Flashlight Does Not Work On Huawei

How to turn on or off the flashlight on Huawei and Honor phones is a matter of concern to few users. If you recently became the owner of a modern smartphone, then you should definitely know how easy it is to turn on one of the most useful and simple functions. Such a need may arise suddenly, in the article we will look at how you can quickly activate the flashlight, and what to do if it does not work.

How to turn on the flashlight on Huawei

In fact, the inclusion process is not difficult, any user will cope with the task without any problems. You can find the option:

  • On the desktop.
  • On the locked screen.
  • In the control panel.
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In addition, you can perform a deeper adjustment of the built-in function, for example, by installing a special application for free from Google Play, you can change the brightness of the flashlight.

With locked screen

You can turn on the light even on the locked screen. Instruction:

  1. Activate the display.
  2. Pull out the curtain from below.
  3. The menu will present several functions that can be used without unlocking the smartphone.
  4. Click on the flashlight image.

Notification bar

The easiest way on Android is to use the notification bar. Remove the lock from the screen, pull out the top of the curtain and click on the image of the flashlight.

From the desktop

To start the function from the desktop, just find the application in the menu. Click on the icon and the flash located at the back of the camera will be activated.

How to turn on the flashlight when calling on Huawei

How to turn on the flashlight on a call on Honor and Huawei? The presented opportunity is available in all modern smartphones with the Android system. In order not to miss the call, activate a special option in the phone, which activates the flash on an incoming call. Procedure:

  • Go into the options.
  • Find the Accessibility tab.
  • Then, in the “Hearing” section, against “Notify by flash”, move the slider to the “On” position.
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Thus, with an incoming call, the user will hear not only the ringtone, but also notice the flash blinking.

How to turn off the flashlight on the Honor phone

You can turn off the flashlight as you turned it on. Activated the option by clicking on the icon in the control panel at the top? Click the same icon again to turn it off.

Flashlight Does Not Work On Huawei

Why the flashlight does not work on the Honor and Huawei phones

If the flashlight does not work on Honor and Huawei, then there probably was a system failure, as a result of which the program does not turn on, or the new version of the update came out with errors. Among the common failures is the spontaneous start of the flashlight. Also, the problem may appear after the device falls, which damaged the flash or the camera. If the cause is not a system failure and the reboot did not help, then contact the service center, where specialists will diagnose and replace the damaged parts.