Galaxy watch won’t connect to phone

Your devices need updating

It is important that all tools used are kept up to date. This is about:

  • Phone or tablet, depending on what you are using
  • Your Galaxy Wearable app needs to be updated

If you have any doubts about updating the app on your Android smartphone, follow this article:

It is so much easier to connect between devices. When the tools are out of date, compatibility issues can appear. Keep track of used versions.

Connect your Samsung Galaxy Watch: what to do

These are the prerequisites for the connection to function properly, and the synchronization between your devices. Follow these steps to make sure you have everything you need for a good connection.

Here are some tips for syncing to work correctly:

  • Make sure you have internet on your phone or tablet Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • Make sure you have a de battery suffix on every tool. Lack of battery will save power to your devices, and thus limit communications to conserve battery.
  • If you are using Bluetooth, make sure there are devices nearby. The Bluetooth range is limited. Also, try limiting the number of Bluetooth devices to limit interference.

If these prerequisites are confirmed, let’s see what you can check to troubleshoot your watch connection issues.

Forget Bluetooth pairing to sync your Samsung Galaxy Watch again

When a connection problem occurs between two devices, one of the best solutions is to reset the connection. How to do it? Forgetting the pre-recorded connection between these instruments.

This reinitializes the link that links them and thus potentially refreshes the faulty connection.

To do this, remove your Samsung Galaxy Watch from paired devices in your phone in this way:

  • Go to settings from your phone
  • Open Bluetooth
  • From there navigate to Linked or Paired devices
  • Sélectionnez votre Samsung Galaxy watches
  • press to forget or dissociate
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From there, you have to pair the two devices again like you did the first time.

There is a good chance this will fix your problem and allow you to communicate your two tools. If not, let’s continue looking for the problem.

Problem connecting to my Samsung Galaxy Watch, what should I do?

You use Samsung Smart Watch to monitor your physical activity on a daily basis and save all this data to your phone or computer. However, to analyze this data, it is necessary that a connection with a smartphone or PC is established.

otherwise, it is impossible to sync what. And today you have a problem connecting to your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

What to do in this case? We will help you fix it in this article. Here is help to solve connection problems with your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Samsung Gear S3 Bluetooth pairing problems FIX 2020

First of all, if you have ignition problem with your Samsung watch, check out this article first, which is more suitable for your needs:

Reset Samsung Galaxy Watch

If nothing else worked, then perhaps resetting the clock will help restart the connection.

Attention: This procedure may cause data loss. Take some time to read this guide to perform this manipulation carefully:

From there, restart the Bluetooth connection procedure on your devices.

Can’t connect my Samsung Galaxy Watch: what to do

If, despite the precautions taken earlier in this article, you still cannot connect your watch, here are other solutions to fix the problem.

Limit other nearby bluetooth devices when syncing

This condition was mentioned a bit earlier in the introduction, but actually make sure you don’t have any other bluetooth tools available when pairing.

Isolate the two devices you want to sync to optimize the only Bluetooth connection that interests you here.

Disconnect both devices

I know this is a fundamental step, but it can help improve the situation. If your phone won’t connect, it’s best to manually remove it from the list of paired Bluetooth devices.

It’s as easy as opening the quick settings menu by pressing and holding the Bluetooth icon to go to settings. Once in, click on the gear-shaped icon and click on Unpair.

Samsung Gear Watch stuck on “finishing pairing” Simple Fix (Try before you resetting your phone)

Please be aware that this depends on the make of your phone and these settings may differ slightly. After disconnecting the watch, restart the normal pairing process. Most likely this should work without issue.

If not, consider clearing the Bluetooth cache. Bluetooth, like any other Android app, also has a cache that you can clear if it behaves erratically.

To clear it, open Settings and go to Applications. Click on the three-dot menu and select System (or Show System Processes).

Now scroll down until you see the Bluetooth option. Click on it, select “Storage” and click the “Clear cache” button.

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Check for app and phone updates

Is there an update coming for the phone? For an application, maybe? From time to time, a pending update can prevent the application from behaving normally.

How to Pair Samsung Galaxy Watch with your Phone – Set Up Process

I suggest you update your Galaxy Wearable app and your phone software right now. Please note that most apps update automatically over Wi-Fi (and mobile data), unless you change this in settings.

