Find the headphones by Bluetooth iPhone. How the search for AirPods works

How to connect headphones to a new or other phone, iPhone, laptop?

In the process of using wireless Bluetooth headphones (ordinary or separate TWS), sometimes there is a need to connect headphones to another phone, laptop or PC. Or to the new device. For example, to iPhone. And sometimes certain difficulties arise with this, since headphones continue to connect to the old device automatically after turning on, or extract from the case. And another device, or the new smartphone does not see them.

To connect the Bluetooth headphones to another device, it is necessary to remove (forget) headphones on the old device, to which they are currently connected. Or just activate the connection mode on the headphones and perform the conjugation with the new phone, laptop, etc. D. After disconnecting the headphones from the device, they will automatically go to the connection mode and will be available for connection on your new device. So it works on Android, on iPhone, on computers with Windows and T. D.

Turn off the headphone from the old device

One moment: if you plan to use headphones with this device in the future, then you can not be removed (then you will have to reinforce them). but just turn off, or turn off Bluetooth on this device.

On all devices, opening the Bluetooth settings, and then the properties of connected headphones can either be turned off or removed (forget). Now I will show how to do this on a smartphone with Android, on iPhone and Windows 10.


Open the Bluetooth section in settings. Find your headphones there, click on them (or on the button opposite) and select what you want to do “delete” or “disable”.


Go to the settings and go to the Bluetooth section. On the contrary, press the button (i) on the headphones. Select “Disable” or “Forget this device”.

Windows 10

We go to the Start menu. parameters. In the section “Devices”. “Bluetooth and other devices” by clicking on the headphones there will be two buttons: “Disable” and “Delete the device”.

If the option with is turned off/deleted, you can try to reset headphones settings (instructions for TWS). If you have ordinary Bluetooth headphone (approximately as in the photo below). then they may need to activate the connection mode.

As a rule, for this you need to clamp a button with the Bluetooth icon for a few seconds, or the power button.

The reasons

To eliminate a malfunction, it is important to understand why the iPhone does not find JBL headphones, and does not connect to them. There may be several reasons for this:

  • Connection errors.
  • JBL headphones or disconnected Bluetooth.
  • Temporary software failure.
  • Long distance between the connected devices.
  • Discharged battery,
  • The presence of conjugation with another device and t. D.

The main reasons for why the iPhone does not see the JBL headset on Bluetooth, and difficulties arise with connecting. Given these problems, you need to make a decision on further steps.

What to do

When a malfunction appears, do not rush to immediately carry the device to the service center. In most cases, the problem can be solved independently by performing the steps below. Many of them help restore performance if the iPhone does not see Bluetooth, after a couple of minutes.

Make sure the connection is correctly

In a situation where the iPhone does not see the JBL headphones on Bluetooth, make sure of the correctness of work:

  • Remove the headphones from the block where they are.
  • Click on the Bluetooth activation button (if available).
  • Wait for the headset in the list “Other devices”.

If the iPhone does not see the JBL headphones when performing these steps, proceed to the next step.

Make sure the headset is charged

The reason that the iPhone does not see the headset Bluetooth, there may be a battery discharge. Put JBL headphones for exercises and wait for 100% achievements. In extreme cases, you can put the device for charging for 30-40 minutes. After that, you must again check if the device with iOS your JBL headphones sees.

Cancel the conjugation with another device

If you used to connect JBL headphones to another device, you must first cancel the conjugation. After that, you must again try to connect it to the iPhone via Bluetooth. Often the error occurs due to the fact that the device already has a pairing, and the repeated connection is limited.

Try connecting to another device

In the process of verification, it is necessary to exclude the possible problem with the iPhone. Check if the headphones of JBL sees some other Bluetooth device, for example, a laptop or smartphone on Android. Here a lot depends on what is at hand. If there are problems at this stage, we can talk about the possible malfunction of the JBL headphones themselves.

iOS13 Audio Sharing. Does It Only Work With AirPods???

Follow the discharge

In the case of a temporary failure in work, a reset may be useful to factory settings. To do this, do the following:

After that, check again whether the iPhone headphones JBL on Bluetooth or not. In most cases, such a step helps in solving the problem.

