.

I dare to assume that most of you are already well acquainted with the characteristics of the God of War gameplay, so I propose decisively moving on to the main topic of this article. to the directly quality of the port, because not every game came up to us from console Dali equally well.

As for the general impressions of optimization, I was very impressed. None of the above ports worked so smoothly and confidently on my PC configuration. And this despite the fact that some irregularities in the prevalled build were expected, which the players were notified in advance.

The PC version of God of War has not received significant graphic modifications (however, despite the four-year exposure, the game is not inferior to modern hits outwardly). The quality of the shadows has improved, and their number increased markedly: natural shadows appeared in many places and kat-scenes, where they had previously had to be abolished for the sake of console performance.

Players improved the algorithms of spatial shading and global lighting, took advantage of the new SSDO method (modified and less resource.intensive version of SSAO). The picture turned out to be contrasting, colorful paints and well.reading textures.

In graphic configurations, the user is free to independently choose the quality of textures and models, effects and reflections, as well as connect one of the dynamic resolution technologies NVIDIA DLSS or AMD Fidelityfx Super Resolution, and manually configure the scale and resolution of adaptive visualization.

But, I must say that I didn’t even have to use them. With the RTX 2070 Super configuration with AMD Ryzen 5 3600 at the maximum possible level of the God of War graphics, that the fighter for the Bystrin, only occasionally hit the river stones.

The game worked with honest resolution of 3440 for 1440 pixels (the game supports ULTRAWIDE monitors) with stable 60 FPS, squeezing all juices from the video card and loading the processor by an average of 40%. On a 4K display, the performance has fallen a little, but my system is not perfect. But it was possible to check the level of HDR, which, by the way, is quite well made and is also supported by PC version. NVIDIA Reflex support is also stated, but I have no way to test it.

get access to the combat system as soon as possible

One of the main moments of God of War is undoubtedly its combat system. system. The game to the edges is filled with cruel moments, namely in the form of amazing final techniques, runic attacks and everything else in the same spirit that Kratos can perform in battle.

However, it may also take some time to get used to. Players must try to use early battles to master the evasion and parrying in the game. two valuable mechanics that will serve players well throughout the experience.

management, collect, many, possible

Atrey. a valuable asset in battle. do not ignore it

Atrey may seem like a helpless child when players face him for the first time, but this is far from the case. Its arrows can be extremely powerful with proper use, especially when they get magical abilities.

management, collect, many, possible

Although this is normal, let Kratos take responsibility in battle, he will need his son to help him sometimes. The use of its arrow abilities can be extremely useful for achieving the same.

God of War for PC: use a keyboard and a mouse or gamepad?

After several years of waiting, PC gamers can finally play God of War on Windows, but should they use a controller or a mouse and a keyboard for this?

Join the ranks of others large Sony exclusives, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become Human and Days Gone, God of Warneakon, at the beginning of 2022 I received a port for PC, and with it the mouse and keyboard control scheme and the control circuit. Of course, the game was launched with support for the controller, but then the question arises: which of them should be used by players?

Initially, the game was released for the PlayStation 4, and it was created with a sight on Dualshock 4. But the mouse and keyboard in God of War actually work surprisingly well. With this in mind, fans without a gamepad or controller can sleep peacefully, although this does not mean that the use of the controller is still not the perfect way of playing.

In its plan, God of War times tense and causing claustrophobia experience, and it is at such moments that the mouse and keyboard does not fall into the target. Given the absence of accessibility options for the camera, the player will be locked at this narrow point of view over the shoulder. If it were possible to increase FOV (without mods), it would not be so bad, but because of this narrow field of view, players may have problems with constant sensitivity. God of War is also a very cinematographic experience, so quick sharp mice movements can be slightly distracted, especially compared to smooth, wide movements made by the joystick.

With all this in mind, most players will probably decide to use the controller, but by default the game control buttons will be based on the Xbox panel. Players who have Xbox and PC will undoubtedly enjoy this, since they do not have to consider other layouts of the buttons, but anyone who has crossed with PlayStation can feel a little displeased. Fortunately for such people, you can change the location of the buttons without much effort, but only if they use the wired connection.

Players who want to switch to PlayStation 4 control elements can just click the game in their Steam library with the right mouse button and choose the properties. One of the available menu will be called “Controller” which players should choose. Next, there is an opening list “Overlook for God of War” an option from which the player should choose “disconnect Steam input”. With all this, they will be able to launch God of War, and the face buttons on the screen will match the icons on the controller.

