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Service Center Help

In the event that you do not dare to use the methods that we indicated above, the most obvious solution for you is the help of a wizard in the service center. Of course, you will have to pay for the work, but you will be sure that the specialist will correctly unlock your phone.

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A powerful and productive Android phone keeps all the user’s personal data. over, it is not only photos or documents, but also credit card numbers, account details, ID scans, and much more.

Find my Device service Lock function

If your smartphone runs on Android version 7 or higher, you can use the official Google Find My Device service.

As with the first method, your smartphone must be synced with Google and connected to the Internet. In addition, you must have access to an internet tablet or computer. To access the service, bookmark this link

  • Go to the Find My Device service page.
  • Wait until the service finds your device. If it didn’t work the first time, click the Update button. The search engine must find the phone within 5 attempts.
  • In the left side menu, click on the “Block” button.
  • The system will prompt you to enter a new pattern
  • Enter the combination twice and confirm your choice.

How to remove a picture password from a phone through a dead battery

A longer, but no less effective way to regain control of your smartphone is to use a dead battery, or rather a system notification about a dead battery.

We’ll have to be patient and wait for the battery indicator to show no more than 10%. At this point, the system will warn you about a low battery level. Here you can switch to phone power management. Next, go to the security settings and reconfigure the pattern.

Unlocking by deleting the key on the computer

All data about the graphic key that the user created is stored in the system file. Deleting this file will result in the owner of the phone being able to unlock their device. This method requires a personal computer or laptop, as well as a special program.

  • It is necessary to expose the extended developer menu. You can read about how to do this in our article Hidden features of Android.
  • Download and install the ADB Run utility.
  • Use a USB cable to connect your phone to your PC or laptop.
  • Start USB debugging on your smartphone.
  • Open ADB Run program.
  • Click on the Unlock Gesture Key command.
  • Hit enter.

After the utility deletes the key file, restart the phone. The lock screen should disappear. Do not forget to restore the protection of your gadget immediately after that and reboot again.

Bypass blocking through AROMA File Manager

One of the oldest and most proven methods of unlocking the phone if the user has forgotten the picture password. This method is associated with deleting the key file, however, in this case, connection to a PC is required only to transfer a special program to the phone’s memory card.

First, you need to download a zip file with a special file manager AROMA File Manager. Then follow the steps of the instruction:

  • Copy the UNPACKED zip file of the manager to your SD card;
  • Go to the Recovery engineering menu;
  • Find in the list of commands the item to install the file from the SD card;
  • Confirm the installation;
  • Wait while the utility is installed on your phone;
  • Find the Data / System directory, which is located in the root folder of the operating system;
  • Find the gesture.key file and delete it.

One of the most important tasks of the developers of the world’s most popular operating system, Android, is to ensure reliable data safety. In addition to the password and pin code, one of the most reliable ways to secure the contents of a mobile gadget is to install a pattern on the phone.

However, like any technical possibility, this procedure has a downside. Not yet getting used to the correct combination, the user may forget the sequence of points, especially if it includes more than 4-5 points. As a result, the owner himself loses access to the phone.

In our article, we will tell you in detail how to unlock your phone if you forgot your picture password. Immediately, we note that we have chosen the simplest methods that do not require special technical knowledge, and even more so, rooting a mobile device.

By the way, one of the easiest ways to bypass pattern lock was to call your phone. However, this method only worked on Android up to version 4. Starting from the 5th, the developers of the operating system have permanently cut out this feature from the functionality of all phones.

User data security is one of the most discussed topics among mobile technology experts. Indeed, for all the advantages of Android, it remains an open source system, therefore, a priori vulnerable. You can read about what technologies to protect personal information are used in modern smartphones, in addition to the usual passwords and codes, in our article Protecting personal data in an Android phone.

Before you get acquainted with the most reliable unlocking methods, read our instructions on how to lock your smartphone screen. Here you will learn about all the ways to protect data through the smartphone settings.

10 ways to unlock your phone if you forgot your picture password. Unblocking via Google Account

So, you forgot your picture password on your phone. What to do? The easiest way available to all Android users is to use a loophole in Google account settings.

However, please note that, first, your account must be synced with Google. This shouldn’t be a problem, because synchronization is required to install apps from Google Play. Secondly, the smartphone must be connected to the Internet.

