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What to do when Find iPhone is not enabled

Where can I find a device if the search function is not enabled on it? After all, many do not even think about the fact that such a nuisance can happen. You won’t be able to find it deleted, but you can still take some actions:

  • change your iCloud password on the official website of the company;
  • change passwords in services;
  • contact your mobile operator whose SIM card is installed in the device;
  • contact the police.

But in this case, one should not hope that attempts to return an iPhone without the “Find iPhone” function will nevertheless be crowned with success. Think about your safety before the next “adventure” happens to you. Is it possible to find an iPhone in this case? Probably not.

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Disabling the function via the app

  • On the Home screen, find the Find iPhone shortcut and sign in to your account with your username and password.
  • A list of all devices on which the “Find iPhone” function is enabled through your account will open under the map with the location of the smartphone.
  • In order to remove a device from the list, it will be enough to select the desired device and slide your finger over it from right to left, after this action a red “Delete” button will appear, click on it.

This is exactly the minus of this method, because as soon as the remote device connects to the Internet, the function is activated again. Therefore, you can permanently disable the “Find iPhone” function only in the iCloud settings.

Determination of location through a mobile operator

Major cellular service companies offer to activate a paid service that helps track the location of your iPhone. This option will be useful for parents who want to know where their child or relative is. As a rule, you can get access to iPhone search results by geolocation from a computer from your personal account. The features of the service are as follows:

  • Searching for an iPhone by geolocation via a computer has a different cost from operators, as a rule, a fee is taken for a day of using the service. Such functions are not provided free of charge.
  • Some operators do not allow you to share search result data with friends, even if they have confirmed permission.
  • The mobile operator provides geolocation data even when the device is turned off.
  • No additional phone apps are needed. You can enter your personal account if you enter your login and password on the site from a computer and see all the results or send a USSD command from another mobile.

Disconnect on Windows and Mac OS X

  • Open in a browser on your personal computer and log in with your Apple ID.
  • In the panel at the very top, expand the All Devices tab.
  • From the list that opens, select the device on which you will disable the function.
  • The next step will open full information about the device and you will need to click on the “Delete” button and confirm your action in the window that appears.
  • In the additional window that opens, enter your password for the account.

After such simple actions, a confirmation will be sent to your smartphone about disabling the Find iPhone function, and it will be deactivated immediately when the smartphone is connected to the Internet.

How to set up Find My iPhone to track with iCloud

The “Find iPhone” function is extremely useful, and when you first activate a new device from Apple, the operating system itself prompts you to enable it. It can come in handy not only if a phone, tablet, player or other device from Apple has been stolen. If desired, through it, you can track the location of the device, which is useful for parents who want to know where their child is. Also, the “Find iPhone” function will help you find a lost device that could have fallen out of your and is still intact. There are many other scenarios when you may need to track the location of the iPhone or iPad.

If you didn’t activate Find My iPhone when you first set up, you can do it at any time. To enable it:

  • Launch the “Settings” application on your device;
  • Next, go to the “iCloud” item and select “Find iPhone” (or iPad, iPod) in the list of settings. Activate this function;

Important: You can also enable the “Last Geolocation” function, which, when activated, every time the battery is discharged, the device will send information about its current location to Apple servers.

  • After that, in the settings go to “Privacy” and select “Geolocation Services”. Make sure they are on;
  • Scroll down the list of geolocation functions to the “System Services” option and select it;
  • Here you need to enable the “Find iPhone” setting (or iPad, iPod).

After completing the steps above, Find My iPhone will become active on the device and can be tracked via iCloud.

Please note: If you have multiple Apple devices linked to the same iCloud account, you need to set up Find My iPhone for each of them separately.

How to find iPhone or iPad from computer via iCloud

If you need to find an iPhone or iPad, you can do it through any device with Internet access. On another iPhone or iPad, you can download a special application from the AppStore called Find iPhone. This is not necessary, as you can also find your lost gadget through the iCloud website.

In this case, it is important that the following conditions are met:

  • Find My iPhone must be enabled;
  • The device must be connected to the Internet;
  • The battery of the device must not be discharged. If it is discharged and the function of sending the last location is enabled in the settings, you can find out the place where the device was at the last moment.

