Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi how to configure time

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Offing hours on Xiaomi Mi Band 3

To configure the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 watch, you need to correctly set the date and time. To do it is simple, so the work will not take the user a lot of effort and time. If you follow the instructions, the device will work efficiently and issue reliable data.

Before you configure the time on Mi Band 3, you need to study the instruction manual. In it you can find the entire algorithm of actions that allows you to achieve the desired result.

Functional setting Mi Band 2

Open the Mi Fit application:

Place of wearing

Select the “Profile” tab → Place of wearing:

Display of information on the bracelet

“Back” → “Display of information”:

Those points that you celebrate with ticks will be displayed on the bracelet display when pressing the button (in order, as in the screenshot below):

For example, the point “Steps” on the bracelet will look like this:

Как перевести время на фитнес браслете Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5

Time format

Choose the option of displaying time on the bracelet:

  • “Raise your wrist to view information”. The bracelet will include the display for the shows of the time when the movement of the “raising of the wrist” recognizes the movement.
  • “Change of information by turning the wrist”. The information displayed on the bracelet will be changed when the wrist is rotated (you can activate only if the previous point is included).
  • “Assistant Sleep”. During sleep, the bracelet will measure the pulse to obtain more accurate data about the dream.


“Notifications” → “Calls”:

  • “Call notice”. The bracelet will vibrate when calling (only when Bluetooth is included on the phone);
  • “Delay of notification”. Delay in vibration on the bracelet when calling. By default 3 seconds;
  • “Show contact information”. Display of contact information/phone number when calling:

Notifications from applications

“Applications”. If Mi Fit does not have permission, then it must be provided by clicking “Turn on”:

The bracelet will vibrate upon receipt of a notification from the selected applications.

Other settings

“Notifications” → “Inaction”: Mi Band 2 will vibrate in the absence of activities for more than an hour within the specified time

“Notifications” → “”.

Here, in fact, is the list of main settings Mi Band 2. If suddenly something was not found, use the search on our website.

Description of the main settings of the Mi Band 3 bracelet

Let’s briefly go through all the bracelet settings in the Mi Fit program, which can be found here:

fitness, bracelet, xiaomi, configure, time
  • Launch the Mi Fit application
  • We go to the profile tab
  • In the list of my devices, select Mi Band 3

Including incoming challenges, you will see information on the bracelet about who calls you. In the settings, you can enable a warning delay. In this case, the bracelet will notify the call not immediately, but after a few seconds (depending on the settings).

In this section, we can manage reminders of various events. Pay attention. This is not the function of display on the bracelet of events from your calendar (for example, Google). This, a kind, analogue of the “alarm clock” Mi Band only with the text. Here you can create reminders, set the frequency of events.

If you add an alarm clock on a smartphone in a standard application, it will not work on a bracelet! If you want a bracelet to vibrate, the alarm clock must be added here.

“Smart alarm” in the Mi Fit application is missing. That is, the bracelet “out of the box” does not know how to wake up in a certain phase of sleep. If you need this function, you will have to install an additional application called Mi Band Smart Alarm (available only on Android).

Xiaomi Mi smart band 5 Unboxing | Unbox, Set up new Connect, Change Language, Hands-on, Design

Here you can choose a list of applications from which you want to receive notifications on the bracelet.

Alerts of inaction

Having turned on this function, the bracelet will periodically remind you to make a warm.Up (if you practically did not move within an hour, for example, working at a computer).

Having chosen this menu item, your bracelet is once vibrating. You can use a function not only to search for a bracelet, but also to check the connection (whether the Bracelet application sees).

Having opened this setting, we will see the inscription “Turn on visibility for devices nearby”. In fact, the visibility of the bracelet for other applications, not devices, is turned on here. In addition to Mi Fit, many other applications can work with a bracelet and, if you do not turn on this option, they will not be able to find your device.

