Find Differences And Choose The Best Iphone 5 Or 5s

Find Differences And Choose The Best Iphone 5 Or 5s

Rumors about the possible appearance of a cheaper version of the iPhone smartphone appeared a few years before the publication of such a model. For the most part, analysts sat and wondered about the differences between this device and the standard version.

On such speculations, many legends appeared about the cheap version of iPhone 5, which was supposed to win part of the market from android devices.

5c or 5. which is better?

After the presentation of the 5th version of the iPhone device, many were perplexed. 5s was the same as regular 5s, but its body is made of plastic. Their cost did not differ much.

Why buy a budget version if there is still the usual 5 business focus on the market?

The position of the new device on the market and why use plastic in the case?

With the advent of the budget version of smartphones, Apple has changed the process of transition from the old model to the new one.

When a new but transitional device came out, it received the letter S after the name, and the last leader lost in price and served as an alternative cheap model.

This approach allowed to bring to the market only one device.

With the advent of device 5c, this approach has undergone changes. Two devices are now on sale: 5s and 5s.

People will follow the latter even if it is not actively advertised.

For the first time, plastic is used as the material of the iPhone case. The choice fell on him for a reason. Since the process of anodizing aluminum is technologically complicated, the creation of cases in various color schemes will not be so simple and higher in cost.

IPhone 5c smartphone

over, earlier on the market only one novelty was presented, but now there are two and 5s has various color solutions. This does not confuse buyers so much.

What is placed inside the package?

The packaging has not changed:

  • EarPods;
  • lightning cable
  • charging device;
  • there is also a set of brochures with the company logo.

Screen specifications

There are no noticeable differences between the screens of the iPhone 5 or 5c. True, there is a slight tendency to yellowness of the display 5c.

And the screen specifications are the same:

  • 4 inches in size using IPS pixel display technology;
  • Resolution is 1136 by 640 pixels.

Smartphone Performance

In terms of system resources, the 5c model exactly copies the old iPhone 5. there is no difference.

Launching applications is fast and without delays.

Heavy toys also work great on 5c devices.

The browser works perfectly, and with the new update, he added stability to the work.

Battery specifications

Compared to the 5th model, the battery capacity in 5s has increased. But this figure is negligible. Only 60 mAh was added. And now the full capacity is 1500 mAh.

It did not give any increase in battery life. Model 5c keeps the battery life at the level of the same day or slightly less with heavy use.

Camera feature

There are no innovations in camera 5c, and it is the same as on the 5th model:

  • resolution is 8 megapixels;
  • aperture ƒ / 2.4;
  • sapphire crystal.

But the front camera for 5s has been updated. It has the following characteristics:

  • 1.2 megapixel resolution;
  • the size of the resulting photo is 1280 by 960;
  • It is possible to record in HD format.