Additional steps

In a situation where the iPhone does not recognize the JBL headset by Bluetooth, other recommendations may come in handy:

  • Make sure that correctly enter the PIN code that is indicated in the documentation. Often it is requested when trying to connect. In this case, you need to introduce several digits (most often four) in the process of mating. In the case of improper input, devices are not connected to each other.
  • Synchronize JBL and iPhone with each other (relevant for old models). In the new devices, it is enough to get them out of the case and wait until the device is connected. In some cases, you may need to press special buttons. Detailed instructions should be given in the instructions for the headset.
  • Come closer. Keep in mind that the reception radius is limited by 10 meters. If you are further, the iphone Blutuz does not see the headphones. In the presence of walls or other interference, the distance for communication can be even less.
  • Restart both devices. Many malfunctions can be eliminated by conventional restarting and eliminating temporary failures.
  • Turn on and turn off Bluetooth. The same principle is taken into account here, which is discussed above.

If the problem cannot be solved, and not a single accessory is connected to the iPhone, you need to contact the service center.

Now you know why the iPhone often does not see JBL headphones on Bluetooth, and how to act in such a situation. Start with a regular reboot, failure of old settings and proper connection. In many cases, this allows you to solve the issue independently. If the actions considered in the article do not give a result, a more global step may be required. contacting the service for repair.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tell us which of the recommendations given in the article helped solve the issue. Share what other actions can be used if the iPhone does not see the headset Bluetooth.

How to go to the menu find Airpods

The search for the lost one wireless liner or a pair of headphones is carried out through the Locator system service, which should be configured.

  • On the iPhone, open the Settings service. The label label on the desktop is reflected by the gear icon.
  • Open the “Find iPhone” menu item item. Here, translate the cupcaster of the same name into a state.
  • Similarly activate the functions of the “network of“ locator ”and“ last geopolia ”.
  • Return to the Settings menu and follow the “Settings” items → “Privacy” → “Geolocation Services”. Activate the “Geolocation” parameter here here.


If the apple set is fraught with the iPhone, then with the activated “Find IPhone” function, it is automatically added to the “Locator” service, and it may be detected in the event of the disappearance of this system service.

How to find one headphone

If the user cannot remember where he lost the headphone from Airpods or lost two inserts, he can use the Locator service at the iPhone set to search for the instructions:

  • Open the Locator application. The label label on the desktop of the gadget is reflected in the form of a schematic drawing of a green locator.
  • Go to the “device” tab. The current condition of AirPods conjugated headphones is reflected on the screen with a color indicator. Green, when the gadget is within audacity, blue. when you can try to find it, gray. one headphone or both liners are outside the network of network, in a charger case or discharged.
  • Choose the wanted device. The system will display on the screen, a map with information where AirPods is supposedly located.

The second way to search for lost “ears” is using a personal account on the icloud website.COM registered by serial ID number.

  • Open on a computer with the Internet entrance specified above the site.
  • Autominate in the Personal Account Cloud Service.
  • Go to the “Find iPhone” tab.
  • Open the “All devices” menu. Click the mouse cursor by the name of the wanted “ears” to get information on their alleged location.

Connect wireless headphones to the iPhone 5, 6, 7: 3 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Why one headphone works, do not work together, separately work

Hello, Lyudmila! Only 1 headphone always works? Or only during the conversation? If the second, then in your settings it is likely to use that use only one headphone. If constantly, then you need to try to forget the couple and synchronize again

Headphones are connected to the iPhone 6. Why, if you put the phone in the lower jacket. the headphones do not work? And if the phone is in the breast. the headphones work. And how to look at the charging headphones in the iPhone 6?

How to synchronize

If wireless headphones operate asynchronously, the sound is interrupted or played with a delay, then the situation will have to be corrected not in the Bluetooth settings, but manually. The procedure is quite standard:

  • Fold the headphones in the case. On the back of the AirPods) find and hold the button for 5-10 seconds.
  • In such a simple way, it is almost immediately possible to combine the first headphone with the second. But there are exceptions. some types of sound equipment require additional actions. Much depends directly on the manufacturer: in some cases, you can not do without complete shutdown of sound equipment.
  • The last option is the transition to the settings of wireless joints on the iPhone and the choice of the “Forget the device” item, located opposite those headphones with which problems arose. The procedure is quite standard, and therefore will not cause questions even for beginners.