To find an iPhone or iPad from a computer via iCloud, you need to do the following:

  • Go to;
  • Enter your Apple ID and password from it, and then click on the login confirmation;
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  • Erase iPhone (iPad). This option allows you to erase all data from the device.
  • Important: If the lost device is turned off or disconnected from the Internet, you can still use any of the above features. The command will be saved on the iCloud servers, and it will be executed when the lost gadget is connected to the network.

    The main tool for finding a device through the Find iPhone function is the map. It displays the exact location of the lost device. The location is determined quite well, but the problem can arise if the device is in the possession of an intruder in a multi-storey building, since it will not be possible to accurately determine the floor where the iPhone or iPad is located.

    How to find iPhone or iPad from computer via iCloud

    Apple devices are distinguished by their high price, which is justified by their quality, both from a technical and software point of view. This makes them attractive to attackers who can steal an iPhone, iPad or other device running iOS or MacOS in order to sell them. Apple is well aware of this, and it is constantly improving the security of its devices, introducing new features to protect them from criminals.

    Modern iPhones and iPads have a built-in fingerprint reader, which allows their owners to easily unlock the device, without the need to regularly enter a password, but with an increased level of security. Also introduced in iOS 5 in 2010 was Find My iPhone, which allows iCloud users to track where the devices connected to their account are. How to configure the operation of this function and how to find an iPhone from a computer using iCloud will be discussed in this article.

    How to remove iPhone, Macbook from iCloud without device. Turn find my iPhone OFF.

    What to do if Find My iPhone is not set up

    Not all users think about the security of their device and the safety of their personal data as long as their smartphone or tablet is not in the possession of cybercriminals. If the Find My iPhone function was not turned on, but the device is missing, it will not be possible to locate its location or lock the device remotely. In such a situation, it is recommended to do the following:

    Change your iCloud account password, which can be done on the Apple website;

  • Change passwords for important accounts that were associated with the lost device. These can be passwords from online banks, social networks, various services and much more.
  • Inform the mobile operator whose SIM card was installed in the device about the fact of loss;
  • Report theft to the police.
  • There are practically no chances to return the device if the Find iPhone function is disabled, and the most important thing in this situation is to maximally protect your personal data from their use by hackers.

    Remote lock

    It puts the device in a closed mode in such a way as if you had set a complete lock on the screen. In this case, you must select a 4-digit code and remember it (it is best to write it down).

    Play Sound or send a message

    This action allows you to send a quick message about the loss / theft of the gadget and send a sound signal that works even if the phone is in silent mode. It should be noted that this is a great way to find your iPhone from your computer at home.

    How to set up the program and how to find iPhone from computer?

    To download this app to your computer, you must have all the latest OS X, iTunes and iCloud updates installed. On any device, the iCloud icon must be displayed in the screen settings. it directly depends on how to find an iPhone from a computer and how realistic it will be.

    Turn Off “Find My iPhone” with a Computer from

    How to find iPhone from computer using iCloud

    Find My iPhone was part of a dedicated service from Apple and is now being upgraded to be included in the standard offered by a free iCloud account. The most recent update to this service is that even Mac computers can be tracked.

    Remote Wipe

    The ultimate and more radical version of how to find an iPhone from a computer. This action helps to analyze and delete all your data by restoring factory settings. Be very careful when using this method, as you will no longer be able to track, block or send a message to this device.

    So, the above service can help find iPhone from computer. iCloud will work anyway, and you can locate the gadget. However, what to do if you suspect that the gadget has been stolen?

    The first step should be to lock the device and prevent any calls from it. This will not prevent an attacker from making changes to the device settings, but it will block access to your personal data and prevent costly calls.

    Secondly, track the device through the GPS signal that the above program uses. Finding an iPhone from a computer, as mentioned above, is almost 100% likely. At the same time, it is better not to take risks and not try to pick up your phone yourself. it is advisable to contact law enforcement agencies.

    If you are unsure if your device has been stolen, you can send a message to it offering a return reward and providing your contact information. In any case, use remote wipe of all data as a last option, only if you are sure that you will not get your device back.

    Finally, remember to call your mobile operator and lock your SIM card. This will prevent you from making calls and sending messages, saving you unnecessary costs.

    Lock your device offline

    A situation may arise that the mobile phone is not connected to the Internet. This means that all the changes that you made using the above instructions may not work right away. However, it should be borne in mind that to use the service or any function of a mobile phone, you need the Internet.

