Find out the password on the Wi-Fi iPhone

How to find out and view Wi-Fi password on iPhone

Each of us may have such a situation that we have forgotten the password for Wi-Fi, and we urgently need to connect another device to the wireless network. At the same time, once before, we already connected our iPhone to a Wi-Fi network, which means that it is possible to find out the password for Wi-Fi on the phone. In this article, we will describe in detail several ways to view the Wi-Fi password on the iPhone.

How to Find and View Wi-Fi Password on iPhone

How to find out the Wi-Fi password on your phone

It should be noted right away that without a Mac on an iPhone, you cannot. only by jailbreak. Unfortunately, Apple makes it possible to view passwords only from web resources on the iPhone where you registered, but not from the wireless network. But there are still a few workarounds. Which one to use depends on your situation. Now more about each method:

Method 1:

If you have an iPhone in your hand that has already connected to Wi-Fi and you need to connect your Mac to the same wireless network, you just need to set up the iCloud Keychain feature. iCloud Keychain saves passwords and account logins, card data and information about previously connected Wi-Fi networks.

All you need to do is just log into your Mac under the same Apple account, and then the computer will automatically receive the Wi-Fi password. over, the Internet must work on the phone and the iCloud Keychain function is activated.

Method 2:

Suitable for those who want to connect another device to Wi-Fi and just need to see the Wi-Fi password on an iPhone that has already connected to this wireless network.

In this case, first you need to do the same as described in method 1. That is, activate (Keychain) iCloud Keychain on iPhone and set it up on Mac.

Then on your computer, go to Utilities and go to Keychain Access. In the window that opens, you will see a list of your logins and passwords from various accounts, etc.

In the upper left corner, select iCloud. Then click once on the Type heading to sort all rows by type.

Next, find the line “AirPort Network Password” with the name of your network. here is the password from Wi-Fi that you want to view.

Click on any of the “AirPort Password” lines, and then right-click to select Properties. Check the box next to “Show password”, and you will be able to view the saved password from Wi-Fi. Only in advance the system will ask you to enter the full administrator name and password manually.

The last way to see the Wi-Fi password on the iPhone will be relevant for those who do not have a Mac at hand, who just want to find out the Wi-Fi password on the iPhone.

Since this function is not included in the standard capabilities of the iOS system, you will have to use unofficial software. And for this you need a jaybreak. If your phone is jailbroken, you can simply install the Wi-FiPasswords tweak and once launched, access all the Wi-Fi passwords that were previously registered on the iPhone.

How to view Wi-Fi password on iPhone using 4MeKey tool

Tenorshare 4uKey.Password Manager. Reliable password management tool, it can find saved Wi-Fi passwords on iPhone / iPad from PC / Mac, saved passwords of websites and apps, scan and view email accounts, credit card information, etc.d.

Download and install 4MeKey on your computer, launch the program to get started. Connect iPhone / iPad to Computer with USB Cable

The program will automatically detect your device and display the device information. Click the “Start Scan” button to view and find all passwords stored on your device.

It may take a while, but please wait for the scanning process to complete.

After scanning, all Wi-Fi accounts and passwords, saved websites in Safari, apps, emails, credit card and Apple ID will be displayed by category.

Preview and click the Export button to transfer them to 1password, Chrome, Dashlane, LastPass, Keeper or csv files.

Besides, you forgot your backup password, want to reset iTunes backup password, use Tenoreshare iBackupUnlocker tool.

Update 2019-07-25 / Update to Unlock iTunes Backup

Using Android and iPhone shell capabilities to view password via QR code from a saved hotspot

The easiest way to get information is when using Xiaomi smartphones. The developers have provided the ability to view ciphers from a wireless connection without ROOT rights. The functionality is used to send information to another phone or tablet. This method is not suitable for connecting a laptop.

The problem is that the key itself remains inaccessible, the device outputs only QR codes, which can be read by the specified gadgets.

The procedure follows simple steps:

  • After opening the Wi-Fi settings, you need to click on the shortcut of the network to which the gadget is connected.
  • Below it there will be a block “click to share”.
  • When activated, a window with a QR code appears on the display.
  • They scan it with another device and agree to join the wireless network.

How to find out the password for Wi-Fi on the phone to which it is connected

The question of how to find out the password for Wi-Fi on the phone arises when you try to connect a new mobile device to the system or when you want to distribute the Internet when guests arrive. There are several options for fixing the problem, each user can choose the most convenient one.

