Free ccleaner for iPhone. 17 Best Ram Cleaner Apps Android (Boost Speed) 2023

The best free Mac cleaners of 2023

If you ever wondered what a Mac cleaner is and how to choose the best one, this article will come in handy — I’ve already done in-depth and time-consuming research on this topic to save you some time. Introducing my top seven Mac cleaners on the market in 2023. So, sit back and get ready to be bombarded with lots of helpful information!

What is a MacBook cleaner?

Mac storage cleaners are third-party tools that help safely clear the clutter on your device — forgotten folders, temporary or broken files, cache, or system junk. Over time, these items build up, causing Mac overload and speed issues.

Listen, Mac cleaner tools can seriously free up that valuable storage you’re constantly lacking and improve your Mac’s overall performance. The main benefit of using a dedicated tool is removing the hard-to-reach digital clutter, like app leftovers, broken files, and logs that manual maintenance just can’t do.

If your Mac needs to be decluttered, these are the signs to look for:

If these symptoms sound familiar, keep reading.

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What to look for in a Mac cleaner?

When it comes to choosing the right Mac cleaning tool, it can feel overwhelming with so many options out there. So here are some critical questions to ask yourself:

  • Is it a trusted and reputable tool?
  • Is it safe to download?
  • What cleaning features are included?
  • Does it offer a free trial?
  • One-off payment or subscription?
  • Are there additional bonus features?

To make your life easier, I’ve taken the time to review seven trusted Mac disk cleaners for you. Let’s get started, shall we?

Top 7 free Mac cleaners

CleanMyMac X

When it comes to the best free Mac cleaner, at the top of my list is undoubtedly CleanMyMac X.

This tool is intuitive and straightforward to use, with a beautiful interface. CleanMyMac X offers an array of powerful features to optimize and boost your Mac performance. Its System Junk and Large Old Files modules are all you need to clean up your macOS once and for all. Let’s take a closer look at the functionality of these modules.

System Junk module:

In-depth system scan that resolves multiple errors while safely clearing up unneeded system log files, system cache, user logs, and language files.

Large Old Files module:

This module also scans your Mac allowing quickly sort through items by file type, size, or last opened, safely removing them in moments.

What I really like about this app is that you can upgrade it for a reasonable price getting an impressive ray of other optimization features such as:

  • Real-time malware protection
  • Application uninstaller
  • Shredder for file removal
  • Privacy module for your online and offline data

Pricing plans start from 39.95 a year, but you can try the free version first to understand if this option will work for you. The company also offers great discounts for multiple-device coverage.

MacCleaner Pro

MacCleaner Pro is a tool from the Nektony creators. This one also offers a free Mac cleaning software trial that allows you to speed up, clean up and manage your disk space using three straightforward tools. You can later upgrade to the powered-up paid version, which offers additional features like disk space analyzer, duplicate file removal, and application uninstaller.

I like the fact that the system overview is straightforward to understand. It’s been visually modeled on Apple’s built-in storage management tab, so it instantly feels familiar. You get a clear breakdown of system clutter and other performance issues. In addition to clearing junk files, The Speedup tool can help optimize your Mac by rebuilding your Spotlight index, freeing up RAM, and disabling startup applications.

The paid version is a one-off payment of 119.95, and for that, you get the complete bundle of six PRO cleanup tools; this is a great tool, but it doesn’t provide any anti-virus or other security features.

Parallels Toolbox

Another one on my list of the best Mac cleaning software is Parallels Toolbox for Mac. It comes with a whopping 30 different types of useful tools, including some great cleaning solutions like the Clean Drive, Memory Clean, Find Duplicates, and Uninstall Apps features. I’ve chosen Parallels because all of these tools are available on the 7-day free trial, but you need to use personal details to register.

This tool earned its spot on the best Mac cleaners list because it’s more than a cleaner. In fact, it’s a bit of a one-stop shop with an array of features, including Unarchive, Transform text tool, Presentation mode, and so much more. Parallels’ goal is to help users get the most out of their devices for 24.99 per year. This is one of the most affordable options on the market.


DaisyDisk is solely dedicated to cleaning up Macs. It does feel sparse compared to some of the previously mentioned tools, but don’t underestimate its cleaning power. If you’re only interested in Mac cleanup and nothing more, then this option is for you.

