Global e jabra. Bria X Certified Interoperable with Jabra USB and Bluetooth Headset Devices

Jabra Wireless Headsets Headphones

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Work anywhere.

Jabra PanaCast

Inclusive meetings. Instant collaboration. Intelligent video technology. Designed to bring a natural, inclusive human perspective to video conferencing, the Jabra PanaCast brings remote workers and huddle room meeting participants closer together. The Jabra PanaCast is a plug-and-play device, designed to improve meetings in huddle rooms and when working at home by using three 13-megapixel cameras and real-time video stitching to give a full 180° view. Enjoy a natural, inclusive human perspective, with no blind spots.

Jabra Speak 710

Immersive sound for calls and music Enjoy high quality sound in a premium portable design for your calls and music with the Speak 710 speakerphone. The first truly professional and personal wireless conferencing device, the Speak 710 boasts an Omni-directional microphone for up to 6 ‘in room’ attendees, 15 hours battery life and a HiFi grade speaker for crystal clear conversation and music.

Jabra Evolve 65e

All day comfort. Never miss a call. When you need to be available for calls any time, you need a headset that is comfortable enough to wear all day. The Evolve 65e features a convenient, lightweight, around-the-neck design with snug-fitting oval earbuds. This design provides maximum comfort and ease of use, so you can answer calls and listen to music all day; wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

Top Selling Products

Jabra Wireless Headsets Speakerphones

At Lenovo, we’re proud to carry Jabra headsets and speakerphones that work seamlessly with our laptops and desktop computers. We’ve carefully selected Jabra quality audio accessories so you can outfit your home or office in one visit. Whether you’re in the market for a headset or true wireless earbuds for virtual meetings or if you’re looking for a speakerphone for larger meetings, we have the latest Jabra products at great and always free shipping.

Jabra headsets

You expect your audio for every meeting to be crystal clear and with Jabra wireless headsets you can rest easy. Designed with ear cushions for comfort, they offer superb sound quality, so you won’t miss a word. The Evolve 65 headset has wireless Bluetooth connectivity that gives you the freedom to move around your home or office. It’s also equipped with an integrated busy light so you’ll have fewer interruptions and enhanced productivity.

Jabra true wireless earbuds

If you’re an on-the-go professional or just always on-the-go, true wireless connectivity is for you. Complete with 4-microphone sound and up to 15 hours of battery life, the Evolve 65t true wireless earbuds are just what you need to stay on top of every call or keep the music playing during your walk, run, or whatever you do to exercise. These wear all-day, wear anywhere earbuds have a reliable wireless connection and a secure and comfortable fit that stay in place however you move.

Jabra Speak Series Speakerphones

Conference calling just got easier and clearer. With speakerphone models that accommodate from four to 15 people in the a room, the Jabra Speak Series Speakerphone complete with play and plug connectivity or Bluetooth® connection, have HiFi speakers for crystal-clear conversation and music and a omni-directional microphone that makes it easy to collaborate with teams in other time zones, host presentations, and share screens. And no need to worry about video quality, the Jabra PanaCast is a 180-degree Panaramic-4K plug and play video solution that is compatible with most conferencing solutions. Great sound—great video—great meeting.

Shop the Jabra store at Lenovo

Lenovo computers work seamlessly with Jabra headsets, true wireless earbuds and speakerphones, so you can enjoy premium sound quality when you’re working on our award-winning business laptops like a Lenovo ThinkPad.

Browse products, compare features, read user reviews, and save more on the best-selling Jabra products at Lenovo.

Jabra: Engineered for You, Here at

About Jabra

Jabra is a global brand that endeavors to bring you an acoustic experience like never before. The company manufactures its products together with professionals who have expertise in not only consumer and audio tech but also in the medical field. Their devices are all designed as well as built with proper knowledge about your ear, to ensure you get the very best for your auditory organ.

