Find out the fart code by the phone number

What is a PIN?

Personal Identification Number, known to all users as “pin”, in English means “personal identification number”, a kind of password for each user to access his mobile number data. Each SIM-card has its own PIN code, and each operator assigns its own standard identification number to SIM-cards during production, which can be changed at any time if desired.

What do all users need to know about PIN-code?

  • While restarting your smartphone, changing the battery, turning your mobile on, etc.д., user is required to enter PIN-code. It is the entry of this password that opens to the user all the possibilities offered by mobile operators: incoming/outgoing calls, all kinds of messages, mobile Internet, etc. That’s why every mobile device user absolutely needs to know and remember his/her unique PIN-code.
  • According to the standard of the International Organization for Standardization, a PIN-code can contain not less than 4 and not more than 12 digits. Standard number for Ukrainian operators is a PIN-code of 4 digits.
  • Standard pin is indicated on the plastic holder of the SIM-card. You can find out how a SIM card is set up in this article.
  • Once the standard pin is entered, the user can change it at his or her discretion. Further, the user himself is responsible for the safety and proper use of his SIM-card. How to change standard PIN-code you can learn on web-site of mobile operator. Usually, to change the PIN-code from the user is required to enter a certain command, which will contain the old and new codes.
  • There are only three attempts to enter the correct pin, after which the SIM card will be blocked.

What to do if you entered the PUK-code incorrectly

If wrong PUK code is entered and mobile phone is blocked, you need to act according to similar algorithm:

  • Call 5433;
  • Notify the operator of the numbers. the last three outgoing numbers;
  • Report 3 numbers with maximum call frequency.

You can also specify the personal data from the documents, but this option is suitable if the user has officially assigned his number. After that, the operator will help unlock the card and give you a new protection key.

Reviews show that this is the main way to restore access to the SIM-card after blocking. Otherwise, it will not be possible to use the phone until the number is restored.

How to know and restore the PUK code?

The first and the easiest way to find out the puk-code is to look at the cardholder of the start package. Practice shows that many Kyivstar subscribers lose their cardholders in the first months of SIM-card usage. That’s why the mobile operator has prepared alternative ways to restore the pak-code:

  • To find out PUK-code you can in the self-service system “My Kyivstar”, in the section “Overview. You will need a permanent password to log in;
  • You can restore PUK in any store of Kyivstar. You need to provide information about the SIM-card serial number (ICC) (look at the back of the card) or information about the 3 phone numbers you have called most often and the time of the calls, the balance on your mobile account.
  • You can get information about PUK code by dialing 466 (from mobile number of Kyivstar network) or 0 800 300 466 (from fixed and cell phones), contacting the call center;
  • Another way to find out your fart code is to use IVR voice menu by yourself. Phone numbers. 466 (from mobile number of Kyivstar network) or 0 800 300 466 (from fixed and cell phones). Important condition. you must have Personal password service activated on your number, by which PUK code can be restored.

Prepaid subscribers who know the serial number of their SIM card (you can see it on the back of the card) have an additional method to restore the pack code. You can do it by dialing 9223 (from any number of Kyivstar network) or 0 800 300 466 (from local and mobile numbers in Ukraine).

You can restore PUK code for free, operator does not charge for this service.

Where to look up Vodafone puk-code

There are only 2 ways to find out Vodafone Ukraine puk-code:

  • use the plastic card to which the SIM card was attached at purchase (the required code is indicated under the protective layer next to the pin code);
  • Call the contact center and ask for help from the support operators.

There is no other way to bypass the restrictions and find out the combination, because there are no other methods of obtaining the code. It is also practically impossible to guess it, because the number of attempts to enter it is limited.

Contact the operator

To find out Vodafone’s puk-code through the operator, you need to tell the contact center staff the information that only the real owner of the SIM-card can know:

  • passport data (for subscribers on a contract);
  • Information about the most recent calls and the people you called the most;
  • Information about the time and amount of the last recharge;
  • balance.
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If you do not know any of the above, it is useless to contact the company’s employees, regardless of which branch you apply to. You can not get help neither in Kiev, nor in other cities and towns of the country.

Limit on attempts to enter

If the user has forgotten the puk-code of Vodafone, it is wise to immediately ask for help, because trying to guess the right combination can lead to trouble:

  • after three incorrect attempts to enter the pin-code, the SIM-card can only be unblocked by puk-code;
  • After 10 attempts to enter puk-code the card is fully blocked without possibility of further unblocking.

That is, rash actions of the user can lead to the fact that it will not be possible to use the SIM-card anymore.

How to know PUK code Kievstar?

