Format the laptop to factory settings Acer. Instructions

How to return a laptop to factory settings. instructions for all models

If the smartphone or tablet under the control of Android began to work incorrectly, or turned out to be blocked, the user can go to the Recovery menu and reset the gadget to the factory settings, thus restoring its performance. And what about laptops with Windows, is it possible to return them to life in a similar way? In principle, yes, but for this, a special section should be present at the hard drive of the laptop. What kind of section is this and what advantages gives its presence on the computer, it will be told a little lower, but for now, let a few words about the most restoring factory settings on the laptop.

Resetting a laptop to factory settings is a fully automatic reinstall of Windows with all system applications and drivers provided for by the manufacturer. During the reset, formatting a systemic logical section is performed with the removal of all user data and settings available on it, followed by deploying Windows from a backup located on a special latent section of Recovery or HDD Recovery.

At the end of the discharge, you get a laptop in the state in which he was at the time of purchase. The exception is made only for the disk D. the data on it is not deleted in the process of recovery. You will also not need a re.entry of Windows activation key. It is important, however, to note that the reset of the laptop settings to factory affects only the software part, this procedure does not solve hardware problems.

When may you need to reset the settings

A return to the factory settings will be relevant in case of serious violations in the operation of the operating system, with frequent critical failures caused by problems and errors in the software part, infection of Windows viruses, as well as its blocking. Reset can also be used as an alternative to manual reinstalling, the need for which is caused by other reasons.

If you purchase a laptop without an operating system, you should not expect that the recovery section will be on its disk. It will not work to return the factory settings on such a laptop, other methods are used to reset the system to the initial state in such cases.

It will be impossible to roll back to the initial parameters and when the recovery section was, but in the process of manual reinstalling Windows the master or the user himself deleted it, wanting to get more free space on a hard disk. The solution in this case may again be reinstalled or search for the image of the system section for this laptop model on torrents or the official website of the manufacturer.

How to restore settings on an acer laptop

There are three recovery options that can be made depending on the changes made earlier. In all cases, the user data stored on the computer can be lost, so take care to save them in advance for a medium.

Recovery utility

Regardless of the operating system on the laptop, the Recovery utility will be installed, which allows you to complete the recovery of a computer. Depending on the laptop model and the BIOS version on it, the utility can restore settings both with the complete removal of data from the system and with their conservation.

It is also important to note the fact that this utility can be used only in cases where the device was not previously formatted on the device, and the OS was not reinstalled. Otherwise, when executing this option, you may have problems.

First you need to activate the recovery utility in the BIOS laptop:

  • Reload the computer and enter the BIOS. The entrance is made until the operating system is fully loaded using the Delete or F2-F12 keys. Also, sometimes there may be a combination of CTRLF2, CTRLF8, etc.D.
  • In the BIOS integration integration, control takes place using the arrowings and the Enter key. In the upper menu, select “Main” item.

Now you can use the recovery utility:

The main disadvantage of the considered option is the fact that everything with the settings will be removed by user data from the local Windows disk.

You may additionally need to roll back the BIOS settings, but this is already the topic of a separate article.

Recovery from Windows

If the settings previously made on the computer have not brought any critical changes, then you can make Windows restoration by the time the OS worked normally. In this case, the user data will practically not be touched, and some settings will be reset.

This option is universal for many systemic problems not only on Acer laptops, but also on many others. To restore Windows OS on a computer, there should be a “recovery point”. However, it does not always make it OS, and even more so the user forgets about it. As an alternative to “recovery points”, you can use the installation image of Windows. It must fully comply with the Windows version, which is currently installed on the computer.

Consider how the Windows settings are restored on the Acer laptop using the installation image:

  • Insert a USB flash drive with an image into a USB part and restart the computer. Immediately after the start starting (until the Windows logo appears), click on the ESC key. A menu will appear where you need to choose your USB flash drive from the presented options.
  • A window selection window and keyboard layout will appear. Indicate the parameters most convenient for you.
  • Next, click on the inscription “Restoration of the system”, which is located in the lower left side of the window.
  • In the window “Choosing an action”, click on the “Search and Elimination of Faults” item.
  • Then select “Restoration of the image of the system”.
  • In the next window there will be a notification that the restoration of the system will lead to the reset of some settings. You need to click “Next” and “Ready”.
  • The settings reset procedure on the Acer laptop will start. The process will take about 30-40 minutes. True, it must be borne in mind that in this case only the operating system will be reset to the “factory” settings.

