Error reset replace the toner with Brother. Brother DCP L5500DN

Brother devices: reset of error/message meter messages

Printer1.Turn on the printer.2.Open the front cover of the printer and leave it yet open.3.Turn off the printer.four.Holding the “Go/Start” button. Turn on the printer. All indicators except Ready should be highlighted.5.Release the “Go/Start” button.6.Press the “Go/Start” button 2 times.7.Make a short pause.eight.Press the “Go/Start” button 5 times.After which the Toner indicator must stop highlighting.9.Close the printer cover and restart it (turn off and turn it on).

All-In-on Printertip Brother DCP-7057

Open the front cover, 2. Clean (curve arrow back) 3. Press the Start button 4. Press the “arrow” (up or down) until “00” on the display5 appears. Press the OK button 6. Close the lid.

Other All-In-One Printer1. Turn off MF2. Click and hold the “menu” button 3. Turn on, while the “menu” button is not released4. As soon as the inscription blinks on the display, let the “menu” button 5. We are waiting for the inscription Maintenance6 to appear on the display. “Arrows” select the item “81” 7. Press the OK button 8. On the display appears the inscription “Reset Drum Count”, click the “Start” button, then the inscription “Reset Life Count” will appear. Press the Start button 10. “Arrows” select the item “96” 11. Press the OK button 12. Turn off and re-turn on the All-In-One Printer.

In the printers Brother HL-1110R, HL-1112R, DCP-1510R, DCP-1512R, MFC-1810R, MFC-1815R are the TN-1075 cartridge is used

Brother TN-1075 starting cartridge does not have a discharge flag. This toner discharge flag has only purchased, not starting cartridges.

Instructions for resetting the toner counter on the printer Brother HL-1110R, HL-1112R, DCP-1510R, DCP-1512R, MFC-1810R, MFC-1815R

one.Remove the toner-cartridge from the printer, leaving only dram-cartridge in the device.(Drum unit)

2.Press your finger on the discharge sensor located in the printer. It is located in the printer on the left side, you can get it through the entrance tray, having previously removed all the paper from it

When you press the discharge sensor, hold it until the printer engine starts, do not be afraid, nothing will happen to your hand

After starting the engine, release the sensor, and after 1.5-2 seconds (no more!) Click it again and hold it until the engine is completely stopped

We are waiting for the printer to go out readiness

After that, install the toner cartridge in the drama cartridge.

ATTENTION. You must realize-everything that you do with your printer or All-in-One Printer, you do at your own peril and risk, and no one except you is responsible. Entering in the service menu, commands different from the above, can lead to an inexpensive breakdown of the device, be extremely careful.

Program option to remove blocking

If your Brother model is equipped with a scanner and a photocopy, then most likely there is a control panel on its case. Standard printers are also equipped with this function, but less often. If you have this screen, we will use it to remove printing printing. Follow the instructions below:

    Connect the All-in-One Printer to the outlet and press the power button on the case. The display will appear the message “Waiting”. Just wait until the device completes the testing process.

How to manually knock down the counter

If you use the menu in this case, it is not possible, or the previous method has not worked, then there is another universal way out of this unpleasant situation. manual restart of the printer Brother.

  • We need to activate a special discharge sensor located on the cartridge.
  • Disconnect the printer from a computer or laptop, depending on the type of computer used.
  • Connect the power source to the device.
  • Move all the paper from the tray to the side.
  • Now you need to get to the cartridge itself.
  • Remove the lid behind which the device is located. It can be the upper or front side sash.

How to reset Toner counter on the printer Brother DCP 1512R (1510, 1623WR) after refueling the cartridge

When the toner in the cartridge came to an end, and there is nowhere to buy a new one, or the toad is strangling. it’s easier to buy a new printer, then the cartridge is filled with a new toner for 800 and you rejoice until you insert the cartridge back into your Brother DCP 1512r and not You see the same message: “Little toner”. At first I thought that the hell would be with him, little and little, I know that he was there a lot! But after reading the articles, I realized that it wasn’t there, there is a counter on the printer that will block the seal when the counter reaches the limit. In order not to get into the Pruosak after a few days when printing important documents, you need to discard this counter.

The stages of the insidious plan to reset the counter consist of the following:

1 we take out the cartridge (while the printer is in the OPL position.)

МФУ Brother DCP-7070DWR пишет “Замените тонер”. Сброс счетчика тонера.

2 from the photo bank takes out a block with a toner, clicking on the button:

3 insert an empty photo bus back into the printer

4 The most interesting operation we must find the meter discharge button and, according to a certain scheme, squeeze it. Hand does not bother. verified. She is here:

5, as shown in the picture, we put a finger that stuck through the paper supply compartment on this lever.