Additionally, the company helps find what audio range suits you best and lets you listen to the very top sound quality. Filtering the garbled noise out, Jabra promises to bring products that are so much more than simple headgear equipment. For they are enriched with innovative features that ensure an astounding sound and clear dialogues!

over, the company has been in the acoustics business for the past 150 years! As a branch of The GN Group, Jabra is now a veteran in its business, with an experience that extends over more than a century! Talking about history, the Jabra Family was the very first who laid telegraph cables that built a connection between Asia and Europe!

With their innovative technologies like the in-ear heart rate sensor that monitors your heart rate or noise-canceling features in their microphones, Jabra never lets go of their passion for elite sound. It still works to carry the legacy.

The Jabra experts of prime sound quality work to fuse tech with medical studies to pamper you with amazing Jabra products that not only provide optimum performance but also care about your auditory health!

global, jabra, bria, certified

Jabra Products

Jabra PanaCast Series

The PanaCast Series is Jabra’s preliminary video bar series that are engineered to bring you high-quality audio as well as sharp video through intuitive processors and a full-strength onboard artificial intelligence.

In order to give your personal conferencing an all-new level of innovation, the PanaCast products are supported by an advanced architecture system that is distinctive only to Jabra. Plus the 13 MP camera lets you delve into an ultra 4K HD display experience. A crystal clear visual screen with no lagging!

The series’ edge processors are built to give you a fanatic fusion of swift data transfer, top-quality audio, and supreme video resolution even when the device is not connected to your personal computer!

over, the designed architectural system ensures a meeting experience that is totally reinvented through its following intelligent features,

180° Panoramic video display with 4K resolution

The systems virtual director for meetings that guarantee no distortion

PanaCast’s ultimate whiteboard camera stream

A plug-and-play feature that makes the series easy to install use

Camera stand and camera mounts

In addition to these, the Jabra Family features an intelligent zoom, lightning optimization, an integrated privacy cover, and on-device processing. Besides, the products come with a picture-in-picture function and are certified for Microsoft Teams, MTR, and Zoom Rooms. All in all, the PanaCast Series is optimized for all prime UC platforms.

So let the PanaCast Professional Audio Solutions solve your acoustic problems whenever the need arises!

Headphones, Headsets, and Buds

Jabra’s headsets and speakerphones include classic desk phones that are compatible with all devices as well as softphones. Be it Microsoft or Mitel.

With Jabra’s headphones, headsets and buds you can rest easy and provide your employees with devices that are certified and quality compliant. over, they work with all UC platforms to help you enhance the productivity of your working staff.

With products that are tested against quality, possess high-quality audio, and almost no IT problems, you are sure to create a working environment that sets new standards!

Additionally, the headgear is engineered with a design that brings an active noise cancellation hybrid technology to the tech. over, these are powered by one of the most innovative chipsets for amazing noise isolation that creates ‘quiet’ instantly!

With this respective tech’s HearThrough feature that is completely adjustable, you get to select how much of the outside world you want to let in. Plus by using the handy slider you can easily access that setting at a mere touch of a button. Hence just click it so that you are not completely cut from the outside world.

Jabra also features a MyFit function that can be used with their sound app to find yourself a seal that is best suited for you. Plus it further improves the ANC performance and provides better acoustic quality. The Jabra Headsets, Headphones, and Earbuds include the following products

Wireless Earbuds Stereo Headphones

Jabra Speak Series

Office speakerphones

If you want office speakerphones that provide communication as clear as day then the Jabra Speak series is one the best options you will ever find.

The Speak series is jammed packed with the company’s intelligent features and makes your conference calls easy with their multiple platform connection feature.

For they provide superb sound quality with hassle-free usage!

