Galaxy S4 Reset Phone Settings

Galaxy S4 Reset Phone Settings

Often there are times when a smartphone user installs various suspicious applications on it or sets up incorrect settings, after which the gadget starts to work unstably or perform operations several times slower. In order not to play with the return of each setting individually, you can immediately reset everything to the factory settings using one function. hard reset. Consider how to perform this operation in the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4.

What do we need?

  1. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4.

Instruction manual

Resetting data is not a complicated operation, but this does not mean that it needs to be used unnecessarily. Such a step should be resorted to only if you observe specific interference in the operation of the device or if any functions do not work on the phone. Another thing is when you want to unlock the phone from binding to a specific operator.

So, to reset all parameters to factory standards, it is enough to follow these steps:

1. First you need to go to the section “Settings”, which is located in the main menu of the device. This can be accessed using the Home button.

2. Next, you need to find the item in the settings “Accounts”.

3. There is an item in this section “Backing up and dumping data”.

4. Next, just click on this item. A confirmation message appears, after which you must agree to continue the operation using the “OK” button.

5. After the operation, all settings will be reset to factory standards, but data on the phone will be saved (contact list, settings for various applications, etc.).

Sometimes it may be necessary to do not just a reset with saving data, but a Hard Reset. This function can be performed even on a phone that does not turn on. You can make a Hard Reset through the Recovery menu, which can be accessed using the volume down, central (Home) buttons and the power button, held simultaneously. In this case, all data from the phone will be deleted (contacts, SMS, etc.).

Worth paying attention to

In the English version, the item “Backup and reset” is called “Backup and reset”.

Perhaps the process of hard reset by the predecessor of the Quartet. Galaxy S 3. It will seem simpler to you. Rate the difference!


Not all data will be saved after data reset, so you should be careful. The settings of some additional (non-standard) applications can be erased, as well as entries in some games or programs. Before you perform a full reset to factory defaults, it’s worth transferring all the important data, for example, to a computer or to the memory of another phone by backing it up. After that, you can safely perform a reset, without fear of losing important information.