Using Apps to View Wi-Fi Passwords with Root

Experts recommend installing the simplest, but workable utilities on gadgets. They take up minimal space and are useful in some situations. Their convenience lies in the fact that regardless of the user’s saving the keys, the application functionality will be able to display all the access points to which the device was previously connected.

For their use and normal operation, the owner of the device must have superuser rights. Otherwise, it will not be able to change the data in the system catalog.

Using superuser rights to search the phone for a file that contains data for saved networks

These options for solving the current problem are relevant for users with received ROOT rights. Otherwise, they won’t work. Android automatically saves security keys in a separate file when connected to Wi-Fi. If the owner of the device has superuser rights, then he can easily find the necessary information.

How can I find out the password for Wi-Fi on the phone:

  • Open any explorer (ES Explorer or RootBrowser), look for the “Wi-Fi” folder. It is located in the internal part of the device’s memory and is located at: data / misc / Wi-Fi.
  • They look for the file “wpasupplicant.conf”, you can open it with a text editor. On each version of Android, this subsection with keys has its own name. Any of the options must contain the “.conf” extension.
  • The document contains information about all wireless lines to which a tablet or phone was once connected. You can find your own by being guided by the name, which is indicated in the “ssid” line. The forgotten cipher will be in “psk”.

How to view the Wi-Fi password from a router to which it is connected without root

Owners of new gadgets are often faced with the question of how to view the wi-fi password on the phone. The easiest way to do this is through the standard functions of the device, for this you can use an old smartphone. The algorithm of actions is simple:

  • Move from “settings” to the block “general”.
  • Find the subsection “wireless connections” and select “Wi-Fi”.
  • In the item “modem mode” click on “Wi-Fi access point”.
  • Activate “access point settings”.

A window with a password represented by dots will appear on the screen. To make it digital, just click on the icon in the form of an eye.

View information in the simplest way

Experts identify several ways to view ciphers on smartphones (with and without superuser rights):

  • definition through a gadget;
  • application of a file manager;
  • using third-party special utilities;
  • determination using a personal computer. an additional program is also needed.

How to log into the web interface of your router from your phone to view the password

Before starting the procedure, you must connect the device to the Internet. How you can see the password for Wi-Fi on your phone:

  • Open any browser on the device, enter “” or “” in the address bar and go to this address. It is universal for most routers, but in some cases you need to look at it on the bottom of the router.
  • The system will ask you for the administrator’s login and password. This information is written on the bottom of the router, the cipher is not related to the Wi-Fi information.
  • The display will show the router’s web interface. it is different on each device and you need to find a subsection with settings in it. It can be called “wireless mode”.
  • Once the password is found, it is used to connect other devices. It is usually located in the “wireless password” box. If desired, in the same section it can be replaced with a new one, more convenient.

Wi-Fi Passwords

The application is considered one of the best, its principle of operation is to display important keys in their original form, without covering the numbers with asterisks and dots. In the Android operating system, there is no way to view the information for connecting the router through the mobile: they are hidden, using the principles of encryption.

After downloading, installing and running the program on the gadget, you need to open it by clicking on the shortcut. It will display a list of wireless lines to which the gadget was previously connected, and a password will be written under their names (SSID).

Wi-Fi Key Recovery

The general principle of operation of the utility is almost similar to the previous program, a slight difference is visible in the display of the information of interest. Wi-Fi Key Recovery app is used:

  • to view the password;
  • data recovery without trying to find the right solution or hacking the operating system;
  • to remember and save the keys to wireless networks that were used to connect the gadget.

The application performs a thorough analysis of the wpa supplicant file and can display information on the screen in a user-friendly form. Thanks to the functionality, information can be copied to the clipboard or sent to other devices in the form of a text document.

The whole process follows a certain pattern:

  • The utility helps to identify all nearby wireless connection points.
  • The user needs to select the option from which the Wi-Fi password was forgotten. It is enough to check the line name.
  • The system displays an additional menu with the right to select further actions. The top two items allow you to copy information on keys, then they can be read in the public domain.

Then there is a standard inclusion through the utility shortcut. All previously used versions will appear in the resulting list, which is divided into separate blocks. A key will be indicated under the name, which is designated as “psk”. After the user is able to connect to the Internet, it is better to save the data or write it down somewhere.

