Find out the IP address of the printer Kyocera. Information about the network

How to find out the IP address of the network printer?

Office equipment and home printing devices are often equipped with network adapters, which allows you to use them in a local network. As you know, there are several main ways to connect PC to the printer or All-In-One Printer:

The network address of the printer or IP address is a numerical value assigned to the printing equipment for its identification on the Internet. This allows the printer to exchange data with other network devices: computers, laptops, etc.D.

In the first case, the connection is carried out directly. If the computer does not see the printer, the reason is a faulty USB cable or the absence of drivers. About how to install drivers for the printer, read in our other material. To organize a connection between Wi-Fi or LAN devices, the user needs to know the IP address of the printer.

Take a simple example: in a small office in Kyiv 10 PC and 4 All-in-One Printer. To connect printers to the network, knowledge of the IP address will help you perform this process much faster. There are situations when an employee cannot understand why the network printer does not print, and the reason may be that All-In-One Printer is disabled from the network. We will tell you about several methods that will help determine the IP of the connected equipment.

Express method-how to find out the IP address of the printer in 30 seconds.

Want to know the IP address of your printing equipment in less than a minute? Open Word or any other text editor. Click “Print” by choosing the correct printer. You can also open this window using a key combination: “Ctrl” “P”. The requested information will be indicated in the field that opens before the word “port.

We find out the IP address of the printer through the command line (CMD)

You can enter CMD in the search field or take turns click “Win” “R”.

In the opened program, enter the Printer Management. You will get into the “Devices and Prinaters” section.

IP addresses of printing equipment in Windows XP/7

Follow the way: “Start”. “Devices and Prinaters”.

Find a device connected to your PC and click it with the right mouse button to access the printer properties. On the “General” tab, you will see the value of the ip protocol.

If you have created a network printer, you can find its address in the Wi-Fi Router settings. Enter your accounting operator account and go to the DHCP customer table.

Another best way is to establish support programs. The most popular utilities:

  • 1 IPSCAN-I is a simple program that allows you to determine the availability of IP addresses;
  • 2 Lanscope-scan a local network in seconds, showing a list of IP devices;
  • 3 Advanced IP Scanner is an intuitively simple network scanner.

We learn the network address of copying equipment on Windows 10

To find out the IP address of the network printer, it is advisable to print a test page where the general data will indicate the values ​​of the port and address. In the printer settings, select the “General”. “test seal” tab.

You can also determine the IP address of the printer as follows:

Open the “parameters” found at the beginning.

Find the device, go to its “properties”, then click “Web services”.

There is no PC at hand-how to quickly find out the IP address of the printer

In this case, you can again print the configurations of printing equipment, but without using PC. For each brand of printing equipment, the method of printing the configuration page will differ. For example, for some HP Laserjet printers, it is enough to press the Start button and hold it for 5 seconds.

To find out the network address of the Samsung brand printer, just hold the Print Screen functional key for 4 or 10 seconds. Print time depends on the model and a copy of the copy. Some printers have built-in LCD displays, with which the user can view all the necessary information about the settings.

Note: when the printer does not work and for some reason eliminates print errors, do not lose time. Seek professional help. Perhaps it is necessary to repair printing equipment. Our masters will resume the process of printing as soon as possible and help you configure your printer.

We hope that the advice was useful to you and helped you find out the IP address of the printer. Here you can save not only time, but also money by ordering a dressing of cartridges in the Tonfix service center. For all issues of cooperation, please contact the service managers for help.

How to look at the IP address of the printer using router settings

If the printer is connected to the Wi-Fi computer, you can see the address in the router settings. To do this, you need to find out the IP address of network equipment. Usually it is located on the rear panel of the router and looks like this: Then open any browser and enter these numbers into the address line. The router settings integration should open. Some manufacturers of network equipment, in addition to the digital address, also have a secondary alphabetical. For example, Tenda has Other manufacturers have something similar.