Acer utility

Some laptops can be installed by a special utility from Acer, which allows you to perform certain actions with a computer, for example, to create a backup copies of the operating system, as well as to reset the settings and other tasks. You can use the program only in cases where the operating system is loaded relatively normal or if there is the possibility of starting it in a “safe mode”.

  • Open the Acer Erecovery Management program in any convenient ways. For example, in Windows 7 it can be launched by clicking on the “Start” and finding the “Acer Erecovery Management” folder there.
  • In the utility window opened, click on the “Restore” item, which is located on the left side.
  • Here, among all options, select “Restoring the factory settings of the operating system”. Note that this option implies not only the reset of settings, but also the removal of user data from the local disk C.
  • A window will appear where you need to choose the option “yes” if you want to continue. After that, click on the “Start” button.

This article examined all available settings reset options on the Acer laptop to factory. If you have any questions and suggestions for the article, then write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

There are several ways to make Acer settings to factory settings, both in Windows itself and using BIOS. During this process, make sure your laptop is connected to a wall outlet and is disconnected from other discs. Review of the new Zenfone AR smartphone.

How to reset Acer settings in Windows?

In the search window, enter “Acer Restoration” and click “Acer Recovery Management” to open Acer Recovery Management. Or just select the “Start” “All applications” “Acer” “Acer Recovery Management” to gain access to the Acer Recovery Management.

In the main window, click “Restore” on the left, and then select “Complete the Factory Settings”.

Then follow the instructions and click “Yes”, “OK”, etc. D., To start the restoration of the Acer laptop.

During and after the process, the laptop is rebooted several times. Finally, he will restart and ask you to configure the laptop in the same way as for the first time you get it.

Where is the recovery and its activation

You can get into the recover-section through the disk control function.

Recover-section is located in a hidden area on a computer HDD. It is stored in the form of archives installation files of OS and drivers, applications distributions, installed by default on a laptop.

The recovery section is available on all netbooks that go on sale with a pre.installed operating system. In some cases, such as: modernization of the computer with the replacement of the hard drive, the incorrect actions of the user or the exit of the hard disk. it is impossible to use the hidden disc. In the full-time utility OS “Disks Management” is easy to find where the recover-section is located on the computer.

On TosHiba laptops, Windows reinstallation files are placed in the HDD Recovery system folder on disk B, which cannot be deleted, since in this case the owner of the netbook will not be able to start the recovery process to the initial parameters.

For some netbooks, there are special programs for rollback to factory settings.

To avoid accidental removal of user information, the activation of the program is available only when certain conditions are met. To do this, when loading the laptop, click a combination of hot keys. At the same time, for different models, manufacturers use various commands. If everything is done correctly, a service menu appears on the screen, offering several ways to restore computer settings configuration.

Restore the settings with hot keys

Consider how the process of reinstalling the leading manufacturers starts on non.consumers.

To activate the procedure for restoring the initial settings on ASUS computers, you should first click the F2 functional key on the keyboard when turning on the device. This team allows you to get into BIOS. Here you should turn off the Boot Booster function in the Boot section, save changes and reload.

To activate the launch of the Recovery Mode, you need to press and hold the F9 key when rebooting the device. If everything is done correctly, the utility menu will appear on the screen,

For each brand of netbooks, there are its own key combinations.

The control process of recovery. Here you should choose the option “Reinstalling the operating system”. After that, the HDD system section will be completely cleaned, then the OS is installed, drivers for devices and a set of basic programs.

How to Simply Restore an Acer Laptop PC to Factory Settings

On Acer laptops, activation of the settings reset mode is carried out simultaneously by pressing Alt and F10 buttons. On some models, in order to unlock the recovery-mode, you should enter the password. The default combination 000000 is installed. Then you should select the “Factory Reset” menu item.

If the OS is loaded, you can activate reinstallation by launching the standard Recovery Management application, which is installed by the manufacturer on Acer netbooks.

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The launch of the initial settings on HP laptops is launched by pressing the F11 key at the start of the system. Recovery Manager utility offers several system rollback options. You need to select the System Recovery option. At the next stage, the program recommends saving user data. Then the process of reinstalling is launched.

Samsung manufacturing computers to activate Windows reinstalls will need to press the F4 key immediately after turning on.