    And if you make all the changes, then when you first connect to online, all of them will be accepted, and the attacker will still not be able to take advantage of anything.

    How to Find iPhone via iCloud on Computer or Android Phone

    It is quite possible to find an iPhone from an iCloud computer, a similar procedure can be performed from an Android phone. To do this, it is enough to use this material, where all the necessary information is collected. Follow the instructions and recommendations and everything will work out.

    Find a phone with Find My iPhone turned on

    If a mobile device is stolen or lost, but the Find My iPhone feature has been activated, then the device can be easily traced. It is enough to do the following:

    • Follow the link to the page and enter your personal account details.
    • Go to “Find iPhone”.
    • Find your device using a similar function, which, in addition to location, will also provide geodata.
    • As soon as the device is found, you need to activate the function in the “Lost Mode” settings. It will automatically block the device and any opportunities to conduct financial transactions, providing complete security for all your data.
    • Now you need to go to law enforcement and report the loss, providing the data that you received and the serial number of the device.
    • For more confident security, use the function of remote data erasure, it is available on a similar site, the link of which is presented above.
    • It is recommended to call the mobile operator and report the problem so that they block the ability to make calls and send messages.

    Important! Act quickly to prevent an attacker from taking advantage of anything. Search, remove photo and credit card information. How to enable and how to disable the necessary functions, everything is presented in this manual

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    Now you know how to take advantage of the best option to track your iPhone. And if you want to find an iPhone via iCloud from Android, then this will not be a problem, since this instruction only requires that you have the Internet at hand. And what kind of device you will use does not matter.

    Find a phone with Find My iPhone turned off

    If this function has not been activated, and the mobile device is lost. Then we recommend using the instructions in the following format:

    • First, you need to change your Apple ID login password so that an attacker cannot use the services and other functions of the phone. You can do this on the official Apple services website.
    • Be sure to change the passwords of all social networks and other important resources so that no one can use your data.
    • Contact law enforcement and be sure to provide the serial number of the device.
    • Call your mobile operator and block all communication options and functions to restrict an intruder.

    Important! If you have the device in your hands, be sure to activate the “Find iPhone” function in order to immediately achieve a favorable result in the event of this unpleasant situation. There is no need to doubt the advisability of using such a service, since it is very useful and helped many people to return their phones.

    Now you know how to find your iPhone if it is stolen or lost. This article discusses two methods that focus exclusively on Find My iPhone. Be vigilant and activate the necessary services in a timely manner in order to limit yourself from problems in the future.

    How to sign in to iCloud mail from your phone?

    • Launch the application, enter your username and password, click “Configure manually” and select the type of IMAP account.
    • In the E-mail line, enter your email address;
    • In the line “Username”. what is specified before @;
    • Re-enter the password;
    • Enter the IMAP server address.;

    How to log into iCloud storage?

    On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to [your name] iCloud Settings. For details on how apps and services use storage, click iCloud Storage or Manage Storage.

    How to log into your iCloud through a browser?

    To go to the web version of iCloud, launch any browser on your computer and go to the iCloud website. An authorization window will appear on the screen. We provide Apple ID and password to log into your account. After successful authorization, a welcome window of the service appears.

    How to access iCloud email from a computer?

    Reboot your computer. Make sure the iCloud for Windows app is open. If it doesn’t open automatically, go to the Start menu, open Applications or Programs, and select iCloud for Windows. Enter your Apple ID to sign in to iCloud.

    How to access iPhone mail from a computer?

    Just go to the official website, enter your Apple ID and you will be logged into iCloud with the ability to access all your data stored in your account, including access to iCloud mail in the web interface.

    How to log into iCloud photos from a computer?

    • Download iCloud for Windows.
    • Open iCloud for Windows.
    • Click the Options button next to Photos.
    • Select “iCloud Music Library”.
    • Click the “Finish” button, then the “Apply” button.
    • Turn on iCloud Photos on all your Apple devices.

    How to find a friend’s iPhone via locator?

    First, check if Find iPhone (iPad) is enabled on your devices. To do this, go to the following path: Settings → Apple ID (your name) → Latitude, select the Find iPhone section and set all three radio buttons in it: Find iPhone, Enable Offline Search, and Last location to the on position.

    How to track your child’s location on iPhone?