To access the router settings, you will need to enter an account login and password. Often the login is “admin”, and the password is also indicated on the rear panel of the network device. You will need to find a section with connected devices. Depending on the pattern of the router, it can be in different places. This category is usually called “devices”. In it you will find all the gadgets connected to the router. Usually IP address is written next to each of them.

Method 1. IP data in the printer itself

You can find out any data about the IP of your printer directly through its integration. In order to do this, you need to find a button on the device’s case on which the menu will be written or an icon in the form of a wrench will be depicted. By clicking on such a button, the user will immediately get into the settings section.

Next, you should find a list that will display the counts on all tinctures. There will be a lot of reference, but in order to find out the IP address, only one will require. You can choose any countdown and print it. Next, you need to find information about its configuration where IP can be viewed.

REFERENCE! Modern printing machines immediately reproduce almost all the information, namely: the current condition of the remaining remains in the cartridge, the model indices in digital and alphanumer form, the name of the manufacturer and much more. Many users are wondering: how to find out the printer model? Often it is prescribed either on the device itself or in the settings for it.

If IP to determine the IP through the local network did not work, you can try to do this using test printing.

To do this, you need to do the following actions in a strictly defined order:

  • Open a window with the printer settings, the information about which you need to find out;
  • Select the section “General”, go to the “Trinous Seal” section;
  • Print a sheet-industry;
  • Consider the information presented on the sheet. Most likely it is there that you will find a section with the address.

Method 2. through Windows OS

To find IP in this way, you must again go to the settings section and select the Printer Printer tab. To find out the necessary information, the printer itself does not even have to be included in the network, everything can be found out through the OC of the computer, and it does not matter which version is installed.

Everything will differ only in external indicators, the actions are almost the same. But for convenience, below will be discussed actions on versions such as Windows7 and Windows 10.

Windows 7

You first need to see which devices are generally connected to a computer. To do this, you need to navigate the following route. “Start”, “control panel”, “devices and printers”. There is another, easier way to go immediately to the final point of the route.

In the search engine, it is necessary to score the necessary keywords:

  • If all previous actions were performed correctly, then a tab should open before the user with all devices connected to PC. By pressing the Printers icon, you need to find a network printer, it is especially important to be careful if several are connected to the computer. Then you need to click on the icon of the selected device with the right mouse button and select the “Properties” section;
  • The window should be displayed, where all the information will be located. Several tabs will be available at the top, you need to click on the “common”;
  • Further in the “Location” tab, you can find all the information of interest, where the network address of the device is prescribed.

Windows 10

In this version, go to the “Device and Prinaters” tab through the search will no longer be possible, so you have to resort to a longer method:

  • After the desired tab is found, as in the algorithm presented above, you need to choose a printer port;
  • By clicking on the device icon by the right mouse button, select the properties and go to the web services tab;
  • Then it remains only to find the email address of the page and follow the link where all the necessary information will be provided, including the IP address of your printer.

REFERENCE! Regardless of which version of Windows is on the computer, a list of devices connected to it can be found using the hot keys of Winr and the special command Control Printers.

Where to see the IP address of the printer

Mr. Whoer is again with you, and today in our blog we open a series of articles called “educational program”. In them, we will tell in simple language about difficult computer situations.

Sometimes a fleeting issue can be at a dead end. For example, “what IP printer in accounting?””. Yes, and how to find and see the IP printer at all, if your device does not have a display and it is not displayed on the network? Now I will tell you how to find out the IP address of the printer.

IP printer address

First, do not be surprised that the printer generally has an IP address. Yes, for a long time, not only bulky corporate xoxs machines are able to connect to the Internet, but small home printers can already connect via Wi-Fi to your home network. Of course, at home, you, in fact, give the printer IP address yourself. Almost all printers for home use require connecting to a computer via a USB-noor, installing a company program on a computer, which in a dialog box will ask you to enter IP, simultaneously showing you all the data-from its serial number to the printer’s address address.

If you need to determine the IP printer connected by your office, you can use the whole three ways to choose!

Method 1

Press the Start button and click the “Device and Printer” menu. There you will see your printer, its name and network address of the printer.

