Find Out Ip Address By Phone Number

This question we receive on the Email address of our feedback almost several times a day. People want to know how to find out the IP address of a person by their Vkontakte ID or how to find out the IP address of a person by his Vkontakte profile.

The reasons for this curiosity are different, someone was deceived, someone was blackmailed. Below we give some examples of queries (stylistics and punctuation saved):

”The housekeepers from this ID address:. are threatening and extorting money from my father, if you have the opportunity to tell me their ip I will be grateful to you, then I will contact the police. P.S. if I need my passport or my mobile phone, I’ll give you everything. “” A stranger got me on Skype on virtual and now demands money under the threat of sending an intimate to all my friends in VK. The police said that if I write a statement no one will seriously deal with this matter. “” Tonight, someone created a page in VK and began to insult me ​​and my relatives. They turned to the police, they told us that they could not do anything. Help us determine the IP of bullies. they threaten children in the photo. “” Dear site administrators, help me find out the IP address of the person who impersonates me. And he writes to other people on my behalf. There is no way to fix this. “” Hello, I read on one site that I need to contact support to calculate the IP address via the VK page ID. Can this be done? I fell for a scammer who blocked my phone in a strange way and needs money now, I can’t unlock the phone. Please help. “” Dear site administration! I appeal to you with the hope that you will help to solve my problem. It is necessary to help find out the IP of one VK profile / The fact is that on July 17, 2016 I was robbed. all the electronic equipment was taken out of the house. But the phone remained in touch for another day — the thief was sitting on it and on the Internet and there was a call to his friend — on the number. On this number from social networks, VK has such a profile. Please help me find the IP of this profile. There are almost no hopes for the police. “” Please help identify the fraudster’s ip so I can write a statement to the police. Blackmailing by intimate correspondence and photos, extorting money. “” Good afternoon, Dear administration of the project, I am a large widow, I was advised to turn to you for help, since law enforcement agencies themselves are inactive. For three years, an unknown person has been harassing my family: threatening, insulting, distributing false information defaming honor and dignity, register me on dating sites and give out my number and address with offers of an intimate nature. Threats are reinforced by actions, for example, 5.08.15 an arson was set up. I’m trying to figure out who is behind all this. Is it possible to find out the IP address by the profile ID in VK? I have suspicions about one person. Is it possible to tell if the IP address matches the user who threatens me and the user whom I suspect. If necessary, I can take screenshots of threats and unsubscribes ID in VK unknown. ID of suspect in vk. HELP PLEASE. “

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In this short article we will try to clarify the situation a bit and give an answer to this painful question.

Whether the IP address of the user will be useful for searching

Let’s start with the fact that even if you somehow manage to get the IP address of a Vkontakte user, then this will absolutely not give you anything. At best, you will recognize the city in which this person is located and nothing more. And this is only if this subject has not used the means of anonymization. As we can see, in most cases people have problems of a rather serious nature: they blackmail someone, slander someone, spread false information, etc. In most cases, the attacker is reinsured and uses anonymization tools. Therefore, the received IP address will most likely turn out to be the IP address of some anonymizer or VPN service.

Find Out IP Address By Phone Number

Option 1: Law Enforcement

As this will not sound strange, you need to contact law enforcement agencies. From the letters we see that in most cases this does not give anything, but only law enforcement agencies can make a request to the administration of the Vkontakte network to receive data about the user by their Vkontakte ID. This is the only legal and reliable way to achieve something and find an attacker.

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If you contacted the district police officer who is trying to get rid of you and does not understand what is at stake, we can advise you to find the police department “K” in your city. It is this department that is engaged in investigations in the field of Internet crime. But there is not very good news: the likelihood that this department will take up your business is extremely small. They are engaged in larger matters related to thefts in the banking sector, hacking of banking systems, government sites, etc.

Why do I need to contact law enforcement? The answer is very simple. The IP address of the user Vkontakte is known only to the administration of the Vkontakte network and no one else. By law, this information cannot be shared with anyone other than law enforcement. In the case of the latter, the social network may well give out not only the last IP address, but also the history of all visits as well as the history of IP addresses. With this information, law enforcement agencies can make a request to the Internet provider who owns the received IP addresses and thus get real person data. Only law enforcement agencies have such powers and only after receiving and linking information from the Vkontakte network and the Internet provider can you find the real location of the person.

No site, no service can do this.

Option 2: Social Engineering Tools

If there is no hope for a solution to your problem and you still want to know the IP address of a person, then there are several options that cannot be called honest. But in the fight against intruders, probably any methods are good. Therefore, we will tell you what you can try to do, but you will do it at your own peril and risk.

  1. Hack an account of an attacker in Vkontakte. This is just theoretical advice. How to do this, we do not know and do not recommend this. Surely there are people on the Internet who provide similar services. Hacking an account, you can find the history of visits, where to see the IP account owner.
  2. Use the 2IP Spy service The essence of the service is that by slipping someone a picture for viewing, you can get the IP address of the person who opened this picture. On the service page, find the link to the picture. Send a link to this image to the person whose IP address you need to determine. This can be done, for example, through personal messages or try to place this picture on the wall of this person Vkontakte. When the picture is viewed, you will see on the 2IP Spy page the IP address of the Vkontakte user.
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  • You can try to translate communication with the attacker in email correspondence. If the correspondence will be sent by Email, then you can use the method described in paragraph 2 by sending the 2IP Spy picture by Email. Thus, you will be absolutely sure that the IP address obtained using this service belongs to the right person. And also you can determine the IP address by Email headers using our service Determining IP addresses by Email. The headers of the Email message contain various service information and very often there you can find the IP address of the sender.
  • That is all that can be done. It is impossible to determine the IP address of a Vkontakte user by ID or using any services on their own.

    If in the end, one way or another, you received an IP address, then all the information that can be obtained by IP address can be found on the page

    In conclusion, I would like to warn everyone against rash acts. The Internet has tightly entered our lives and the network has not only many interesting things and entertainments, but also many dangers and dangerous people. Before you do anything, write, undertake, think well if you are not doing the wrong thing, then if your action can then be used against you.