If these two conditions are met, you can proceed to unlock:

  • Enter the wrong key several times. Usually five attempts are enough for the system.
  • At some point, the phone will be locked, and the service message “Forgot your pattern?” Will appear on the screen.
  • Enter your gmail email address and password.
  • The system will confirm your access.
  • Set a new pattern.

By the way, on the official Google website, again through e-mail, you can also recover your password if you forgot it too.

You can read about possible problems with Google access in our article Why the Google account is not added to Android

Here the question may arise: what to do if the user forgot the pattern right in the middle of the street, and his smartphone is not connected to the Internet? In this case, it is worth finding a Wi-Fi access point, since in any nearby cafe this service is completely free.

Once you have found the so-called Wi-Fi Spot, do the following:

  • Click on the emergency call command on the screen
  • Enter a sequence of numbers and symbols ###
  • Select Service Test. WLAN mode
  • Connect your phone to an access point

How to unlock the graphic code, hack the password on an Android smartphone

Have you ever forgot your password on your phone? This happened a couple of times. First, panic begins, because today a mobile device is used not only for calls, it is now a universal assistant. Therefore, I decided to devote today’s article to the question of how to hack the password on the phone and unlock the graphic code.

Unlock Android

  • Let’s consider the simplest option first. If you have a Google profile, and you remember the security code from it, then it will be easy to hack the device. You prescribe several combinations, you can enter it at random or try to remember. If nothing comes of it, the display will turn off and it will recommend trying again after a while. And just below the phrase will pop up. “Forgot the pattern?”. Just click on it. You will be redirected to the Google account login page, and after entering the correct data, you can put another security code. It is worth noting that this method will only be useful when your profile is linked to a smartphone.
  • The next path is a little more difficult. You need to go to Google Play via PC, download the “Screen Lock suppressor” utility using the web interface. Then download another application (any), it can be anything. During installation, Screen Lock Bypass will be called and the lock will be reset. It is important to change the code before re-blocking.
  • There is another simple method that you can use if you forgot the combination, but it is undesirable to use it. reset the phone to factory settings. Any device has its own reset principle, you should read the instructions for it. Usually, you need to turn off the phone and press the volume and home keys, both should be held down at the same time. After these manipulations, the system menu should be displayed on the screen, in which you should select the Wipe data / factory reset section and click on consent to the risks. All information from the phone will be deleted, when the reset is completed, click on the Reboot System item to reboot the device.
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If you do not remember the password for locking the old smartphone, use a specialized service, which will make various combinations based on the data entered about the device. Entering such a code will automatically invalidate the user’s key. This was done specifically for the employees of service centers. But the manufacturers decided that such a simple approach was impractical and the whole further principle of work was made more complicated.

As already noted, new models of smartphones can be saved by returning to the previous settings set by the developer. The commands differ depending on the manufacturer and model. For example, many Samsung models can be unlocked with the combination 26762878 #, which also clears the device and phone book.

For some devices, you can reset the settings using a special service menu. In most of the equipment from other manufacturers, you must use the standard method with the Volume and power buttons, press “reset” in the menu.

Hacking options

To begin with, this is not very easy to do, otherwise creating passwords would be just a useless exercise. There are several ways. Which one to stop at is up to you, so now we will consider the instructions for each.

The password is a combination of certain characters. It is worth trying the matching method, but it will take a very long time. And if not only numbers were used in the compilation, but also other symbols? Then the chances are reduced to zero. It is necessary to use the appropriate option, for each case it is different. To determine the hacking method, you need to find out what system is installed on the gadget. Users mainly work with Android as well as iOS.

How to hack a security code on an iOS operating system

IPhone owners often forget passwords too. Here for hacking you will need:

  • connect the “apple” gadget to the PC;
  • select the Recovery Mode;
  • activate iTunes;
  • click “restore”;
  • set up like new.

At this step, the system will offer to set a new security combination or leave the device unpaired. The choice will be yours. Solving the problem through a computer is quite simple.

Programs to help hack the phone

Third-party developers quickly create the necessary and demanded software. So there are great programs that can help you jailbreak your device:

  • Unlocker and Unlocker 2 (Reviews are not the best);
  • Universal SIMlock Remover

They help many devices, even forgotten gray mobile phones. There is also the Phone CORD PACK utility, but it only offers a catalog of special codes that can bypass your security key.