7 The engine should start and start the heating process (or not warming up. I don’t know). So, as soon as the printer began to make sounds-let go for 1-2 seconds a clamped lever and press it again and wait until the engine is stalled.

8 If everything is done correctly, then on the monitor screen you will not see any reports that toner is not enough or not at all. If you see, you will have to narrow the finger in the printer until the message stops appearing. For example, I got it 1 time after which after which do not forget to collect the cartridge back. It is important.

9 to check the result, go to the printer menu and the “Up” / “down” keys, select 4. Information about the device, and there is paragraph 4. User installations and then click OK and Start. A test page will be printed indicating the volume of the remaining toner and photo bank.

P.S. If necessary, you can drop a photo bank counter. Almost the same points as in p.9: menu. four. User installations. 6. Reset photo bank. Pour the OK button for 5 seconds, then click the “Up” button to select a photo bank. For the test, print user settings from P.9.

Toner’s reset. stage

To clamp the flag and close the access cover to the cartridge, we put our hand through the paper supply tray. Grind it and press it. Then we close the lid.

Turn on our printer or All-In-One Printer button, while hold the flag in the closed position. As soon as the engine starts and the device begins to twist with shafts, let go for a second and immediately clamp it back.

Keep the sensor until the printer calms down. Everything, the reset of the Brother meter is made. Open the lid, take out the drama. We take the toner-cartridge and connect with the drama-lobe.

We insert everything back and close the access cover to consumables. The printer will again begin to rotate the shafts of the mechanics and after initialization will subside.

The indicator with an exclamation mark will cease to burn, this will indicate that the toner counter is dropped successfully. One green LED should glow, signaling that our printing device has become ready.

If the Brother meter reset failed and the printer is still blocked, we repeat the operation at first.

You may also come in handy instructions for resetting toner on other models of printing devices of Brother:

Error reset replace the toner Brother DCP 7055/7057

The printer does not see how much powder is falling asleep in the cartridge, for this there is a mechanism that is based on the mechanics in consumables (cartridge), in some devices a chip is used, in our case there should be a mechanism consisting of gears, it is missing on the starting cartridges. After refueling, it is necessary to reset the error manually.

Consider two options, software, hardware, simulation of the gear

The software reset method

  • We launch our printer.
  • We expect when the initialization process is completed (it stopped making sounds, then everything) open the cover from the cartridge compartment.
  • Press the buttons in the next sequence [cancel] or [back] or [stop] on the front panel.
  • Further [start], the arrow [up] and press the arrow [down] several times on the screen should appear two zeros [00]. Then [ok] and close the front door.
  • Turn on our device, wait until we stop making noise, open the front door
  • Open the printer door.
  • We take out the cartridge, it needs to be disassembled to 2 parts to separate the drama-lunis from the toner-cartridge. Drama-UNIT with a photo bus
  • Install the dram-cartridge in our All-in-One Printer
  • We disconnect the lever from the lid and dump it into the printer
  • Press the front cover on the opening sensor of the opening sensor
  • Imitation of a closed door
  • We clamp the flag. When the gears begin to spin and let it go and clamp it again. Then let go again and clamp. Total, you need to squeeze it 2 times for 4 seconds

We are waiting for the mechanic to stop working, let the front cover close the closing sensor, which we clamped with a straight screwdriver, put the lever drowned in the case on the left and attach it to its place.

Toner reset on Brother HL-2035R

The toner reset method in the printer Brother HL-2035R is also suitable for HL-2030. For the procedure, you will need a couple of thin screwdrivers, well, or long thin objects. Why, understand during the operation. So, let’s get down.


On the printer turned on, open the access cover to the cartridge. The “Error” indicator should light up.


Now you need to clamp the flag of the meter of the new toner and the tongue of the closing sensor of the cover.


As soon as the printer begins to twist the shafts, we release the toner flag, and the tongue of the closing sensor continues to hold. Hold until the Ready indicator stops blinking.


Let go of the tongue when Ready will just burn without blinking. Now we close the access cover to the cartridge and rejoice. The reset of the toner has been made.

Toner reset Brother DCP-L2500DR

Operation to overwhelm the toner counter on the multifunctional device Brother DCP-L2500DR is quite simple. The toner is reset through the menu on the control panel. The given method is also suitable for devices:

Toner discharge process

The first, on the device turned on, open the access cover to the cartridge and leave it open. Second, on the control panel, click the “menu” button. Hold the button until the inscription appears on the display: “TNR-std a”. Third, click the key: “OK”. Fourth, on the display with an arrow, select: “Reset“. Fifth, we leave the meter’s hugging menu by clicking the button: “stop/output”.

