Fix the screen on the Samsung s8

Repair options for the display on your Galaxy S

Smartphone users periodically face the question of repairing devices, and given the characteristics of some manufacturers and the cost of components for them, at the same time there is the question of the expediency of such repairs.

Most of all, the manufacturer of devices with the best displays. Samsung. The cost of SuperAmoled displays for the Galaxy S line can surprise the inexperienced in these matters person who broke the display of his smartphone and wants to fix it. Here, for example, the cost of the display on the Galaxy S8.

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In addition to buying the original module, which comes directly together with the main frame, you can find offers online to buy the module separately without the frame, which is likely to be slightly cheaper than with the frame.

Both are quite acceptable, but it should be understood that the manufacturer does not deliver the modules without the frame in the official channels. And if you are offered a module separately from the frame, it is likely to be overglued.

That is, a module with a broken glass but an intact display is taken, using special equipment the glass is removed, and then with the help of other special equipment a new glass is glued to the matrix. At the moment our Chinese friends put this process on stream and sell such re-glued displays in large quantities.

This is, by the way, one of the relatively inexpensive repair options, which at the moment is engaged in many service centers. depending on the model. If your model has a curved glass, the price will be higher than for a device with a straight glass. This difference in price is a purely psychological factor for the customer, since the technology to replace such glass is generally unimportant, bent or straight glass. This, in fact, does not affect the complexity of the repair. Glass is removed by freezing the module in a special chamber with liquid nitrogen. The glue that joins the glass and the matrix becomes brittle and loses its adhesive properties. After that the glass can be separated from the matrix quite easily.

This kind of repair has its pluses in the form of a relatively low price compared to a complete replacement, but also minuses, the main of which is the unpredictability of the further behavior of such a screen. Subsequently on such a screen can appear bubbles of air, which was not fully evacuated in the process of gluing, or even black spots, which can occur in those places where the gluing module with the frame got debris, which can eventually squeeze the matrix. By the way, the good services give a warranty on this kind of work.

Another relatively inexpensive way to repair the display on your Galaxy is to buy a so-called “demo version” as a donor display. Live demo unit is a special version of the smartphone, designed for demo stands in stores.

We will not go into detail about how exactly these phones get on the market, given that the box even has a special inscription “not for sale”. We are more interested in the question if it can be a replacement for your broken phone.

The most important thing to know that no firmware and flashing from such a phone can not make a complete device. The point is that such phones physically lack the items responsible for cellular communication. But almost all other functions work. In general, such a live demo unit phone can be used as a separate multimedia device for access to the Internet, as a camera, etc.д. The functionality of such demo phones vary from model to model.

For example, the Galaxy S6/S6 edge/S6 edge plus initially has everything you need except the elements on the motherboard that are responsible for cellular communication. So it may seem that this is one of the easy options. buy a “demo”, put the motherboard from your broken, and voila, everything works. Yes, that’s true, except that Galaxy 6-series are disassembled via the display and it’s very easy to damage it when you remove it. So the main risk with the “sixes” to kill the display when you open it.

As for the seventh series, there are nuances that make this repair option less attractive. In spite of the fact that to change the boards on a “seven” is quite easy. it is enough to unfasten the back cover, unscrew a few screws, the change of the motherboard does not make such a “demo” a fully fledged phone. The thing is that the S7/S7edge live demo unit lacks the necessary elements on the bottom cable, including the signal amplifier.

So even with a full-featured board, the connection will be in the 2G range and very uncertain in the 4G range. But it can be hardly called a connection. To make the phone catch the network you need to replace the lower flat cable as well, which in case of the seventh generation is a nontrivial task as to do it you’ll have to remove the display from the frame. The thing is that as I wrote in one of my previous materials, the sensors of the bottom buttons are made as small loops, led from the bottom board between the screen and the frame.

The display itself is not easy to remove and not every service center will do it. When you remove the display, you can get troubles such as paint peeling from the glass, damage to the glass itself and, most unpleasant of all, damage to the display matrix.

Of course there is a variant to simply solder the missing elements from the full-fledged flat cable to the flat cable of the “demka”, but even here such an enthusiast will face difficulties in the form of having to solder directly in the case, and install some elements without a hair dryer is not possible. And using a hair dryer inside the case means high probability to melt something unnecessary.

Besides that, the “demo” of the “seven” is different in that it has just a button instead of a fingerprint scanner. Yes, and again no firmware will help to activate this very fingerprint. it is simply not there. The Home button is just a clicker. This is done to prevent all kinds of intellectually unsophisticated people with a perverted sense of humor from blocking the exhibition samples with their fingerprints. Foolproofing, so to speak.

So, using the demo version of the Galaxy S7/S7 edge makes sense if you can unglue the display from the frame or are good at soldering very small elements and you don’t need the fingerprint scanner.

