Found an iPhone how to unlock and keep it

Use Siri

If you were able to connect your iPhone to the Internet, contact your voice assistant. Siri can provide enough information about the owner, even if the device has been locked. However, this will only work if the gadget was turned on when you found it. If the smartphone was turned off and then turned on, the voice assistant will be deactivated. In order to call Siri, you need to press and hold the Home button.

Think carefully about what to ask Siri. For example, you can give the command “call your wife” (mom, dad, boss, etc.) or “read the last message.” You can also ask who the iPhone owner is and what their email address is.

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Check if iPhone is connected to the Internet

Try reconnecting to the Internet by turning on your iPhone and inserting a SIM card, or by connecting it to an open Wi-Fi network. The lost gadget probably already has a SIM card that allows you to connect to the Internet via a cellular network.

If there is no SIM card, you can try to insert your own, and if the iPhone is not tied to another operator, it will be able to connect to the Internet. The ability to connect the device to the Internet significantly increases the chances that you will find its owner.

With Wi-Fi, things are a little more complicated. If the iPhone was turned off when you found it, iOS won’t connect to an unsecured network without entering a password. However, if the device was turned on, there will be no connection problems.

Found an iPhone what to do?

Even the most decent person can find it difficult to decide what to do if they find someone else’s lost iPhone. Of course, the best solution is to return the lost item to its rightful owner, because if you keep the gadget for yourself, it will be considered theft. In addition, in the case of Apple devices, it is completely useless thanks to the activation blocking function. Below we will tell you what to do if you find your lost iPhone.

Keep iPhone charged

Buy or borrow a charger from someone to keep the battery charged. Unfortunately, modern smartphones cannot boast of capacious batteries, and the charge is usually barely enough for a day (in the case of Plus versions, the charge can last a little longer).

If the iPhone you find is running low, press the power button (located on the right side of the device) and see what happens. If the smartphone does turn on, put it on charge immediately. If you don’t have your iPhone, you’ll have to get your hands on a Lightning cable somewhere.

Check if Find My iPhone is activated on your device

IPhone cannot be used by outsiders because the Find iPhone feature makes it completely useless in the wrong hands. Activation Lock prevents you from using the gadget even after a factory reset and allows you to track down a lost or stolen gadget.

If the Find iPhone feature is activated on the iPhone, then its owner has logged into and marked his device as lost. he has activated Lost Mode.

You will see a corresponding notification and a message left by the owner, which should include his contact details. If the iPhone connects to the Internet, the owner will receive a notification via iCloud of its location.

Check for an unlock code

Check if iPhone is locked with passcode. If so, don’t try to guess it. If you have access to your call log or Apple ID, try to find information that allows you to contact the owner of the gadget.

When you turn on the device, the lock screen will appear. If you press the Home button, the iPhone will most likely ask for a password (or fingerprint). The chances that the gadget will be unlocked are very small, because most iPhone owners prefer to set passwords for security purposes.

If the device is miraculously unlocked, there are two things you can do. First, you can go to the “Settings” application, in the “Apple ID” section (click on the First and last name), find out the email address associated with the owner’s Apple ID and contact him.

Secondly, you can look in the call log, call a friend or relative of the owner and report the find.

Let’s summarize. Here’s what you can do if you find someone’s lost iPhone:

When the “Find iPhone” function is activated, read the owner’s message and contact him at the specified contacts.

If the device has a SIM card, keep it charged, because the owner can call back.

If the device is not protected by a password, find the contacts of those close to the owner and contact them.

If the device is connected to the Internet, Siri will help you contact the owner’s loved ones.

If none of the above methods helped, remove the SIM card from the iPhone and tell the appropriate service provider its number. If you still fail here, take the find to the police station closest to the place where the gadget was found.

Checking the lock code

Most often, to protect information on Apple devices, a so-called screen unlock code is installed. Without a special combination, a person will not be able to access the main menu of the smartphone.

Found an iPhone 6? How do I unlock his screen? It is worth seeing if there is protection in the form of an unlock code. The lack of such. great luck. Then contacting the owner of the device will not be difficult. Having a prompt to enter a screen unlock code is a significant problem. There is no point in choosing a secret combination.

Check if Find My iPhone is activated on your device

IPhone cannot be used by outsiders because Find iPhone makes it completely useless in the wrong hands. Activation lock prevents you from using the gadget even after and allows you to track down a lost or stolen gadget.