Indicate here on which hand you wear a bracelet. This setting practically does not play any role. The bracelet will not take into account the number of steps depending on the hand.

The meaning of the setup is to help the bracelet better determine the movement of raising the wrist to view information. This should minimize the number of false works so that the screen is turned on only when you really want to know the time and other information.

Raise your wrist to view information

Most of the time the bracelet screen is disconnected. To turn it on, you need to press the button under the screen. If you activate the function of raising the wrist to view information, the screen will automatically turn on with the appropriate gesture with the hand.

fitness, bracelet, xiaomi, configure, time

Here you can choose one of 3 operating modes of a heart rate monitor or turn it off in general:

fitness, bracelet, xiaomi, configure, time
  • Automatic definition of the pulse. The bracelet will measure the pulse continuously in 24/7 mode. Having turned on this option, it is necessary to select the measurement frequency (from once a minute to once every 30 minutes).
  • Sleep assistant. In this mode, the bracelet automatically begins to measure the pulse only during sleep. The testimony of the pulsometer helps the bracelet better to determine the phases of sleep and display a more accurate report. Details on how to understand Mi Fit reports on a dream, what is the phases of sleep, what they affect and how much should a healthy adult should last, read in our special.The material “Sleep and fitness bracelets. Guidelines for dummies “.
  • Joint mode. In this mode, the pulse during wakefulness is measured with the frequency indicated by you, and when the bracelet determines that you fell asleep, the sleep assistant mode is turned on (the frequency of measurements changes).

How to configure Xiaomi Mi Band 2 to transfer notification?

Now we move on to what is most interesting for me personally. To setting alerts. To be honest, I do not really use the functions of a fitness tracker, but as a clock, an alarm clock and various reminders I really like the bracelet. To enter the settings, click on the Mi Band 2 link in the same section “Profile”

We already have unlocking, so we immediately move on to the second point.

Incoming call

Activating the notification of incoming challenges, the bracelet will vibrate when a call enters the phone. But for those numbers that are not in the list of contacts, you can separate it separately. It is also possible to delay the notification. So that the bracelet does not distract once again if the phone lies next to you and you see this challenge and are ready to answer it immediately.


Very convenient function that I use constantly. Its main feature is that you can put on a bracelet at night on your hand, and at the appointed hour in the early morning it will vibrate, while not waking up the sound signal of everyone around, as is the case with the phone.

To assign your alarm clock, click on the “Add” button and set the time, days of operation and turn on the repetition mode. To repeat the vibration every 10 minutes if you turned it off. Turning off is pressed by pressing the functional key on the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet.


In this section, we select applications from which alerts will be shown on the screen of a fitness bracelet. First you need to turn them on with a clumper, and also if you want to activate their receipt only when the smartphone screen is turned off.

To add new programs from which we want messages to come, click on the “Application Management” button and mark the necessary checks

After that, on the screen of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 bracelet, the corresponding icons will be displayed.

To regret, the manufacturer has not yet solved the problem when the notification is displayed on the screen for only a few seconds and does not persist in memory. If you did not immediately look at it, you can only guess what happened. In order to see which one exactly the application received a notification, you need to get the phone.

Do not bother

An interesting function that is designed to ensure that you do not sit constantly at the computer, and at least occasionally get up and knead your body. Here, the start and end of the mode of the regime is set up, and there is also a separate setting “not to disturb” so that the bracelet does not distract in those hours when you really do not need to show physical activity. At the same time, you can configure Xiaomi Mi Band so that it vibrates every 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes, until you actively actively do it, for example, charging if you are not a very active lifestyle.