DaisyDisk is available to purchase from the App Store for 9.99 and has excellent reviews. You can download a free trial via the website, but the downside is you need to register your email address to use it.

For me personally, the visual graphics make this tool worth the money. It’s a great way to visualize your data and external drives. Simply scan the drive you want to clean up, preview the content, and remove what is no longer required. That’s it! No extra features, no fuss, no add-ons.

Avast Cleanup Premium

Avast Cleanup Premium is a Smart app uninstaller and junk files cleaner. It helps get rid of different categories of unneeded files and data: duplicate files, browser data, and system files that can be safely removed. At the same time, it has a tool for removing apps.

You can download it from the official website. The app comes with a 30-day free trial version. Afterward, you can purchase a subscription, which will cost you 65.99 per year.

App Cleaner Uninstaller

Another tool from Nektony is App Cleaner Uninstaller. It’s a lightweight application that comes with the exact features you need to clear up your Mac.

Unlike its sister application MacCleaner Pro, you get just five simple cleaning tools. This set of tools helps remove apps and their traces, manage startup programs and browser extensions, clear up remaining digital debris, and manage default applications.

The downside to the free version is you only get 3 days to test it, which is a shame. I hope in the nearest future, they extend this to give users a chance to get to know the tool first.

However, if you decide to buy this option, pricing starts from 29.95 as it’s a one-time purchase. It’s not a bad option for a simple cleaning tool with no extra features.

Piriform Software CCleaner

CCleaner might not be as visually appealing as other tools mentioned in this review article, but don’t let that put you off. Its free version comes with three robust, reliable tools that quickly clear clutter and reclaim space. Let’s take a closer look.

This feature performs an in-depth scan, uncovers system junk, and makes it easy for you to select items for removal.

Detects duplicate files on your hard drive, allowing you to review and select items for deletion.

This feature locates unused applications and uninstalls them safely.

The simplicity of this tool is what I like about it. Despite not being packed with millions of options and additional features, the app does what it claims. Its top menu bar icon allows you to run quick system scans easily.

You do, of course, have the option to upgrade to a paid version to have access to some extra features like a photo analyzer and automatic browsing history removal for just 29.95 a year.

How to clean your Mac manually?

If you’re still not entirely sure about having a Mac cleaner, here are a few things you can do to clean your Mac manually.

Clean up your Desktop

If you have Stacks enabled, you might not see all the useless clutter built up. Take a moment to disable Stacks and review what’s hanging around on your Desktop. Then move any unwanted items to Trash. To enable back the Stacks, right-click anywhere on your Desktop and press Use Stacks.

Check your Downloads folder

The Downloads folder is another place forgotten files hide. Take time to run a deep checkup and remove anything you no longer need.

Uninstall unneeded Apps

If you haven’t used a specific app for a while, ask yourself, do I really need it? If the answer is no, then don’t think twice. remove it to save yourself valuable storage space.

  • Launch Finder, then select Applications.
  • Review your apps and drag any unrequired apps to the Trash.
  • Empty your Trash.

Use Apple’s built-in storage optimization tool

Another way to help save space and tidy up clutter is by using Apple’s built-in storage optimization tool. Many people forget that this tool exists. But it’s a simple way to offload Mac to iCloud and automate your Trash removal. Here’s how to use it:

  • Select the main Apple Menu About This Mac Info Storage Settings.
  • Check Recommendations under the Storage bar.
  • Enable the three options by following the on-screen instructions.
free, ccleaner, iphone, best, cleaner, apps

Manual options will help, but as I mentioned previously, it’s impossible to get rid of all the debris this way, and that’s why cleaners have become so popular.

Hopefully, you found this review helpful. However, if you still decide to continue your own research for Mac cleaners, make sure to download from untrustworthy sources. Too often, malware and other types of viruses can disguise themselves as cleaning tools.

Warning! Don’t be tempted to buy Dr. Cleanup. This application has been proven to gather and steal data from Macs.