Method 2

The second option is through the printer integration. It is usually required to press the “menu” button on the device or a button with a wound key icon (this is how the “Setting” menu is indicated). Next, you need to select a “configuration report” or a similar menu with reports and print it. The printer will print you a text where you read the device parameters:

Hardware: 2C: 75: 8a: 41: 91: FC The name of the main computer: NPL4191FD Address IP4:

Method 3

The third version will need to install additional software. This is either programs from the printer manufacturer or software. For example, HP produces universal programs that allow you to find a printer of this brand on the network and connect it. programs, such as NetViewer, IPSCAN or LANSCope, work on the principle of scanning a local network. A special skill is not required to handle them. install, start the program and click the “scan” button. In the program window, after a while you will see all the devices found, including your printer.

If no method helped to find your device, check if the printer and local network are working.

Kyocera FS-1125 / 1025 / 1120 / 1020 Machine Administrator mode / kyocera administrator password

Windows operating system

You can find out the IP address of the HP or Epson printer using the operating system functions. As a rule, for this there is even no need to include equipment. Since all the necessary data are saved in the settings. However, depending on the system version. Windows 10 or Windows 7, the procedure is somewhat different.

The procedure does not cause any complexity, you only need to observe a certain procedure.

  • To begin with, by pressing the Start button, open the menu and go to the “control panel”. Here you need to find the section “Devices and printers”, in which there is a list of all devices connected to the computer.
  • In the list find the necessary printing device. Phaser 3020, for example, and click on it with the right button. In this case, a list is unfolding in which you should choose “properties”.
  • In the window that opens, the “General” tab is found. The first line of the tab has an indication of the location, where the IP address of the device is entered. It can be rewritten or copy to another file.

How to find out the IP address of the printer Epson, Kyocera, HP in Windows 10

The procedure is similar, but in Windows 10 are somewhat differently located and indicated the tabs necessary for manipulations.

  • Open the “Start” button the general menu, the “control panel” enters.
  • In the “Devices and Printers” section, find the desired device and click on it with a farabo button. The list selects “Properties”.
  • Then, the “Web Service” tab is found in the window-this is how the desired section is indicated in Windows 10.

The IP address of the device is stored on this page. In addition, here you can find all other data about the device.

Use the NET command

Sometimes the easiest and fastest way is to use a good Ol DOS:

  • Open the command line window: select “Start”. “Perform”. enter CMD and click “OK”).
  • In the command line window, enter Net View. This gives you a list of computers in your network. Pay attention to the name to which the joint venture is connected.
  • Then enter Net View \\ Server-Name (Replace the name of the computer that you selected above for “Server-Name”). A list of resources separated by this computer will appear; The name of your printer should be on the list.
  • Find the IP address joint venture.

How to find an IP address of a network printer?

It happens that the joint venture suddenly stops working, and you need to find a static (closed) IP address of SP for further diagnosis.

There are several ways to find this:

  • SP with a built-in port-port usually with a menu button that displays the IP address assigned to him. Try to print a self.testing or configuration page from SP.
  • If you can’t find the IP address of the joint venture on the menu display; or if the joint venture is connected to the print server without a display, you can find its address from any network computer configured to use SP.

To find the IP address of the joint venture, act with PKWindows in the sequence:

  • Start. control panel. printers and faxes. the name of the joint venture and the left property. Then go to the “ports” and expand the first column that displays the IP addresses of the printers.
  • If the joint venture uses DHCP, you can connect to the router and find the IP address of the joint venture from the DHCP state page. The router displays all the host machines that are prescribed dynamic IP addresses.
  • Try to check the network from the computer connected to the network and find the ARP table. On PC click [Start]. [Perform] and enter “CMD” and [Enter]. Enter ipconfig to find a network address. The network address is determined by performing a logical operation on your IP address and subnet mask. For example, if IP address and Mask subnet, then network address Pinging your network using a broadcast address, that is, Ping “. After that, execute the ARP command.a “to determine all computing devices connected to the network. One of the IP addresses found is your joint venture.
  • You can use the NetStat command.R “to find the IP address of all network routes. However, if the joint venture has a problem of communication with other network devices, you will not be able to find the IP address of the printer using the NetStat command.