    Sign in to the app using your Apple ID accounts; On the parent (tracking) device, click Add and select the child’s (tracked) device from the list, or enter the child’s Apple ID and click Done; Accept the request in the Find My Friends app on the tracked device.

    How to track the location of a child by phone?

    How to track a child on a mobile phone on Android or iOS? This can be done online using dedicated Google and iCloud features.… Search with Google or Apple accounts

    • go to the search engine on any browser;
    • select a menu and click on “My Account”;
    • scroll down the page;
    • select “phone search”.

    Where are my children?

    Find My Kids is a mobile application that allows parents not to worry about their children. The service notifies parents about leaving the established zones and records the history of the child’s movements in the absence of access to the Internet. The application has about 2 million users worldwide.

    How to find your iPhone via iCloud?

    Open Find My [device], or go to and click the Find My iPhone icon. Select a device to view its location on a map. If the device is nearby, you can play a beep on it to find it by sound.

    How to find a friend’s iPhone via locator?

    First, check if Find iPhone (iPad) is enabled on your devices. To do this, go to the following path: Settings → Apple ID (your name) → Latitude, select the Find iPhone section and set all three radio buttons in it: Find iPhone, Enable Offline Search, and Last location to the on position.

    Find iPhone application in the smartphone itself

    To take advantage of the opportunity provided by Apple, you need a special iPhone setup. To do this, you need to activate the Find iPhone program on the Apple gadget and provide access to the network. So, to find your lost iPhone, you need to follow the step-by-step steps:

    • Download Find iPhone.
    • Run the utility.
    • Log in to your account, select your device from the list that appears.
    • The necessary data will appear on the map.

    Find iPhone application on smartphone screen

    The circle on the map is the current location of the tracked iPhone. Of course, the approximate area of ​​the territory is displayed, since it is impossible to accurately calculate this information.

    If you see a gray circle instead of a green or blue circle, the device is offline. The last location of the device, known over the past 24 hours, is recorded.

    How to Find or Track iPhone via iCloud from Computer

    Every user in the process of using the iPhone has probably come across the need to track the location of the phone. For this reason, Apple has created a dedicated feature. In addition to finding a missing smartphone, it also allows you to block it if it is stolen. Consider how to find iPhone from computer online via iCloud.

    Track your phone from your computer

    Searching for a lost gadget using a PC is also real. We open any browser, drive the website address into the search bar: After that, we log into the account, track the missing device on the map. Similarly to the mobile program, a green circle means: the phone is connected to the Internet, a gray one means it is offline.

    You can also use Lost Mode. This feature locks the iPhone and tracks it. But before blocking, you enter the password or key from the Apple ID. It also becomes possible to leave a message to the person who found the phone with a contact number to return the lost iPhone. The actions will take effect immediately after the phone is connected to the network.

    Important! Discovery and Tracking does not work on iOS 5 devices.

    If it is not possible to return the smartphone for a long time, then it is better to use the data deletion function. Even if the new owner unlocks it by gaining access to personal information, all data will be deleted with a single button. iPhone becomes like “new”. The device cannot be traced, but personal files are completely safe.

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    Finding the exact location using the methods suggested above will not work. Users have access to information about the approximate area where the phone is located. As well as data on whether he is connected, where he was, if not on the network. Tracking iPhone from computer is also possible.

    If there are any suspicions of theft, you should, of course, use the lock function that prevents the iPhone from being used. At the same time, the “apple” device will be tracked as before.

    Branded software for iPhone search

    I think the owners of “apple” gadgets know about the utility that is included in the standard set of iOS applications. “Find iPhone”. She specializes in finding iPhones and can be especially helpful if stolen. So after purchasing a brand new iPhone, you should first find and activate this program.

    • determine the position on the map;
    • remotely reproduce the signal on the gadget to make it easier to find;
    • apply a special loss mode to lock your smartphone, track it on the map;
    • erase all information from the gadget, being far from it.

    You can use the functionality of the application from your computer after you activate the “Find iPhone” option in the settings of your phone or PC Mac. But first you need to sync with the iCloud service.