The author recommends:

How to protect yourself?

It will be easier to crack the security code if it is installed on your hardware and you have access to other accounts. An outsider will not be able to get into iTunes or the Play Store, so all you have to do is supply a rather complex key that is easy to pick up. You should not write down and leave the key in visible places, and you do not need to put a new one every month.

Graphic keys

If you cannot remember the picture password, do not despair, you can hack it too. First you should try calling yourself. This method is relevant for devices with Android 2.2 and earlier operating systems. Just call your smartphone and after receiving the call, you will need to quickly go to the settings menu, select the security item there and deactivate the existing code.

The second method resembles the previous one. The peculiarity here is that before entering the number, you must have time to click on the application icon. Then you can pull the control panel from above and get rid of the lock in the settings.

The next option can be used when the battery of the Android gadget starts to run out. When a notification appears that the battery is discharging, go to the settings service and remove the graphic combination.

Another way is to connect to an internet connection. When you enter the correct combination and login, and the system refuses you (there is no connection to the network), you should proceed as follows:

  • restart the device;
  • after the notification panel appears, open it and enable data transfer or WI-FI;
  • enter the correct key and login.

If the device is already paired with the network, in order to break the lock, you must write your email address and password. To do this, you will have to enter the graphic combination incorrectly five times until a window appears, in which there will be a notification about blocking the device for thirty seconds. A tab will pop up on the display with the question. “Forgot the pattern?”. Click on it and enter your data, the equipment will be unlocked. Internet access is required for this option. For smartphones with Android OS, starting from version 5.1, the desired Wi-Fi network can be selected immediately on the notification panel.

Model-specific options

The most primitive way of unlocking is usually a trip to the service center of the manufacturer, where warranty repair of the equipment will be performed. But you can try to do it on your own. How to log in without knowing the password on HTC? This requires:

  • download HTC Sync for PC;
  • connect a mobile gadget to a computer;
  • install the Screen Lock Bypass software via HTC Sync (it was already mentioned above);
  • turn off and turn on the device;
  • remove the lock.

If you own a Samsung hardware, you must have a Samsung account. After that, you go to the site in your profile and go to the “Content” item and then “Services”, and then. “Find device”. Look for the “Unlock Screen” key in it.

To deactivate the key in a Huawei device, you will need to download the software and install HiSuite Connect the gadget to the computer and open the program. In it, go to “Contacts” and select “My e-mail”. Then follow the standard instructions for password reset.

When none of the options is suitable, you can try to flash your smartphone, but this method can be called the very last, last resort. Using this method, you can crack the graphic lock and the usual key.

This is useful to know:

Unlocking the phone memory

There are models of mobile devices that can separately block access to various files located in the memory of the smartphone itself or an additional memory card. Many users put a security code on this information, and most of the functionality becomes unavailable. If you forget this combination, you will not be able to go there. In this case, you can use formatting, but the information will be deleted, so this method is not suitable for everyone.

For other methods of unlocking the phone memory, you will need special software. Here you will need to use a cable or card reader. One of these programs is JetFlash Recovery Tool. It is available on the developer’s official website. The most important thing is to understand what you are doing and for what purpose, otherwise you can ruin the gadget and restore something will not work.

I hope my article helped you, and now you know how to hack a password on a phone if you can’t remember it. You shouldn’t use complex ones right away, it’s better to start with the simplest ones. If you tried several options, but none of them helped, you should contact the professionals. Have you ever used any method to unblock, and did it help you? Leave your comments, I will be interested to know about your experience.

How to Unlock Broken Screen Android Device

You accidentally dropped your smartphone to the ground and your screen is cracked and the sensor function has stopped working. You probably won’t even be able to factory reset your phone. You think you’re out of luck?

No! Of course not. You can use an OTG cable and a regular computer mouse. After connecting the mouse via the OTG adapter, a cursor appears on the cracked screen, using which the user can perform any actions.

Using Smart Lock to Unlock

If you still don’t know how to unlock your Android phone, here’s another way to unlock your device without even touching it. You can enable a feature on your smartphone called smart lock

This function is located under “Security” or “Protection”.