The top-class audio quality series is built for spacious conference rooms. Plus the ZoomTalk mic works with up to 15 attendees and makes sure that each and everyone in the room can hear or be heard. You can also set your device in mere seconds due to its compatibility will all UC software platforms.

over, the Speak Series provides you with an effortless connection that allows you to start your meetings much faster than ever. Even faster than a USB, 3.5mm joint, and Bluetooth connection to your Smart devices. Plus the speaker family lets you experience voice with ultra-high definition and a microphone that is multi-directional and provides coverage; 360 degrees all around! Pick sound signals anytime anywhere with Jabra’s Speak Series!

The family is exclusively designed to provide you portability as well as light weight. The products also include a protective pouch and feature a battery life that lasts up to 15 hours! Additionally, the plug-and-play feature lets you make a connection to your Smart devices real fast.

In-car speakerphones

Jabra Car Speakers are one of the best car audio devices you can get your hands on. Your allies when you hit the road and do not want to compromise your safety. The Bluetooth range of Jabra car speakerphones comes with a built-in FM receiver transmitter, noise cancellation, and 3 speakers. The FM receiver lets you use your car kit hands-free instead of the radio system and the transmitter allows you to transmit either your calls or music to your car radio directly!

Plus the dual-mic noise cancellation feature of the car speakerphones sieves everything out but your own voice. The honking nearby and the unwanted noise will no longer trouble you. Just loud, and clear calls or you grooving to your favorite playlist!

over, the speakers are built with virtual surround sound which provides audio quality that is as clear as crystal no matter the traffic you are in! Plus your music playlist will literally be more awesome with the in-car speakerphones. You can even listen to podcasts or use the GPS!

The Jabra Speak series also comes with voice guidance and navigation control. The system keeps you updated about your everyday business as well as alerts you in case of an emergency. Like you will receive an alert if your phone battery falls below a certain level and even tells the caller ID when you receive a phone call. Just keep your FOCUS on the road and let the Speak Series handle the rest!

USB Hubs Docking Stations

PanaCast USB Hubs Docks let you connect your Jabra PanaCast and the Speak Devices to your personal computer with just one cable. The PanaCast Dock is a stationary accessory that can be used to streamline media management by plugging in only one cable. It also comes with a power supply box for ease of usage.

Equipment can make or break your meeting. With the right equipment, there is no slowing down. Jabra offers you premium-grade gear that is sure to help you bring the best out of everything! Shop here at

Are Jabra wireless headphones good?

If you’re looking for a good pair of wireless headphones, Jabra is a great option. Their headphones are well-made and durable and deliver great sound quality. They’re also comfortable to wear, so you can enjoy your music or movies for hours on end. Plus, they have a variety of features that make them convenient to use, like Bluetooth connectivity and hands-free calling. Overall, Jabra wireless headphones are a great choice if you’re looking for a high-quality, feature-rich option.

How long does Jabra battery last?

Jabra batteries typically last for about 5 hours on a single charge. However, this may vary depending on the model of the Jabra device and how it is being used. For example, if you are using your Jabra device for music playback, then the battery life will be shorter than if you are just using it for calls. Ultimately, it is best to consult your Jabra product’s documentation to get the most accurate estimate of battery life.

When should I charge my Jabra?

If you’re using your Jabra regularly, you should charge it at least once a week. If you’re only using it occasionally, you can get away with charging it every few weeks. You can check the battery level by pressing the button on the back of the Jabra; the LED will light up to indicate how much power is remaining. Jabra batteries are designed to last a long time but charging them frequently will help extend their lifespan. And keep the charging port clean; dirt and debris can build up and prevent your Jabra from charging properly.

How long does a Jabra headset take to charge?

Jabra headsets take around two hours to fully charge. However, you can use them while they’re charging, so you don’t have to wait for them to finish before using them again. Jabra also offers a quick charge feature on some of its models, which allows you to get up to two hours of use from just 15 minutes of charging. The actual amount of time you’ll get from a single charge depends on a number of factors, including the model of the Jabra headset you’re using and how you’re using it. In general, though, most Jabra headsets will last for around 5 hours on a single charge. If you’re using your Jabra headset for making calls, you can expect to get even more time out of the battery. Jabra headsets use lithium-ion batteries, which means they can be charged hundreds of times without any significant degradation in performance.


