Find My Samsung Device

A way to find a lost smartphone using Find My Device from Google

Google offers users of Android devices the service Find My Device (Find my device).

For its full-fledged work, you will need to fulfill the following conditions:

The lost device must be linked to your Google account.And also must have access to the Internet.
You will need to allow the Find My Device service to find your device (enabled by default).This option can be changed in the Google settings app.
You need to allow Find My Device service to block your accountAnd also delete his data (disabled by default).

Find My Device is Google’s official tool for locating a lost phone. You do not need to install any application, it is enough that your phone is turned on, connected to your Google account, and has the Internet on it.

Next, you need to visit the Find My Device website, and log into your Google account. After loading the site, the system will automatically try to track your Samsung, which was lost. If you have registered multiple Android devices, select the desired device from the menu.

Find My Samsung Device

In a recent update, Google has improved the search functionality of its system, allowing you to find any registered Android device directly from the search engine. Type in the search bar Google Where is my phone.

The search engine will look for and display the place on the map where your Android phone is located.

Having found it, you can activate a sound signal on it by clicking on Call.

Using Find my Device service, you can track your registered Android devices, activate a call to Samsung and erase its data.

If you do not have a PC nearby, then if you lose your phone, you can use another phone on which you need to install the Find My Device mobile application. Log in to this app using guest mode and your Google credentials. Now you can track a lost device, activate a call in it or erase data on it.

What you need to understand when you lose your Samsung mobile phone

To be on such a device, you need a working Internet connection to transfer data about the location of the device. You will not be able to find it without a working signal (as well as the included location determination on the lost device).

Let’s take a look at the ways to find a lost Samsung smartphone.

How to find a lost Samsung phone

Many of us cannot imagine a day of our life without a smartphone. This is our connection with the world, a means of communication, a tool for solving many problems, a clock, an alarm clock, a multimedia center and much more. The moment is especially bitter when we suddenly discover it is gone. And our cursory search of pockets, bags and nearby tables does not give any result. What to do? In this article, we will analyze how to find a lost phone using the example of Samsung gadgets. We will also list the tools that will help us with this.

Using Google Photos to Find Your Lost Samsung

Google Photos can also help you find your missing Samsung smartphone.

To work with it you need the following:

  • Your lost device must have access to the Internet;
  • The option to Backup and sync to Google Photo must be activated;
  • Someone needs to take pictures with your lost Samsung device.

In case your device has indeed been stolen, you can find it using the backup and sync feature in Google Photos. If you have activated this option in the application, then all images taken on your Samsung will be uploaded to your Google Photos account.

Why is it important? Because not only the image itself is loaded, but also the data about the place where it was taken. Therefore, if the thief did not log out of your Google account and took pictures with your phone’s camera, then new photos may appear in your Google Photos.

Obviously, this only works if the lost phone has an active internet connection. And you’ve given the app permission to use your location. Be careful if you can locate your lost Samsung, which may very well be the thief’s home address. Contact the police with this information to capture the intruder.

What you need to do to find a gadget:

  1. Go to and log in using your Google account information that your Samsung is registered with;
  2. Check if the photos were taken after the device was lost;
  3. If yes, then click on the image;
  4. Now tap on the information icon in the upper right corner;
  5. In the sidebar that appears, you can see information about the photo, including the location where it was taken.

Interesting: Google Camera on Samsung.

Leveraging Google Location History

To find the lost Samsung gadget, we need Google’s location history, now known as the Timeline.

To work with it, the following conditions are required:

  • Your lost phone must be linked to your Google account;
  • Your smartphone must have access to the Internet before it was turned off;
  • Location reports and location history must be activated on your device (this can be done in the Google Settings app) on your phone;

Unlike the Find My Device tool, Google Maps Timeline does not focus on tracking Samsung. It uses location history data to determine the last recorded location of the gadget. This means that even if your phone’s battery is dead, you can still find it.

Go to the Timeline service, and make sure that the current day is selected in the calendar.

On the left sidebar, you can see the timeline for that day, including the names of all recorded locations. On the right you can see all the locations rendered on the map.

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Timeline has the advantage of being able to track the location of your Samsung phone over a period of time. This way, even if someone stole it, you can identify actively visited places that could be the thief’s home or place of work. This will help you catch him.

Find My Mobile service will help you find out the location of the lost Samsung

This system, native to Samsung phones, requires the following conditions to work:

  • Your phone must have access to the Internet;
  • You need to have a Samsung account and be registered in it;
  • This service must be configured on your phone, including activation of remote control.

