Find Balance By Phone Number

To find out the balance of a Beeline subscriber, you need to use one of the following methods:
– dial 102 # call and get information about the balance;

In order to find out the balance of the MTS subscriber account, you need to do one of the following:
– dial 100 # or # 100 # call and get information about the balance;
– make a free call to 0897;
– MTS balance can also be checked via the Internet:
a) dial the number 11125 # and press “Call”;
b) receive an SMS message with a password to enter the site;
c) follow the link, enter your mobile number without the number 8 and the password received, click “Login”;
d) in the menu that opens, click on the “Account” link, then on the “Account Status” link;
e) account balance and other useful information will be displayed on the page that opens.

How to find out the balance on a megaphone?

To find out the balance on the phone to Megafon subscribers, you need to do one of the following:
– dial 100 # call and get information about the balance;
– make a free call to number 0501;
– send an SMS message of any content to the number 000100;
– if you have access to the Internet, you need to go to the page serviceguide.Megafonnw.Ru and follow the instructions on it.

How to find out the balance of Skylink?

To find out the balance of a Skylink subscriber, you need to use one of the following methods:

How to find out the balance on Tele2?

In order to find out the account balance of a Tele2 subscriber, you need to do one of the following:
– dial 105 # or 111 # call and get information about the balance;
– call the number 697 (paid service).

How to find out the balance of Utel?

To find out the balance on the phone for Utel subscribers, you need to do one of the following:
– dial 102 # call and get information about the balance;
– call the number 8-800-300-1802;
– go to your personal account on the site ucabinet.U-tel.Ru.

How to find out the balance of another subscriber?

Very often on the Internet you can come across the question of how to find someone else’s balance. There are actually not so many ways to do this, and most of the options offered on the Web are invalid. Here is what I learned about this site All the secrets:

We hope our memo on how to find out the balance on the phone in any cellular network is useful to you at the right time.

In the cycle of events, an active user of a mobile device must always be in touch. Operators create tariff plans, the package of which includes prepaid minutes, SMS alerts and Internet traffic. Each offer includes a certain amount of time for telephone calls or megabytes of Internet, so there is a need to track the costs of the selected service package.

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The company has developed several methods for determining the amount of cash from a subscriber. Check the balance on the “Megaphone” is possible using the “Personal Account” through the official website, via phone or message.

How to see the balance of the phone on a megaphone

One of six ways will help you find out the balance on your Megafon account.

  1. Thanks to the USSD teams.
  2. Thanks to the entrance to the “My Account”.
  3. Thanks to SMS. Request for a short operator number.
  4. By contacting a company employee by phone.
  5. Thanks to contacting the office.
  6. Thanks to the SIM. Menu.

How to check phone balance using USSD commands

A combination of 1000 # symbols will help you to find out the balance status on the “Megaphone” sim card.

The method is suitable for subscribers who do not have access to the Internet. Verification is carried out according to command 558 # and the “call” function below. Through SMS, a notification will come about the consumption of Internet traffic of this mobile device.

Not all tariff plans support this combination, so there is a different character code 105693 #.

To determine the status of the personal account need to dial 100 #.

(If on the phone after the balance request the SMS with the balance does not come back and does not appear on the screen, then the mobile operator’s server may be overloaded, to check the account you will have to wait a couple of minutes and make the request again.)

How to check the balance of the phone using “My Account”

To find out exhaustive information about the state of your mobile phone, you can use the service “Personal Account”, through the website of the operator “Megaphone”. Surprisingly, the action takes place even in the absence of access to the Internet. Of course, minor functional limitations will be. But this is enough to find out the status of the subscriber’s account.

Entrance to a personal electronic page is carried out using a password and cell phone number. The combination of 10500 # and the “call” button will help to get the cherished numbers. After a few seconds, the secret code will be sent via SMS, it must be entered in the “password” column

Stages of checking the balance through a personal page.

How to find out phone balance using SMS request

One of the easiest ways to check the balance of the phone is to request via SMS. To clarify how much money is left on your mobile device, just send empty request for number 000100 or 000888. In response, you will receive a message indicating the finances. To determine Internet traffic, you must send the word “balance” or “ostatok” to the combination of numbers 000663.

How to find out the balance of the phone by the phone number of the operator

Check the balance of the Megafon SIM card will help a call center specialist. A free number 0500 is provided for calling. A round-the-clock consultation is also available by calling 8 800 333 0500. An employee will tell you about the status of the current account and suggest a convenient way to control the balance.

