Find Person Location By Phone Number

Sometimes life develops in such a way that finding a person’s location by phone number becomes simply necessary. This rule applies to cases where you cannot reach elderly parents, a child, or someone else close to you. Usually, however, in these cases there is no time to figure out how to find a person’s location by mobile phone number. That is why it is better to read the article now.

Find Person Location By Phone Number

In order to find someone close by mobile number, there are various ways. In this article we will touch on each of them.

Geolocation will help

Most people today know what geolocation. This is the determination of the exact location of an object using various technologies, such as satellite networks (GPS or GLONASS), as well as Lbs (Location Based Service). location of a mobile phone based on base station signals, using the method of reverse geodetic notching. In the case of determining the location of a person by number, this option is usually used.

The main advantage of this method of geolocation is lack of binding to satellite systems, however, there is a drawback: it is not possible to determine the exact location of the desired device. It depends on the type of network, and a certain coordinate point may be erroneous, and the error here is not 200 meters, but several kilometers. Although, maybe lucky.

Grandfather, gone for mushrooms, . you will not find this way

Of course, the more around the base stations, the more accurately the system can determine where the owner of the desired number is, but, for example, the grandfather who went for the mushrooms, you will not find this way: if there is a forest around 2-3 stations, and it occupies an area of ​​a hundred kilometers, certain coordinates will be very, very inaccurate.

Of course, as accurately as possible can determine the location of the phone by number telecom operator, however, he will do this only upon request from the police or other competent authorities, and we all know how these bodies work in our country. During the time they transfer pieces of paper from one pile to another, and the phone is discharged, and the attacker is hiding.

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However, mobile service providers do offer special services, to find out the location of a person without violating the law, that is, with the consent of the owner of the room.

What operators offer

As we have said, each mobile operator considers it a duty of honor to provide room finding service. Traditionally, these services are provided. for a fee, however, their cost is not at all great.

Service “Radar” from MegaFon

To activate the service, you need to send a USSD request from your mobile 140 # or on the site You can find out where the phone is located in the same place or with the help of a USSD request 1407xxxxxxxxxx # (where 7xxxxxxxxxx is the phone number of the desired subscriber). The cost of the service is 3 rub / day. You can track subscribers of other networks.

Activation of the Geopoisk service from Tele2

The service is activated by USSD request 11901 #. To enable tracking, type 11917xxxxxxxxxx #. For information about where the phone is located, dial 11927xxxxxxxxxx #. The cost is 3 rub / day.

Connection of the Locator service from Beeline

To connect this service, send an empty SMS to 5166 and download the application “Locator”. The cost of the service is 7 rub / day. You can track up to 5 numbers.

Connection of the Locator service from MTS

The service is activated by USSD request 111788 #. To add monitored subscribers you need to send SMS to a short number 6677, for example: “DOB Daughter 89157654321”. Service cost 100 rubles per month. You can also track Megafon subscribers.

Here you need to understand one important thing: when providing this service, mobile service providers use the same base station geolocation, that is, the problems will be the same. Coordinates will be issued with a big error, and if in the city center, where there are many towers, it will be only 100-200 meters, then outside the city. in a forest or industrial zone to find a person no longer possible. Plus, if the mobile is turned off for one reason or another, then “Locator” service will not work, and locating a person this way can be done no more than once every five minutes.

Search through Google or Apple Accounts

You can find out the location of a person by his phone number (or find the gadget itself if it is stolen or lost) online using special fGoogle and iCloud. One minus: all these features work only if the phone is turned on geolocation and remote control capability. However, in the case of, for example, a child whose accounts parents have access to by default, it makes sense to use these services. it is really very convenient.

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Here’s how, for example, this happens using Google services. It is necessary to complete 4 steps:

1. go to the search engine on any browser;

2. select the menu and click on “My Account”;

Go to the search engine and select “My Account”

3. Scroll down;

4. Select “Phone Search”.

The system will request access to your Google account. enter your password. After that, the service will determine where is the gadget. However, as always, there are certain conditions. At first, The phone number must be associated with the account, and Secondly, GPS must be turned on on the device, otherwise, unfortunately, it will not be possible to find it.

Applications to find a person by the location of his phone

I must admit that there is a lot of such software. we will describe only a few programs, because otherwise we just drown. I hope this sample helps you.


The first of the applications we selected makes it possible to create a certain group (for example, children or couriers), whose members can see where all the others are located, as well as their history

messages and calls.

Find my friends

A completely free application, which, while being very easy to use, provides a lot of opportunities to track people by phone number. In addition, people who are part of the circle created by you will not only see each other, but also be able to correspond with each other.

Life360: be with your family

This is not simple software, but a whole social cross-platform system where you can create user groups and track their location. In addition, the application supports messenger functions, and also provides an opportunity to evaluate battery condition on the

The phone you are interested in.

What is very important for parents is the ability to highlight locations, for example, school, home, work, and so on. When you enter or exit it, the program will give you a signal.

Very important is also panic button function. When a user finds himself in a difficult situation, clicks on it, then everyone in his circle will receive a corresponding message.

Sygic family locator

recently, one could say that there was nothing special in this program, because everything was like everyone else: the SOS button, GPS-search for people by phone number, messenger. however, in the summer of 2016, the development company did not make so much technological how much is a market breakthrough: the program has learned to send relatives information about sorties and landings, which, of course, is sometimes very important.

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A very pleasant impression is made by the GeoLocator application, which, in addition to being able to track the movements of a child (or adult), can even turn into a radio nanny (that is, provide a feedback function) or an Internet walkie-talkie. Separately, I would like to note the excellent work of the software support team.

Of course, there are spyware to monitor the phone, however, you must clearly understand that the use of such software illegal and violates human rights. However, such applications can be easily found and purchased online. hide, do not appear in gadget system processes, secretly collect data about the location of the subscriber and thus make it possible to find the location of a person by mobile phone number.

Such applications include programs Talklog, Hellospy, “Phone Tracking”, however, these are the most popular of them, in fact, there are many more. As we already said, it is impossible to find this software by viewing installed programs, however some mobile antiviruses capable of it.

What to watch out for

Beautifully designed sites with a modern discreet design, offering for a little money to find a person by phone number is free or for symbolic money, should be avoided. Repeat again: if special software is not installed on your phone or computer, special services from the operator are not connected, or the internal affairs authorities are not interested in the subscriber, it is impossible to find a person’s location by mobile phone number. Those who propose to do this, scammers who want to steal your money.

On the other hand, identify by prefix, to which region does an unfamiliar number belong, from which, for example, an unfamiliar call came to your phone, not only legally, but also quite realistically.

So to summarize: we’ve told you how to find the location of a person by phone, however, as you can see, it’s unlikely that you can simply enter the number in the browser’s search bar and see all the information about your wife or subordinate. Of course, there are situations when finding a loved one quickly is simply necessary, but, fortunately, they do not happen so often. In other cases, it is better to trust others: it’s both nerves and money.

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