Get Root Rights on Android without a computer

ROOT Rights for Android 6.0 without PC, it is quite possible. ⁠ ⁠

Hello everyone, not so long ago managed to get a ROOT right for 6.0 Android without using a personal computer, and today I decided to tell how I did it.

[Attention, all monopulations with your device are done at your own peril and risk, the author of this post is not responsible for your actions]

Let’s start with whether Root is needed at all, if you are an ordinary user, and just someone boasted to you by the presence on your mobile device Root right, and you also wanted to, then you should not even think about them. If Root is needed for specific purposes, and you realize all the risks, you can continue to read.

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#Probability of losing important data from a smartphone

And so, if you have weighed everything for yourself, then we will probably start.

And so, first of all, I decided to get a “temporary root access” and here you can immediately leave if you don’t have a MTK processor, the fact is that the processor data driver has the possibility of activating ROOT access that disappears after rebooting, this is only a sleeve!

Download “MTK Easy Su” (just copy and get into the search bar, you can download on many sites, so I will not leave the link)

Next, download Magisk Manager.One.1 and in no case do not update. After installing these programs, you can go to MTK Easy Su

When you first turn on, you need to slightly scroll to the bottom, and in the “Assets” tab, download what is in the first paragraph, everything happens automatically, and after the completion of download, no action is required.

Next, click on the large button in the lower part of the “Activate Bootless Root” screen, if everything was done correctly before, then the inscription “Reboot Your Phone” or something like that, without leaving the application, reboot the phone, and then re.Enter the application and click the same button. After about 30 seconds, the inscription “Success” should not appear, which does not ambiguously hints that everything went successfully, then we go to the Magisk Manager and click on three strips in the upper left.Handed corner

If you see the item “#SuperPolizer”, then everything is fine, then you need to find a TWRP recovery for your device, as a rule, they can be found on a 4PDA in discussions of a particular smartphone model and.ZIP Archive with “Supersu” which is on their website: https: // subsuzip.COM/Download-Supersu-Zip-App-Latest-Versi.

Next, download Official Twrp App with Google Play

Click the “Backup Existing Recovery” button and make the “backup” of your recovery, believe it is important and you should not ignore this step!

Next, select the folder (preferably the root of the flash drive or internal memory) and click the “Backup Recovery” button

After reinsurance, we already click on the first menu click the “TWRP Flash” button. Next, we find our smartphone model in the “Select Device” tab or select our recovery. (Recovery has an extension “.IMG “)

After the end of the process, we reboot into the recovery (how to do this on the Internet, this is easy, but it is done in different ways, depending on the device)

#By the way, so there is also TWRP without PC, yes, I’m in the blow today;)

The intensity of this recovery is touch, so without the second thought we click the “Install” button, select our.ZIP archive with Supersu and a swipe in the right to install installation, we all reboot and if the Supersu application has appeared, then everything went well (more details about how to install ROOT using TWRP recovery can be read from other articles).

For reliability, you can download the Root Checker application and if the verification result is approximately like that:

(Do not forget to grant Root right to this application)

On this I have everything. All questions on this topic I am postponing in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Thank you all, so far!

There are two ways to ruin Android using Kingo Root. Using a computer and without it. We will consider both separately.

Attention: you do operations with a device at your own peril and risk. The author is not responsible for the possible consequences when performing instructions described in this article. In addition, a hacking Android means a guarantee loss. Rute your gadget, unless you are sure of your actions.

How to ROOT Android Phone in 2022! Best METHOD to ROOT Phone Without PC in 2022!

Why are Root Rights Andorid. Pros and cons of

The rights of a super.User can be extremely useful on absolutely every device, regardless of the version of the Android operating system. The key advantages of Root include:

  • The possibility of customization of the outer shell of the OS;
  • Release of the memory of the device by removing the software from Google and the manufacturer;
  • Installation of hacked paid applications without advertising and with advanced functionality;
  • Changing files in system catalogs;
  • Efficient optimization of the system with applications requiring the rights of a super sex user;
  • Using tweaks to increase the speed of a smartphone.

Although minor flaws are compensated by the above advantages, they still have a place to be, namely:

  • Loss of warranty from the manufacturer;
  • Failures in the work of the firmware as a result of incorrect work with system files and catalogs;
  • Lack of the ability to update a smartphone via the Internet.

Obtaining a Root-right through a computer

This technique provides for the following standard steps:

  • Downloading and installing a special application on PC;
  • Program launch;
  • Connecting to a computer via a USB port device running Android;
  • Inclusion on the device for the USB debugging;
  • Installation of a connection between the application on the computer and the phone/tablet;
  • Directly launching (usually by pressing just one button in the program window).

This sequence will be relevant for almost any program, of course, with certain amendments. Which of the applications to use, you decide, we will only give a list of the most common:

As an example, let’s try to get a Root-right using Kingo Android Root.

Kingo Android Root

Download the program on the official website www.Kingoapp.Com, and then install it on a computer.

If the application is blocked by antivirus, which often happens with similar software, then protection will have to be disconnected during the procedure.

Now we connect the device with Android to the PC via a USB cable and immediately set the MTP data exchange mode (transfer and control files to PC).