Generally. According to the empirical rule, games that are more focused on shooting are better suited for mouse and keyboard control, but given that God of War was originally intended for using the controller, and its emphasis is on hand.to.hand combat, and not on a long.range battle Most players will probably prefer to use a controller for the game, not a mouse and a keyboard. This does not mean that the controls on PC are bad or something like that, rather they are simply not so good.

We recommend that you get acquainted with other guides for popular Tattoo-Mall games.ru. Let’s talk about the secrets and tricks that can be used in games with our benefits. And also about useful and interesting stories in video games.

God of War is already available on PlayStation 4, PS5 and PC.

Andrey Kola. associate editor. His passion for games began with his first console (Sega Genesis), and since then he has not stopped playing. His favorite games: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Team Fortress 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Pokémon Sword Shield, Old School Runescape, Skyrim and Breath of the Wild.

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God of War [a] is an Action.adventure Game Developed by Santa Monica Studio and Publined by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). Released on April 20, 2018, for the PlayStation 4 (P PC Download Highly Compressed

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How to configure graphics in God of War on PC on a weak PC. The best graphics settings

The release of God of War on PC is expected by many gamers. This is one of the best PlayStation 4 games. Of course, many players want to understand why Sony console owners so exalted the journey of Kratos and Atrey to Midgard Mountains. But what to do if you have a weak PC? At least not lose heart. Unlike Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, God of War on PC was well optimized. The game can be launched even on the mobile GTX 1050. And not only run, but also pass! How to configure graphics in God of War, this leadership will tell.

First of all, use the pre.installation (“configuration” in the settings) and set the values ​​of the graphics for high. From here it will be easier for you to configure graphics for the capabilities of your computer. Also, note that the pre.installation of Ultra does not greatly improve the quality of the graphics, as it might seem at first glance. But performance falls as much as 7%. The transition from “high” values ​​to “medium” will allow you to get a 10% increase in game performance. And the transition to “low” another 7%. However, we advise you to include the lowest schedule settings if the situation is completely hopeless and the surgical setting of values ​​does not help you.

Ideal graphics settings, if the capabilities of your PC allow them to set them, will be the following:

  • Texture quality: high
  • Quality of models: Ultra
  • Filtering: Ultra
  • Shadows: Tall
  • Reflections: High
  • Atmosphere: High
  • Self.recovery: high
  • Apskailing: Nvidia Dlss / AMD FSR

These are the parameters that, if your PC allows you to put it, will give beautiful graphics and high performance, close to 100 frames per second and above. If your PC does not cope, let’s study each setting separately and understand how it affects the performance of God of War.

Reflections. This setting changes the resolution and frequency of sampling of reflections of dynamic objects, such as character models, particle effects and some environmental details. For example, fire and some other light sources. The inclusion of reflections with the pre.installation “medium” affects the frequency of personnel by about 8%. The transition to “high” values ​​costs only a few more. 9%. When switching to Ultra, the performance decreases by 14%, and the ultra reduces the frequency of players of the game by colossal 24%. High is an obvious choice, not only because it costs not much more expensive than “average”, but also because it is a minimum pre.installation necessary to include exclusive for PC improved reflections of the screen space.

Shadows. Like reflections, only affect the shadows of dynamic objects, changing their resolution and filtering. The transition from “low” values ​​to “medium” costs about 3% of performance. If you have an extra 175 MB of video memory, then a high level affects the frequency of personnel to the same extent with a noticeable difference in the details of the shadows. Ultra requests another 245 MB of video memory and takes another 7% of the potential frame rate.

Filtration. This parameter sets the quality of texture filtration. Typically, this setting does not greatly affect performance, but in God of War this is not so. The game really becomes noticeably more beautiful if you increase this parameter. Ultra, of course, is the most difficult for performance, but also a beautiful preset. Its effect on the frame rate is a little more than 5%. In general, you can put the “high” parameters of this setting, but the difference in performance will be only 1%. The lowest setting will make the game not too attractive.

Atmospheric setting controls the quality of dynamic fog, which you will often encounter during your trip to Midgard and other frosty kingdoms. The pre.installation “source” only 2% affects performance, and “high” only 3% of the “source”. Ultra reduces the frequency of personnel by 6%, which is not the best choice for setting the game.

