Factory reset Samsung Galaxy j3

Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 hard reset and factory reset. step by step guide

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Dear readers, we present to your attention the instructions on how to make a Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 hard reset. Carefully follow the steps below to factory reset your Samsung smartphone.

Please note that you can also use our instructions to make a hard reset on Galaxy J5, J7 2017. These smartphones belong to the same line of devices, so they offer the same way to reset the settings.

For those who do not know why you need to do the Galaxy J3 2017 hard reset, then we will give you a little instruction. Hard reset, also known as factory reset, helps fix most software errors on an Android smartphone. Many users use hard reset to remove a pattern or password. Experts recommend performing a factory reset before selling a mobile device, or before flashing.

You have to remember that Galaxy J3 2017 hard reset deletes all user data including photos, contacts, apps, etc. You should save or transfer important files to another device or to the cloud.

It is also recommended to remove the SIM and MicroSD cards from the device and charge it before performing a factory reset. This is probably all you need to know about hard reset Galaxy J3 2017. Now let’s see how to perform it.

Galaxy J3 2017 hard reset

  • Let’s start by completely turning off the Galaxy J3 2017 smartphone.
  • Then we press three keys: Volume, Power and Home.
  • As soon as the Samsung logo appears, we release the Power key, but continue to hold the other two.
  • Then we see a blue screen and an Android robot. Just waiting for it to load.
  • If the inscription “No command” appears on the smartphone screen, then we hold down the Power key, and shortly press the Volume.
  • Now we are waiting for the recovery menu to load.
  • In the new menu, select “Wipe data / factory reset“.
  • In the next menu, select “Yes”.
  • The hard reset process is running, we are waiting for it to complete.
  • Select “Rebootsystemnow” to exit the recovery menu.
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Done! Galaxy J3 2017 hard reset completed successfully. Now you can customize it, sell it or flash it, depending on what you need.

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Factory reset Samsung Galaxy S3: expert tips and tricks

There is no such device that would be insured against various failures and software malfunctions. There can be several reasons for the need to perform a full reset of the device to factory settings, as well as, in fact, ways to carry out this operation.

Physical training

If the preparatory work is completed and all the necessary data has been extracted, you need to take care of the smartphone itself. It is better that it is at least half charged and the memory card is removed. This will protect you from unforeseen troubles.

Simple reset

Depending on the system, the second item can be found in the “Options” or “General tabs”. This simple method is suitable when the decision to reset was not caused by a severe malfunction, but as a preventive measure or troubleshooting minor system problems.

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Reset through recovery

First you need to completely turn off your smartphone. Some devices, due to a powerful software failure, need drastic measures. pressing the shutdown button for 10 seconds or even removing the battery. The second is best avoided.

You can get into recovery on “Samsung Galaxy C 3″ by holding down three keys. power on, volume up and home. When the Samsung logo appears, you only need to release the power button. The rest should remain clamped. As a result, a window will appear with a number of inscriptions in English, and in order to reset the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the factory settings to the end, you must first select “wipe data and cache” with the volume keys. In order to select, you need to press the power key, confirm your choice with it.

How To Reset Samsung Galaxy J3. Hard Reset and Soft Reset

After a while, a new window will appear. In it, you already need to select “reboot of systems of science” and, as before, confirm your choice with the power button.

Samsung Galaxy j3 2017 factory reset

As complex as the methods described above may seem, the process of resetting your smartphone to factory settings does not take long.


The longer you use your smartphone, the more likely it will be necessary to perform a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy S3 in the near future. It is the time of use that is the first reason for the breakdown of the software plan. How is this possible? The fact is that during use, a lot of different programs and games are installed on your device, as well as updates for them. Add here all received and sent messages, calls, contacts, captured photos and videos. Even if you regularly clean the device from the “garbage” that remains after the work of these programs, and delete all files transferred to another device, some of this still remains in the device’s memory. Over time, the performance of the smartphone is noticeably reduced. It is impossible to remove everything unnecessary independently and even programmatically.

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Another reason for reduced productivity, frequent glitches and even self-shutdown can be incompatibility between different versions of installed programs, as well as files embedded in the system “Samsung Galaxy C 3″. Please note that the Android system is constantly improving, improving and changing. Some applications are simply not able to function properly together anymore, and a hard reset is needed to resolve this conflict.

Software preparation

  • Memory card.
  • A computer.
  • Google account.
  • “Google Drive”.

By the way, do not forget to check the name of your Google account, as it will also be deleted. Remember that after the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is reset, nothing will remain on the device and will not be recoverable (except that you move it out of the phone memory in advance).


In some cases, after using the reset button, the problem was not resolved. If such a fate befell your smartphone, immediately take it to the service center, where specialists, using special equipment and programs, will launch your device and make it a complete reset.

over, a hard reset does not always solve the problem of the device in principle. In more than half of the cases, the normal operation of the device can only be ensured by flashing the phone. To do this, again, you need to contact a specialist. Remember that self-repair can only aggravate the situation, and your device will become nothing more than just a bunch of metal and plastic, the place of which is in the trash bin.