Activation Bluetooth headphone

The manufacturer tells how to turn on the headset, wireless speakers and other sound equipment in the instructions often stacked in the box along with the purchased equipment. It is often enough to clamp the button on the case until the search indicator appears, and then go to the “Settings”, open the Bluetooth section and choose headphones from the list for connection. In some cases, you must first place the headphones in the ears, and then choose the sound source in the parameters of the musical player.

AirPods will not have to be bored for a long time. if you open the case, get the headphones and insert into the ears, then the activation will end with the appearance of a welcome message with the “Connect” button. As a result. in the settings for the iPhone once again. except for the activation of Bluetooth. almost do not have to look. Everything happens in semi.automatic mode.

The most common problem is that the phone does not see the headphones.

A very important point! After turning on, the headphones can immediately, automatically connect to some device (phone, laptop) with which they used to be associated. If this happened, then the phone simply will not see the headphones, since they are already connected.

What to do? You can navigate on the indicator on the headphones. When they are connected to the device, it either burns or does not burn at all (most often). If they are not connected and are in connection mode, the indicator flashes.

How to activate connection mode?

Delete (forget) these headphones on all devices to which they were connected. How to do this, I showed in a separate article: how to disable or delete Bluetooth headphones on the phone, laptop, computer, iPhone or other device.

If this did not help, then on ordinary headphones you need to clamp the activation button for connecting seconds for 5-10. Usually on this button there is a Bluetooth icon. Very often this function is performed by the power button (press and hold). Also, after the headphones go to the connection mode, the sound signal usually sounds and/or the indicator begins to flash.

On Bluetooth TWS headphones (when two headphones are separate, not connected by cable), you need to reset the settings. I wrote about this in detail in the article how to reset and synchronize wireless headphones among myself. Typically, for this you need to clamp the buttons on both headphones for 20-40 seconds.

Two options are possible: to squeeze the buttons when the headphones are outside the case and when they are in the case.

Additional information and links

Below I leave links to pages with instructions for connecting some specific models of headphones and solving possible problems.

I am always in touch in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Be sure to write! Ask questions, share advice and solutions. I will be grateful for the useful information of this article and always glad to tell and help something.





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Windows 10. All instructions for setting up the Internet and solving problems

Roter setup. Instructions for different models and manufacturers

Useful programs. for configuring Hotspot, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G modems. Entrance to the settings of a router or modem.

Why the iPhone does not find a Bluetooth column and device

Bluetooth. technology for connecting devices, began to develop in 1994. The standards of the Inte Wee have changed, modern gadgets maintain communication at a distance of up to 400 meters. This method of wireless connection shows good results, but there are times when the iPhone does not see the Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth on Apple smartphones allows you to connect selfie sticks, wireless headphones and portable speakers, TVs, smart watches, Mac computers and other equipment. A pair of devices works at a large distance without wires. Why the iPhone does not find a Bluetooth column and other wireless devices? Let’s start with the instructions for connecting the phone with gadgets.

How to connect iPhone and device via Bluetooth

Bluetooth on the iPhone does not find devices in some cases due to improper connection. Consider, how to connect wireless headphones to iPhone and other equipment.

Problems when connecting gadgets can be associated with equipment malfunctions or software failures.

The first reason is not related to the smartphone. The device does not turn on the connection via Bluetooth. In most cases, a button is provided for changing the regime on the columns that shifts playback from flash drive, radio and Bluetooth. Try to check the key.

The second reason. If the iPhone is not looking for a Bluetooth device, sometimes problems appear due to the weak level of the battery charge. One of the gadgets (or both) is not sufficiently charged, and the equipment does not have enough voltage to connect. Make sure the level of batteries on devices is normal. If necessary, charge.

The third reason why the iPhone does not find a Bluetooth column, or a pair fails, it may be associated with a software error. The solution is simple. “forget” the device in the smartphone settings.

Sometimes the problem is solved by a simple rebooting phone. Perhaps after that he will see the column, look for other devices.

The fourth reason why the iPhone does not find a column through Bluetooth is a malfunction of the hardware part of one of the devices. If the iPhone does not turn on Bluetooth, there is a chance that the part is faulty. To confirm this, try connecting the device to another phone, and to your other column.