After setting one of the Smart Lock functions, you can contactlessly remove the block on the device.

  • when picking up the phone
  • when in certain places (home, work)
  • synchronization with reliable devices (watch, bracelet)
  • face recognition

How to unlock your phone if you have forgotten your password, pattern or PIN

There are times when smartphone owners cannot remove the lock on their Android device. In this article, we will try to figure out how to unlock an Android phone if you forgot your password or another reason.

For example, imagine you have a faulty or broken power button, or forgot your password. The main method that users use to remove a password is a factory reset. By doing this, you will say goodbye to the valuable data stored on your device.

If you need to unlock your smartphone without resorting to a factory reset, pay attention to these points below. Perhaps one of the options will be yours.

How to Unlock Samsung Phone Remotely

If you are a Samsung user, you can use the Find My Mobile account. if there is no account, register it.

The steps to unlock an Android device using this method are as easy as one-two-three.

Note. If you choose to select this function, all information related to your lock (Template, Password, PIN and Biometrics) will be deleted. If you are sure you have forgotten your password, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to the service using your Samsung account.
  • Select “Unlock Screen”.
  • Your device will be unlocked.

Unlock your phone with biometric sensors

If your device has biometric sensors such as fingerprints and facial recognition. you don’t need to worry about the power button. You either tap with your finger or show your face to unlock your Android phone. Here’s how you can enable Fingerprint Unlock or Face Recognition (depending on your device model, the methods and tools may differ).

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Settings → Biometrics & Security

Now choose face recognition or fingerprint as your way to unlock your Android smartphone.

Unlocking with Dr.Fone

Dr.Fone is an all-in-one tool that allows you to completely recover lost files from your Android device as well as unlock forgotten Android password.

It recovers various types of data such as:

  • messages
  • video
  • photos
  • call history
  • audio

a wide range of Android smartphones such as Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Motorolla, Google Sony, Honor, and LG to name just a few.

The beauty of this software is that it works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. In addition, this cross-platform software can unlock the phone in which the user has forgotten the Android password.

This built-in feature allows you to remove forgotten Android password when saving data files on Android device.

It can remove 4 types of screen lock:

  • pattern key
  • PIN
  • password
  • fingerprints

Let’s figure out how to unlock Android phone without factory reset using Dr. Fone. Screen Unlock (Android)?

Forgot Password On Android Honor Phone

Let’s take a Xiaomi phone as an example. Let’s follow the steps below.

  • You can download the program from the official website
  • After starting the program, select the Unlock Screen function. Using this function, the smartphone will be unlocked.
  • The next window will present for selection the device on the Android operating system to select.
  • Further, the program asks to connect the smartphone to the computer via a USB cable. After connecting the smartphone and computer, the program will take some time to scan the phone.
  • At the end of scanning the smartphone, the Unlock Now button will appear in a new window, clicking on which will go to the next step to unlock.
  • By simultaneously pressing the “Shutdown” button and the upper “Volume” button, the system will reboot into the “Recovery” mode, where you need to select the function of the same name. Click the “Next” button.
  • Perform the following actions on the smartphone in steps by selecting → WIpe Data → Confirm → Reboot → Reboot to system.

Step-by-step steps to unlock Samsung are shown in detail in the video.

We hope you can now unlock your Android phone if for some reason you can’t access your password, PIN, or broken screen. If there is a way that you think is fast, but didn’t make the list, please mention it in the comments section below.

We bypass the blocking by calling a smartphone

In order to receive a call on the phone, you do not need to unblock it.

Therefore, you can call your number and follow the instructions below:

  • Accept an incoming call on your device;
  • After starting a conversation, you have the opportunity to open the upper notification curtain, from where you can go to the settings and turn off the pattern. True, some smartphones, for example Xiaomi and Huawei, will first ask you to enter a password, which makes this method meaningless. You can only minimize the settings and use the phone until the first screen lock. This will help at least save important files before resorting to more drastic measures such as a factory reset.

At the moment, this trick only works on older versions of Android, although you should try to use it anyway.

How to unlock your phone if you forgot your password or pattern ? Factory reset

If you have forgotten the password for a locked phone, resetting the settings will help. But it is important to understand that in this case you will lose all data from the smartphone’s memory. Therefore, it is better to transfer them to a computer first.