As for the eighth and ninth generations, everything is much easier. The demo versions of these smartphones are also devoid of fingerprint scanner, but given its location on the back surface, its installation does not bear any difficulties and is made easily and effortlessly.

The same goes for the lower loop. The S8/S8 plus, and the S9/S9 plus have no touch buttons under the display, which means no stubs go under the screen, and so the bottom stub is very easy to change.

In terms of the feasibility of repairing with the purchase of a Live Demo Unit version of the device, the latest generations of Galaxy lead by a wide margin.

As often happens, the easiest and almost risk-free option turns out to be the most expensive. a complete replacement of the display with the original in the frame (the so-called service kit). In this case you get practically a new phone whose display will work the same way as the display of the phone from the store.

In the case of regluing the glass, most likely everything will go smoothly and you will not encounter any black spots or bubbles, and your phone will live happily ever after or until the first fall, as there is a risk that the new glass is not the original tempered one, as durable as the one Samsung puts in its factories. Or maybe it will (depending on the shop and the greed of the master).

In the case of buying a donor Live demo unit you need to weigh the pros and cons and either be willing to make compromises, or be able to work well with your hands or a soldering iron, or cook another person who knows how to do it all.

It turns out that in the case of Samsung flagships the most reliable way is not to drop your phone. Well, or buy insurance for the display along with the phone, but there are nuances and pitfalls, about which a little later.

Samsung screen replacement

Samsung screen replacement is usually necessary when the screen is lit permanently with white light, there is no image, or the display has clearly visible broken pixels. Note that on different models replacement can be done with simultaneous replacement of the glass. Sometimes you may need to replace the flat cable and some other internal elements, depending on the assembly of a particular modification. In all cases, a preliminary diagnosis is required, which, when conducted at the Pedant Service takes about 15 minutes. Leave an application on the site by calling the hot line number 8-800-100-39-13 and we will definitely help you!

The process boils down to the following uncomplicated steps:

The first thing to do is to remove the back cover. To do this, prepare the iOpener (a thermo bag to remove the screen), heat the back panel. It is necessary to soften the glue that holds the lid.

After that we put the suction cup on the back cover, and then with its help we need to slightly lift the left edge of the cover.

In the formed hole we put a plectrum and drop isopropyl alcohol, this will soften the glue more.

We move the pick closer to the left edge of the smartphone to remove the glue. Also here it is necessary to leave one mediator in a hole, and for further processes we will need another mediator.

Gently slide the pick along the bottom edge of the gadget. If necessary, warm the cover.

To remove the rest of the glue, move the pick along the top of the screen and then along the right side.

Then unscrew the bolts 3.7 mm Phillips clips which fix the charging coil and the antenna module. Also these parts are held by plastic clips.

To disconnect the battery use a spatula to remove the connector from the socket.

To disconnect the touchscreen, we use a spatula to remove the connector of the flexible cord from the socket on the motherboard.

Removing the left side of the screen from the frame.

Pull the flexible matrix wire through the hole in the frame. This will completely detach the right edge of the screen. A little bit of instruction left to fully know how to change the screen gelaxy s8.

To reassemble the phone, do all the processes in reverse order.

Now you know how to replace the screen Samsung Galaxy s8. If you’re not sure you can handle the job, it’s better to contact a professional service center. Only craftsmen have the knowledge and experience to quickly cope with the repair of any complexity.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S8: four ways

If you are interested in how to take a screenshot of the screen on the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S8, then you are definitely here. To solve your problem, the engineers of the South Korean company offer as many as four methods, you only need to choose the option to your taste and for your tasks.

Classical method

This option is available on almost any modern smartphone running Android. And the Samsung Galaxy S8 is no exception. So:

  • Open what we want to take a screenshot of.
  • Press and hold down the Volume down and Power button at the same time.
  • The screenshot is automatically saved in the gallery.

The classic way to get a screenshot on the Galaxy S8, which works on almost all Android smartphones

Swipe the screen

This method is considered more modern (like swipes are cooler than buttons) and supposedly more convenient. However, in our opinion, this is a matter of personal taste.

  • First, you need to check if you have this method activated. The corresponding option can be found here: Settings. Additional functions. Palm screen shot (Palm swipe in English version). Move the switch to the On position.
  • Open what you want to take a screenshot.
  • Slide the palm of your hand over the display from right to left or left to right. The palm of your hand should touch the screen completely.
  • The screenshot is automatically saved to the gallery.

Set it up and take a screenshot with a swipe of your palm

Screenshot a long page

Let’s say you decided to take a screenshot of a long web page, which does not fit all on the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen. There is an additional method for this, which is an upgrade of the previous two.