    Looking for an iPhone from a computer

    Let’s say your smartphone is lost and you can’t find it on your own. The most important thing in such a situation is to have a computer with Internet access and a configured iCloud service at hand. If these components exist, then the problem is quite easy to solve:

    • on a computer, regardless of OS, go to the service;
    • in the registration window, write a login, a protective password from the Apple ID account;
    • go to the “Find iPhone” section;
    • in the tabs “My devices” indicate the model of the lost gadget. A map of the area will open on the computer monitor. It will mark where your iPhone appeared the last time you access the Internet.

    How to Locate a Missing Apple Device | iCloud Device Tracking

    I will note right away that it is possible to calculate the location of the iPhone only when it is online. If the lost gadget is offline during the search, the last accepted location will be displayed on the map. All this data will be available for twenty-four hours.

    I’ll tell you more about the menu that will open when you select your lost iPhone from the list, you will be provided with the following functions:

    • Sound playback. if you choose this, standard music is activated on your device and an alert appears about searching for it. It is noteworthy that the sound will turn on even if the smartphone is in silent mode.
    • Lost mode. This is the most important option when looking for a device. You select it and immediately enter your phone, as well as an SMS for the person who stole or found your device. For example, you can write that you promise a reward for the phone when you return. If you activate this mode, the iPhone will be locked, and the sent SMS will be visible on the lock display with a proposal to return the loss and call the specified number. To remove such a lock, you must enter a security code.
    • Erase iPhone (iPad). This function will help to remove all information from the gadget.

    Even if your machine is turned off or not connected to a network, you can still use any of these options. The action will be saved in the iCloud service, and it will be performed if the device is connected to the Network.

    The primary and highly effective tool for finding a smartphone through the “Find iPhone” option from a computer is a map. It is on it that the exact location of the lost apparatus will be indicated. This place is determined quite accurately, but a problem may arise if your iPhone is in the wrong hands in a multi-storey building, because you cannot accurately show the floor where the “apple” device is located.

    The application, which I told you about above, will allow you to receive an email notification if the device goes online again, for this you need:

    • in the program itself, in the “My devices” menu, click on the name of your phone;
    • on the page that appears, put a checkmark in front of the action “Notify me about the find”.

    Find iPhone from Computer: Find iPhone, Remote Lock

    Apple is particularly concerned with safety. This fact can prove to us, for example, that antivirus programs are not created for PCs on Mac OS, because they are not necessary due to the peculiarities of the operating system itself and the manufacturer’s competent approach to its promotion. Today, if necessary, you can easily find the iPhone from your computer and even remotely lock, delete all information from it. This is what our conversation today will be about.

    How to find your iPhone?

    To enable the program, you need:

    • on your iPhone with OS 5.0 and newer go to “Settings”;
    • choose iCloud;
    • activate “Find iPhone”;
    • enter the password and login from your Apple id;
    • confirm the activation of the option and the automatic activation of the geolocation service;
    • click OK.

    For owners of iPhones with iOS 7, an activation lock function has appeared in the application. Thanks to it, you can immediately block the device, which is tied to the Apple ID account, so you will not be able to remove such a lock even by flashing your smartphone. The function will be activated in auto mode when setting up the application.

    If you connect the lock, you will have to register data from the Apple ID account when:

    • turn off the Find iPhone utility on your phone;
    • delete the iCloud profile in the gadget settings;
    • erase your personal information and reactivate your iOS device.

    What to do if iPhone search is not configured?

    Despite the fact that security should always come first, not all users think about it. Many people simply do not protect their personal data until the time when their smartphone is in the wrong hands. If you have not activated the above option, and the device has been lost or stolen, you will not be able to find it or simply remotely lock it from the computer. In this situation, it is necessary to promptly:

    • change the password for the iCloud account, you can do this on the official website of the company;
    • change passwords from used accounts tied to a lost gadget, for example, passwords from online banking, social networks, various services and others;
    • call the mobile operator you are using to block your SIM card.

    You can also try to search your device from a computer through special resources on the network that offer to punch the device by name. Usually, such services have a whole database of lost and stolen iPhones. In addition, information about the gadgets found and the persons who found it and want to return it is often entered there. For example, you can use the site Usually, such information is provided completely free of charge, so you should not use resources that help exclusively for money.

    Finding an iPhone from your computer is pretty easy, as long as the Find My iPhone option is enabled. Without it, the chances are greatly reduced. So take care of the safety of your personal data and the safety of your mobile device in advance, otherwise the consequences will be very serious, you should not risk it.