  • Turn off the smartphone and go to the recovery menu;
  • To access it, you must simultaneously press the volume up key and the Home button. There are other combinations, it all depends on the manufacturer and the firmware version. the power button “Home” increase the volume or the volume down button “Power”;
  • In the recovery menu, we are interested in the Wipe data or factory reset section. The name may vary depending on the smartphone model. To switch between items, use the volume buttons, touch control does not work here;
  • Click on Wipe data / factory reset and press the Power button to confirm the action;
  • Select “Yes” and press the “Power” key again;
  • Upon completion of the procedure, restart the phone by clicking on “reboot system”.

After turning on the phone will return to the factory settings, which means that the screen is removed from the lock with a simple swipe or double tap. There will be no password.

You can also reset it through the settings if you managed to access them:

  • Go to the section personal data, where you are interested in the item “Restore and reset settings;
  • Click on factory reset and confirm the action.

Unblocking with Google Account

If a Google account is tied to the smartphone and you remember the login information, then the problem is solved quite simply.

To do this, we proceed as follows:

  • Enter the password incorrectly several times, after which the “Forgot password” button will be displayed;
  • When you click on it, you will be prompted to sign in to your Google account;
  • After authorization, you will be prompted to set a new password or pattern.

Delete the pattern file via computer

If you do not want to lose data from your phone’s memory, then there is another working way to unlock your phone if you forgot your digital password or pattern. The fact is that a file is created on the phone that is needed for the graphic key to work. If you delete it, the system will no longer ask for a password to unlock. But everything must be done carefully, otherwise you can delete the file necessary for normal system operation.

  • We connect the phone via USB to the computer. It must be in USB debugging mode. If you have not done this before, then you can start it now in the connection settings;
  • Install the adb run utility on your computer, which is available for free on the official website. After enabling it, enter the adbBLOCK GEST request;
  • Next, the application will ask you to give your consent to delete the file, after which the file with the graphic key will be deleted.

Now you know what to do if you forgot your phone lock screen password and know how to unlock it.

How to find out the password for a Wi-Fi network on Android. We use a router

One of the methods of how to find out the password for Wi-Fi is to examine the settings of the router. This is where you can find the right combination. You can get into the modem settings even through your phone using a regular browser. To do this, follow the steps of the following instructions sequentially:

  • Connect to your home wireless network.
  • Go to any browser (you can use either standard or any other).
  • Enter the following combination “” in the address bar. This is the IP address of your router.
  • You will be taken to the login page with the modem settings. You must enter your login and password. If they have not changed before, then use the standard admin, admin.
  • In the router settings, select the “Wireless (network) mode” and the “Wireless Security” submenu
  • In the window that opens, the network password will be written.

Here you can also change the security level and the password itself. However, this method is relevant if you have not changed the input data for the router. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get into the settings.

In what situations is it necessary to find out the password

Let’s say you or someone in your family bought a new phone or tablet. Naturally, there will be a need to connect the device to your home Wi-Fi. Thanks to automatic memorization, most users do not remember the password, since they do not need to enter it every time.

Also, you often have to give your wifa password to your friends. An excellent option if it is saved somewhere on your computer or on a separate piece of paper. If there is no backup, then users have the opportunity to find out the combination from WI-FI to “Android”.

We use file managers

  • Run the application. In the root folder of your smartphone, find a directory called data.
  • Find the “misc” folder. Go to it.
  • Select the WI-FI directory, and then find the “wpa_supplicant.conf” file in it.
  • Open it with RB Text Editor.
  • In the window that opens, you will see a list of networks. Find the name of the desired network (ssid) and password (psk).

You can perform similar actions using the popular ES File Explorer application. To do this, it will be enough just to go to the necessary directories, and then view the file with passwords.

WI-FI Password (ROOT) also requires superuser rights.

We use the standard functions of the gadget

The easiest way to find out the password for WI-FI is to look at it in the properties of the access point on android. As a rule, most smartphones allow you to view the current password in the wireless network settings. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the list of wireless networks. Activate your home WI-FI on android.
  • Switch to modem mode. Open WI-FI hotspot.
  • Select the line “Configure WI-FI access point”.
  • You will see a password field, however it is hidden by dots. To display a line, click on the eye icon at the end.