If you have a device, then maybe you can find your lost phone using Find my mobile’s own tracking service. For its operation, you need a Samsung account and a registered phone before you lost it. So try to remember if you have a Samsung account and if you have registered your device before. If not, then further steps are meaningless.

If yes, then do the following:

  1. Go to and by clicking on Login, enter your account;
  2. Check the left sidebar and make sure your device is connected to your account;
  3. Now all you have to do is select Find my device in the sidebar and click on the Find button. If your device is connected to a network and has remote control enabled, you will see its approximate location;
  4. Find My Mobile also lets you do other things. For example, block the device, call it with a message and erase the data on it.


Try to keep your Samsung smartphone charged. Remember that it is almost impossible to determine a dead device using online methods. You will have to contact the police, but there is little certainty that she will find an expensive gadget.

Search factors

To begin with, let’s outline a picture that will help determine the success of the search for a mobile phone. Users often forget about some factors, and it is often very difficult to find a lost gadget.

FactorImpact on search
How long have you noticed the loss?The earlier the user starts looking for the device, the higher the chances of finding it. Over time, an attacker can get rid of the SIM card, format or reflash the device.
Battery chargeIf the battery level is low, the device will be logged out of the Internet, and it will not be possible to find it using online services.
Device bindingMost search tools for Samsung phones are based on linking to a Google account.
Configuring AndroidTo determine the location of the phone, you need to configure the corresponding functions of the operating system, such as Search, Geolocation, Visibility.

Samsung search app

An alternative method of finding a smartphone is offered by its manufacturer, in this case Samsung. Find My Mobile application will help with this. Find my mobile device. You can enter it from another Android device. You can install the specified software for free through the Play Market.

In addition, in order to find the missing Samsung gadget, there is a search method through the manufacturer’s website. To do this, follow the link

In any case, you will be prompted to log in.

Having entered the application through our account, we will be able to find the lost device:

1. In the device menu, open the Lock screen and protection section.

2. Go to the Find phone page.

3. Check the linking of the gadget to your Samsung account.

4. Make active the items Remote control and Service Google Location.

By phone number

The easiest way to search for a call to your phone number. It can be done from your home phone, ask friends or relatives. In extreme cases, you can turn to a complete stranger. If the volume is set at sufficient volume and it is not too far away, then the issue will be solved simply.

Of course, this method will not work if the phone is stolen on purpose. The attacker will immediately throw away the SIM card, and later, if he is also computer literate, he will format or reflash the device and the ability to find it online will be lost.

You can also try to find your phone through your cellular operator. But remember that it provides data on calls received from the phone after its disappearance only to law enforcement officials when filing an application.

It is also important to remember that if your phone is lost, it is better to block your SIM card. Suddenly, the finder wants to call from your device to Africa or sex services, the owner, to whom the number is issued, will still pay for the calls.

Ways to find a missing smartphone

There are several ways to determine where a lost or stolen smartphone is located:

  • By phone number;
  • Through the standard Android OS service. Device Manager, Remote Management;
  • Through the Find My Mobile service built into the firmware of Samsung smartphones;
  • Using additional software, which can be downloaded from absolutely free on the Play Market.

Through Google account

To search for a device through the site, log in to Google and go to

In the upper right corner, the model of all your mobile devices will be highlighted. Select the one you need and the service will start searching for it.

In addition to the search function, the site page has the ability to perform tasks such as:

  • Call (ringing);
  • Blocking;
  • Clearing user information from the phone.

The first function is ringing. It is useful because the phone will beep for five minutes. During this time, the owner or a random person can find the device.

This feature is also remarkable in that the signal will work even when the sound on the device is turned off.

By locking, you can set a password on your smartphone. over, this will work even if the gadget did not have such protection before the loss of such protection. In this case, you can display a short message on the screen, for example, to which number to call back the person who found him and, if you want, the reward assigned for the return.

By cleaning you will achieve complete confidentiality of your personal data. All account bindings will also be deleted, so it will not be possible to find the device after that through online services.

In order to find a device in this way, you must first configure it:

  1. Through Samsung Settings, go to Security.
  2. Click the Device Administrators tab.
  3. Activate the Remote control item by checking the box next to it. In some OS versions, the required service is called Device Manager or Device Manager.
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How to find a Samsung phone through a Google account

One of the most effective ways to find your Samsung phone is through your Google account. To do this, you need to go to the corresponding Google service at the link from any available device (PC, tablet, phone running on Android).