If Find My iPhone is activated on iPhone, then the owner is logged into and marked their device as lost. activated Lost Mode.

You will see a corresponding notification and a message left by the owner, which should include his contact information. If the iPhone connects to the Internet, the owner will receive a notification via iCloud of its location.

iTunes to help

How to unlock iPhone 6 if it is locked? Unfortunately, it is not always possible to cope with this task. Especially when it comes to the found “apple” device.

As soon as the smartphone is returned to the owner, he can try to unlock and restore the OS through iTunes. Usually you have to act like this:

  • Connect the “apple” phone to the computer and run “iTunes”.
  • Wait for the devices to sync.
  • Open the main menu of the smartphone through iTunes, go to the “General” tab.
  • Select the “Recovery” option.
  • Confirm the operation.

After a while, the system will restore the iPhone and reset the password. You can restore data from a backup!

Unlocking methods

Found an iPhone 6? How to unblock it in one case or another? If for some reason a person received data from AppleID, you can cope with the task as soon as possible.

Unlocking “apple” devices can be carried out:

  • via iTunes;
  • by resetting the settings to factory settings;
  • via iCloud.

In reality, everything is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing. know your AppleID profile information. Until this data is available, all user manipulations will be useless.

How Find My iPhone works

It is impossible to use the application after losing your phone. The program must be installed with you in advance. Do not forget to do this, otherwise you will regret it someday! Please note that when setting up the function, the device will ask you to allow geolocation. one of the conditions for the operation of this application. It is likely that after this the battery will discharge a little faster.

Through the iCloud service

Find the switched off phone will help iCloud (iCloud). This option is the official cloud storage of Apple, which allows the user to access files online from any device, saves backup copies of the data of his “apple product” and helps the owner find the lost device. At the same time, remember that in order to see where the gadget is at this time, you need to specially connect the corresponding function.

Lost your phone near the computer with which you are looking for your gadget? Hear a loud sound. The siren is audible even when the iPhone is set to silent. Are there any suspicions that the gadget was not lost at home? It will be possible to protect all the information recorded on it even remotely: set a password. and no one will unlock your phone. Better to delete all data altogether. Once the device is found, it is easy to restore them from a backup.

Don’t forget the awesome Lost Mode feature, which is also activated in iCloud. When you turn it on, your message with the specified phone number is displayed on the screen of the locked gadget. the finder of the device will be able to call you back from it, despite the fact that it is locked. In addition, iPhone is allowed to make and receive calls while in Lost Mode.

Keep iPhone charged

Buy or borrow from someone to maintain battery power. Unfortunately, modern smartphones cannot boast of capacious batteries, and the charge is usually barely enough for a day (in the case of Plus versions, the charge can last a little longer).

If the iPhone you find is running low, press the power button (located on the right side of the device) and see what happens. If the smartphone does turn on, put it on charge immediately. If you don’t have your own iPhone, you’ll have to get hold of somewhere.

How to unlock iPhone?

If you find your iPhone and it is locked by the owner as lost, you can try to unlock it, but this is not easy. You won’t be able to unblock it legally, so you have to use underground methods.

One of these is the use of the doulCi utility, which creates a virtual server on your computer. After connecting the iPhone to it, the program installs the host file on the smartphone, acting as an Apple server. In this way, you cheat the device and create a new account on it.

It is worth noting that doulCi only works with older versions of iOS, as the later ones have increased system protection. In addition, if the owner of the iPhone has blocked his IMEI, then the utility will not help you.

You can turn to craftsmen who offer their services on the Internet. One of the popular ways to unblock it is to forge a purchase receipt and contact an Apple Service Center. But do not forget that this method not only does not give a guaranteed result, but can also entail criminal liability. Is the game worth the candle? You decide.

Found an iPhone: how to unlock and keep for yourself

People often lose things that they constantly carry with them. And smartphones are no exception. Today, it is customary to return lost gadgets to the owner, especially when it comes to an Apple product. Why is this happening? Perhaps people have become more conscientious?

In fact, all iPhones come with a Find iPhone feature in iCloud, which allows you to track your device. This is a handy feature, but sometimes it adds hassle to the owner of the device. If you forget your account login information, you can remove the lock only in a specialized service, for example, You can contact Apple directly and remove the lock, but there you will be asked to show documents on the purchase of the device.

