Find Out Your Forgotten Apple Id

Find Out Your Forgotten Apple Id

Apple ID is an account that every Apple product owner needs. With its help, it becomes possible to download media content to apple devices, connect services, store data in a cloud storage, and much more. Of course, in order to log in, you will need to know your Apple ID. The task is complicated if you forget it.

The login address for the Apple ID is the email address that the user specifies during the registration process. Unfortunately, such information is easily forgotten, and at the most important moment it is impossible to recall it. How to be?

We draw your attention to the fact that on the Internet you can find services that supposedly allow you to recognize your Apple ID device by IMEI. We strongly recommend against using them, because at best you will spend some money in vain, and at worst, you can remotely block your device with a trick (if you have activated the function Find iPhone)

We recognize the Apple ID on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that is signed in.

The easiest way to find out your Apple ID, which will help if you have an Apple device that is already signed in to your account.

Option 1: Via the App Store

You can only purchase applications and install updates on them if you have signed in to Apple ID. If these functions are available to you, it means that you are logged in and, therefore, you can see your email address.

    Launch the App Store app.

  • Go to the tab “Selection”, and then go down to the very end of the page. You will see the item “Apple ID”, next to which your email address will appear.
  • Option 2: Via the iTunes Store

    The iTunes Store is a standard application on your device that allows you to purchase music, ringtones and movies. By analogy with the App Store, you can see Apple ID in it.

      Launch the iTunes Store.

  • In the tab “Music”, “Films” or Sounds Scroll to the bottom of the page where your Apple ID should appear.
  • Option 3: through the “Settings”

    1. Open the application on your device “Settings”.
  • Scroll down to approximately the center of the page, finding the item ICloud. Under it in small print, your email address related to Apple ID will be written.
  • Option 4: through the Find iPhone app

    If you are in the application Find iPhone logged in at least once, subsequently the email address from Apple ID will be automatically displayed.

      Run the application Find iPhone.

  • In the graph “Apple ID” You will be able to see your email address.
  • We recognize Apple ID on a computer through iTunes

    Now let’s move on to ways to view the Apple ID on the computer.

    Method 1: through the program menu

    This method will let you know your Apple ID on your computer, but, again, provided that iTunes is signed in to your account.

    Launch iTunes, and then click on the tab. “Account”. At the top of the window that appears, your name and email address will be visible.

    Method 2: Via iTunes Library

    If your iTunes library has at least one file, you can find out through which account it was purchased.

      To do this, open the section in the program Media Library, and then select the tab with the type of data you want to show. For example, we want to display a library of stored applications.

    Right-click on the application or other library file and in the context menu that appears, select “Intelligence”.

  • Go to the tab “File”. Here, near the point “Buyer”, your email address will be visible.
  • If no method helped

    In the event that neither iTunes nor your apple device has the ability to view the login from Apple ID, then you can try to remember it on the Apple website.

      To do this, follow this link to the access recovery page, and then click on the button Forgot Apple ID.

    On the screen you will need to enter information that will allow you to find your account. this is the name, surname and prospective email address.

  • You may need to make several attempts to search for Apple Idy, indicating any information possible until the system displays a positive search result.
  • Actually, these are all ways to find out the login of a forgotten Apple ID. We hope this information was useful to you.

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