CounterPath continues to drive device testing with Bria X to ensure maximum support across a variety of USB and wireless headsets

Bria X Certified Interoperable with Jabra USB and Bluetooth Headset Devices

Vancouver, BC, Canada — February 08, 2017

CounterPath Corporation (NASDAQ: CPAH) (TSX: PATH), a global provider of award-winning, over-the-top (OTT) Unified Communications (UC) solutions for enterprises and carriers, today announced the certified interoperability of Jabra USB and Bluetooth headset devices with CounterPath’s latest offering, Bria X. This is the second in a series of interoperability testing phases with Bria X and various headset vendors to provide an optimized user experience – from software to headset – across any device, any network and any platform.

“This is another win for CounterPath and Bria X on the interoperability certification and user experience front,” said Todd Carothers, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, CounterPath.

Users of Jabra headsets will be prompted to install Jabra Direct software on their desktop, if they haven’t already, from the Notification Tab within Bria X. Once installed, users will have access to a multitude of functions such as synchronization between Bria X and their headset for answer / hang up call, mute, and hold call. In addition, users are able to switch audio between devices, for example from their Jabra headset to the built-in speaker on their device, and also set functionality for the ringing of incoming calls on the headset or speaker as well.

“Demand for headsets, especially wireless ones, in the workplace is increasing due to the valuable functions they provide. They offer employees the freedom and mobility that modern work environments and business situations require,” continued Carothers. “With Bria X providing users with a plethora of UC tools, having tight headset integration and mobile capabilities is important to ensure the solution is a natural extension to users. The Jabra certification is yet another example of our commitment to providing the best user experience across any device, network and platform”.

For a full list of supported devices using Bria X please visit:

About CounterPath

CounterPath Unified Communications solutions are changing the face of telecommunications. An industry and user favorite, Bria softphones for desktop, tablet and mobile devices, together with Stretto Platform™ server solutions, enable operators, OEMs and enterprises large and small around the globe to offer a seamless and unified over-the-top (OTT) communications experience across both fixed and mobile networks. The Bria and Stretto combination enables an improved user experience as an overlay to the most popular UC and IMS telephony and applications servers on the market today. Standards-based, cost-effective and reliable, CounterPath’s award-winning solutions power the voice and video calling, messaging, and presence offerings of customers such as ATT, Avaya, BroadSoft, BT, Cisco Systems, GENBAND, Metaswitch Networks, Mitel, NEC, Network Norway, Nokia, Rogers and Verizon. Visit

About Bria X

Bria X is a new service offering from CounterPath that provides SMBs and enterprises with an easy and efficient solution for adding secure team messaging, presence and screen sharing services on top of existing hosted or premise-based IP voice services. With apps available for desktop, smartphone and tablet devices, and up to three downloads per subscription, businesses can easily add mobile and BYOD options for their employees and provide them with the flexibility to be reached on the device of their choice in the method that makes the most sense. And with the Bria X Web Platform, IT administrators can set up, provision and manage accounts all from one central, web-based dashboard. For more information, visit

Ragi Mahil Vice President of Marketing e-mail: [email protected]


Despite the many changes Jabra has seen in the past, the FOCUS has always been on innovation. Creating innovative technologies or combining old technology with innovative features is a constant process within the company. This leaves Jabra to create a solution today for problems that won’t arise tomorrow.

One of the many qualities that Jabra has brought to the fore. The current range of products is designed with comfort, usability, sound quality and durability in mind. A Jabra headset should not only be very cozy, it should actually enhance your daily tasks.

About Jabra

As part of GN Netcom, Jabra is an independent brand focused on developing, manufacturing and offering wired and wireless headsets for mobile phones, call centers and office environments. Jabra has its origins in the invention of Elwood Norris, who founded Norcom Electronics Corporation in 1983 to develop ear radios and ear microphone technology. In late 1984, American Technology Corporation purchased all remaining shares of Norcam, which was sold again in 1988 to Norric Communications Inc. (currently e.Digital Corporation) for royalties from sales of the EarPHONE product. In 1993, the EarPHONE and Norcom assets were sold to former Norcom employees: Randy Granovetter and Brean Murray, who transformed it into Jabra Corporation. Under their leadership, Jabra developed the first in-ear microphone and speaker, patented the EarGels company, developed Noise Canceling technology, became the first headset developed for wireless tuning, and created the mobile headset marketing segment with the Motorola StarTec product. In 2000, Jabra Corporation was acquired by GN Netcom, a division of the Danish GN Great Nordic. GN Netcom distributed its Contact Center and Office under the Jabra umbrella in 2006, which also included Mobile in 2008.

​The best solution for your organisation

Every situation requires a different solution. Within your company you probably have both busy environments and quieter areas. In some places, you may be looking for excellent noise canceling properties so your employees can have crystal clear conversations. In other places, you may want to emphasize practicality and comfort, such as answering the phone without sitting at your desk. There is a suitable solution for almost every situation thanks to the extensive range of products. This makes it possible to quickly continue with tasks that have the highest priority for you.

Get your Jabra from Lumidee

Since 1993 we have been a preferred supplier for Jabra headsets and telecom solutions. This demonstrates our adherence to a certain level of customer service that matches the respected quality service of global top brands such as Jabra.

If you have any questions about Jabra products, or if you are looking for a suitable solution for your problem, please feel free to contact us on 073-624 03 75 or send an e-mail via our contact page.

Jabra Insights Hub

The 2022 edition of Jabra’s Hybrid Ways of Working Global Report zeros in on the next major challenge in the world of work: how we can rebuild ourselves emotionally for the hybrid era. We’ve surveyed 2,800 knowledge workers in six of the world’s major economies to better understand how people are optimizing their working lives to put well-being, belonging, and human connection first – through increased autonomy, through purposeful choice of where they work, and through inclusive hybrid technologies.

August 30, 2021

The Jabra Hybrid Ways of Working 2021 Global Report unpacks the findings from a study of more than 5000 knowledge workers in five key countries around the world. We’ve explored some of the most consequential work trends impacting businesses today, including the future of the office, inclusion and equity in hybrid models, as well as how employees view trust, culture, and teamwork in a work-from-anywhere future.

About the Insights Hub

The Jabra Insights Hub is a collection of all our latest findings on the future of work, created to help leaders, employees, and organizations thrive in the hybrid future.

Here, we share results from our first-party research, which focuses on key markets around the world to bring a global perspective to new ways of working. We also help to make sense of the complex data by breaking it down into guidebooks, white papers, articles, and many other forms of media.

Guides White Papers

Read our most recent guidance for leaders, managers, and IT decision-makers

Your Wireless Earbuds Are Trash (Eventually)

I love my wireless earbuds. Putting them on is akin to slipping into my favorite sweatpants—I instantly feel comforted and insulated from the outside world. My headphones provide me with motivation when I’m working out, help me FOCUS at work, give me information when I’m commuting, and help me relax before bed. But as much as I love them, something has been gnawing at my conscience lately: Is there a hidden dark side to my favorite earbuds?

In the third quarter of 2019 alone, 33 million true wireless earbuds, the style with no connecting cable between the earbuds (think Airpods), were sold. And that sales number is expected to grow. According to a report by Futuresource Consulting, true wireless earbuds are expected to account for two-thirds of the earbuds market by 2023.

It’s no surprise: Advances in technology have made true wireless earbuds smaller, lighter, and more affordable. For most people, the first time you try them, you instantly love how freeing they feel. But here’s the awful truth: In a few years, nearly every one of those millions of pairs of earbuds will be in a landfill.