You can install the Recovery Solution program after downloading the operating system. In the application window, you need to select the “Restoration” item, then indicate the recovery point created manually or automatically. All changes on the computer made later will be canceled.

To roll back the settings to factory values, you will need to select the “Computer Initial Status” item. The netbook will reboot, and the process of restoring the system’s performance will begin, during which the system section of the disk, reinstall Windows and drivers for devices will be formatted. We advise you to read how to format a laptop through BIOS.

Many models of the Sony series of the VAIO series are equipped with an Assist button, which launches the system of rollback of the system in the switched off computer. If you press the key when the machine works, the device diagnostics program is activated. For reinstalling the OS, the button should be pressed when the device is turned off, and then select the VAIO Care. Restoration section.

If there is no Assist key on the Sony netbook, the activation of the initial settings restoration is carried out by pressing the F10 button when the computer is turned on. After the message “Changing the download parameters” appears on the screen, select the “Running Master” option and follow the further instructions of the utility.

For MSI laptops, you can roll back the F3 button, which you need to click immediately after turning on the computer. The Windows Boot Manager menu needs to find Windows Setup, and then select the MSI Recovery Manager utility, which will help to carry out the OS reinstallation process. Useful information: how to enable the touchpad on Lenovo in BIOS.

TOSHIBA products are equipped with a recovery system that starts at the start of the laptop. Activation is performed by pressing and holding the number 0 on an additional digital block. After the speaker of the device makes a sound signal, the key 0 can be released. The program will clean the HDD and install the factory image again.

Many models of netbooks released by Lenovo have a separate “Onekey Rescue” button on the keyboard that launches a rollback program to factory settings. To do this, you need to click on the turned off computer along with the Power button. In the program menu, select “Restore the source copy” and start the process by clicking on “Start”.

Reset with data conservation: additional methodology

Finally, we will briefly dwell on how to drop Acer’s laptop to factory settings while saving files and programs in a working “ten”. You can do this, whoever says there! To do this, you first need to create a bootable flash drive using either an image and program like Rufus or an application from Microsoft called Media Creation Tool.

After connecting the media to the USB port, expand its contents and just start the setup installer file.EXE. At one of the stages, it will be proposed to choose a recovery method, in which it is just that you can specify the preservation of all user data and installed applications.

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Note: when the reboot begins, the USB flash drive must be removed from the port so that it is not a start to be made by accident, since such drives are usually put the first in the line of boot devices in BIOS automatically.

Cases in which the laptop must be dropped to factory settings

No matter what reasons you needed to roll back the laptop settings, there are two options for the situation:

  • the laptop works properly and the system itself is loaded. In such a situation, it is possible to simply launch a program for restoring factory settings if the operating system operates;
  • The system refuses to load. That is, the laptop does not turn on completely. At the same time, various errors on the blue screen jump out.

Note! If you do not want to lose files stored on a hard drive, copy them in advance to an external medium or storage cloud before moving to the laptop rollback process to the initial settings of the system.

From BIOS:

This method will help if you do not work out in the operating system.

  • Turn on the laptop and when loading immediately hold the Alt key, while pressing several times F10.
  • A window will appear in which you need to select a “reset to the factory settings” (if the menu is in English, then Factory Reset) or “return to its original state”.
  • Confirm the reset, after which the laptop’s rollback and the factory state with the removal of all user data will begin.

Please note that after performing p.1 system can request a password for you. By default it is six zeros (000000).

As you can see, Acer Aspire return to factory settings is a fairly simple process. He takes, as a rule, from 15 minutes to half an hour.

We recommend that you take care in advance to create backup copies of all important files on reliable external media.

In addition, try to take care of the safety of your laptop more in the future. A reliable antivirus program and regular memory cleaning and registry can forever save you from the need to roll back to factory settings.

We hope this instruction helped you.If you still have questions about resetting the Acer laptop settings. ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев

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Sometimes on the Internet there is a need to search for an image. For example, if you need to find out information

good time. I want to reset the Acer Aspire 3810tz netbook to the factory. But all of the above methods did not bring the result. How to be? I will be grateful to any help.

Good evening. Tell me please. I reinstalled Windows on my own through the application (not BIOS). As a result, at the stage where it requests data about the country and “increase the speed of work”. I introduce. and then it reboots and again throws it to this stage. It does not drop to factory settings. What to do ?

