Full Reset Iphone 6 Forgot Icloud Password

Well, friends, it’s time to get rid of the contents of our iPhone. If earlier, using instructions for beginners, we filled the phone with various information (games, music, photos, films), now we will learn to quickly get rid of all files and settings, returning the device to its original state. Today we will consider reset all Apple iPhone information with iOS 7. But if you do not have a phone, but an iPod touch player or an iPad tablet, then you can also perform a full reset using the instructions below.

We will erase all information from the iPhone using the phone itself, namely the Reset section. In addition to a complete reset of information, we will consider other types of reset available in the settings of any iPhone, iPod or iPad, which are also useful. The method considered today is not the only one, just as quickly erasing absolutely everything from the iPhone can be done in another way. using the recovery procedure in iTunes. There is a third way. remote reset.

To be honest, I’m doing this reset for you, our reader, a lot of information has accumulated in my iPhone, I don’t want to delete it at all. In general, a reset or a full reset is advised to apply:

  • When your device is about to have a new host
  • After many experiments and testing of thousands of applications
  • Reset sometimes help with failures in iOS firmware

Since I need my information, before resetting I will do the following:

Now I’m ready to perform a full reset. Before we begin, you need to know that immediately after the reset, we need a Wi-Fi access point or iTunes installed on your computer with Internet access. Although, probably, the mobile Internet will also work. Another very important feature for iPhone owners is that the phone must be officially unlocked. If you have a locked model, do not perform a reset. Well, iPad and iPod touch users have nothing to fear. Here we go.

The first thing you need is a good battery level, if you do not have 100% charge, it is better to connect the iPhone to power.

Full Reset Iphone 6 Forgot Icloud Password

We put it on charge, now we go to the standard application “Settings“, Select the section”The main“. Scroll to the bottom, there is the section “Reset“. Here we see the following types of reset:

  • Reset All Settings
  • Erase content and settings
  • Reset Network Settings
  • Reset Keyboard Dictionary
  • Reset Home
  • Reset Location alerts

We will analyze the first three types of the most popular discharges:

Reset Apple iPhone

The very first one is “Reset all settings”, a very convenient thing when you need to reset all iPhone settings without losing any information on the phone.

Press the button Reset All Settings, a notification appears:

Are you sure you want to continue? All settings will be reset. Information and media files will remain.

Confirm the reset with a few more clicks. Reset all settings. The reset procedure takes less than a minute, applies all initial settings to the iPhone, including among standard applications, the alarms are lost too, but applications, music, photos, contacts ands remain in place. Safari bookmarks and calendar notes are still intact.

IPhone Reset Complete

The second button on the top “Erase content and settings” allows you to not only reset the settings, but also erase all data from the iPhone or other device. Very useful for selling or donating a used gadget.

If you want to delete everything from iPhone. press the button Erase content and settings, we see a warning:

Are you sure you want to continue? All media files, data and settings will be erased. This action is irreversible.

Confirm a couple of times with the button. “Erase iPhone”. The phone turned off and turned on again after 2 minutes, in some cases, the reset procedure may take longer, it all depends on the model and the amount of filled memory.

Important! When buying a used iPhone, before you pay, always do a reset using the button. Erase content and settings, this will allow you to avoid, in the future, a possible activation lock.

After turning on the iPhone, I asked for activation, during which we needed the Internet (Wi-Fi or iTunes on a computer with Internet access). During activation, the iPhone gossips about something and connects to Apple servers. Accordingly, without the Internet, a completely reset iPhone cannot be launched. iPhone or iTunes offered me: Set up iPhone like new or Restore from backup, I chose the first. Upon completion of all stages of activation, we get a clean empty iPhone, where no trace of the previous owner remains. We tried to find at least something on the iPhone, but there was nothing left, the button “Erase content and settings” deleted everything:

Reset Network Settings

Resetting the network is also sometimes used by regular users. It helps when the iPhone refuses to connect to a configured Wi-Fi access point or if there are problems with the mobile Internet settings. If the iPhone cannot find the network of the mobile operator, for example, when you inserted the SIM card of another service provider, then this reset sometimes helps. In general, if you have any network problems, try this reset. He does not touch information and other settings.

In today’s example, we found out. how to do a full reset iPhone, considered other types of discharge. Well, tomorrow I will try to return all my discarded information back to my phone by restoring from a backup.