The Kingo Android Root application will begin to connect with the phone and ask you to enable the USB debugging mode.

To do this, you need to go into the settings of the Android, and then go to the “Developer Options” section).

If there is no such item, then we go to the page “On the phone” and click on the line “Build Number) seven times.

Now the section “for developers” should appear. We go into it and include the option “Warmings for USB”. A window will appear in which we put a box “always allow debugging from this computer” and click “OK”.

Installation of drivers will begin, after which the “Root” button will appear on the computer of the Kingo Android Root program on the computer.

Click on it, we are waiting for the end of the procedure and reboot the mobile device. If everything went as it should, you will have advanced rights.

Is it worth using applications to obtain a Root.Right on Android

Sometimes you can get the rights of a super.User by just by pressing a button in a special program. True, this does not work with all Android devices.

However, we (like specialists of the XDA Developers forum) do not recommend using programs for obtaining a ROOT.Right on Android “in one click” because they often install advertising or malicious applications on your smartphone. So such utilities should not be trusted. Remember: with your own hands, getting access is always more reliable.

How to stop being afraid and love Adb⁠ ⁠

Recently, more and more people have been refusing to obtain Root rights. Everyone has their own reasons for this. Someone does not want to bother and read complex manuals, someone is afraid to lose a guarantee. Google also contributes to this, allowing in new versions of Android, although not easy, but still performing some actions that were no longer possible without Root. We will talk about fine setting via ADB today. Mostly the article is written for people who do not have a ROOT right on the phone, for those who still have ROOT rights. The article is provided as it is. The author of the article is not responsible for your actions.

First we remember that not a single action described in this article can oxirp your phone. You have no ROOT right, which means it is impossible to ruin any component of the system. This does not apply to your personal files and the application, we are talking only about the components of the system, about the firmware in short. Also, these actions in no way can affect the guarantee of your phone, actually for the same reasons. Without root, we simply do not affect the system components. We only use what the system itself allows us, as a user.

We will analyze a little system device itself. Android does not have disks as in Windows. There are folders. Folders can be for example a memory card. Imagine that on your computer when inserting a flash drive, a “flash drive” folder appears on the desktop. Pull out, disappears. That’s about the same and the system is arranged in your phone. And so getting in the Shell your phone you find yourself in the root, main folder. It contains a bunch of folders where you have no access. For example System (firmware folder) or Data (application data folder). That is, you seem to have access to these folders, but only for reading. You cannot change, delete or add your files there. No Root access for this. We are interested in the internal memory of the phone card, where the recording is quite accessible to us. And so, the internal memory of the phone is always called /sdcard. Memory card can be in another place, but usually it /Storage /0123-4567

In order to get into the shall of your phone (command line), you need to perform not difficult actions on the phone. Go to the phone settings, look for the “On the phone” item. In it, look for information about the firmware, version and.T.D. We are interested in the item “Build number”. You need to press it quickly 10 times. The inscription “The developer mode” should appear “. Do not be afraid, nothing terrible will happen, just in the phone settings a new menu “Developer Parameters” will appear. You need to go to this menu and enable “USB debugging”.

Next, you need to install ADB on the computer. To do this, you need to download “15 Seconds Adb Installer”. Unfortunately, I can’t give direct links, but I’m sure the search in Google will find the right file.

Launch from the administrator, will agree several times by pressing the “Y” keyboard, install drivers from Google Inc.

After you installed ADB necessary drivers, you can work with the command line of the phone.

To do this, press the start and drive CMD with your hands. Well, or at any place of the desktop, click on the “Win ​​R” keyboard, drive “CMD” (without quotation marks) click Enter.

You are on the command line of the computer. To connect to the command line of the phone, drive the Adb Shell. A dialogue may appear on the phone. “Do this computer trust?”Click to trust. If everything went smoothly, you will see something like 1 | Greatlte:/

PWD. Shows a place (full path) to the folder where you are

Rm.RF. Remove Recursive Force! If you run it while saying the phone in the root of the phone, you will rub all the files (pictures for example) on the memory card. It is better not to use this team without a complete understanding of what it does).

MV. Move (move or rename)

CD /SDCARD /DOWNDLOAD. Change the folder to /sdcard /downloadload

Mkdir Papka. Creates the Papka folder in the folder where you are

Mkdir/sdcard/download/papka. Creates the PAPKA folder in /sdcard /downloadload

Copy bxactions.APK BXACTIONS1.APK. Creates a copy of bxactions.APK named bxactions1.APK in the folder where you are

root, rights, android, computer

MV bxactions.APK BXACTIONS1.APK. Renmines the BXACTIONS file.APK in bxactions1.APK in the folder where you are

MV/sdcard/download/bxactions.APK /SDCARD /BXACTIONS.APK. Transfers the Bxactions file.APK from the folder/sdcard/download/in the root of the internal memory (/sdcard)

Feel like a hacker, start using the Tab button on the keyboard. For example, write cd /sd [click the Tab button]. CD /SDCARD

Continue. CD /sdcard /down [click the Tab button]. Get CD/SDCARD/Downdload/and you can already press Enter. It turns out faster, if you get used to it, life will become much easier)

The Tab button on the command line is trying to continue what you write by substituting the names of files and folders that are in the system.