The hard truth about rechargeable batteries

Even if your Bluetooth earbuds don’t physically break, their batteries will eventually lose their ability to charge. This isn’t due to an evil corporate plot. All rechargeable batteries eventually die. It’s just physics. Batteries lose capacity over time due to a layer of crystalline buildup that slowly coats the battery’s inside walls. This aging process increases electrical resistance and results in a gradual reduction in the amount of juice the batteries have available every time you fully charge them. Wirecutter senior editor and powering expert Mark Smirniotis wrote an explanation of this phenomenon, and the short version is this: Every time you recharge your earbuds, they get a little less listening time. At first, the effect is barely noticeable. But over a few years, you may find that your wireless earbuds, which played music for five hours per charge when you first got them, now provide you with only an hour of play time. Eventually they simply won’t hold a charge at all, and in most cases you can’t just swap out the battery—it’s glued in, and getting to it effectively destroys whatever parts you might hope to salvage.

The reason earbud companies use non-replaceable rechargeable batteries is simple: It makes the earbuds smaller. Earbud buyers generally prefer more compact devices, but that means the earbuds have less room inside for all the necessary components. Designers need to cram a Bluetooth chip and processor, an antenna, a battery, drivers, controls, and microphones into something that’s often the size of a thimble. Replaceable battery compartments require more earbud real estate, and in a competitive field where tiny is currently king, companies don’t want to risk their earbuds being flops by making them bigger.

How long should you expect your earbuds’ batteries to last? It depends. As Mark explained to us, a lot of factors can impact battery life—including how often you use your earbuds, how frequently you charge them and leave them plugged in, how often you expose them to extreme temperatures, and how often you take calls or use active noise cancellation (both of which draw a high amount of power). So the same pair of headphones that craps out on one person after two years might last another person closer to four years. But it’s only a matter of time before the technology grim reaper comes calling.

This information may come as a shock to folks who are accustomed to the lifespan of wired headphones. I’ve known people who have owned traditional wired headphones for a decade or more, provided they did some mild maintenance now and again. When you realize that the 200 earbuds you love may last you only three years with daily use, it can feel like a punch to the gut. Then again, with the progression of technology, many people have grown accustomed to the obsolescence of their gear. They accept that phones and laptops aren’t lifelong purchases. For headphone lovers like me, the value per year of regular use may seem worth the purchase price.

But what’s eating at me is the environmental impact. Very often, people just drop broken earbuds into the trash (which you shouldn’t do, as it could lead to a literal trash fire). And even those who endeavor to recycle properly may find that the system they trust to reduce and reuse is deeply flawed. A 2017 United Nations Global E-waste Monitor report (PDF) stated that, of the world’s nearly 45 million metric tons of e-waste, only 20 percent was recycled through proper channels. Many “recyclers” ship the e-waste abroad, where much of it isn’t truly recycled. A small amount of usable parts might be repurposed, and valuable minerals are extracted, but this process has negative environmental impacts of its own. The prevailing methods can lead to unsafe conditions for workers and the surrounding areas. For example, the process for recovering gold (which is commonly used in electronics due to its conductive abilities) involves “bathing circuit boards in nitric and hydrochloric acid, thus poisoning waterways and communities.” Whatever is not deemed useful is dumped in the ground.

Much of the global recycling process is driven by profit, so the viability of recycling a given item is based on the value of the raw materials that can be extracted—but margins are slim. Since earbuds are so small, the value of extracted materials may be only a fraction of a cent, which may not even cover the labor-intensive cost of the recycling process. As a result, many recycling companies don’t bother recycling earbuds, so they end up in the landfill anyhow.

What you can do

As a reusable-bag-toting, organic-produce-buying vegan with a kid, I struggle with this information. I love using wireless earbuds, and I recommend them to people every day. But I also want to be a responsible global citizen. Thankfully, there are some things that everyone can do to extend the life and value of their wireless-headphone purchases.