Perhaps information above will help to solve the problem of searching for the address of the joint venture, there are solutions described in the vastness of the Internet, but if the problem seems insoluble to you, consult a system administrator for help. Many enterprises conclude contracts with IT companies to serve their field of office equipment and, as a rule, the problems described above do not arise.

How to configure overall access to a network printer?

To configure overall access to the network printer, you need to return to the “control panel” and go to “Devices and Prinaters”. Next, click on the icon of the desired printer and in the drop.down menu to select the “Printer Printer” icon, then open the “Access” tab.

You need to enable the option “General access to this printer” and in the field below enter the name of the resource (printer). It is desirable that the name does not contain gaps, and also be concise, since you will have to enter this name when setting up a network printer on other computers of a local network. Do not forget to press the “apply” and “ok” buttons.

Everything, the overall access to the printer is open and it can be safely called the “network printer”.

How to access the network printer from another computer?

Enlargled the network printer from another computer is very simple. You need to open the “control panel”. “devices and printers”, then select “Adding Printer” in the upper menu.

Как узнать ip адресс принтера Kyocera M3145dn

After which the system will try to find the desired printer in the local network. If the detection was successful, just select the desired network printer from the list and click “Next”. If the network printer is not found, use the point “The necessary printer is absent in the list”.

The system will offer to find a printer in other parameters. It is advisable to use the option “Choose a common printer by name” and indicate the network path in the following format: \ iMa_komputheme_printer (in my case: \ sergey-pchp_deskjet_f4180). Then click the “Next” button and wait for the completion of the setting of the network printer.

Attention! You may need drivers. They can be downloaded from the official site of the device manufacturer.

If the setting is completed successfully, you will see a window with the inscription: “You successfully installed“ Here is the name of your network printer ””.

I recommend checking the correct installation of a network printer. To do this, click “Next” and send a test page to print by clicking by the button with the corresponding inscription.

When the information window appears “Trick page has been sent to the printer”, control the correctness of the execution of the task sent to the network printer.

How to find out the IP address of the printer in “Word

Surely you noticed that some text editors write information about the device through which the seal is performed. Word is installed on your computer, probably everything. Therefore, it is easier for it to use.

  • Create any document and open it.
  • In the upper left corner, press the “Office” button and select “Print”.
  • In the window that opens, look at the port column in which the network address of the printer will be indicated. Make sure you have chosen the right device from the list.

How to go to the Command Center RX: Instructions

To gain access to the Command Center RX, you need to enter the IP address of the device in the address bar of the browser (1) and enter the system using login / password (2): Admin / Admin (or Admin00 / Admin00). Typically, the password is indicated in the user manual.

If you use your printing device in an office where a local network is organized and there is no separate printer for each employee, the network printing will be a way out of the situation. To connect to the printing device, you may need the name of the network host or IP address of the printer. As practice shows, not all users of office equipment even guess about the existence of such a thing. In addition, I don’t know how to determine it.

If there are outputs for connecting Ethernet, it is recommended to use this option to connect.

Printer properties in Windows

Now let’s look at the method a little more complicated. To carry out it, you will need to perform several actions:

The only problem you may encounter when performing this method is the absence of a printer in the “Device Manager”. In this case, use the method 5 from the article on the link below. There you will find a detailed guide on how to add new equipment to Windows.

In addition, when there are problems with the detection of the printer, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the following material. There you will find a detailed description of the solution of such a problem.

Network parameters

If the computer is connected via a network cable or uses Wi-Fi, information about it can be found in the parameters of the home or network of the enterprise. You only need to make a few manipulations from you:

Proper connection of print equipment via Wi-Fi has its own characteristics and difficulties. Therefore, in order to do everything without errors, we advise you to contact our other material at the following link:

This is where our article is coming to an end. You were familiarized with four available options for determining the IP address of the network printer. As you can see, this procedure is completely simple, the entire process is carried out in literally a few actions, so you should not have difficulties with this task.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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