Standard PUK code would be very useful for a subscriber, but as this secret combination is designed for SIM-card safety from theft by third parties, it is not so easy. There is a personal combination of digits for each user of mobile communication. Another question. how to find out your puk-code Kyivstar? You can do it in one of four proven ways.

How to know Kyivstar PUK-code, if you saved your start package

The first way that immediately comes to mind. to find a plastic cardholder of your starting package, that is, the very card from which you “squeeze” the carrier of the SIM-card. Exactly on it the operator specifies all the secret data for the subscriber: PIN-code, PUK-code, useful for the subscriber phone number, etc.

How to know Kyivstar PUK code this way? Simply find the cardholder and rub the protective cover with a coin to see the digits you are interested in.

How to know PUK-code of Kyivstar through the Internet

What to do if your phone requires Kyivstar PUK code, and the start package with the cardholder was not at hand? In this case, you need to have access to My Kyivstar personal cabinet. Then you without any problems will authorize in the system by the number of your phone and password, and in a private office you can look through your code.

How to know PUK-code by phone number of Kyivstar

If you are not registered in “My Kyivstar” system, the only way how to know PUK code of Kyivstar SIM-card is to call to operator’s customer service by phone number 466. Next:

  • When you get to the phone you need to get to the main menu (skip the information about special offers, etc.). if necessary).
  • Go to “Lost or blocked phone” with “4” button on your phone keypad.
  • Choose your type of service (“Prepay” or “Contract”).
  • Follow the voice menu instructions.

How to restore the PUK code of Kyivstar in another way

The last backup option in case none of the above methods suits you. contact any Kyivstar representative office in your city. Manager of the office will need to voice:

Important! Knowing the combination of digits of the ICC, a prepaid mobile subscriber can also dial 9223 from his cell phone. you will immediately call to a voice menu of the operator to the section “PUK code” and by following the instructions you can get a PUK code of Kyivstar on your number.

How to find out the packet code from the operator?

After calling the operator of Vodafone with a question about obtaining PUK code, the subscriber will be asked to undergo identification. In practice, these are several easy questions that can be answered without much effort, if the call is really made by the owner of the number. These are the questions:

  • Two subscriber numbers from the list of incoming/outgoing calls made/received recently;
  • amount of the last transfer of funds to the subscriber’s account;
  • exact status of your account;
  • other events of paid or free of charge nature;

And when you call, a Vodafone employee will decide on the number of questions you want to ask. In most cases, it is one main (first) question. If you quickly and decisively name the last two numbers with which communication took place, you can immediately get the secret code digits. If it is impossible to establish the numbers from the call log, expect additional questions.

All this is done to prevent third parties from acquiring the number. Although this security system has its flaws, on the whole, it is quite practical and effective. Note that the above information is only valid for prepaid numbers.

For a contract, the procedure is a bit faster. At connection of the contract form of service, the contract between the subscriber and Vodafone is concluded. This captures all of the client’s personal data, from name to passport data and password. So, in this case, calling the operator, it is enough to tell only the registration data.

A few easy ways to quickly find out your phone number

How to know your phone number? Strangely enough, but some people may still have difficulty in a situation where they need to quickly find out the phone number on their SIM card. Of course, such a situation may arise most often if you’ve recently purchased your tariff plan and simply have not yet had time to memorize the number. Or you have several numbers from different operators, of which only one is the main one, and there is simply no need to remember other numbers. In short, there may be different situations.

But this is not a problem, as below I will give some working methods for quickly finding out your number on your own.

It seems to me that the easiest way to find out the phone number of the SIM-card of any operator using a certain USSD-request:

  • for Kyivstar numbers. request 161#
  • for MTS-Ukraine subscribers. 161#
  • for Lifesell numbers. code 161#
  • For the Vodafone card. code 161#

Just enter the above code, press the call key and after a couple of seconds the screen will display your phone number. As you can see, the code is the same for all operators in Ukraine, for which they (the operators) thanks a lot. Of course, this is not the only way, but it is the most logical and affordable.

Another way to find out quickly the number on your SIM card is to ask any person who has your number in their phone book. If that person is around, just ask, but if no one is around, just call them (if you can make calls, of course). You can also ask for phone number of any passerby, call him and see your number on the screen of his phone.

An additional way to find out your phone number is to look it up on the SIM card packaging (formerly cardboard packages, but now it’s just a credit card-sized plastic card with your phone number written on it). This method is good if the SIM card itself is not available to you (e.g., installed in a tracker).

And the last option, which probably should be used last, is to call the operator (find out ]] how to call the operator quickly ]] ) or go to the nearest customer service center and ask your phone number there. I am sure that 99% of people will be able to find an answer to their question using one of the above methods. If anyone has not succeeded. write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we’ll think together.