Through the above function, you can activate the “Lost Mode”, which allows you to remotely lock a lost gadget. In most cases, it will be impossible to unlock the device without logging into your account.

How to Unlock ANY iPhone Without the Passcode

How to deal with a found iPhone?

If your attempts to unlock your iPhone are unsuccessful, you can sell it for parts at a service center. Such smartphones are usually taken for nothing, especially older models.

It’s easier to return the smartphone to the owner who can offer you a good reward. After all, a phone is not only an expensive device, but also a storage for valuable files, contacts and photos.

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Removing activation lock

The function “Find iPhone” starting from the phone of the 7th version is equipped with a new option. It automatically becomes active when you first start the gadget, if you can’t find the previous owner, it is very difficult to unlock the found smartphone.

Deactivating the found iPhone is difficult, but possible. The procedure includes several main stages:

A few weeks later, the compiler receives a response, which contains a positive or negative decision if possible to unlock the found iPhone.

Unlock via r SIM

R-SIM is a universal chip card developed by Apple specialists. The main task is to be able to unlock the found iPhone using the network of the mobile operator.

In order to use the option, you need to have a nano-SIM available, which can be obtained at one of the operator’s points of sale. The R-SIM is placed in the gadget in such a way that the tail goes under the so-called tray, and the chip itself is not on top. After that, the system menu is displayed on the display screen, in which you select:

iCloud Unlock Any iPhone iOS Lost/Stolen/Disabled ��️

  • phone model;
  • mobile operator.

After saving the settings, the phone restarts, after which it is completely ready for use. It will not work to find the old owner in this way.

IPhone Unlock Methods

If you find an iPhone, how to keep it for yourself. just unlock it. There are several ways to do this. Each of them can be applied depending on the specific situation.

Unlocking with iTunes

You can track your iPhone anywhere, but unlocking is not always easy. To use this method, you must:

  • Connect iPhone to Computer.
  • Activate recovery mode and update previously installed firmware.
  • The iPhone will automatically reboot and then start up in the appropriate mode.
  • The function of restoring access through debugging the operating system is selected.

Help: it is not difficult to restore an iPhone found in this way, but not all gadgets lend themselves to such a procedure, which may require a different option.


Flashing is almost the only way to unlock the found iPhone. This means installing updated software to improve the performance of your phone.

It is quite difficult to carry out the process on your own, even for a professional user, so you need to contact the service center. Within a few hours, all changes will be made and the smartphone will be ready for further work.

How to unblock via iCloud

If the locked found iPhone could not be restored to factory settings, it becomes necessary to use a specially developed service located at iCloud com.

This method is relevant only for iPhone owners who could find the lost gadget, but cannot use it due to the loss of the identifier. Only in this case is the iPhone tracing function useful.

Help: how to find the owner. the “Find iPhone” option in this regard is considered the most optimal solution. After switching to the service, it is enough to adhere to the available prompts and within a few minutes the location of the smartphone will appear on the map.

Logging into the Search iPhone account provides the ability to erase data from the gadget so that it does not fall into the hands of fraudsters remotely. Authorization is carried out by Apple ID.

Unlinking via support

In the event that the iPhone is sold to another, the former owner necessarily assumes the responsibility of decoupling from a specialized service. Apple ID gets untied regardless of whether you need to unlock a lost gadget or a purchased one. you need to create a new account.

The mechanism of action entails certain difficulties, but it is quite doable. The step-by-step guide includes several steps:

  • Go to the official Apple resource on the Internet.
  • Filling out the questionnaire with personal data. no errors are allowed.
  • Sending a request by clicking on the appropriate button.

The disadvantage of this method is the long waiting period for a response from the support service, which can often be up to several weeks. However, after that, the need to unlock the found iPhone disappears.

Types of iPhone locks

If you find an iPhone how to unlock and keep it for yourself. a question that worries everyone who has expressed a desire to keep the gadget found. It is necessary to clearly understand that there are several types of locks:

  • password. the found smartphone is guaranteed to have an access key, which is installed by the true owner;
  • blocking by the mobile operator;
  • using a specialized iCloud service.

Help: regardless of the type of lock used, you can unlock the found iPhone.