Forgot Password From Samsung Galaxy There Is A Way Out!

Forgot Password From Samsung Galaxy There Is A Way Out!

Modern models of Samsung Galaxy have a huge number of options to maintain the security of user data. Here you have a fingerprint sensor, and an iris scanner, and a pin code, and a graphic key, and. much, much more stuff that protects the phone.

Is it cool? Undoubtedly. However, everything changes dramatically at the moment when the user begins to have problems with one of these positions.

Forgot your PIN or pattern? Everything, the gadget turns into a brick. Or not?

In fact, even from such a difficult situation you can always find a way out. Now we’ll tell you everything, let’s go!

Forgotten lock code or pattern

Perhaps the most common situation. You use your device, unlock it using the fingerprint sensor. and then the conditional Galaxy S9 picked up and rebooted independently. And, well, it requires some kind of pin code!

And you introduced it FIG knows when and do not remember! What to do? There are two options:

  1. Use your Samsung account. We really hope that you have not forgotten it. We go to a special page on the official Samsung website (here is the link), enter the email address and password. Now you can safely unlock your Galaxy. remove the password or pin code with one click!
  2. Do not remember anything? Then the most radical means remains. the complete removal of settings and content. Here are the instructions for the most popular models. Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 (the method through the Recovery menu is suitable for you). Attention! All data will be deleted from the device.

It would seem that is all to us. And here is no ๐Ÿ™

Even when unlocking through a complete reset, problems can occur. And the name of this problem is the Google account.

The thing is that if the Google account was entered on the Galaxy, then after resetting the settings, you can see this message like this:

An unauthorized attempt was made to reset the device to the factory settings. To confirm your identity, connect to a Wi-Fi network or a mobile network.

So, you can’t use the device. to unlock, you need to enter your login and password from your Google account.

And it’s very good if you remember (know) it. And if not, and this data is forgotten? Then move on to the next subheading.

Forgot your username and password from your Google account on Samsung Galaxy

To be honest, the situation is almost hopeless. But there is no need to despair. there are still some unlock options. Here they are:

  1. To recall. Agree, it sounds like mockery, but we in no case pursue this goal. Actually. go to the Google account access recovery page (here is the link) and try different options. For example, enter your username and the system will help you recover your password. Try it. it won’t be any worse!
  2. Completely reflash the smartphone (unfortunately, it does not work for all models). Without certain skills it will be hard, but there is nothing to lose. Download Odin, download software, put the phone in firmware mode (instructions for Galaxy S9) and proceed. Be careful. all actions are entirely at your own peril and risk. With improper firmware, there is a high probability of “ditching” the device, and you will lose the official guarantee. Remember this!
  3. Service center. If you have forgotten all that is possible at all, then the last option remains. contact a service center. The only time to unlock documents will be required (purchase receipt, completed warranty card, loan agreement). In general, you have to prove that this smartphone belongs to you, you honestly spent your money on it, and now you can not use it because of some stupid lock.

Sadly, there are no other ways to block the Galaxy. In this way, two very large companies (Samsung and Google) take care of our security.

Is it good or bad? Probably yes, but only until it touches you personally.

Unfortunately, everyone can forget the password. no one is safe from this ๐Ÿ™