Self.recovery. The parameter that most affects the performance of the game. But it is precisely this setting to a greater extent that improves the God of War graphics in comparison with the console version. Switching to “medium” from a fully disconnected parameter reduces the frame rate by about 4%. If you want to use the advantages of GTAO and SSDO, you need to switch to “high” parameters, but also lose about 9% of performance. However, it is on “high” values ​​that you can see a noticeable difference in the graphics.

As for the settings of the God of War graphics with the least performance cost, this is the quality of the models. If you put “high”, then in comparison with “average” values, you will lose only 3% of performance with you. Ultra will take 4%. But, if you still want to get 1-2 fps, then the “medium” also looks good.

The level on which you set the quality of the textures. It is largely determined by the capabilities of your PC. Your video card and her video memory. Thus, we cannot give a universal recommendation here, except to set this parameter as high as possible, without using the memory of your video card (in the lower left corner there is a counter that changes dynamically when the settings are changed). In some cases, the transition from minimum to the ultra increases the use of video memory by 2560 MB (2.5 GB), but the high level is much more intelligent. it costs only 1707 MB.

What is the noteworthy version for PC

Firstly, the management was fully adapted for the keyboard with the mouse. At first, I had minor key problems, because I did not get out of the right clues in time.

However, with a patocch of the first day it was quickly corrected, and now everything works as it should.

It is felt that the game is ported to the consoles. This is not possible to get rid of this, because initially it was developed for them. Although in fact this does not affect the general impressions of the game. Yes, and you can always connect to the Dualshock or Dualsense computer. With Xbox gamepads, everything works well.

Each movement of Kratos is perfectly felt, and the management of the actions of the atreus does not cause negativity, forcing the player to come in fury. The management is very responsive and intuitive, it is flexibly tuned for the needs of gamers.

Secondly, the game has rethought the lighting system. Somewhere he was a little reduced and gave saturation to the shadows. In general, the shadows of PC versions look more natural than on the PlayStation 4 and 5. They emphasize the volume of the open world and add style characters.

There are no rays trace here, but without this technology the game looks just amazing. The textures pulled up and made more detailed (it would seem where else?), and the reflections became more clear.

How God of War works

As for optimization, the question is very controversial. The game, although 2018, but the most modern “iron” will require maximum settings. System requirements:

I went through God of War on PC with Intel Core i5-8400, GeForce 1070 Ti and 16 GB of RAM in a resolution of 2.5k. For a comfortable play on this computer, you had to install medium-high settings so that the frame rate did not fall below 45. There are enough high settings to resolve Full HD. At maximum settings and resolution 2.5k FPS sags up to 20, but mainly holds at 30-35.

I can’t praise optimization. Although the game stably gives out a high framework on the relatively old “hardware”, some of the directed scenes occasionally lose their performance. The same applies to individual locations. For example, I came across a chest hidden in a cave, and when I looked at it, the performance fell strongly, although it was worth turning away from it (there were much more objects in the frame), and everything became normal.

management, collect, many, possible

I think such minor problems will correct in the nearest patches.

In general, God of War is played confidently and quite nicely always always. I did not notice the bugs for all the time, glittering or graphic artifacts too. And this is a great merit of developers. We will not remember the sad start of Horizon Zero Dawn, where almost everything was bad.

Although no, there is one bug, but it should also soon correct it. Sometimes, instead of the mouse buttons, the click of the Z button may be displayed. This is a very common problem, judging by the forums of the game.

Only depresses that the settings of the graphics here are not very flexible. There are only 7 sliders in the game. But they are also enough to fit PC for the needs.

Tested the game on two computers: stationary with 1070 Ti and laptop with RTX 3060

There is a FPS restriction. it is possible to set 120 frames/s maximum. Although this is enough with the head, but on the displays of 144 Hz and above you can notice a slight lack of personnel (for especially vigilant).

Review of the PC version of God of War on the minimums-or how we played a weak PC launched

PlayStation 4 exclusives continue to move to PC, but the question of the quality of the ports remains open. The ideal PC version of Days Gone from the original developers and simply disgusting on the release of Horizon Zero Dawn, created by a third-party team. That is why the port of God of War caused fears: an unknown studio was engaged in it. To check it as hard as possible for strength, we played more than twenty hours on a laptop, barely suitable for minimum system requirements. In this gonzo review we will dive into the world of low-gum-gaming: we will mainly talk about the optimization of the port and dance with sliders, setting up graphics under a weak system. And for dessert you will find almost “folk” opinion about such a boiled version of God of War-our editor-in-chief passed it for the first time, and the “potatoes” mode deprived him of all visual pleasures, leaving it alone with a game-making mound. However, if you need a classic review, then we have such. Just read our review of 2018.