To check this, open the left menu of the Play Store app and tap Settings Auto-update apps.

Also, if a software update is pending for your phone, go to Settings System System Updates and click Check for Updates.

Check notification access

It’s always a good idea to check the notification accessibility for the Galaxy Wearable plug-in. Open “Settings” on your phone and search for “Special Access”. Click on it to open and select access to notifications.

Turn on the Galaxy Wearable Plugin switch.

Is DND enabled?

DND mode can also prevent app notifications from reaching the Galaxy Watch. To verify that this is not the case, go to the Advanced Settings of the App.

Make sure the toggle next to Do Not Disturb is off.

Top 1 Samsung Galaxy Watch Tips and Tricks

Also on

Disconnecting the watch from the phone

  • Open the Settings app ⚙ on your smartphone.
  • Then, in the menu in the “Wireless networks” tab, enter the Bluetooth section.
  • Make sure. the fact that Bluetooth is activated on the smartphone.
  • Then next to the name of the Android Wear watch, in the menu, click on the settings wheel ⚙.
  • In the section that opens, select the “Delete” action.

Wear OS watch can’t connect to phone

You have become the owner of a smartwatch and the solemn moment has come to set it up, but something went wrong In this article, we will consider the reasons why Smartwatches on Wear OS do not connect to the phone.

How to turn off Airplane Mode on a Wear OS watch

Another reason why it will be difficult to connect the watch to the phone, although it is not so obvious to many, is the active flight mode on the Android smartwatch.

How to make sure your Smartwatch is not in airplane mode:

  • Activate the clock (in the case of a darkened screen) by tapping on the screen.
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen (Android Wear 2.0 or swipe left to wire in Android Wear 1.5).
  • Enter the “Settings” section ⚙.
  • Look at the status in the “Airplane mode” settings ✈, if it is on, turn it off (he is the culprit of your wasted time when connecting devices).

If nothing helps, go to the next recommendations.

Why Wear OS Smartwatches Can’t Connect to My Phone

Before setting the clock, make sure that the Internet works smoothly on your smartphone (this is often the most common reason why you cannot connect the watch to the phone).

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The first thing you should know before buying a Smartwatch is that it will only pair with smartphones with an operating system version of at least Android 6.0.

To check the connectivity of your smartphone to an Android Wear watch, has a page that checks for smartphone compatibility You need to switch to it from your smartphone that you plan to connect to the watch. Below is an example of the result of checking different devices.

Nexus 5X Nokia N9

Factory reset on Wear OS

  • Activate the clock (in the case of a darkened screen) by tapping on the screen.
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen (Android Wear 2.0 or swipe left to wire in Android Wear 1.5).
  • Enter the “Settings” section ⚙ and go to the “System” section.
  • Further, depending on the firmware version on your watch, you need to select the action “Disable and reset settings” (if the firmware on Android Wear 2.0 watches) or “Disconnect from phone”.
  • Confirm the reset by clicking “Finish”

Preparing your smartphone to pair with your Android Wear watch

We have an article on how to connect Wear OS to a smartphone, read it, maybe you shared everything correctly, if not, see our recommendations below.

Check for required apps and updates:

  • Check “Google Play Services” version must be at least 7.3.28.
  • Check that the Google Search application is version 4.0 or newer;
  • Make sure your smartphone has the Wear OS 1.0 app. and newer.

Reboot your smartphone and watch

If you cannot connect the watch to the phone, you need to reboot both the phone and the watch. Perhaps there was some kind of malfunction of one of the devices and a reboot will solve everything.

  • Activate the clock (in the case of a darkened screen) by tapping on the screen.
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen (Android Wear 2.0 or swipe left to wire in Android Wear 1.5).
  • Enter the “Settings” section ⚙.
  • Scroll down the settings menu and tap on the “Restart” section ⟳.

If the problem is still relevant, then proceed to the next recommendations.

Checking Bluetooth connection when connecting smartphone to Wear OS watch

After checking and the availability of applications, you need to check the Bluetooth on your smartphone.

How to make sure Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone:

  • Open the Settings app ⚙ on your smartphone.
  • Then, in the menu in the “Wireless networks” tab, enter the Bluetooth section.
  • Activate Bluetooth (or make sure it is on).