What can ADB? Let’s start with the basics. Reloading to the main modes.

Reboot Bootloader. Rebooting to the download mode or bootloader mode

root, rights, android, computer

Reboot Recovery. Re.Loading to the recovery mode

Working with a show of all systems:

Getprop RO.Bootloader. Show version of Bootloader (only Samsung)

Getprop RO.Boot.Carrierid. Showing the telephone region (only Samsung)

Getprop. Displays a full list of teams at once with the results, you can see a bunch of information about the phone

These two commands, PUSH and Pull download and upload files with PC and vice versa to the phone.

For example. Open your CMD on a computer. There you also find yourself in some kind of folder. This is usually some C: \ Windows \ System32. Suppose you need to download the file from the desktop to the phone. In the command line PC write. CD C: \ Users \ Vasya \ Desktop

Vasya. User name, you have it different) use the Tab button as I wrote above, it will be faster and easier. The task is to instead of C: \ Windows \ System32 you have written C: \ Users \ Vasya \ Desktop

How To Root Android Phone | How to Root any Android phone | One click ROOT Easy Tutorial

As soon as you are a command line on your desktop, you can, for example, send a contact file to the phone:

And the contact file is copied from your desktop to the phone, to the/sdcard/download folder/

Using the Pull command, on the contrary, download from the phone to PC:

Adb Pull/SDCARD/Download/Contacts.CSV contacts.CSV

The file should be in the folder where you are in the command line on the PC (but we are on your desktop, true?)

Get Root Rights on Android without a computer

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General information:

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Magisk is stitched through a custom recovery, for the correct work you need to unlock the bootloader and the installation of TWRP Recovery.

  • Hacking of various Android toys;
  • Built.In hint for beginners;
  • Full access to hidden root folders;
  • Encryption of personal data from online services;
  • You do not need Super SU to manage the ROOT rights;
  • Allows you to obtain OTA-renewal of stock firmware by removing and re-installation of the script;
  • A lot of relevant Magisk information on different forums, in particular, live branches on XDA, 4PDA with detailed guidelines to solve problems with ruts for different gadgets.

Kingo Root. A universal program for obtaining Root rights on Android and PC. If you use a regular computer or laptop, connect a smartphone to it and go to the Root Master integust, then select the required option.

If you are going to ruin the device as part of the Android operating system, download and open the agricultural file, then press the Start key. You can also get a Root through a computer program. To do this, the device will need to be connected via cable.

Kingo Android Root. Probably the easiest way to get Root is right, but it is not without shortcomings. In particular, there is no client for Linux, the probability of obtaining ROOT is average, t.To. Universal application for different devices and versions of Android.

  • Creates backups;
  • Built.In file manager;
  • Installation of emulators and drivers;
  • Blocking advertising and malicious software;
  • Can change and delete standard Android programs.

Kingroot will help to quickly get Root android rights. At the moment, software supports more than 10,000 different models of smartphones and tablets. Among the useful functions, you will find the built.In means of saving the battery charge and automobile control.

Step.By.Step installation instructions:

  • We charge the gadget by at least 30%;
  • We connect the Internet;
  • We go to the settings and allow downloading applications in the paragraph “Unknown Sources”;
  • Disconnect the antivirus and run the APK file;
  • In the Kinrut Kinrut Inte Wee, click the Get button;
  • It remains to wait for the notification of the completion of ruting;
  • The last step is to reboot the phone (confirm the operation with a box), then download from the Kinguser Play Market (if you are not installed yourself) and you can delete Kinrut.
  • Conveniently use;
  • Data backup;
  • Makes Root by pressing one key;
  • Access to various files, folders and services;
  • Stopping unnecessary processes loading RAM.

Framarot was created to obtain a superpower rights on Android mobile devices. Installed as a conventional APK, contains several exploits. The tool is quite old, works well on Android 4. 7, but with more new devices it can be incompatible.

If you were not able to ruin the device using one exploit, try others. The result is easy to check using the Root Checker application (Fremash sometimes does not specifically display the status). Differs in a useful option for the change of changes. Knows how to scan internal memory and SD card.

  • Creation of backup copies;
  • Uploads Superuser or Supersu;
  • Providing complete technical information;
  • The latest version of Frematy supports Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Baidu Root will not require users of any complex settings. Before starting the rowing process, offers the useful function of Backup, which can be useful in case of any malfunctions and errors of the Root application.

Includes pre-installed security control options of the gadget, including the IP address change and port numbers when connecting to the Internet.

  • Easy to configure and verify Root rights;
  • Russian.Speaking localization of the main window;
  • RAM cleaning and reducing the load on the processor;
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360 Root-a simple and convenient software for using, with which you can get a Root-right on Android, starting from version 2.2. Can be installed on a personal computer or mobile phone.

It is worth noting the presence of an advanced deinstal of games and utilities, which cannot be erased by conventional means. Knows how to remove advertising inscriptions in browsers. There are tools to control auto.Loading.

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