PC is the most unusual game platform. If users receive approximately the same average experience on consoles, then the boyars all depends on the power of the system and optimize each specific project. Hundreds of thousands of players, in fact, can play hundreds of thousands of technical variations of a particular game differing from each other. And this is not true! If you, for example, read user reviews on Cyberpunk 2077. you won’t let you lie: someone has a disaster and a bug on a bug, others have wonderful performance and not a single mistake. And for PC it is absolutely normal.

As a rule, the weaker the machine, the more various problems arise. That is why I decided, like the sultan from the eastern fairy tale, to put aside the royal robes with Ryzen 5 3600 GeForce RTX 3070 Ti and “change” the Acer Aspire VX5 laptop. Four years ago, a former sane gaming system. Now it is suitable only for remote work and launching old titles. In general, so I use it.

In words you are a bog-god, but in fact you play a half-dead 15-inch laptop with GTX 1050 and a faded TFT matrix

So that you have no doubt that this is a system of minimal configuration (in fact, even a little worse), we will devote one paragraph to the visual analysis of components. We will turn to userbenchmark as the actual base. the largest database of user benchmarks.

  • The PC version of God of War requires at least the Intel Core i5-2500K processor, 8 GB of RAM and the GeForce GTX 960 video card.
  • Our system uses the Intel Core i7-7700HQ mobile processor-it is inferior to the required about 9% of the speed.
  • The GEFORCE GTX 1050 mobile video card loses the required GTX 960. as much as 34%.

In a word, my laptop satisfies the minimum guns perhaps in terms of RAM. 8 GB has. It seems that the game will be a real hell, if you start at all. Truth? To great surprise, no. I managed to achieve stable 30 frames per second on medium-native graphics settings at a resolution of 1920×1080. Although, of course, far from a screech.

At the first launch, even the main menu is to slow down. the simplest welcoming animations of Spikali and showed the slide show, and the sound was reproduced with jerks, with delays and pauses. Well, you know: a clear indicator that “the computer does not pull”. However, a little resting in the settings, I found a thing there, which will become a wand for poor fellows, which were hanging in a crisis of iron with rapidly obsolete machines.

At the first launch of God of War, I from sin away twisted all the settings at least. And I saw the real Potato Gaming!

We are talking about AMD Fidelityfx Super Resolution or just FSR. NVIDIA DLSS analogue. If you do not understand the abbreviations of visual technologies, then these are algorithms of smart scaling of the image. The picture is rendered in a low resolution, and then it is diluted with a neural network to the required scale, reducing the load on the video card. As a result, the user receives approximately the same quality of the graphics (depends on the degree of “compression”), but the personnel frequency sometimes takes off several times.

NVIDIA has made its algorithm exclusive for video cards of the RTX series, arguing that supposedly such a technology is possible only on new chips. However, most likely we are talking about pure marketing. This is a rough stimulation of sales of fresh (and expensive) cards: why give users the opportunity to increase the personnel frequency of games on their rapidly obsolete devices and thereby extend the life cycle for them? Let them go and buy new!

Snow crashes properly, and not like in Horizon Zero Dawn on the release

God Of War | Optimization Guide and Best Settings | Every Setting benchmarked | 1080p

Okay, AMD created an alternative. and, unlike a competitor, did not make it exclusive for its devices. Fidelityfx Super Resolution is supported, including on cards of the 10th series NVIDIA. This is the Focus-focus that will allow you to play God of War on a system that does not fit the minimum system requirements “in the forehead”.

Here is a set of graphics parameters that will achieve good performance with optimal quality of the picture on a computer of similar configuration. We put Fidelityfx Super Resolution on “Quality”. and the image will be rendered already in 720p, but the algorithms will reach it to a similar quality of 1080p. We put the rest of the settings on the “medium”, we reduce the shadows to “low”. FPS limiter put on 30 f/c. Voila. we get a decent “graphony” and an acceptable personnel frequency for the eye. No need to pick up in configs, forcibly disconnecting assets and effects. Just reducing the initial resolution, losing very little graphics in the final quality. Thanks to the miracle technology.

Enough about permissions. Is it worth playing?