After that, you can find out the desired combination, and then save it on your computer or write it down in a notepad. This method is not relevant for all devices.

Find out your Android password using a computer

If the phone settings turned out to be useless in this matter, and you do not want to receive root-rights, you can use a special utility for a personal computer WirelessKeyView. The program is distributed absolutely free. There are versions for both Windows x86 and x64. The application is presented as a single executable file, so you don’t have to install anything.

The user needs to run the program as an administrator on the computer to which the Wi-fi router is connected. A list of wireless networks will then be presented. You can find out the password from the Key field. Has a value both in hexadecimal notation and as a regular string.

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Now you know several effective ways to “get” a password from your WI-FI network.

We put the password on the folder

An option that allows you to set a password for a specific folder is not provided in the Android system. Although this does not mean that you cannot realize this opportunity. On Google Play, you will find many applications that allow you to block access to specific applications or files on your phone.

We would recommend downloading the AppLock program. Why? One of the main reasons is a convenient and intuitive interface, as well as wide functionality. How to use it?

  • First of all, install the utility from the market.
  • Click the “Open” button.
  • A page opens where the application immediately asks to come up with a pattern.
  • We come up with any and confirm the choice.
  • In the main menu, you will see the entire list of available options. But, since we need to hide and protect the files, we click on the “Storage” item.
  • Selecting a section, for example, photos or files.
  • A page will open where the program prompts you to select specific documents to move to the repository.
  • To move, click on the image of the lock on the bottom panel. If you want to select all documents at once, then click on the checkboxes below.

As you already understood, the selected files will be moved to this application. That is, to access them, you need to open AppLock, enter the pattern and go to the store.

How to set a password on Huawei and Honor phones: setting, changing

How to put a password on an Honor and Huawei phone is a question every smartphone owner should know the answer to. In this case, you need to forget about the inconvenient code entry every time you unlock the screen and put safety first. over, without a password on the display, you will not be able to use Google Pay, because the application will require you to protect your device from loss or theft. Let’s consider this issue in more detail.

How to set a password on Huawei and Honor smartphones

The instructions for setting a password will be as follows:

  • Go to parameters.
  • We open the section “Security and privacy”.
  • We find the item “Setting the screen unlock password”.
  • Choose. PIN.
  • Next, we come up with a six-digit code, and confirm it by re-entering.
  • When the procedure for creating a PIN is completed, the system will prompt the user to set up a fingerprint.

It is not necessary to use a strict PIN. On Android, you can choose from the following available options:

  • Graphic key. It is a shape connected by dots. It is not necessary to come up with a complex figure, otherwise you risk forgetting it.
  • Password. This is the pin code discussed above.
  • Face ID. This function involves scanning a face through the front camera.
  • Fingerprint. It is considered the most convenient way to quickly unlock your phone screen. You can add multiple fingers, for example 2-3, to use the function and the other hand too.

It doesn’t matter which of the options is preferable for you. The main thing is to establish protection, which will protect user information from strangers. Especially, this must be done by those who use banking applications or electronic wallets in their smartphones.

How to Change Password on Huawei and Honor Phone

How to change the password on Huawei and Honor phones:

  • Opening the settings.
  • Go to the “Security and Privacy” tab again.
  • Select the section “Change the screen lock password”.
  • Before changing the code, you will need to specify the old one, thereby confirming your identity.

In the same section, you can completely turn off protection and no longer enter the code, but in this case, uninvited guests can easily enter your phone.

For Samsung phones

Devices from this manufacturer are equipped with a lock function using a security code. If you lose it, you can restore the phone’s operation through a special program. Samsung @ home 9.41. You need to install it on your PC and follow the instructions of the application. What else to do if you forgot your password on your phone?

    Call from another mobile

This recovery method is suitable only for modern smartphones. Dial the blocked number from another phone. Without accepting the call, go to the “Phone settings” menu in the “Privacy” section, select “Reset settings” and confirm the operation. Reboot the machine. If everything is done correctly, the password will be reset.