To display additional settings of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 bracelet, click on the “” link

Date display setting on the display

It happens that the time on the screen is displayed in a twelve.Hour format, and this categorically does not suit people who distribute their schedule of the day for exactly the hour. Again, this problem is eliminated in the phone itself/tablet. For this:

  • We are looking for the “Settings” icon on the main screen, we open;
  • We go down the list, where we click “Additionally”;
  • The first in the list should be the “Date and Time” tab, click;
  • An extended menu appears in which you can configure time for yourself. Here is the date of the date/hours, and the twelve.Hour/twenty.Hour.Hour regime. You can also set up time manually or use a network.
  • After we set the necessary parameters, it is necessary to update the data on the screen. Since the tracker does not turn off using the button (this occurs only after complete discharge), turn it off from the bluetooth, and after a couple of minutes we connect it again. Ready, time is configured on the display.

How to connect Mi Band 3 to a smartphone?

When you first turn on the bracelet, you can see the message that it must be connected to the smartphone.

To do this, you need to install an official application from Xiaomi, called Mi Fit on the phone. It is for Android and iPhone.

Of course, you can use the bracelet without contact with the smartphone, but in this case its functionality will be minimal.

Setting up the application Mi Fit

  • Download the application from Google Play or App Store
  • Install it on a smartphone and run it
  • Enter Xiaomi account data, and if you do not have it, click “Create” and fill out all the necessary fields

If necessary, specify your phone number. Do not worry, there will be no spam, but with it you can restore the Xiaomi account if you forget the data.

By the way, if you have a Xiaomi smartphone, and a number is tied to an account, a SIM card with which is used in a smartphone, you can send SMS for other Xiaomi phones for free, similarly from Apple Imessage.

If the account is created, it’s time to connect the Mi Band 3 bracelet to the phone.

Mi Band connection to a smartphone

To do this, follow the following actions:

  • Put on and turn on the bracelet
  • Activate Bluetooth on the phone
  • In the Mi Fit application, go to the “Profile” section
  • Click on “Add device”
  • As you see the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 (or 4) inscription, click on it to connect Mi Band to the phone

It is erroneous to connect the bracelet to the smartphone through the “Settings” menu. “Bluetooth”. Connection should be carried out only through the Mi Fit application since it is written above.

How to enable Mi Band tracker?

For the first inclusion of fitness bracelet Mi Band, you need to put it on charging. After that, he himself will automatically turn on and go to the search mode for the smartphone for connecting.

To charge the clock, it is necessary to tightly fix the Xiaomi Mi Band in the charger, which was complete with a bracelet. Then connect it to the USB port of the computer or ordinary power adapter from the phone. Charging fitness tracker will begin automatically.

Automatic translation

In a number of countries, the rule of transferring the arrows of hours to summer or winter time is preserved. To automatically set the clock, you will need to first program the translation of the shooter on the smartphone. Then the phone synchronization is performed with a bracelet, which allows you to simultaneously change the watch readings. The user can turn off the automatic translation and set up time in manual mode.

Part of the devices recorded a problem when automatically turning on summer time. To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to synchronize the phone and bracelet, and then reload the smartphone. After loading the system membrane of the phone, the function of automatic translation of the shooter is turned off and the time zone is changed manually. After re.Interface, the belt changes to the initial value, and then authorization is performed in the Mi Fit appendix.

After changing the clock belt, it is recommended to check the indication on the display of the wrist device. Equipment developers provided for a constant display of the watch widget and the calendar on the display, the user is not able to forcefully hide the information. If there is no time indication on the bracelet board, it is necessary to check the correctness of the firmware or fonts. If the software has not changed, then you will need to check the smartphone settings.

  • Through the Mi Fit utility menu on the smartphone display, select the “Profile” section, which displays synchronized devices.
  • Find a wrist bracelet in the list of equipment, enter the device settings section.
  • Scroll the parameters to a point dedicated to the display settings on the patch of a wrist device.
  • Check the activity of the “watch dial” parameter in the list of activated widgets.

A similar check algorithm is used in installing notifyfitness or Mi Band Master. The program from a third.Party developer does not allow you to disable the display of the clock and date on the bracelet display. The advantage of using the Band Master program (paid version) is the function of updating the installed firmware.