Find Apple Id User

Find Apple Id User

If you still don’t know what the Apple ID is, what it is for, what information about the user it contains and how to restore access to it, the information “under the cut” is for you.

What is an Apple ID?

Speaking in the language of an ordinary user, the Apple ID is a single account that is used to identify the user in all Apple services: iTunes Store, Apple Store, iCloud, iMessage, iChat, FaceTime.

What is Apple ID for?

Creating an Apple ID is not only desirable, but also imperative, and here’s why.

An Apple ID account allows you to:

And that’s not all.

Without an Apple ID, it is not possible to fully manage and use all the services from Apple available for iPhone, iPad and Mac computers.

What user data is stored in Apple ID

  1. Name, Surname (middle name not necessary);
  2. Apple ID in the form of the email address to which the account and password are registered;
  3. Test questions and answers (to regain control of Apple ID);
  4. Date of Birth;
  5. Reserve e-mail to restore access to Apple ID;
  6. Mailing address.

Myths about Apple ID

  • Apple account registration is paid.
    An iTunes account (aka Apple ID) is registered absolutely free if you are offered to create an Apple ID for money, for example, when buying a new iPhone, feel free to refuse, even a school student can register a new Apple ID on their own.
  • A credit card is required to create an Apple ID.
    There is a way to register an Apple ID without a credit card.
  • Change Apple ID is not possible.
    You can change your Apple ID at any time from any device (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android device, WP device), all you need is access to the Internet.
    1. On the Apple ID management page, click Manage Apple ID.
  • Enter your identifier (email address to which the account was registered) and password.
  • Next to the inscription Apple ID and the main e-mail, click on “Change” and enter a new email address. Access to the email account is required, you will need to confirm the changes.
  • Forgot Apple ID. Throw away your iOS, OSX device.
    In no case do not throw or sell your iPhone if you forget your Apple ID and do not have access to the mailbox to which it is registered. Access to Apple ID can be restored without much effort when contacting support (link). It is enough to indicate the data entered during registration, everything else support will do for you.

    Useful links for creating, editing, restoring Apple ID

    • register a new Apple ID;
    • Apple account management (data creation and editing);
    • restoration of access to the forgotten Apple ID;
    • password reset from Apple ID.

    If in our article you did not find the information that you need, ask in the comments, we will try to provide all the necessary information.