Glass Replacement For iPad Air 2 Original

If the picture disappeared in the event of a fall or impact, or did cracks appear on the glass? Come to the Apple Service Center. Planetiphone for comprehensive, absolutely free diagnostics! We will quickly identify all internal damage and replace the iPad mini 4 glass. We have a long, honest guarantee for all types of services, up to 6 months. If it is not possible to come in person, leave a request to leave the master at home. It is also absolutely free!

The indicated on the site are final, without any “tricky” margins

We always have free diagnostics of any
Apple devices

Warranty 6 months for all modular repairs and 3 months for soldering!

The image is there, but the iPad mini 4 does not respond to touch?

If, in the event of a shock, strong pressure or a drop in the tablet, the sensor stops responding to touch, but the image is fine, this is of course sad, but you’re in luck! Luck is that you save on repairs. In such a situation, it is necessary to replace the iPad Mini 4 glass, performed separately from the matrix. Such a procedure takes longer, in comparison with the replacement of the entire module, but its price is several times cheaper. The PlanetiPhone service has all the necessary professional equipment and special tools for repairing any level of complexity. Thanks to direct deliveries of original spare parts, the cost of repairing the iPad is not high and is below the average for Moscow.

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Glass Replacement For iPad Air 2 Original

The main reasons for replacing glass on the iPad Mini 4.

You will have to contact our workshop for help for several reasons that do not change with the release of the first model.

  • – The tablet fell from a height onto a hard surface and the protective glass broke.
  • – Cracks appeared as a result of deformation of the body or squeezing.
  • – It is badly scratched.
  • – The sensor has stopped responding to gestures.
  • – Only part of the screen works.
  • – Moisture penetration inside the device.

If you show such symptoms, this indicates a serious breakdown. Do not pull. She will not go away by herself, but will greatly complicate everyday life.

Difficulties in replacing the touchscreen iPad Mini 4.

During the diagnosis, it may turn out that the breakdown is located on the device’s motherboard. Specifically, the touchscreen controller is broken. In this situation, replacement of the iPad Mini 4 glass and soldering of the controller on soldering equipment is required. Identifying the problem yourself is almost impossible. It is for this reason, first of all, that the equipment is checked and only then, we state the cause of the malfunction and the exact cost of eliminating it. As a result of all the work, you will not overpay a penny, because all services and original spare parts are already included in the final price. No way to come? No problem! Fill out the form and the master himself will arrive for the tablet in order to pick it up in the service.

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Key Symptoms.

You will need to replace the glass on the iPad Mini 4 if you notice the following symptoms:

  • – The tablet has stopped responding to touch.
  • – Image is distorted or distorted.
  • – The picture is flickering.

Repair is necessary not only after some serious mechanical influences. It’s enough to pay attention to the incorrect operation of the gadget.

Features of “PlanetiPhone”.

We are a highly specialized workshop serving Apple appliances for over 9 years. During this time, we have gained a reputation as a reliable and high-quality company, capable of repairing equipment after any “Accidents”. Our advantages also include: