Galaxy S3 How to Disable Auto Update

How to disable samsung updates

Samsung mobile devices are running the Android operating system. Factory settings provide for automatic installation of OS updates as they become available. In addition, all applications downloaded from the Play Market are similarly updated.

A positive aspect of such settings is the constant availability of up-to-date software versions, and the user does not waste his time manually installing them.

For the intended purpose Updates are divided into two types: system and for user applications. The former are usually large packages (over 50 MB) and are issued to optimize the Android OS several times a year.

Modifications for applications downloaded from the Google Store or Samsung Apps are often much smaller (no more than 10-15 MB), however Due to the variety of programs installed on the smartphone, it is they who create the largest data transfer stream.

Application Update Options

Android offers users three models for working with updates. Depending on the chosen option, application modification packages can be installed:

Galaxy S3 How to Disable Auto Update
  • always. the upgrade will be installed immediately, regardless of how the smartphone connects to the Internet;
  • only via Wi-Fi. the system will wait until the device is connected in this way, downloading via the mobile Internet is not performed;
  • never. automatic installation is disabled.

Cons Auto Update

At the same time, there are a sufficient number of disadvantages of auto-update, which include:

  • Increased traffic consumption. If your smartphone has a large number of applications installed, the process of installing changes and additions will be practically non-stop. over, receiving data via Wi-Fi simply loads the system, and with the “Always” auto-update option set, there is a risk of significantly increasing the cost of paying for mobile Internet traffic.
  • Decrease in free internal memory. Most modifications increase the size of applications. If you do not regularly remove programs and utilities that become unnecessary, then there will come a time when there is simply not enough space to install a new component.
  • Incorrect operation of updates. Sometimes “raw” packages not only do not eliminate the existing problems of the old version of the software, but also exacerbate them. A striking example is updating the Android Jelly Bean firmware for Samsung Galaxy S3 to version 4.3. When installing this package, problems began to arise with connection stability, fast battery consumption and device freezes. Users who previously chose to turn off automatic updates on Samsung Galaxy did not encounter a similar problem.

To ensure the correct operation of their mobile device, experienced smartphone owners prefer to abandon the automatic mode.

How to disable application updates on Samsung

In order to prohibit the automatic download of new versions of installed programs, we carry out the following actions:

    from the list of applications we launch the standard Play Market;

open the left curtain (by moving your finger across the screen from left to right), activate the “Settings” item in the menu that appears, then click on “Auto-update applications”;

from the proposed list, select “Never.”

The process of disabling application updates is complete. However, as new versions of the programs available on the smartphone come out, the system will notify the user about this and offer to install them. If you want to monitor the process of the appearance of updates and install some of them, we leave everything as it is. If you need to close notifications, we carry out additional actions: in the same Settings section of the Play Market menu, select the Alerts section and deactivate the Updates and Automatic Updates items.

If in the future there is a need to install a new version of a specific application, you do not need to turn on the automatic system completely. Just go to the Play Market, in the “My Applications and Games” tab, select the desired program and click on it. If you need to get the latest versions of all applications, tap on “Update all.”

Disable OS updates

Mobile Features Samsung allows you to disable not only the automatic update of applications, but also the receipt of changes and additions to the operating system from Android. To prohibit OS autoupdate, we perform the following steps:

  • go to the settings of the smartphone and select the tab “About the device”;
  • open the section “Software Update“;
  • uncheck the “Auto-update” item.

How to remove an installed update

If you installed an update on your Samsung and the program stopped working, this is not a reason for despair. Roll back the application to the previous version is easy. The algorithm for the necessary actions is as follows:

  • in the smartphone’s settings menu, select “Applications”;
  • in the list that appears, click on the program of interest;
  • activate its properties and click on the button “Delete updates”;
  • at the end of the process, reboot the mobile device.
  • Understanding Update Process Settings It will allow you to properly manage the operating system and installed applications to avoid excessive Internet traffic and clogging the internal memory of the smartphone.