PS. I tried only an option from Windows, does it make sense to try through BIOS?

Good day! I ask you for advice. I wanted to restore my laptop aser to its original state, it requires 《insertion of the carrier》. How to be? Udors of adults, ridicule of peers))

Good afternoon! It is very simple to return to factory settings, so calling a specialist to use nothing. Usually the licensed key is written on the sticker on the laptop itself (located on its lower side).

Hello dear specialists!I would like to know if I can independently solve the problem of reinstalling Windows with the help of your advice, having no experience in reinstalling and special knowledge in programming or not to risk-priority specialists-computer.I have Acer Aspire Beyond Limits TM E1-571G (with installed Windows 8.1) on explulation since November 2013.After half a year (from the date of purchase), Windows 7 Pro reinstalled me, something was bent, invited specialists again and reinstalled to Windows10 Pro.Everything was wonderful, but not for long, a little sneeze, I try to clean it myself, and if it doesn’t work, I call to help the experts, I returned to the Windows 7 Ultimate version again.Now the computer is also starting to hang (it starts for a very long time (156 seconds), as it works sluggishly, it is possible that I picked up the virus somewhere, I use two cleaning programs-Cliner.Wisa Care 365 Pro, but it doesn’t help.downloaded the AVZ utility, but so far she found nothing, although there were many suspicions.Installed antivirus Avast Pro Avast Free, Panda, Avira, Kaspersky, AVG Free.In the end, I decided that I had to return to the factory settings, only I am afraid to make a mistake (or something wrong?Please tell me if I can use your advice myself (it is worth inviting the programmer dearly) to put the laptop in order.And where is the licensed key, which I had originally?Thanks for the patience when reading my question.

Yes, you need to download and write on the DVD disk the original version of Windows 8. The key to it is spelled out in your BIOS, so you don’t need to enter anything anywhere. There are 3 distributions in total. The key will not be requested only if your version is installed. I assume that it should be indicated in the documents to the computer. If there is nothing there, then doing for sure, download all three, write down on the wheels and try alternately. You can on flash drives if you can. With XP there were difficulties in installation, with new Windows they seemed to be not.

Factory settings of the Samsung laptop

To reset the laptop factory settings of this brand, you need to find the Samsung Recovery Solution utility in the program list. If the application is not installed, it can be downloaded on the official website of the manufacturer.

An alternative option is to launch a preinstalled utility. To do this, before loading the device, you need to hold the F4 key. Further. the algorithm of actions is as follows:

At the request of the utility, choose the option “yes”, and after rebooting the device, follow the prompts of the master’s recovery master.

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Dell laptop reset to factory settings

After turning on the device, click and hold the F8 button. until the “Additional loading parameters” window appears. Next, we act according to the following algorithm:

format, laptop, factory, settings, acer, instructions
  • Select “Elimination of problems”.
  • In the “Recovery Parameters” window, assign more convenient systems for you and keyboard layout.
  • Then select the user, from the account of which the system will be restored.
  • In the next dialog box, select the Dell Datasafe Rectore utility.

Next. Follow the prompts of the recovery master, choosing “restore factory settings from the control point”. With the help of the same utility, you can not do a complete discharge, but restore the last efficient configuration of the OS.

Factory tinctures of laptop Acer

To return the aser laptop to factory settings, it must first be turned off. After turning on, you should hold the ALT button, pressing F10 several times. once a second until the system requests a password. If no changes are made. the default standard factory password. In order to reset the settings. six zeros. In the dialog box that opened after this, you need to select the Factory Reset option.

In the laptops of this brand, the settings are reset to the factory using the Erecovery Management utility. If it is not installed, then you can download the application on the official website Acer. The desired function is in the “Restoration of the System” section.


Here is another company, which, together with the operating system, is a bunch of unnecessary programs inhibiting and clutting the operating system, but among them there is a utility similar to the above in Acer, it is called Onekey Rescue System. But if you fail to enter the system, then how to return the laptop to factory settings? Lenovo equipped their devices with special BIOS entry buttons, by the way, this is a feature of all laptops of this company: BIOS is loaded only after clicking on the button, no key combinations on the keyboard.

The so.called novo button is a rather characteristic small round button with a round arrow icon turned to the left. It is usually located next to the inclusion button, but it can be at the entrance to the power, and in the Yoga laptop family it is located on the left side, between the headphone jack and the volume regulator.