Best Ram Cleaner Apps Android (Boost Speed) 2023

Yo, What’s up, friends, If someone asks you about that one you spend your daily time most, Yes, you can answer it on your phone. But what we feel when we want to operate any function like searching something on google, downloading a file, or making a call; but the phone hangs, or It takes too much time to check your patience level. The reason behind this scenario is that Your phone either has very little storage due to so many junk files or trash, or You have a virus on your phone. If a phone’s RAM has very little space remaining, it can cause your device to speed down or downgrade its performance. So, I, Shyami- the tech booster, will tell you the solution to this problem. Today, You will see the 17 best Ram cleaner apps Android 2023

  • CCleaner Android
  • RAM cleaner for Android
  • RAM Booster Android
  • Smart Booster Android
  • All-In-One Toolbox Android
  • Phone Master Android
  • RAM cleaner 10GB Android
  • Clean Master Android
  • AVG Cleaner Android
  • Memory Clean Android
  • Super speed cleaner Android
  • RAM Cleanup Android
  • Clean RAM Memory Android
  • Max Cleaner Android
  • Super Cleaner Android
  • Auto RAM Cleaner Android

CCleaner Android

Piriform creates the app The app is for you if you are sick of the slowness of your phone or tablet due to being full of junk in it. It cleans, optimizes, and boosts the performance of your Android device.

The app is created from the popular platform for making the most popular PC and Mac cleaning software. And This is the reason that this app is the ultimate Android optimizer.

It helps you quickly and easily remove junk files, reclaim space, clean RAM, monitor your system, and many more. These all things are enough to master your device.

With the latest update, some unique features are added to upgrade it. And it includes options to file type, including a single tap with a new user-friendly interface. You can also personalize your quick clean search with a configuration screen.

Here are some features you should know before making a wise decision.

  • Speed up your device- The app has a “Task killer” that quickly stops running tasks and cleanses the memory. Hence, you can find RAM Booster. The app has another unique feature named “App Hibernation feature” to enhance the speed of your device also. This feature stops the apps from running in the background until they are manually open.
  • Application’s impact analyzer- The app is a great analyzer that checks all the impacts made by an application on your device, including checking the consumption of data produced by an app, discovering unused apps, the battery draining apps, etc.
  • The best performance and battery life- the app claims to provide you with the best version of your device by disabling the function you do not use and cleaning the RAM. It allows setting profiles to auto-adjust battery usage for home, work and car.
  • Ratings- 4.4
  • Downloads- 100M

RAM cleaner for Android

Mindspark Studio creates the app The app is good for you if you have any significant issues with the phone(Android 6 or ) slowing down to almost stopping despite deleting the all-bar essential apps, clearing cache, etc. The app works as a remedy for lagging problems. If you play some heavy-duty games like PUBG, you might have the chance of facing the problem of slowing down your phone, and this is one of the cases that this app was designed for.

Here are some features of the apps given.

  • RAM cleaner- The RAM cleaner increases the performance of your Android mobile with a single click. It also continuously collects the RAM Threads and errors. If you are facing the problem of mobile hanging, you should try this.
  • Use as a Widget- You can use the app as a widget on the home screen as a shortcut to clear the RAM from time to time.
  • Latest updated features- The app improved every time with updating itself. And this time, it upgraded the RAM cleaner at a high level, speed booster, and RAM optimizer technique with Android six and more versions.
  • Notifications- The app notifies you when it is needed. You can turn notifications ON/OFF by going to the settings menu in the app. And get a notification to boost your phone every time.
  • Star ratings- 4.2
  • Downloads- 1M
free, ccleaner, iphone, best, cleaner, apps

RAM Booster Android

The app is created by the System monitor tools lab- CPU RAM Battery. The app can be proved the best booster for your phone. You can monitor storage and RAM information simultaneously, and it also is the memory and boosts your phone. The app has many tools to use, including RAM booster widgets, CPU widgets, battery widgets, etc. The RAM booster app also supports overheating alarms.

Some of the unique features of the app are given here.