Log in to Google using the account to which the missing Samsung phone is linked. This will give you a list of devices associated with the account. If the Location function is enabled on the phone, then you can roughly determine its location, but if it is disabled, then the maximum available to you is three actions:

  1. Call (ringing);
  2. Blocking;
  3. Cleaning the smartphone from user information.

Calling is useful if you have roughly determined the location of the missing smartphone. By turning it on, you activate the sound signal. It will repeat until it is disabled on the device or account.

Locking the device will set a password on the smartphone, even if the password creation option has not been used before. Do not forget your password: you cannot change it.

Locking the device on Samsung is accompanied by the ability to create a message addressed to the finder. If a person turns out to be conscientious and does not begin to profit from other people’s troubles, he will call the number that you leave in the message and give you the loss.

Data cleansing is necessary so that they do not fall into the hands of the finder. The method is usually used if the hope of returning the smartphone is extremely low and you do not want your personal data to get to scammers.

How to find a smartphone by phone number

The easiest way to call this number. Of course, it will not work if the phone is stolen, but it is not uncommon for a phone to be returned to a person who has lost it.

Banal situations also happen: the smartphone is lost where you are, including your own home. Then a call from another phone helps one hundred percent, except when the Silent mode is set on the smartphone.

In serious cases, the cellular operator provides data on calls received from the phone after its loss. But you will not receive the data personally, you will provide it to law enforcement officials when you submit an application.

In general, it is recommended to block the SIM card: if the finder wants to call from the found phone, you will pay for the calls. Although if the phone falls into the hands of an experienced intruder, he will throw away the SIM card.

Samsung phone finder apps

An alternative method of finding a smartphone is offered by its manufacturer. This application “ Find my mobile ” (Find my mobile device). You can access it from another device. If the application is not installed in it, you can install it for free through the Play Market.

The app works closely with Google and works much like an account search. If geolocation is enabled on the smartphone, the approximate location of the gadget will be found out via satellite and displayed on the map.

What to do if you can’t find your phone?

Phones running on the Android platform can be found, and an approximate determination of their location is available. But the search will only bear fruit if the Samsung smartphone:

  • Included;
  • Connected to a Google account;
  • Connected to the internet.

It is important that the device has the Location and Find My Device features enabled

If the phone is stolen, the attacker will take care to disable the phone. The chances of finding a turned off smartphone are almost zero. But how to find Samsung if you lost it and? There is still a chance that the phone is lying in a secluded place, waiting to be found.

If Samsung is lost, you can find it:

  • Through your Google account;
  • Through special applications;
  • By phone number.

There is also a widespread opinion about the effectiveness of finding a Samsung smartphone by IMEI.

Let’s consider the mentioned methods from the point of view of practicality and efficiency.

How to find a Samsung phone?

No one is insured against accidents or unpleasant incidents. The loss of a smartphone is extremely undesirable, but a possible incident: you can forget it, or it can be stolen.

If a smartphone is lost, you need to file a complaint with law enforcement agencies (especially if there is a suspicion that the phone has been stolen) or in the media asking for a refund for a fee. But you can take some steps yourself.

Find phone by IMEI

On the Internet, you can find links to services that specialize in finding smartphones by IMEI. However, they are ineffective and fraudulent.

Let’s explain: IMEI is the factory phone code given by the manufacturer. Each device has its own code, and together they form an extensive database. Services that allegedly provide search services by IMEI do not have complete information. Mobile operators have such databases, but they are ready to transfer information of this kind only to law enforcement agencies upon an official request.

Search by IMEI is time consuming and not always effective, even if carried out by specialists. What then can we say about looking for a smartphone without the necessary equipment? So, it is better to leave the idea of ​​independent search by IMEI right away, especially since attackers sometimes manage to change the code, despite the manufacturer’s efforts to exclude such a possibility.

All the ways how to find a Samsung phone are effective if the smartphone is turned on. The missing smartphone was turned off? You will have to regret it and forget about it. Therefore, the main means of help against the loss of a gadget is the care and vigilance of its owner.

SD Card Encryption

The option is similar to encryption of the phone itself. See above for all settings and tips. The option is available at: Settings Lock screen and security SD card encryption.

Access notifications

Displays apps that can read your notifications. It is better to deny access for all applications for security purposes. Because to access the Internet Bank, passwords are often received via push notifications, which can be read by a malicious program and intercept access to your Internet Bank.

Go to Settings Lock screen security Other security options Access notifications.

Usage statistics

View apps that can access the device’s usage history. This setting is unremarkable and we are not interested in.

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Attach windows

A useful function pinning the application to the device screen. When an application is pinned to the phone screen, calls, messages, and other features may not be available. It will also not be possible to access other applications.