You still read? Bravo too. Then let’s make a hastily talk about the game itself. As of this PC-Boyarin, I missed it in 2018, knowing about Title the very minimum until the current moment. Yes, and played in unusual conditions, with poor graphics and 30 fps. Therefore, the opinion will be the most non.aggressed. the only question is whether God of War was worth.

Spoiler: Yes. This is a good game. First. the most nimble blitz in theses, I will reveal them further. Is God of War outdated since the release? Not a drop.

  • The game design is so solid and classic that it will be well played and after a dozen years.
  • Even a compromise version of the picture from a weak system is sometimes able to draw visually luxurious locations and create a tangible atmosphere in them.
  • Strong immersion is achieved thanks to an immersive single.range shooting with a non.stop narrative and an event filled with the proper level of Epica.
  • The nucleus of gameplay is a combat system, and it has a depth that can satisfy even the exacting gamers.

The totality of these parameters gives rise to an almost perfect adventure game from a third person, carved to an ideal form in many aspects. Is it worth God of War to buy if you are a convinced baker who missed the game on PlayStation? Perhaps this question even looks inappropriate. Against the backdrop of a total and protracted nouigams, it can become a real revelation. this is quite true one of the best games of recent years. Those who have already passed it can only envy those who make up.

From my experience, I found that God of War is a very unscrupulous devouring time. The narrative in the game really goes continuously: it is very difficult to complete the game session at the conditional line “Now I’ll reach until the next moment and that’s it”. There is no such moment. The player is always in the center of something curious, one game task smoothly flows into another. The main plot intrigues, involves, knows how to surprise and throws it into a gamer with various situations as a baseball automatic, and in order to delve into what is happening, to know the first three parts generally not necessarily. Tons of third-party activities with valuable awards are scattered around the world-ranging from full-fledged sites, ending with tests and simple puzzles. The content content is so dense that you can abuse it for six hours and turn off the game without moving from a place on the main branch, which is more often in Openvorlds.

Oh yes. God of War is not OPENVORLD, although the world is large and a lot of where it is open. The gameplay formula lies closer to the tradition of Japanese actiones like The Legend of Zelda is an understandable progression through a variety of functional abilities and skills with clearly defined scenarios of their application, as well as multi.layer locations, where it is necessary to return when obtaining new tools. The gamemeracies hand them to the player every couple of hours (as for, including, including the combat system), and thereby regularly open before him new opportunities for interacting with the environment, closed before roads and doors. At the same time, the tasks lead a gamer around the world so that he himself stumbles upon all sorts of interesting things, but he has a large space and for focused explining.

Here you have a whole gallery of beauty God of War on medium-native graphics settings

All of the above in the most thorough way is based on the combat system. Everyone probably heard this: they say, well, very cool in God of war combat system. Is she cool? As a person who has passed Nioh 2 on NG and, therefore, defeating a really steep combat system, I declare responsibly: it is at least very solid. For example, the conditional “witcher 3” does not even dream about such diversity and flexibility. Kratos blows are accompanied by a tangible impact, enemies animations are well read, and techniques can be combined in effective ligaments in a completely natural way, simultaneously opening new combinations and new opportunities.

It is quite successful to fight on the keyboard: the management is somewhat loaded, but you will get used to it after some time. However, I still recommend using a gamepad with vibration. A significant part of the impact from the combat system is transmitted through it, to deprive yourself of vibration in God of War is to lose an important source of perception. Plus on the gamepad is simply more convenient to fight.

Part of the action is tied to timings, the attacks of enemies can and should be interrupted in different ways, there is also space to study tactics. Different types of opponents require different approaches: the game constantly forces the gamer to study and adapt. Unless, of course, choose a higher complexity. You can just poke the buttons on the minimum, but the third already makes it normally sweat. The battles of high difficulties are somewhat reminiscent of the Restanation of the 2016 doom on the complexity of Nightmare: often you need to carefully rehearse your “performance” in the arena, think about the priority of the murder of enemies, correctly distribute the available resources-and only by completing everything perfectly, finally win, finally, finally win.

And this is how the game looks on a real royal platform in resolution 3440x1440p at maximum graphics settings. Screenshots, of course, will never convey the whole difference

Perhaps the only significant claim to God of War. which I can formulate quite clearly. this is not always an honest call to the player and the most serious binding of the character’s power to the level of equipment. Ultimately, Gir decides more here than skill. If you decide to look for the world until the end of the main plot, you will certainly find some interesting corner where you (all the same) will put the ass of the monster with a couple of levels higher almost without a chance of success. A pair of levels is higher, if that, practically guarantee death from one or two beats and a decrease in the effectiveness of your attacks to a minimum.