  • RAM booster with memory cleaner- The app comes with a RAM booster and memory cleaner option. With the help of it, clean the RAM and boost your phone. The app lets you prepare an “ignore list” based on your personal needs.
  • Temperature overheating alarm- If the battery of your phone or CPU of your desktop is overheating, The app will trigger an alarm. And then, you can choose to open or close the alarm and switch off the device at that time.
  • RAM booster widget- The app has the feature of creating a device for RAM boosting. It supports the RAM booster widget, CPU temperature widget, battery temperature widget, etc.
  • Customize theme and mode- You can customize the theme and choose the mode if you are using the app; You will get dark or light mode according to your preference, and it has five different themes in different colors. You can choose the style you like.
  • Star Ratings- 4.1
  • Downloads- 1M

Smart Booster Android

The app is developed by AntTek Mobile. The app is an absolute combo of features to boost your phone’s performance. You can count the app among the best optimization tools. The app works best even if you have a low-end RAM device. Also, It uses a low MB and provides excellent speed. The app rarely shows you any buffering. It is best for cleaning the cache, creating more RAM, and enhancing the battery for extended use.

Some of the features are shown here.

  • Smart RAM booster- The best part of the app is a small configuration widget that places on top of any app and one click to boost RAM. The Android devices are developed with limited memory. The task manager selectively kills low-priority tasks to keep the memory for high-priority work. The app fixes the lagging of the phone when you are heavily browsing the web page
  • 4 Levels of RAM boosts- RAM booster comes with four levels of auto boosts. These levels include aggressive, strong, medium, and gentle. These levels are defined as below-
  • Aggressive- It kills most of the low-priority apps.
  • Strong- The app kills those apps with low priority and consumes slightly below “average.”
  • Medium- The App kills those apps that consume memory above an “average.”
  • Gentle- It kills only apps that use much memory etc.
  • Fast cache cleaner- The app is a perfect fast cache cleaner. It has the option of 1 click to clean the cache. After selecting the most caches, it shows the details of the internal and external caches.
  • Advanced application manager- The app has options of easily backup and uninstalling unused apps. The option of “App2SD” recommends apps to move to SD card. The app hibernates rarely used apps to save battery. It also disables system apps, scans auto-start apps, and manages backups (.APK) files.
  • Five ways to boost- The app has five ways of boosting.
  • Auto boost- It boosts automatically under RAM available and timing conditions.
  • Overlay Widget- It enables RAM and boosts the overlay widget (on by widget), adjusts the widget, and taps on the widget to boost.
  • Home Screen Widget- You can add the booster as a widget on your phone screen.
  • Notification bar- You can toggle notification bar visibility in the app’s settings.
  • Star ratings- 4.1
  • Downloads- 10M

All-In-One Toolbox Android

The app is developed by AIO Software Technology Co, Ltd. The all-in-one toolbox is an app designed to help your Android work the best. The toolbox has many tools such as a Junk cleaner, history eraser, speed booster, memory optimizer, battery optimizer, CPU cooler, app manager, file manager, and a mini launcher to maintain the excellent performance device. The app does not only have some fantastic tools, but it is also compatible with so many plug-ins like app lock, game booster, volume settings, etc. The app also supports 35 different languages.

Know more features about the app.

  • Show phone storage status- After opening the app, you can check the status of your phone’s different sections, like the RAM status, Temperature of CPU and battery, And the internal storage of your phone that affects your phone’s performance.
  • Clean junk with one click only- There are always junk files in the phone that downgrade the performance of our phone. But it is hard to find these files. This app automatically scans all the junk files in the cache, temp files, app leftovers, thumb images, empty folders, processes, etc.
  • Add plug-ins to customize your Android- The app helps you to add different plug-ins to customize your Android. These plug-ins are found direction, perform tasks automatically, Lock app Plug-in, Boost game Plug-ins, manage notification plug-ins, detect ad plug-ins, etc., and are designed for different purposes.
  • Star Ratings- 4.3
  • Downloads- 10M

Phone Master Android

Shalltry Group creates the app This app has a powerful cleaning engine that works best for cleaning cache, Junk files, Residual, Memory, RAM, System Junk, Apps, and others. That speeds up your phone’s performance and also saves your phone’s battery. The other good thing is that you do not need to be worried about your privacy or your phone’s security. The app has multiple privacy protractors to protect your phone security and your privacy. It boosts processing speed, stops those unnecessary apps running in the background, and slows the rate of your phone.

Here are some of the features of the app. Read them.

