Flash Nokia 3 1 to Android 10

In February 2015, Microsoft officially announced the release of a new version of its mobile operating system. Windows 10. To date, the new “OS” has already received several global updates. However, with each major addition, more and more old devices become outsiders and stop receiving official “recharge” from developers.

Official installation of Windows 10 Mobile

Officially, this OS can only be installed on a limited list of smartphones with an earlier version of the operating system. However, in practice, the list of gadgets that can take on board version 10 of Windows is much wider. Not only Nokia Lumia owners can cheer, but also users of devices with a different operating system, for example, Android.

Models with Windows Phone that will receive an official upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile:

Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL,


MCJ Madosma Q501,

If your device is on this list, updating to a new version of the OS will not be difficult. However, you should carefully approach this issue.

Flash Nokia 3 1 to Android 10

Using Upgrade Assistant, you can officially upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile

Unofficial installation of Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia

If your device is no longer receiving official updates, you can still install a later version of the OS on it. This method is relevant for the following models:

Lumia 635 (512 MB),

The new version of Windows is not optimized for these models. You take full responsibility for the incorrect operation of the system.

In the Interop Unlock section, enable the Restore NDTKSvc function

Launch Interop Tools again, select This Device, go to the Interop Unlock tab. Activate the Interop / Cap Unlock and New Capability Engine Unlock checkboxes. The third checkmark. Full Filesystem Access. is designed to enable full access to the file system. Do not touch it unnecessarily.

Activate checkboxes in Interop / Cap Unlock and New Capability Engine Unlock

Disabling automatic updates can be done in the “Store”

Install Windows 10 Mobile on unsupported Lumia using Interop Tools

Install Windows 10 on Android

Before a full reinstallation of the operating system, it is strongly recommended that you decide on the tasks that the updated device should perform:

Installing Windows on Android can also be done using emulators or launchers that duplicate some of the features of the original system

If you still need to have a full “ten” on board, before installing a new OS, make sure that your device has enough space for a new heavy system. Pay attention to the processor characteristics of the device. Installing Windows is only possible on processors with the architecture of ARM (does not support Windows 7) and i386 (supports Windows 7 and higher).

And now let’s proceed directly to the installation:

  1. Download the sdl.zip archive and the special sdlapp program in the apk format.
  2. Install the application on your smartphone, and extract the archive data to the SDL folder.
  3. Copy the same directory into the system image file (usually this is c.img).
  4. Run the installation utility and wait for the process to complete.

If your smartphone receives official updates, there will be no problem installing the new version of the OS. Users of earlier Lumia models will also be able to upgrade their smartphone without any problems. Android users are much worse things, because their smartphone is simply not designed to install Windows, which means that with the forced installation of a new OS, the phone’s owner is in great danger of getting a fashionable, but very useless “brick”.