  • Check the settings of your smartphone, if the corresponding option is enabled: Settings. additional functions. Screenshot (in the Russian version the name of this option is translated incorrectly, in the original it is called Smart capture).
  • Open what you want to take a screenshot of.
  • Use any of the basic methods of taking a screenshot.
  • A panel with buttons should appear at the bottom of the screen. Don’t yawn. it will disappear in a couple of seconds and the screenshot is saved automatically.
  • Press the Scroll capture button at the bottom left.
  • Scrolls automatically, takes a screenshot of the whole area and saves it in the gallery.

Screenshot an arbitrary GIF area

This method uses the Edge panel Smart panel, which allows you to select an area on the screen (although, in principle, you can edit a screenshot created by one of the above methods)

Samsung Galaxy S8 Repair: Glass Replacement and Display Replacement

Our company specialists will diagnose and repair your Samsung Galaxy S8 within the shortest time. Free courier saves you the trouble of visiting our service center. For replacement of the display and glass on the Samsung Galaxy S8, please call 7 (495) 798-95-86

Full range of professional repair services

  • Our own parts warehouse
  • Free Courier
  • Free diagnostics
  • Modern equipment
  • Free armor glass
  • Repair in 1 hour

Samsung Galaxy S8 repair: answers to basic questions and nuances

Despite the fact that the Korean flagship came out relatively recently, for some, the repair of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has become not a distant prospect, but a harsh reality. Alas, any technique is imperfect, and this rule applies to smartphones in full measure.

Let’s say something happened to your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus. The first thing that comes to mind is to go to a service center for warranty repair. However, before you go there, it is worth to determine whether your case falls under the terms of the standard warranty.

This is to save your nerves and nerves service staff. In any case you won’t get more than the official amount for free. But you will lose time and spoil your and / or other people’s mood.

In what cases is the Samsung Galaxy S8 not eligible for warranty repair?

  • The screen of your smartphone, or the glass back cover, or the glass of the main camera have mechanical damage. In short, if you dropped your Galaxy S8, then you can not count on a free replacement glass. It may be shock resistant, but everything has its limits.
  • Samsung doesn’t fix drowned cars under warranty. Yes, the eighth galaxy has IP68 protection against water and dust, but it is very difficult to examine whether your case falls within the rules of the standard.
  • Software glitches: smartphone freezes, slows down, slowly runs applications, etc.п. As a rule, it is a strictly software problems that can be treated with a 100% guarantee by a complete reset of the settings with rollback to the factory defaults.
  • Recovering deleted files from the main memory of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Yes, there are originals who for some reason want this service as part of a free repair.
  • You bought your Galaxy S8 abroad, or a gray device that was unofficially brought into your country. Samsung official warranty is not valid in such cases.
  • The device has traces of self-repair attempts, or has been previously serviced at an unauthorized service center.

When warranty repairs are available?

  • Problems with the backlight of the screen (does not turn on, the brightness has dropped, noticeable unevenness).
  • Hardware problems with the screen itself (dead pixels, color deviations).
  • Fast battery discharge, if it is not caused by the software (some programs have high background power consumption).
  • Breakage of USB Type-C socket or slot 3.5 mm (if there are no visible signs of abuse).
  • Other cases, if the rules of use have not been violated, and it is not about software glitches.

The most common variants

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector replacement. 100% non-warranty. Not to be confused with the screen repair, which also involves replacing the entire display module with a sensor, not just the glass. Usually 2500-3500
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 battery replacement. Since the batteries of the company’s flagship smartphones have become non-removable, you can no longer borrow them yourself. Or rather, you can, but you need a special tool, and you will lose the IP68 protection. 3500-4000 for the original one.
  • Camera protective glass replacement. This is usually described on forums as broken glass. No, it is not broken, but because of your careless actions it is covered with cracks. 1200-1800
  • Replacement of the rear glass panel (along with the camera glass, by the way). Sometimes covered with cracks even in the case (paying for such chips, such as wireless charging, which is not yet compatible with metal cases). About 3,500 for original, up to 2,000 compatible.
  • Replacement of the entire screen module with glass. One of the most expensive operations, if not under warranty. From 15,000
  • Replacing the motherboard. From 20,000

How to save on Galaxy S8 repair?

The answer is simple buy an extended warranty. In Russia it costs usually 5 990 and is actually an insurance in case of a broken screen or glass back cover. But the best insurance is a sturdy protective case. Especially the original.

You can also order components on AliExpress, in this case, the service center you will pay only for the work of the wizard. When it comes to the motherboard, it must be clearly for your modification (ie, can not be put on the SM-G950F board from a Chinese SM-G9500).

Free Galaxy S8 diagnosis and repair

At our service centers, you will be greeted by friendly and highly qualified staff. The master will give you a free consultation on the use of the device and advise how to use your smartphone properly, so it will last longer. In addition to repair Samsung Galaxy S8, you will also be offered a wide range of accessories for all tastes and s.