  • Wise phone cleaner- It cleans cache files, RAM, etc. This cleaner boosts the performance of your phone after clearing the junk.
  • Battery saver- A battery saver can analyze the battery’s status and monitor those apps consuming the battery power. This superpower cleaner can hibernate the apps to stop battery draining and boost the battery life.
  • Virus Cleaner- The app’s unique feature is that it can detect and clean the virus. Now you can scan the virus on your phone, clean it with all junk, and enhance your phone’s performance.
  • Star Ratings- 4.4
  • Downloads- 100M

RAM cleaner 10GB Android

The app is developed by 5G Apps Studios. 10GB RAM is a mobile optimization app that enhances the speed perforation of your mobile by cleaning the unused RAM.

It allows you to clean the unused memory with a single tap only. The app frees up the memory to speed up your device by saving more battery and cooling down the CPU. The app is designed for new mobile phones with the latest OS up to Android O Oreo devices. 10GB RAM cleaner supports Mobile RAM up to 10GB if you have a device with low RAM like 2GB, 4GB, and 6GB.

Advanced function- The app has advanced functions of auto-closing, Auto-cleaning, customization of the background, text, foreground, animation, etc. The app has a shortcut for customization clean-up. The app is straightforward to use. It has three different sections that work differently to make your phone fast. Section A is dedicated to stopping all unnecessary junk files and functions; Section B works for cleaning trash; section C removes the unwanted application.

Clean Master Android

This application is the best RAM Cleaner App Android 2022, and this app has been widely used by millions of users and is rated high. Some of the mobile manufacturers are also providing Clean Master as a built RAM Cleaner. This app not only used for RAM cleaning but also storage cleaner, app manager and anti-virus protection. This app also provides you with the feature of Applock, which will help you protect your sensitive data on your Android device. This app has the most prominent function of junk file cleaning, CPU Cooler, Memory boost, Antivirus service, automatic improvement of your game speed, auto-start manager, which will help you to prevent apps from auto-starting etc. and many more. Download this amazing RAM Cleaner now!

AVG Cleaner Android

Our mobile phone has limited memory, and lots of it being eats up by junk data and files. This makes us feel the need for a good RAM Cleaner app. AVG Cleaner app will clean your RAM from time to time and will also take care of the betterment of your Android mobile device. This app will prove you the best RAM cleaner app, and this app will effectively clean all of your junk files and RAM and thus increase and enhance the performance of your Android device. Download this RAM Cleaner app now!

Memory Clean Android

This app is another one of the best RAM cleaner App iPhone 2023, and it is the ultimate app for memory optimizing; and the best use of this app is after you have finished using your RAM intensive app or game. This app will clean all your junk files and cache and will optimize your device, and will enhance the speed of your handset. Have this app now!

Super speed cleaner Android

This app is also amazing app and this app will efficiently optimize your device by freeing up storage space and it will speed up your phone. This app is a professional phone cleaner and comes with RAM memory cleaner, phone booster, CPU Cooler, Battery saver and also Antivirus for Android and this app will increase the performance of your phone. This app allows you to deep scan and cleans your system for more storage. Have this app now!

RAM Cleanup Android

It is a great app, and it will clean your device and make your device run smoothly. This application will clean up the RAM to speed up your device and save battery and work as CPU Cooler. This app will completely optimize your phone. This app also has special functions of auto-closing and will auto clean the device by recognizing exceeding the threshold of memory usage ratio. This app also provides you with setting for texts, foreground, background and also animation. This app also has a shortcut for customized cleanup.

Clean RAM Memory Android

This app is also one of the popular RAM Cleaner apps, and it will help you in cleaning your Android mobile’s RAM cleaning and will also boost up your mobile performance. This app is quite different from others because this app will automatically remove the bulk whenever your RAM gets heavily loaded with junk files and data. Have it now!

Max Cleaner Android

This app is an amazing RAM Cleaner App Android 2023, and this app will speed up your phone; it will clean all the junk files and free up storage space. This app also provides you with the best feature of antivirus, boost and phone cleaner service like cache cleaner, ram cleaner, power space cleaner, virus cleaner, virus scan, game booster, virus protection and also the battery saver. This app has a very easy interface, and this app helps you regularly clean your mobile and boost its speed. Have this amazing app now!

Super Cleaner Android

This app will also clean all the cache and junk files and will clean up your device RAM. This app will scan your complete device, both the internal and external SD card, and then cleans up all the cache and junk files effectively. With this app, you can clean your device with a single click and boost your phone. This app also possesses the feature of a CPU cooler and will also manage your files and Apps or APK files.