Holding down certain keys

If you cannot turn on the phone, you can do Hard reset on older phone models: mini, Duos, etc. To do this, you need to press 3 buttons on the phone: power, volume and home. After the logo appears, the power button can be released. The engineering menu appears within 15 seconds. Use the volume key to navigate to Wipe data / factory reset. Press the power button to confirm the operation and follow the system instructions.

Resetting user preferences

You can reset the password using the key combination 27673855 # or #. The engineering menu will open, in which you need to select Hard reset or Wipe data / factory reset, confirm the operation. After restarting the phone, the password will be reset.

Factory reset

Even an inexperienced phone user can perform a factory reset. This will remove all installed programs. The general sequence of actions was described earlier. There is no universal instruction, since the reset is carried out differently on each model of the device. The process itself takes 5 minutes.

How to unlock your phone or tablet if you’ve already tried everything

What to do if you forgot your password on your phone and none of the above options worked?

For Nokia phones

Let’s consider several options for unlocking the phone.

Service number entry.

Turn off your phone. Press and hold three keys: the green call button, the asterisk, the number 3 key. Without releasing these keys, press and hold the phone’s power button for a few seconds. If everything is done correctly, then after restarting the phone, it will reset to factory settings.

Contacting the official website

After 3 unsuccessful attempts to enter the password, the machine will be locked. It can only be restored using code. The latter can be found on the official website of the manufacturer. The master code is a sequence of numbers used to unlock the phone. In most Nokia devices, the code is calculated by the IMEI. international phone number. You can find it out in the warranty card or passport on the device.

Contacting the service center

If none of the above options fit, then you should contact the service center. Experts will determine what exactly was blocked (SIM card or device) and restore the phone to work.

Through TWRP Recovery

TeamWin Recovery Project is a modified Android system recovery application. Its functionality is broader in comparison with the official application for system recovery. Therefore, on many devices, the program is installed simultaneously with the official application. TWRP allows you to change firmware, fix system errors, reset data, clear cache, and perform other system tasks. At the same time, user files remain unchanged.

What to do if you entered the wrong PIN code on your phone

The PIN is the password for protecting the SIM card. It is issued when you connect to the network of a cellular operator. The phone requires a PIN code every time the device is switched on. If desired, the user can independently disable code verification through the phone settings. In the “SIM Lock / Security” section (or any other item with the SIM abbreviation), select the “PIN / password request” item and deactivate the option.

After three unsuccessful attempts to enter the PIN, the phone will be locked. What to do if you forgot your password on your phone? Use PUK code. It is indicated on the starter package of the SIM card. If the plastic card is lost, then you can recover the password in one of the following ways:

  • Send SMS to number 9999 with the text: 375 XX XXX XX XX code word. Its user indicates when concluding a contract for receiving communication services.
  • Through the Internet assistant of the cellular operator.
  • At the operator’s Contact Center (if you have a passport).

To unlock the phone with the PUK code, 10 attempts are allocated. If all of them are unsuccessful, then the SIM card will be blocked. In this case, the user will have to change it in the Contact Center.

Reset picture password with ADB

This method can be used if the user previously managed files on a smartphone via a PC via USB using ADB. Connect the machine to a PC using USB. Open a command prompt in the ADB directory and enter the command “adb shell rm / data / system / gesture.key”. Reboot your phone. The lock screen should disappear.

Deleting the system files “gesture.key” and “password.key”

On devices with root-rights, you can delete the system files responsible for unlocking the screen and changing the password. To work, you need to download the archive of the Aroma manager. Reboot the device and go to the Recovery menu while holding the three buttons Volume Power Home. In the “CWM Recovery” menu select “Install zip”.

Click “Choose zip from last install folder” to view all the latest downloaded archives and find files by Aroma manager.

Select the folder with the archive.

Open your file manager. Enter the path “/ data / system /” and delete the files: “gesture.key”, “password.key”, “locksettings.db”, “locksettings.db-wal”, “locksettings.db-shm”.

Reboot your device. Password will be reset.

Samsung “Find My Mobile” service

The easiest way to reset your password on Samsung devices is through the Find My Mobile app. It can only be used if the user has previously created an account with Samsung. Go from any available browser to the link and log in to your Samsung account. In the left menu pane, select the “Lock Screen” option. Enter the new code and click “Block”. Reboot the machine. The lock screen password needs to be changed to a new one.