Why you need to discard the system

The performance of the operating system is reduced due to the fact that a large number of unnecessary files and processes accumulate in it. By installing programs that were not originally part of Windows, you create some elements and services necessary for their operation. But after removing these applications, not all data related to them are erased. the system clogs.

Of course, Windows is trying to prevent the appearance of garbage, malicious utilities and other software that prevents it from. But the longer it works, the greater the load, respectively, the chance of the appearance of critical problems above.

Reset of settings is a process that allows you to roll back all the parameters and files of the system into the original state, while maintaining the user files. Having received a clean Windows, you seem to install a new operating system, since the settings made by you and the programs performed will be dropped to factory values. Your files (music, pictures, videos, documents and others) will remain unharmed, although all programs will be deleted.

After reset Windows 10, your personal data will not suffer, and all system files and installations will return to their original state

It is worth resorting to the reset if the problem is not possible to roll back the recovery point, or when you need to quickly and without much effort to get a fresh operating system.


Windows 10 provides several methods to discharge. Microsoft has also released a separate utility performing this process. The reset can be performed both from the system by entering your account, and in another way that does not require access to Windows (it will come in handy when the system does not start).

Using the “Parameters” menu

A new menu has appeared in Windows 10, which allows you to work with the system settings. “Parameters”. Using it, you can start reset:

    Having resorted to the help of a system search line, open the “Parameters” utility.

How the process proceeds

Reset can last from a couple to several hours. depending on the performance and workload of the computer. The system will restart several times. In no case do not interrupt the procedure, otherwise serious errors may occur. During the reset, it may seem that the system was hanging, but give it a little time (half an hour or an hour), and only after it end the procedure forcibly.

With a utility

Microsoft has released a utility called Refreshwindowstool, with which you can perform the same reset.

    Download it on the page of the official site. https: // www.Microsoft.COM/RU-RUFTWARE-DOWNLOAD/Windows10Startfresh. The program is free and does not require installation. just start the uploaded file.

Using the recovery menu (if there is no access to the system)

If you can turn on the system, it is better to use the two of the above methods, since they are faster and easier. But if there is no opportunity to enter Windows, you have to resort to this method. You will need one working computer to complete the procedure, since with it you need to create a Windows installation media. He needs it in order to get into the recovery menu.

format, laptop, factory, settings, acer, instructions

    Go to the official website of Microsoft (https: // www.Microsoft.COM/RU-RUFTWARE-DOWNLOAD/WINDOWS10) and download the MEDIACREATOLOL utility that allows you to create an installation flash drive. You will need a carrier with at least 4 GB of memory and formatted in FAT32. Run the product and write down the image on the USB flash drive using instructions. If the utility is incorrect, the utility can drop the computer on which you work, so be careful when using it. Be sure to select “Create a installation disk for another computer”.

If the laptop does not load

If the laptop does not load at all, you will have to act through BIOS. To do this, do the following:

  • During the launch, click on the “Delete” button.
  • BIOS opens in front of us. We go to the Main tab and find the parameter we need. D2D Recovery. It is he who is responsible for the possibility of recovery on the laptop of the factory settings of the system. You need to turn it on. The fact that this parameter will be indicated by its value “Enabled”.

In “Main” select the D2D Recovery parameter and turn on it “Enabled”

To save changes in the bios settings, you need to click on the F10 key. A window pops up in which it is necessary to select “OK”.

The reboot will begin. When the system is just starting to load, you need to press the ALT and F10 key combination.

Thus, we find ourselves in the special software menu, which has already been considered above. Just as in the previous version, we will be given a choice. And you need to choose the very first item.

A warning will be displayed that all files will be erased when restoring the system. Click “Next”.

The program will offer to choose a place for recovery. No need to do anything. Just click “Next”.

At the end, a warning will come up that the data will be overwritten. Just click “OK”.

Restoring compact and DVD-disks

To understand how to return the Lenovo laptop to factory settings, first you need to find a small button “Onekey Rescue” on the laptop case, which is responsible for the launch of the recovery utility utility.

Then follow the following steps:

Wait for the completion of the rollback procedure and be sure to reboot the computer so that the new configuration starts to operate. The answer to the question of how to return the Lenovo laptop to the factory settings is received, but there are other manufacturers, so we go further.