Auto RAM Cleaner Android

This is also a great app and has the feature of auto RAM cleaner and will auto clean the device by recognizing exceeding the threshold of memory usage ratio. This app will also clean your device memory while the screen turns on and will automatically free up RAM by turning on the screen or by opening the screen lock. Have this great RAM cleaner now!

Friends! I hope you have found the best RAM cleaner app of your choice. Do not wait for more and download the app by clicking the link given below the app’s details. I am also going to write a new article.

See you in the new article,

Till then, TATA and Bye-Bye.

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Best History Cleaner Apps for Android iOS

Sometimes we have to clean up some facts about ourselves. It can be anything – compromising photos, strange texts, or nasty pictures. It might be some private videos as well.

If you don’t want these files to be found and revealed, you have to remove them from your device. That’s why we have collected the best applications for cleaning up your device.

By the way, if you are worried about your phone security, you need to read 11 Best Phone Virus Cleaners for Android iOS.

There are great options for Android, as well as iOS users. Most of the applications are free of charge.

Cleanup App – Phone Cleaner

The Cleanup App will help you quickly clear the history and unnecessary files on your phone thanks to a special Smart algorithm.

This service allows its users to free up space in the smartphone memory in any convenient way. Find duplicates of photos and videos and delete them with a tap of the screen.

You will also have access to the Secret Albums and Secret Contacts sections. If you want to hide something extra from prying eyes, these tools will be a great solution for you. They are password protected, which you set yourself.

Among the extra features, this service offers the Organize Contacts and Adblocker features:

  • With Organize Contacts feature, you can merge repeated phone numbers in your contact book and fill in the missing information.
  • The Adblocker function allows you to get rid of ads that you are not interested in.

This app combines many useful features, so now you don’t need to install many programs for each specific purpose. Just download the Cleanup App.

Smart Cleaner – Clean Storage

If you feel you need to clean up the history of your phone or delete some files you wanna hide. With Smart Cleaner, you can do these types of tasks easily.

What is more, this service can help you with solving many other problems, such as increasing your device’s working speed.

Here are the best features you will see in Smart Cleaner:

  • Organize your files. It is vitally important to know how the files are stored inside your device. If you fail to do it, you will spend long minutes searching for a photo or a video.
  • Get rid of extra data and clean up the history. There are some apps and files you have already forgotten about. But they are still stored there slowing down your device. Smart Cleaner will detect the files and apps you are not using anymore. Now you can remove them at the click of a button.
  • Privacy is not just a word. According to the developer, all the contacts will be stored in a secret place so no one can easily access them. What is more, there is a built-in secure browser that will ensure you won’t catch a virus browsing the Internet.
  • Clean up your browser history. If you have a long search history in Firefox, Google, or any other browser, you can clean up the history in the settings of the browser. However, there is another way of wiping all the data away – use a Smart Cleaner. It can remove all the cache files, the data about your account, and the history from your phone. But it will still be available on other devices.

Not all of the features are available for free. If you use the basic version, the number of available functions will be strictly limited. To remove the limitations, go premium for 2.99. If you use the free version, there will be some ads.

You can get the app on the App Store, as well as Google Play.

Droid Optimizer

If you are an Android user and you would like to clean up your device, Droid Optimizer is a must for you. Not only does it help you to delete the files you don’t need anymore but it also helps you to manage your files effectively.

If you need to clean up your device (no matter if it is your file system or browser history), Droid Optimizer can help you. This is the primary function of this application.

What is especially cool is that the service is super simple to use. Even if you are a newbie, you will understand the main principles easily thanks to the introduction screen. When you open the app for the first time, you will be given a few detailed but short instructions.

Now we can look at other features you will also explore:

  • The app will provide you with a rating of your device condition. This system will motivate you to take care of your smartphone and fix the problem fast.
  • Fight against the chaos inside your phone. It’s a popular problem for many Android users – they have a great number of files and hardly know their location. It’s high time you sorted all of them and got rid of the ones you don’t need.
  • You can delete the apps and files you haven’t used for a long time. You can also delete the cash and information that is contained in the apps. For example, delete your account data and the history of your operations. When you clean up your phone, the battery life will get longer as well.
  • Customize the application so that it’s comfortable and easy. Make sure you try a beautiful dark theme. which will save your phone’s energy.
  • The app cares about your privacy. this is why you don’t need to be worried about your security. Store whatever you want on your phone.