If your smartphone needs a complicated repair (moisture, motherboard replacement, and so on), then our centers will hold a free diagnostic.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus fine-tuning: tips from professionals

The Korean giant’s new flagship is a great smartphone, but in order for it to perform even better, a fine-tuning of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is desirable. Today we will tell you how it can be done, what are the secrets and pitfalls.

Installed on your device Android 7.0 Nougat (UPD: currently updated to Android 8, with an update to 9 expected in 2019.0 Pie) combined with the proprietary TouchWiz shell conceals a lot of secret options that many users do not even know about.

Maximum performance or high definition

Where to look: Settings. Screen. Screen resolution.

Changing the Galaxy S8 and S8 screen resolution using the English version as an example

The ability to change the effective screen resolution is one of the key features of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, but not everyone takes advantage of it in practice. The default setting is FHD (22201080 pixels, average).

If you want to increase the speed of your smartphone and at the same time to increase the runtime on a single charge, it is recommended to set the minimum value of HD (1480720 pixels). But the picture on the screen will be like on the old Galaxy Note 2.

If you want to contemplate the clearest picture, then feel free to set the screen resolution to maximum WQHD (29601440 pixels). After moving the slider to the desired value, press the Apply button.

How To: Replace the Display on your Samsung Galaxy S8

Use the entire available screen plane

Where to look: Settings. The screen. Fullscreen applications.

Forced to run applications on the Samsung Galaxy S8 in full-screen mode

As you know, the eighth galaxy has lost its hardware home button and the touch buttons on either side of it. They are now on-screen and are usually on the bar at the bottom of the display. If you want to make the most of the available plane of the luxury 5.The Galaxy S8 8-inch screen, then you need to allow the selected apps to run full screen.

Just keep in mind that not all apps can work correctly in this mode yet. For example, users have complained about the departure of Dark Sky.

Skip lock screen

Where to look: Settings Screen Navigation bar. Enable unlocking with Home button and Smart Lock

Unlocking your smartphone with the fingerprint scanner definitely makes your phone safer, but it is not always needed. For example, if you are at home and of course trust your family members. Just add your location to the list of trusted locations.

If you haven’t set up even that, there’s a chance to wake up the smartphone due to the fact that its touch screen can detect not only the touch itself, but also the force of your touch. All you have to do is forcefully press the on-screen Home button.

Bring back the app listing button

Where to look: Settings. Applications. Show apps button (or hide)

By default on the Samsung Galaxy S8, you need to swipe up or down on the screen to open the app listing. However, you can still activate the app list button if you want to (see. description above).

Activating multi-window mode

Where to look: Settings. Advanced Features. Multi-window.

How to activate multi-window mode on Samsung Galaxy S8

Starting with Android 7.0 Nougat support for multi-window mode has become a built-in feature of this operating system, but it’s disabled by default on the Galaxy S8 (that said, Samsung has its own implementation, available since time immemorial on the Galaxy Note line of smartphones).

However, you can always activate this option if you want (see. above).

Fingerprint scanner as trackpad

Where to Find: Settings. Additional Features. Fingerprint sensor gestures.

Use the fingerprint scanner as a trackpad

Despite the rather awkward location of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus fingerprint scanner, you can use it to make controlling your smartphone much easier by activating special gestures. In fact, the fingerprint sensor will work in this mode as a primitive trackpad.

Customizing Your Always On Display Screen

Where to look: Settings. Lock screen and security. Always On Display.

Always On Display setting options

The ability to display a variety of useful information on the smartphone screen called Always On Display was a feature of Samsung flagships last year. The new Galaxy S8 is no exception in this regard.

But not everyone knows that if you want you can customize this screen, and completely disable the option in order to save battery power (it does consume some energy).

Turn off notifications at a certain time Do not disturb

Where to look: Settings. Sounds and Vibration. Do not disturb.

Prevent your Samsung Galaxy S8 from bothering you

By default, the Galaxy S8 displays notifications with lights and sounds. However, what’s useful during the day can be quite annoying at night. You can, for example, disable WI-FI and mobile data on your smartphone, or you can simply activate Do Not Disturb mode (has a number of settings).

Turn off app icons’ frames

By default, the Samsung TouchWiz shell adds frames to application icons, but they may not please everyone. You can also control this option if you want.

The magic of blue light to help you sleep

Where to look: Settings. Screen. Blue light filter.

Setting the Blue Light Filter on the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 firmware includes an interesting option called Blue Light Filter. It is designed not much or less to help the owner of a smartphone when falling asleep due to the peculiarities of our brain. And you can not only activate it, but also adjust it according to your preferences.