Find Phone On Google Map

How to find a lost phone?

All sorts of troubles happen with mobile devices: sometimes the owner urgently needs to crack the password on the phone without having a computer and special programs at hand, and sometimes. To find his device (turned off, with a dead battery, lost or stolen). Fortunately, the latter can be done for free, even with geolocation turned off. The simplest ways to track a smartphone will be discussed below.

How to find a phone by SIM card?

Searching for a lost or stolen phone by SIM card is possible. But in approximately the same order as by IMEI. The owner will need to write a statement to the police, then provide the mobile operator with his data. And wait for him to track the device. The latter, by the way, is not a guarantee of success: an attacker or a lucky person who found the device can simply remove the SIM card or destroy it, and then you can forget about further searches.

Ringing the phone

If, according to the image on the Google map, it turns out that the Android smartphone is in the owner’s direct access zone, but it still cannot be detected, you should, without closing the previously described page, use another useful function, which is called: “Call”.

This can be done as follows:

  • Going to the tab with the desired device, click on the “Call” button.

Find Phone On Google Map

  • And wait for a loud call signal. You can disable it by clicking on the “Stop ringing” button on the computer or by unlocking the phone.

You can call one phone, or several at the same time. The service is provided by Google absolutely free and can be used as many times as the user requires.

Anti-theft applications

For smartphones on Android, many mobile applications have been developed to prevent theft, destroy personal data, or at least find out where the device is now. The three best programs are listed below. The user can install any of them or find another.

How to track a phone through a google account?

But finding your lost or stolen phone on Android, to which a Google account was prudently linked, is really possible. Even if the location service is disabled on it. This is no more difficult than removing the pattern; everything that is required from the owner. A computer, laptop, tablet or other smartphone connected to the Internet, account data and a little patience.

A user who has lost a device and wants to find out where it is now must first remember whether he synchronized with a Google account. If you didn’t have time, didn’t want or forgot, you can forget about the methods listed below, go for a new phone and try not to repeat the same mistake. Then you will be able to deal with other pressing problems: recover deleted photos on Android or find the best program-catalog of films and TV series.

How to find a phone by IMEI?

IMEI is an individual code assigned to each cell phone (from ordinary push-button phones to smartphones on Android and iPhones), and if the device has more than one SIM card slot, each of them separately. Thus, the IMEI is directly linked to the currently used SIM card, and theoretically the phone can only be tracked by the operator using this number.

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In fact, everything is more complicated. A company that provides cellular services will not undertake such a complex and unprofitable job on its own. The user (it doesn’t matter if he forgot his phone at home and cannot determine which bedside table the device has fallen behind, or knows for sure that the device has been stolen) will have to file a statement of theft with the police, and then hope that civil servants will be wanted not only on paper. There are dozens of such statements in every city a day, and they are, to put it mildly, not a priority. Which means that you can simply forget about a lost smartphone.

Track on Android website

Instructions for finding a gadget through the site:

  • Go.
  • Log in and select the desired device from the list.
  • The system will show a mark on the map where the phone was last located.

If the lost smartphone has a network, for example, mobile Internet or Wi-Fi, then you can remotely:

  1. Send a call.
  2. Block device.
  3. Start cleaning.

Cleaning the device

The third method available in the system is data cleaning. Remember, after carrying out this procedure remotely, the Google account will be deleted on the missing phone. That is, you will lose access to it through the service. The instructions for implementation are the same. You need to enter the profile, select a device and follow the system prompts by selecting the appropriate item. “Cleaning”.

Locking the device

A lost phone can also be locked via the app. Log in to your Google account on another smartphone. After selecting the desired gadget in the list, click on the appropriate item.

Alternative search options

There are other search options. But, the methods are ineffective and only in rare cases can they bring results. Pay attention to the areas with ads and do not forget to write a police report.

Leaving your own ad asking to return the phone to Avito or in Vkontakte groups will not always be a good solution. After all, there are many scammers on the Internet who will take advantage of the current situation and try to cheat. If they called you and offered to return the mobile phone only after payment by money transfer through the terminal, then do not agree.

Activating the device remote control function

Google took care of such situations and developed a special system that allows you to remotely control your smartphone and find out its location. The search procedure is provided free of charge to all Android users. But, initially, the user must activate the option. It is recommended to do this immediately after purchase:

  • Go to the Google Play market and check for updates of installed Google services.
  • Open. Google Settings.
  • Go to the “Remote Use” section.
  • Make sure Remote Search and Remote Lock are enabled. The first option will allow you to get acquainted with the location of the device on the map in the future. And the second point makes it possible to block the phone from the Google account.
  • For the “Remote Search” to function, you must first provide access to geolocation in the “My Location” section.
  • Then follow the link. and log into your account. We recommend using a Google Apps profile. The system will transfer you to the “My devices” page.
  • Select the device you want.
  • The program will show the location of the phone.

If you want to erase information from your phone remotely, you need:

  1. Select the desired device.
  2. Click on “Lock settings”.
  3. Next “Send”.
  4. At the top of the screen, click on the notification.
  5. Check the boxes in front of all parameters and activate.

You also need to make sure that a specific option is activated:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Select the “Security Privacy” tab.
  • Next to Find My Device, move the slider to On.