Droid Optimizer is completely free with no ads. This is why you can enjoy the application and never be distracted by the ads popping out of nowhere.

Download the application on Google Play.

Norton Clean, Junk Removal

This is a good application for removing the files you don’t need and cleaning up your history. Not only does it allow you to remove junk files from the memory but it can also automatically monitor the condition of your device. It will send you alerts when something gets seriously wrong.

Here are the best functions you will explore right after the download:

  • Clear all the cache. This data is generated by most applications, especially by browsers. Norton Clean can also detect APK files you don’t need anymore, or duplicate photos and pictures.
  • Organize your files wisely. When you do it, you will get more free space. What’s more, your device is likely to start working faster. When there are no extra files, the phone won’t be heated as well. And it will be easier to find files. That’s a huge problem for many Android users – they download files and often forget where they are located.
  • Detect the apps and programs you are not using anymore. We often tend to download many apps and use only a few of them. This will help you to get more memory.

Norton Clean is a super small application – you will need less than 9 MB to download the app.

The application is available on Google Play. Get it now and start cleaning up the details of your history.

Files by Google

This is one of the best file managers that can help you to keep your phone organized. Even if you have thousands of files, it won’t be a problem to organize them.

Smart Cleaner

This application is a simple and effective tool to track all the files, sort them, and finally delete the ones you don’t need anymore.

Let’s see what you can do in the application:

  • If you feel you don’t have enough space on your phone, then you need to clean up some space ! With the help of Files by Google, you can delete old files that are stored deep in your phone. Maybe you have already forgotten about them but they are still there. You can remove cash as well.
  • Analyze the storage data. It will allow you to understand how many GB of space is already used and what is left. It will also provide you with some tips on how to optimize your memory usage.
  • Always control what is going on inside your phone. Before you delete the files, you will be shown an alert. This will ensure that you won’t delete the files you need in the future.
  • Make your phone a faster device. Yes, this app can boost your phone performance. When you delete the files you don’t need anymore, your phone will work faster. What is more, your CPU won’t be heating. This will also increase your battery life.
  • Share files securely and fast. You can even do it offline. What is more, the process is encrypted so nothing will be missing or leaking out. Share and don’t worry!

Even though the app is packed with cool features, it will need 10 MB of your phone’s memory only.

By the way, if you tend to worry about the safety of your device, then 5 Best Brute Force Protection Apps for Android.

The app is free of charge, just download and enjoy cleaning up your phone. You can get this cool application on Google Play.

CCleaner: Cache Cleaner

This is another reliable and simple application to delete files from your phone and clean up some traces of your history. It is packed with thousands of functions, even though the service is completely free of charge.

It’s time to review the best functions provided by the app:

  • Clean whatever you want at the click of a button. It can be the apps you aren’t using anymore (or all the apps if your aim is to clean your phone completely).
  • Analyze how you use your memory. This is vitally important to control your memory usage. You will be shown this data as a scheme. You will be amazed at how easy it is to analyze this information and make decisions.
  • Speed up your phone or tablet. When you start deleting extra files, such as pictures, old videos, texts that you don’t need anymore. When you get rid of these files, your device will work much faster.
  • See how different applications affect your phone. For example, there might be some apps that can generate a huge cache that will be stored in your memory. The app will also give you some tips on how to improve your phone condition even if it’s very often.
  • Check the system. This is especially important to know if your CPU is overheated. The app will send you an alert if something goes wrong. You can easily fix the problem at the click of a button.

Please note that CCleaner is collecting some data about you, such as your location. However, the developer claims not to sell the data.

CCleaner contains ads that keep the content free of charge. To get rid of them, go premium.

You can get the application for free on Google Play.

SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

To use your device effectively, you need to keep it clean. That’s why you might need a good application to clean up some of the extra files you aren’t using regularly.