To enable, go to Settings Lock screen and security Other security options Pin windows.

To pin a program on the screen:

  1. Enable this option in settings.
  2. Open the application you want.
  3. Click the button “Recent” (at the bottom on the phone next to the Home button).
  4. Tap the icon “barrette” (lock) in the lower right corner of the application window that you want to leave on the screen.

Device Administrators

This is your phone’s administration service. You can view and disable device administrators. The administrator is the service that has unlimited possibilities on your smartphone: he can delete all data, block the device, monitor you and much more.

To select an administrator, go to Settings Lock screen and security Other security settings Device administrators.

I have a service as an administrator “Find device”, like most. It can delete all data, change the screen unlock password, lock the screen, disable any functions in the phone.

I recommend using this service, it will find your phone in case of loss / theft and keep all your data confidential (it can delete everything remotely).

Credential storage

All security certificates and digital signatures (licenses) of installed applications are stored here, your certificates.

Go to Settings Lock screen security Other security options Credential storage.

  • The storage type is the phone itself. Those. Backup on device.
  • Safety certifications. Displays all system and user certificates. Each security certificate can be viewed and turned off if necessary (I do not recommend turning it off).
  • Install from memory. Additionally, you can install a certificate from a memory card. This may be necessary for the safe operation of an application, for example, Internet Banking for Yur. Individuals and individual entrepreneurs.
  • Remove credentials. Removes all certificates. Never do that!

Find Samsung by Google Account

There is another way to find Samsung using a Google account. Anyone who uses phones on the Android system can link their Google account with their mobile. To do this, you need an account in this system. Then you should log into it from your cell. Go to the gadget settings, select the Account section, click the Google inscription there and enter the data from your account. After that, remote control is automatically activated on all devices with Android version 5 and higher. Everyone with a lower operating system should go to the Administration section and activate this function.

If your mobile phone is stolen or lost, you can remotely control the device via the Internet from the Google service. The main condition is that it must still be turned on. Through this method, you can select the following actions on the cell:

  • Block the device;
  • Force to emit a signal at full volume;
  • Set a message asking for a return for a fee;
  • Show location on the map;
  • Erase all data from the device.

Find Samsung phone via satellite online

When the phone is stolen, it becomes more difficult to find Samsung. Criminals often turn off the device, remove the SIM card so that it is not possible to establish the position of the device on the card by the card number. In such cases, the only way out is to seek help from the police. It is necessary to write a statement and indicate the IMEI number of the device.

It should be rewritten in advance, there are the required 15 digits under the battery. It can also be seen often on the phone box. Using this unique serial number, at the request of law enforcement agencies, a mobile provider can try to track down even a switched off cell phone. The system will show the last determined location of the device on the map. Further searches are carried out by police officers, who will then return the device. If he was found at the address of the victim’s residence, he faces a fine for false appeal.

Samsung Find My Mobile is a service from Samsung designed to track the location of the device and control it from a distance. Find My Phone by Samsung keeps your personal information private by using the Lock Device and Erase Device Contents if you lose your phone features. In addition, the Find My Device feature allows you to locate your lost device. Service “Find my mobile device” is completely free.

Every owner of an Android smartphone should know this information: how to find a lost / stolen phone

This company is very popular among users, it seriously competes with Apple and even problems with the latest Galaxy Note 7 did not discourage people from buying these phones. If your gadget is stolen or lost, there are several ways to find your lost Samsung. You can use Samsung or Android tools to find your device.

Find Samsung by account

This is the first thing to know if you are interested in how to find Samsung on your own. This is the company’s internal device search service that runs through a Samsung account. All users should log into the Samsung account through the settings. If you are going through the procedure for the first time, then you need to perform a simple registration. Further, the remote control function of the device will turn on in automatic mode. From your computer, from your account, you can:

  • Block the device;
  • Turn on the signal at full volume;
  • Show on the map the last determined location of the gadget;
  • Completely delete all content from memory (it will not be possible to restore afterwards).

How to find a Samsung phone

The creators of mobile and the developers of the operating system for them are trying to protect the owners from theft as much as possible. Search for a Samsung phone can be carried out using several functions, provided that it is still turned on. For example, the company itself has developed a special service for all Samsung owners, which works through an account on the company’s website.

Another level of protection is the account on the Google website, which is the developer of the Android system. This is another option for finding the device if you have lost your cell phone. If the mobile is turned off, then you should seek help from law enforcement agencies. The police can make a request to the telecom operator to find the gadget. The company is obliged to help in the event of theft.