Then, during the battle with especially complex world bosses, the developers quite dubolely encourage the difficulty: they simply do not give the players the first.aid kits, inadequately overtaking the price of each error to the fatal. There may well be a situation when in a protracted battle for 5-7 minutes with the only powerful opponent at the very end you, because of some small oversight, skip several blows and on that place. In such cases, instead of competent management of existing resources, it is necessary to roll back on a checkpoint over and over again, until the battle has been completed perfectly on muscle memory, without a single error. The choice in the end turns out to be like this: either deprive himself of a challenge with an average complexity, or prepare for the periodically arising idiotic inadequate challenges on high. It is difficult to feel like an Olympic deity when Kratos leaves with one “casya” of the wolf-top level, which met somewhere around the Side-quest. But cut through enemies, like a chainsaw in a foam warehouse, is also not interesting.

The release of God of War on PC took place. What you need to know? Graphics settings, a test on folk maps, guides

God of War finally went to PC. How to go on a trip with Kratos and Atrem fully armed? Read useful materials about the game.

Where could I buy? Steam or Epic Games Store for 3 149.

PC port really turned out to be good? Yes. The average point of PC version on Metacritic is 93 points. In 2021, this would make God of War the second best computer game after Disco Elysium: The Final Cut with 97 points.

You yourself played? Of course!

First, read our review of the game for PlayStation 4.

Secondly, study our journey to the PC version of God of War. We tested the game on Acer Aspire VX5 with mobile GTX 1050. And you know what? The game worked!

I have a “folk” video card (GTX 1060, GTX 1650, GTX 1050 Ti). The game will work? Yes. Craftsmen have already tested the game and recorded the video.

Okay, and if I want to configure the graphics, how I understand what and what is responsible for? Especially for you, with the help of Western colleagues with PCGAMESN, we made a guide for setting graphics in God of War on PC.

You can also follow the link to get to the “Guod of War” section. We tell you how to defeat Valkyrie, collect a cool set of armor, solve some puzzles and even destroy all the ravens of Odin.

That the keyboard is better and a mouse or gamepad for PC God of War

Which is better: a keyboard and a mouse or gamepad for God of War on PC. God of War acquired a port for PC at the beginning of 2022, replenishing the ranks of other well.known Sony exclusives, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become Human and Days Gone, as well as a mouse and keyboard control scheme. Of course, the game also has support for controllers, but the question arises: what players should use?

God of War is a game for PlayStation 4, which was developed taking into account Dualshock 4, but the mouse and keyboard in God of War also work surprisingly well. With this in mind, fans without a gamepad or controller can relax, although the use of the controller is still a preferred game method.

The architecture of God of WAR times creates intense and claustrophobic experience, and it is at such moments that the mouse and keyboard management does not work. Due to the lack of special camera capabilities. The user will be forced to look over his shoulder. It would not be so terrible if FOV could be increased (without mods). However, due to a limited field of vision, gamers may have difficulties with constant sensitivity. Fast, jerky mouse movements can irritate a little on the screen, especially compared to smooth, wide movements performed by the joystick.

With this in mind, most players are likely to choose a controller; However, the input buttons in the default game will be based on the Xbox gamepad. Players with Xbox and PC, of ​​course, will not appreciate this, because they will not have to worry about different allery layouts. But those who come with PlayStation may be disappointed. Fortunately for such people, change the location of the buttons is simple and painless, but only when using a wired connection.

Switching to PlayStation 4 controls is just as simple as clicking the game in their Steam library with your right mouse button and select properties. The “controller” of the menu will be one of the available options, and players must choose it. Then the player should choose “disconnect the Steam input” from the choice next to “Override for God of War” option. They should be able to run God of War with all this in place, and the symbols of the facial buttons on the screen should coincide with the characters on their controller.

As a rule, games that are more oriented towards shooting inherently will be better for managing the mouse and keyboard. Nevertheless, because God of War is designed specifically for the use of the controller and pays great attention to hand.to.hand combat, not a long battle. Most players are likely to prefer to play with the controller, and not with the mouse and keyboard. This does not mean that PC controls are inconvenient; They are just not so good.