If the problem has been confirmed, you can do reset (remember the creation of backups). The problem remains. contact the service center, it will be replaced by faulty parts. After the repair, the integer will turn on and work.

The fifth reason. The problems are frequent when the phone cannot connect to wireless headphones, printer, monopoda, TV, other multimedia devices. Most problems are similar to those when the smartphone does not have a column connection. In some cases, the problem appears due to incompatibility of equipment versions.

Why is it important? The old phone model can incorrectly connect with devices, not find them due to technical restrictions. In this case, only the selection of suitable wireless equipment models will help or buy a new smartphone.

Possible problems and ways to solve them

To get started, decide on the problem: how exactly does not “work” Bluetooth on your smartphone? There are not many options here:

  • Bluetooth does not turn on the iPhone at all.
  • Search for networks does not work properly.
  • iPhone does not see Bluetooth device.
  • iPhone sees gadgets, but does not connect to them.
  • The device freezes during Bluetooth operation.

A situation where the iPhone does not see the iPhone on Bluetooth is not a problem. This is the feature of Apple products that protects iOS from viruses. Therefore, you cannot connect the iPhone via Bluetooth to another smartphone. However, from the 7th version of the iOS there is an Airdrop service that replaces this function.

So, in order to solve these problems, it is necessary to do a number of simple actions, starting from the most obvious.

Simple solutions

Often the problem can be solved by very trivial actions. They must always start with them when some kind of problem arises. So you will save a lot of time, and the question is why Bluetooth does not work on the iPhone, can be quickly resolved.

  • Check if wireless. This applies to both the smartphone and the connected gadget. The device should be transferred to the mating mode. To do this, hold the power button and keep it up to 30 seconds.
  • Charge the battery. Wireless communication works poorly when batteries are discharged on devices. It is better to charge them and repeat the attempt.
  • Bring the device closer. This you exclude the hindrance factor. Sometimes a wall or other wireless device can block a signal. Perhaps the module does not “see” another device due to a large distance.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and turn it on again. Do this first on the phone, then on the second device.
  • Remove all accessories and additional devices from the phone, if they are. This is especially true for non.original accessories.
  • Check the gadget on another smartphone or PC to make sure if it works correctly with other devices.

We make a reset of settings

You can try to restore the factory settings on the headphones. Perhaps after that the smartphone will be able to detect headphones. Instructions, how to do this, it is advisable to look specifically for your model (paper instruction, which is usually included). But I understand that such an opportunity is not always. And the instruction may not be.

On ordinary Bluetooth headphones (non-separate), you most often need to clamp the power button, or activation button of connection mode and hold it 20-40 seconds. On JBL, for example, you need to clamp the button for increasing and decreasing volume.

Reset TWS headphones is a separate topic. And on this topic, I have already prepared a detailed article: how to reset and synchronize wireless headphones among myself?

As a rule, you need to squeeze the buttons on both headphones for 15-40 seconds. It can be both mechanical buttons and sensory buttons. On some headphones, the discharge occurs only when we clamp the buttons without taking out the headphones from the case.

All information on this topic is in the article on the link above. You can determine the discharge by indicators. As a rule, a red or orange indicator flashes several times several times. But do not forget that on different headphones this happens in different ways.

How to understand why the phone does not see the wireless headphone?

Since we have two devices in this scheme (phone and headphones). then you need to find out what is the reason. And this can be done in the following way:

  • Try to connect headphones to another device. To another phone, tablet, laptop, etc. D. Preferably for 2-3 different devices. If these devices also cannot find headphones, then the problem is in them. And if the decisions from this article did not help, then this is perhaps this hardware breakdown.
  • Try connecting another Bluetooth device to your phone. It can be other wireless headphones, a column, another phone, etc. D. And if he sees them, then the reason is exactly in the headphones.

I tried to prepare the most understandable and simple instruction. But since there are a very large number of phones and headphones themselves, it is very difficult to write specific instructions on this topic.

You can always write about your problem in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, ask a question and get an answer to it. Just don’t forget to indicate the model of headphones that your phone does not see and describe everything in detail. So it will be much easier for me to help you. Good luck!