Forgot Password On Windows 8 Laptop

A forgotten Windows 8 password is not yet a cause for panic. Therefore, if you have just this situation, do not take any actions that could damage both the PC and its components. There are enough methods to reset the password in the Windows 8 operating system, but each of them is suitable only for a certain type of password.

There are two types of accounts in Windows 8, namely local and online accounts. If you do not know what type of account is used on your PC running Windows 8, then you first need to find out. To do this, turn on your computer and see is the email address displayed with the domain, or some other on the screen above, next to the text box where you enter the password to enter the eight. If an e-mail with a domain is displayed, then access to the PC is through it. In another embodiment, the account is local.

Credential Password Replacement online Microsoft entries is pretty quick and uncomplicated process. But to reset local accounts you have to use third-party software or the original Windows 8 drive. Third-party software with which you can reset the password does not always help, Because computers preloaded with Windows 8 include a new secure boot and the boot method of the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). This new safe environment downloads complicates The process of accessing third-party software tools to remove a password.

In this article, we will look at ways to reset both an online account and a local one. To crack the password of the local account, we will use not only OS funds, but also third party utilities. And for home users of Windows 8, we’ll look at alternative password entry methods that are easy to remember.

Change online account password

If you use Windows 8 to log into your laptop or desktop computer running Windows 8 online Microsoft account and forgot the password to it, then do not be upset. Microsoft account is easily restored with online form at Using this form, you can remove the password from any PC, as well as from a smartphone or tablet. Many users who forgot the account password are usually trying to solve this problem through Microsoft support, but when talking with support, she does not solve this problem and advises use the form, which we described above.

Now consider an example. We will go to the page in the browser above.

Forgot Password On Windows 8 Laptop

On this page, select “I do not remember my password“And move on to the next page.

On this page you must enter the name of your account. After that you will be sent security code to the additional address that you provided during registration. Once you receive this security code, you must enter it to confirm that you are the owner of a Microsoft account.

Confirming the received password, you will be taken to a page where you can create a new password for your account with the domain, or another. Now you can easily access your PC running Windows 8.

As you can see from the example, to reset, knowing the additional e-mail address or mobile phone number, is quite simple. But what about the situation if you do not have access to an additional e-mail address or mobile, by which you can get a security code. The solution is offered by Microsoft itself. Therefore, on the support page, you must select the appropriate item that will help you solve the access problem.

I would also like to note that when contacting support to reset, you need to create new account. This account will be temporary and is only needed to reset your password using support. To reset your account, the support service will offer you to fill out an online form with security related questions. For example, the entries of any previous passwords will be taken into account, as well as the addresses to which you recently sent letters to your colleagues and friends.

There is one more thing to consider. After resetting, you will only get access to the PC on the figure eight if the computer has Internet access. Otherwise, the figure eight will ask for the old password that you forgot.

Reset the local account in figure eight

As described earlier, by creating a password for the local record of the eight, you will reliably protect your PC, as it includes a new secure boot and UEFI boot method.

To restore access to the local account, you will need installation disk or bootable flash drive with Windows 8. You can create a bootable USB flash drive using the Microsoft utility “Media creation tool“. In our case, we will use a boot disk.

Now the time has come to warn users: you use this method at your own peril and risk, since it is not recommended by Microsoft developers.

Well, let’s get started. Having booted from the disk at the system startup, we will choose the installation language and move on to the next window.

In this window, click on the item “System Restore”, Which will transfer us to the menu of additional parameters.

In this menu, select the links “Diagnostics / Extra options / Command line“. In the console that opens, on behalf of the administrator, enter the command shown in the figure below.

Confirm this command with Enter and enter the following command.

And also confirm it with Enter.

After completing these steps, restart the computer and instead of entering the password on the login screen, press the Shift key five times, after which the console will open as administrator. At the running command prompt as administrator, enter the command shown below.

In the entered command, “alex” is the username, and “Fg45 #.fghd” is the new password.

After successfully recovering the login ability, boot from the installation disk and in the console return utilman.exe file back:

The example shows that it is a bit complicated for novice users, but users who have experience with the command line should not have problems on behalf of the administrator.

Creating a flash drive for reset using Windows 8

Another convenient way to reset the local account password is password reset flash drive. This diskette is a USB flash drive with the password reset options for the local account. Before starting the floppy disk creation wizard, insert a USB flash drive into the PC. To run the wizard, run “Search“Win Q key combination and enter in it”Create a reset disk“. (The option is available only with authorization with a local password).

Run the found wizard.

In the wizard window, click Next, after which the userkey.psw file will be written to the USB drive. This file contains password reset information. You can use this flash drive to reset your password, booting up to the login screen. On the login screen, enter the wrong password, after which the link “Next to the password text field” will appear.Reset the password“.

By clicking on this link, the password reset wizard will read the information for resetting from the USB flash drive and you will get access to Windows 8 without entering forgotten characters.

As you can see from the example, this method is very simple and suitable for novice users of a personal computer. But I want to note that its main drawback is that you will have to create this reset diskette before you forget or lose your password. Therefore, a floppy disk is desirable create immediately after installing the operating system.

Password Lost Prevention

Having regained access to your account in Windows 8, you can install new alternative methods of logging in using the parameters of the operating system. These methods are graphic password and Pin.

For example, using a graphic password, you will reliably protect your account, while it is very easy to remember and hard to forget. The principle of operation of the graphic password is based on gestures your favorite photos. To create it, you need to find one of your photos, for example, a photo with your cat. Following the prompts of the wizard, set your photo and fix three gestures on it with which you can unlock access to your account.

Using PIN code is the easiest way to access your home computer. For example, all have phones that use a four-digit Pin. Therefore, you can create the same Pin, like on the phone and use it to enter the figure eight. Judge for yourself, such a password is very difficult to forget.

Reset Software Overview

In this example, we will look at two password reset programs. The first program is called Ophcrack. This utility is free and can be downloaded from the official website You can download the utility as ISO image and as an archive for creating a bootable USB drive. In our case, we will use the LiveCD version. Having booted at system startup from a LiveCD disc, we get into such a menu.

In this menu, select “Ophcrack graphic mode. automatic“. This item will launch a portable Linux-based OS with a console where you can perform operations on password reset. I would also like to note that if passwords are very complex, then it can take a lot of time to find them.

The second program is called PCUnlocker. The utility can be downloaded from its official website PCUnlocker just like Ophcrack, you can use it as an ISO image and as an archive to create a bootable USB drive. First, upload the image. PCUnlocker to our PC and burn it to an optical disc. Following on, we boot from this disk when starting the computer in the program window PCUnlocker.

PCUnlocker based on operating system Windows PE, so we will see a familiar interface. To remove the password in our computer running Windows 8, you must select a user and click the Reset Password button in the utility window PCUnlocker. In our case, the administrator is the user “Alex”. After these steps, a reset will be carried out, after rebooting of which you will be able to log into your account.

In addition to the considered utilities, there are also those that can take down the password and restore access to your local account:

To summarize

In this article, we looked at all the popular ways to reset a password, both local and online Windows 8 accounts. For home PCs, the article looked at alternative password methods that are very easy to remember.

We hope our article will help you reset the password that you forgot and allow you to access your computer.