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How to find out the balance of a phone through a company office

In order to clarify the amount of funds, you need to go to the nearest Megafon office. The employees of the center will promptly provide data on current expenses and receipts of the account. You must have a document with you: passport or driver’s license.

How to find out balance using SIM. Menu

Find the application in the phone list. Select “Megaphone” in the menu and use the “Balance” button to request the remnants of the mobile device. The result will come via SMS.

How to find out the balance on a USB modem

The program has the function “Learn traffic.” Pressing this command allows you to receive a response to the request via SMS.

It is not difficult for any person to determine the state of an account on a mobile device. The company’s specialist will quickly inform you about cash costs and the remaining tariff plan. Each subscriber has the right to choose a method convenient for him.

A cellular representative has developed the Balance of Love service to control third-party money. The function is connected only with the permission of the client, from whom the financial result will be checked. Details are specified on the official website.

Troika is a universal transport card with a replenished account. It operates in underground and ground transport, the monorail of the city of Moscow. It works on the principle of an electronic wallet.

Find Balance By Phone Number

The passenger replenishes the card account with a certain amount of money. When going to the subway or tram, he applies plastic to the reading device of the horizontal bar and the cost of the trip is deducted from the electronic wallet according to the selected fare. Thus, the card must be periodically replenished.

How to find out the balance of a Troika card?

Currently, there are two main ways to find out the balance of a troika card:

  1. Remotely (remotely) via the Internet;
  2. Using a card, directly at points of sale, on a special terminal.

One of the easiest ways to find out the remainder is to check it at the yellow information terminal, which are located in the lobby of almost all Moscow metro stations. Using this equipment, you can find out how much money is left on your account when the TAT tariff expires, “90 minutes”, etc.

If a certain number of trips (TAT Three) is recorded on the media, it can also be checked. This is done in the cabin of any ground public transport. When entering the bus, attach the card to the validator and look at its screen. It always displays the remaining number of trips.

If a subscription to travel on commuter trains has been recorded on the media, it can also be checked by attaching the media to the ticket printing terminals located at the railway stations. It can also be done by the cashier at the ticket office. The controller in the train at his terminal also sees the validity of the subscription.

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Another way to find out the remainder is to use the terminals. This can be done at the kiosks of Mostransavto State Unitary Enterprise, in the terminals of official partners (Megafon, Eleksnet). You can also check at the ticket offices of Aeroexpress.

Check your Troika card balance online online

There are currently no online services for checking online. The official website of the transport card does not provide any services for the manipulation of the account, except for its replenishment. Therefore, it will not be possible to find out the balance directly by the card number.

The difficulty is that it only works on smartphones that support NFC technology and run on Android OS and are connected to the Internet. The application allows you to check, replenish the account, enter information about the purchased ticket to record it on a carrier online. Another disadvantage of this system is its dependence on mobile Internet. It is not available everywhere, and without connecting to a network, the application does not work.

Along with this service, at present, another is gaining popularity. It works almost as well; an NFC function is needed. Before using, the smartphone must be connected to the Mobile Ticket service. The contract is concluded in mobile phone stores. Now you can pay for travel using your smartphone online.

To do this, you just need to touch the reader on the turnstile with your phone and the fare will be paid. Over, if the account of the document is reset, it will be automatically replenished from the account of the mobile device. You can find out the bill of a travel document as follows:

  1. Open the program;
  2. Enter the main menu;
  3. Click the Balance tab.

Both of these methods are equally reliable. However, they are not quite convenient, because they require a rather complicated connection. In addition, not all devices are equipped with the NFC function. Problems with the operation of the online service may occur for owners of devices running the iOS operating system.

Balance check by phone

When using a Troika card, you can find out the balance by card number using a mobile phone and not connected to the Internet. To do this, do the following:

  1. Call 3210 (customer support service);
  2. Press button 4;
  3. The call will be forwarded to the operator;
  4. Request a balance.

These three methods are currently the safest and most reliable ways to remotely verify an account. At the time of the introduction of this document, its creators announced the appearance of the “My Account” section on the website, in which the passenger could check all the information (check and replenish the wallet, find out the number of trips and when they were made, etc.) via the Internet. Almost two years have passed since the announcement, but the personal account for users of the Troika card did not appear on the site.