Here are some of the best tools in the app’s collection:

  • Examine your device. tracking duplicate files. We often take a set of photos and forget about them. It’s high time to clean them all! What is more, there might be some videos you made many years ago but they are still wasting your memory.
  • Study the apps you have. We can guarantee there are some apps you aren’t using at all. Then get rid of them. You can completely remove your phone history wiping out all the apps if you want to.
  • Optimize the way your databases are working. Don’t worry – you don’t even need to know what database is, SD Maid will do everything instead of you.
  • Schedule the cleaning. Maybe you want to delete your cache files or other detail of your history every week. There is no need to remember the schedule, just set the frequency and forget about it forever.
  • Get a detailed report on how your device is working. The info will be represented as a graph so you can see the problems at once.

There are some disadvantages, though. For example, you can’t customize the app and change themes. The interface will always look the same and you have to put up with it.

You can download SD Maid on your smartphone on Google Play.


Here comes a great application for iOS users. You can download it on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

The app has a simple and friendly interface. It will detect all the problems with your hard disk, enabling you to clean up your device.

Here are the best features of this cleaner:

  • Detect the files that are the same. It can be similar photos or videos that are contained inside your device’s memory. You will be amazed at how your iPhone or iPad will change. The device’s battery will last longer, and the CPU won’t be overheated anymore.
  • Enjoy safe removal. Clearing up your history is an important step. You can delete some important files accidentally. This is why the developers added a very cool function called preview. It will ensure that the most important files won’t be removed.
  • If you happen to remove some files, you can always get them back. Look for these files in the Trash Bin.

These are the features available at no cost. Let’s take a look at another group of features, which you will get if you go premium. It will cost you 19.99. You need to pay once.

  • There will be no ads at all so nothing will distract you from the process.
  • The app can also work with screenshots. Cleaner-App will analyze all the screenshots you have and check for the duplicates. You can remove them whenever you want.

Cleaner-App doesn’t collect any data about you. This is why you can use the service without worrying about your security.

The application is completely free with its basic features. You can download it now on the App Store and finally optimize your device usage!

Do you know what is still there in your free space ?

Visualization of residual traces of old files remaining in free space Smart cleanup of free space Cleanup of residual traces in free space areas needing a reset to zero

Do you know what is still there of your past activities ?

When you use your PC (at home or working at your office), go on Internet, watch a video, download, copy/remove files on your PC, install/uninstall or use software, etc. you always leave sensitive traces

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How to test the performance of PrivaZer ?

TEST NO. 1 Smart cleanup of free space) ? Scan and clean traces in free space with PrivaZer. Note elapsed time in the cleanup window. Do step 1 again and compare elapsed times

You should notice that 2nd cleanup is much faster than 1st one.

Comment : Smart cleanup of free space is available for all FAT and NTFS formatted drives and for C:\ drives if formatted as NTFS (which is generally the case)

Click here to see tutorial test result no. 1 Click here to see tutorial test result no. 2

TEST NO. 2 Detection of residual traces in free space. Download free version of sdelete from Microsoft website : here. Reset to zero free space with sdelete (use option.z to zero current drive free space). Scan the traces in free space with PrivaZer

PrivaZer should detect no trace in the free space.

Comment : a minimum level of traces will always be detected on your C:\ drive. Because your system continuously creates files, moves files and deletes temporary files in the background. So you’d better perform the test on a second internal or external drive.

Click here to see tutorial test result no. 1 Click here to see tutorial test result no. 2

TEST NO. 3 Detection of residual traces in free space. Clean file table (FAT or MFT) with PrivaZer. Download free version of sdelete from Microsoft website : here. Reset to zero free space with sdelete (use option.z to zero current drive free space). Copy a file of about 100 MB or more in size. Delete the file. Empty recycle bin (to be sure the file is really deleted). Scan traces in free space with PrivaZer

PrivaZer should detect residual traces left by the file. in the free space (red color). in the file table (FAT or MFT)

Click here to see tutorial test result no. 1 Click here to see tutorial test result no. 2

TEST NO. 4 File recovery prevention. Download free version of recovery software : GetDataback : here or Recuva : here. If you intend to use GetDataback, be sure to have checked the option : Recover deleted files in the options ) ? Scan recoverable files with GetDataback. Clean traces in free space traces in FAT/MFT, with PrivaZer. Scan again recoverable files with the recovery software