Exclamation Mark On Photo In Iphone – What Does It Mean

Exclamation Mark On Photo In Iphone. What Does It Mean

Hello! Let’s decide right away. if you see blurry and substandard photos in the gallery of your iPhone (at the same time an exclamation mark is drawn on them), then there is nothing wrong with that. The photo is not lost anywhere, and your hands still know how to take good pictures. So what is the matter and where did the original photos in high resolution go? Keep a short instruction on this subject. Let’s go!

So, the first (and most important!) Thing to understand and remember: this situation is a consequence of iPhone settings and its synchronization with iCloud. When sending photos to the “cloud”, it is possible to leave pictures in poor quality on the smartphone. to save memory. Yes, yes, yes, the usual setup of your gadget is to blame.

And here’s how to use it all.

Open “Settings. Photo and Camera”, at the very top we see the item “iCloud Media Library”.

Updated! In iOS 12, Apple changed the name (not location!) Of the menu items a bit. Now, iCloud Media Library is called iCloud Photos. I won’t rewrite the article (it’s silly to do this because of two words), just remember. if your device runs on iOS 12, then “iCloud Media Library” = “iCloud Photos”. Other letters. the same meaning.

It is this option that is responsible for storing all the photos in the “cloud”, which means that they can be accessed from absolutely any other of your device. computer, iPad, iPhone, etc.

If iCloud Media Library (iCloud Photos) is activated, two more options appear:

  • Optimize storage on iPhone. When the space on the device runs out, the photos ands are replaced with optimized images (muddy and blurry), and the originals (in good resolution and quality) are saved in iCloud. By the way, this is indicated by the exclamation mark in the lower right corner (sometimes in the middle) of the image.
  • Saving the originals. For the user, nothing changes. high-quality photos are stored on the device and in iCloud. Accordingly, there will be no badges anywhere.

So, now we can answer the question posed in the title of the article: if you see an exclamation mark in the photo, you are viewing a non-original (compressed) file, because the iPhone includes iCloud Media Library along with Storage Optimization. Is it good or bad?

A plus:

  • This feature helps a lot to save space on the device. If you rarely view the entire photo album, and often turn to several pictures, this is a great chance to free up memory for other, more urgent tasks.


  • Want to somehow use a photo (send via AirDrop, upload to social networks, etc.) or watch a? Necessarily need internet! After all, all files are stored on the iPhone in a compressed form and, until they are fully downloaded, nothing can be done with them. Just look at the blurred previews.

As the saying goes, the choice is yours.

You don’t want to use “Storage Optimization” and you want to remove the exclamation mark from all photos ands? It is worth doing this:

  1. Open “Settings. Photo and Camera” and select “Saving Originals”.
  2. Wait until the files in the original resolution are downloaded back to the device and the exclamation mark disappears from all photos ands. The process is not fast, it is advisable to have a good Internet connection. Important! There should be enough free memory on the iPhone or iPad.
  3. Did everything load? ICloud Media Library can be turned off.

By the way, if you turn off “Storage Optimization” and “iCloud Media Library” immediately (without downloading the originals), then this warning appears:

Failed to upload high resolution photos ands to this iPhone. If you continue, versions of these photos and low-resolutions will be deleted.

Despite this inscription, everything that was uploaded to the “cloud” should remain in it (until you do the deletion yourself). Access to these files can be obtained:

  1. By going to iCloud.com
  2. By entering your Apple ID and password.
  3. By opening the “Photos” tab.

It is this place that is worth visiting in the first place.

Important tip! Before any manipulations, just in case, copy all the photos to your computer. Let it be such a kind of reinsurance in case something goes wrong. Hardly of course, but never mind.