Close the lid and observe the result that the toner discharge was successful. on the All-in-One Printer display is not displayed by the inscription: “Replace the toner”.

Reset Toner counter to Brother DCP-1510/1511/1512/1518, MFC-1810/1811/1813/1815/1818

All-In-on Printer Brother (DCP-1510/1511/1512/1518, MFC-1810/1811/1813/1815/1818), having printed a certain number of pages, can stop the seal, although the cartridge is refueling and print it and print on it still. Today I will tell you how to drop the toner counter using the example of Brother DCP-1510 and restore the sensor if its flag is not shown. Now, probably, it is not entirely clear what it is about, so read completely.

Let’s start with the manual procedure for resetting the toner counter. There is nothing complicated:

  • Open the All-in-One Printer cover and take it out of it with toner-cartridge. Dram-cartridge, you can leave in place, it will not hurt.
  • We cross the finger through the paper supply tray in and clamp the discharge flag.
  • Close the All-in-One Printer cover, turn on the power. We are waiting for the start of the engine rotation.
  • We release for 1-1.5 seconds and press the discharge flag again, holding it until the engine stops.

If the counter has not been dropped the first time, we repeat the procedure again (we carefully read the algorithm of action). maybe you missed something or did the wrong time. I want to note that you should not reap on the flag like murderer, there is a chance to press it into the bowels of All-in-One Printer-shki forever. And then you have an unforgettable disassembly process. And without proper experience, you can easily turn your printer into a set of gears with springs and other plastic products. So it is better not to be hard, just slightly shift the flag to trigger the sensor.

I suppose everything worked out. Now I will tell my case. some kind of genius of refueling cartridges thought of the accountant to independently do such an operation. In general, the All-in-One Printer was given me with the words that “there is no more Pimpochka there” (this is, by the way about murderers).

Disassemble the Brother DCP-1510, in principle, it is not difficult, I even found on YouTube something like a video instruction (actually very stupid) when I tried to understand how the return spring of the toner-cartridge sensor flag is attached. It was because of her that the flag did not return to the right position, and in this case, force the All-in-One Printer will not be able to print.

Just about this nuance, the author of that manual on YouTube, apparently, deliberately kept silent. Why did I make such a conclusion? Yes, for the reason that the video was a similar question left unanswered. I can’t understand one thing for then to shoot the material if the key moment is missed?

Fortunately, in Google it was possible to find the official Brother DCP-1510 Service Manual (models DCP-1510/1511/1512/1518, MFC-1810/1811/1813/1815/1818), which has already become more or less clear how the return springs are established. According to the above link, you can download the manual from my blog, suddenly someone will come in handy.

Service instruction was also clearly made so that everything was easy, because here is a photo of the already installed flag with a spring. If your hands grow from the right place, then everything is going and works as it should.

Brother MFC-L5750DW сброс фотобарабана, сброс тонера, drum reset, toner reset, про принтеры

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Resetting the toner of the starting cartridge Brother TN 1075

1) opening the lid, remove the toner-cartridge from the printer.

2) the dram-cartridge should be in the printer.

4) Next, you need to press a finger on the intake of the counter, which is located on the left side of the device, you can get to it with your hand through the paper supply tray.

5) without releasing the sensor, close the printer cover and turn it on.

6) After the printer mechanism starts, we believe: “and once-two” (1-2 seconds.) and release the sensor. Again we think: “and once-two” (1-2 seconds.) and again clamp the sensor with your finger, holding it so until the engine is completely stopped.

7) The green indicator must light up, reporting the reader’s readiness for work, the message “Replace the toner” on the display will disappear. So the operation was successful. There was a reset of Toner TN 1075 toner meter.

If this does not happen. The whole procedure will have to do again.

Resetting the Brother Toner Toner on Printers HL-L2300DR / L2340DWR / L2360DNR / L2365DWR

And so after refueling the TN-2335 or TN-2375 cartridge, Brother HL L2300DR / 2340DWR / 2360DNR / 2365DWR does not print, while the upper toner absence indicator burns. The reset of the toner counter can be done in this way:

  • When the printer is turned on, open the front cover and leave it open.
  • Turn off the printer.
  • Press the GO button and, holding it in a pressed position, turn on the printer.
  • At the same time, three indicators will light up except the “Ready” indicator
  • After 3 seconds, release the “GO” button.
  • Then click the GO button 10 times in a row. Each press, the green indicator “Ready” lights up.
  • We pause, while three upper indicators will light up.
  • Then click the GO button 5 more times. Indicators are blown, close the front cover and after a while the reader indicator “Ready” will light up.

Your printer Brother HL L2300 is ready for work again. Click “GO” 3 times to print the state page, and this will show that the cartridge is 100% filled with toner.