It is not difficult to find out passwords from your own access point; there are many techniques that allow you to solve the problem of forgetfulness in a few minutes. If difficulties arise with the standard set, then you can use specialized programs. The owner of the device (iPhone or Android) should not forget that all the above methods solve one problem and are not suitable for detecting encodings from extraneous connections. It will also not be possible to break other people’s ciphers with them.

Find Wi-Fi Password in Mac OS

Like Windows, you can also find the Wi-Fi password for the current network as well as the previously connected network. But now you need “admin privileges” to see the Wi-Fi password. Can’t find Wi-Fi password on Mac OS unless you need administrator password.

So here’s how to do it.

Start by pressing cmd spacebar. to bring up the spotlight and search for “Keychain Access”.

You can also go to / Applications / Utilities / Keychain Access.

Here you will see a list of all Wi-Fi networks. But before you make any changes, you need to unlock the lock

Now scroll down until you see your current Wi-Fi name (or use the search bar at the top).

Once you find the Wi-Fi name. double click it show password enter password to login to MAC. And here is the Wi-Fi password of this network.

If you don’t have access to admin password, won’t be able to find Wi-Fi password in MAC.


In the control panel, follow the steps:

  • Go to the main menu.
  • Selecting “Wireless Mode”.
  • Next, click “Wireless Security”.
  • We are looking for the item “PSK Password”.
  • We rewrite it or just enter it on the desired device.

With iOS

Consider the situation that the user only has a smartphone that is already connected to the Wi-Fi network, but he forgot the password. You can solve the problem on the devices in the “keychain”. This function is available starting from version iOS 7, which means it is suitable even for iPhone 6, 5S and even 5.

You can view saved Wi-Fi passwords on iphone (without Mac) in only three ways (two of which are similar):

  • Using third-party applications (if you have a jailbreak).
  • Using official applications for your router (if you have administrator-level access to the router).
  • Using the router’s web interface (if you have administrator-level access to the router).

How to find out Wi-Fi password on iPhone using jailbreak

If you have a jailbroken iPhone and still want to recover iPhone Wi-Fi password, you can use some Wi-Fi password recovery apps. Here is an example of this.

Open Cydia from your home screen and search for “Wi-Fi Passwords,” which is a free app to find and recover Wi-Fi passwords on iPhone.

Install the application by clicking “Install” in the upper right corner.

2.After installation, click “Return to Cydia” and then return to the home screen of your device.

Open the Wi-Fi Passwords app and view all available Wi-Fi networks and their passwords.

Find out the password on the Wi-Fi iPhone

Click on your preferred network to connect.

How to find out the password for Wi-Fi via iphone

App 2: iSpeedTouchpad

Download and install the app using the same approach as described above for the Wi-Fi Password app. Launch the iSpeedTouchpad app and find all available networks. Once the preferred network is defined, click on it to see the available passwords and connect to the networks using passwords.

Find Wi-Fi Password in Linux

To find the Wi-Fi password in Linux (tested in Ubuntu), open a terminal, type this command and press Enter. It will ask you to enter your user password, enter it and press Enter again. And here you have a list of connections and their password.

sudo grep psk = / etc / NetworkManager / system-connections /

This asterisk displays all connections and their keys. If you want to see the keys of a specific network, replace the asterisk with the SSID of the network.

Find Wi-Fi Password on iOS

Like Android, iPhone and iPad also hide Wi-Fi passwords. But if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a jailbreak iPhone, you can use this free utility called Wi-Fi Passwords (not tested).

However, you can see the saved Wi-Fi password on your iPhone (doesn’t work on iPad) if you have a Mac computer. and your iPhone and Mac are connected to the same iCloud account. So, once you have that, you can access your iPhone’s keychain database (the file that stores all the passwords) from your Mac.

For more information, check out this guide to View Saved iPhone Wi-Fi Passwords on Mac (No Jailbreak)

Find and Recover Wi-Fi Password on iPhone via Wi-Fi Router Settings

On iOS devices, you can also find the Wi-Fi password in your router settings by following simple steps.

Open “Settings” and go to Wi-Fi. All network names will be displayed.

Click on the round icon (i) next to the name for which you want to recover the password. Copy the IP address of the router.

Open Safari, type the copied IP address and press Enter.

Your router’s login panel page will open.

Enter the default username and password, which should be “admin”. If “admin” doesn’t work, you can find the default password for your router on Google.