Call to number

How to find your Honor phone if you lost it? You can just make a call to your mobile. Perhaps the phone is next to you, and you will hear a melody, or the one who found it will be a respectable person. Make an appointment with him.

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Despite the chance to find the loss, there is also a minus in making an outgoing call. After all, if you really dropped it in a public place, then the call can be heard by random passers-by who do not differ in good intentions.

How to find an Android phone using a Google account

There can be many situations when you need to find a phone through a Google account, and the problem can affect both your own and someone else’s smartphone, for example, the device of an elderly relative or a child.

Every person at least once in your life has lost a phone and thought: “It would be nice if he left traces by which the device can be found.” And, oddly enough, these traces remain. Not on the surface of the earth, of course, but in the memory of Google servers if your device is controlled by the Android.

Finding a phone through a Google account from a phone or computer is quite simple, but it must meet a number of conditions:

  • The device must be turned on;
  • It must be logged into a Google account, and the smartphone must be tied to it;
  • At the time of the search on the smartphone, the Internet must be turned on;
  • The device must be registered in the Play Store, and the “Location” and “Find device” functions must be activated.

Only if these conditions are met will you be able to see where your lost device is. Otherwise, you can fully understand where he was when he last went online.

How to find an Android phone using a computer

To find a phone using your Google account from a computer, go to the Goolge website and log in to your account. This can be done by clicking in the upper right corner on the icon “Google Applications”, where to find the account icon and by clicking on it, enter your data in the login form.

To find your device from a PC, you must first log in to Google

After logging into your account, you need to scroll down the page. In the very last row of functions, you will see the Find My Phone tab. You there.
If several phones are linked to your account (for example, yours and your child’s), then at this stage you need to choose which one you are interested in.

After additional confirmation that this is your account, you will be prompted to choose a way to find your smartphone: you can call it or find it on the map.

The first can work if the smartphone is lost somewhere in an apartment, office or, for example, in a car.

If you or your loved one want to find the Goolge phone on the map, you will need to use the second function. By the way, you can also see the IMEI of the device right there. To do this, you need to click on the icon with the letter I. How to use this information, we recently wrote.

You can ring the phone or find it on the map

Thus, you can not only find a smartphone, but also see the entire history of movements, which is sometimes very useful.

How to find a phone using another smartphone

Firstly, this can be done using the “Find My Device” application. After downloading and launching the application, you will see the host’s Google account to which this unit is linked. But you need to go to your own profile, so you need to click on the button “Login as a guest”.

To enter the program installed on someone else’s smartphone, you need to “Login as a guest”

Then you need to log in, proving that the account you want to log into is yours.

When the smartphone asks whether to provide your location data, allow it. As we remember, this is a sine qua non for your smartphone to be found.

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If the smartphone was on the Internet at least some time ago, you will see where and when it was, which network it was connected to, and how many percent of the battery remained.
Then you have to choose what to do: lock your smartphone, delete all data, or call it.

You can also try to find your device from someone else’s using the web interface of the Google portal. This may be relevant if the owner of the donor phone does not want you to install any applications on it.

If the situation is such, you need to go online and go to the Google website through the built-in browser or go directly to You will see a mobile-friendly device search page that you need to log in to. After that, you need to repeat all the steps as it is necessary to do to search for a smartphone through a computer.

Important. If you are logged into Google, just write “Where is my phone number” in the search box and the search engine will show its location on the map

As you can see, Google has provided a good opportunity for lost gadgets to be found. In addition, we must be aware that when we diligently hide from the “surveillance Goolge” (I’m not saying that it does not exist), we cut off the possibility of finding the phone through a Google account. You need to hide, of course, but wisely.

4. Go to lock

A menu of all actions that you can perform with the device will open in front of you. Click “Lock Phone”.

How to find your phone on Google map

A very useful service that is simply difficult to overestimate. I hope the parents will understand this immediately. After all, wherever your child is, as long as he has a phone with him, you can always find out where the child is on your mobile.

Follow the instructions “How to block your phone if it is stolen” to the fourth step. Now, at this stage, click on the “Find” icon.

Find phone on google map

The screenshot shows that the location of the phone is determined quite accurately. At least if it is within a house, summer house, apartment or parking lot, then you will immediately understand where to look.

Phone on Google map

The screenshot shows that Google also knows the residual battery charge on the device. (69% in this case). What happens if the battery is completely discharged? Google will show the last location of your device when the battery is on. Also valuable information. After all, it may well be such that the phone is actually at home, it is not lost anywhere or stolen. It’s just that the battery is completely discharged and you can’t call him. By the way, this is the very case when you can’t call the phone through Google either.

So do not rush to block your phone if it is stolen or lost. To begin with, you can just try to call him, find him on a Google map, and if these measures do not help, then apply blocking.

Google has some other valuable features in store. Remotely you can:

  • Log out of the account on the phone
  • Delete all data from the device

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6. Lock your device

After pressing the “Block” button, the phone will be blocked through the Google account.

Block google account

2. Start searching

The account page will open. It must be scrolled down. At the very bottom, on the left, you will see the inscription “Find a lost or stolen phone” (or already another one, but bearing the same meaning).

Press and get into the phone search. You can use a direct link to go directly to Phone Search. It is highly likely that Google will check you for knowing your own account password. Which is logical and pleasant, because this is our safety with you!