First, you can maximize the lifespan of the earbuds you already own. To do that, you should practice good battery-health habits. Keep your electronics at room temperature as often as possible—never leave your headphones in a hot or cold car, wear them in a sauna, or store them outdoors. (Chances are, if you’re uncomfortable with the temperature, so are your earbuds.) Turn your headphones off when you aren’t using them. Don’t leave your earbuds or charging case plugged in indefinitely. Once they’re fully charged, unplug the cable. And if you are going to set aside your headphones for a week or more, check to see if the manual has any specific storage instructions. According to Mark, the sweet spot for storing lithium batteries is often in the middle, charged between 30 and 70 percent.

Second, when shopping for Bluetooth headphones, consider models that you can also use with a cord. For now, that may mean choosing something other than true wireless earbuds. Wireless headphones and earbuds with an optional cord still can function passively after the batteries die, as long as your mobile device has a headphone jack (or you have an adapter cable). Even if they cease to be your daily go-to headphones, they aren’t garbage. I like to keep a pair like this for use in a pinch when I forget to charge my favorite earbuds. You can also store them in your desk, use them for travel (so you won’t stress as much about loss or theft), or keep them as a handy loaner pair for friends and family. Alternatively, you could buy a wired-only pair as a backup, knowing that they’ll likely outlive current Bluetooth options by years.

If your heart is set on true wireless earbuds, consider the initial battery capacity when you make your purchase. That is, note how long the earbuds hold a charge. The newest Bluetooth chipsets draw less power from the battery, which means longer listening times per charge, and the recently announced Bluetooth LE Audio spec should improve things even further. Increasing battery capacity could, in theory, lengthen the headphones’ lifespan because you charge them less frequently. So if you’re able to delay purchasing a new pair of earbuds, you may be rewarded with a purchase that lasts longer. However, as we mentioned before, this requires following good charging practices.

What You Really Need to Know About Bluetooth Audio

What are the different Bluetooth audio codecs and how much do they affect a device’s sound quality? (Hint: Not as much as you might think.)

What manufacturers can do

According to Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit, incorporating replaceable batteries into true wireless earbuds is absolutely doable—if the manufacturers get on board. While some true wireless earbuds, such as Apple’s Airpods and Airpods Pro, are unrepairable once the battery dies, others, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Buds and Jabra’s Elite 75t, would need only minor alterations in design to make them fixable. Taylor Dixon of iFixit took apart several Bluetooth earbuds and found that often the only hurdle preventing battery replacement would be a change in glue or using battery clips rather than relying on solder.

Ideally, headphone manufacturers could tweak their designs, institute battery-swap services, create authorized repair centers, and even offer branded repair kits for the ambitious DIYer. Then, as the technology becomes obsolete, they could reduce their ecological footprint and reward brand loyalty by providing free recycling programs and discounts on new earbuds with the recycling of an old set, similar to what JLab does. (Apple and Bose offer recycling, but not a trade-in incentive.)

But for these advancements to occur, the folks buying the earbuds need to ask for them. Legislation in Massachusetts, though focused on cars, is intended to compel companies to make electronics more repairable by requiring replacement parts to be available for sale and manuals to be accessible for free online. However, a right-to-repair law can be difficult to implement and slow-moving in effecting change, especially when compared with consumer-demand-driven movements. The trouble is, shoppers can’t speak with their wallets and buy earbuds with replaceable batteries until companies start producing them and supporting the repair process.

Despite the current state of affairs, progress is possible. One startup, The Swap Club, is a business based on refurbishing the millions of Airpods that need new batteries. Wirecutter’s Jon Chase wrote about his experience exchanging his first-generation Airpods for another pair with a new battery. (The company currently only can only replace first- and second-generation Airpods.) While this is only one model of one brand of earbud, it’s a proof of concept that could make a significant impact in the lifespan of battery-powered earbuds, should more companies or brands adopt a similar methodology.

Wireless earbuds aren’t going away, but they must become more sustainable. Perhaps with some encouragement from everyone, brands will begin to make changes that can make a real difference.