Entrance to the router d Link. How to install or change a password to Wi-Fi

D-Link routers: Standard password, login and IP address

This page contains information about standard settings for popular models of D-Link routers. For each of the models, the standard IP address, login and password are indicated to be used to enter the router settings. Also, some models indicate the standard SSID (Wi-Fi Network) and Wi-Fi password.

Using this information, you can connect to the Wi-Fi network, enter the web-intese and perform the initial setting of the router.

D-Link DWR-921

Standard IP address, login and password for entering the DWR-921 4G LTE router settings:

The standard name of the Wi-Fi network (SSID) and the Wi-Fi password by default:

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Login and password for entering the router for 192.168.one.one

Often a pair of login and password is used to enter network equipment: Admin. Admin. In the article we will analyze the issues of authorization, correction of errors and recommendations for the elimination of problems, setting instructions. If the router is working, we will go into it and make the necessary settings.

If you get here by chance, then you can enter the control panel with your router by pressing the link: 192.168.one.1 (open in a new window). You will go to your router’s personal account. If the problem is that you forgot the password, read the article to the end.

How to go to a router’s personal account

Consider four options for entering the router at 192.168.one.one. The first. the authorization page is available. Second. the router is connected for the first time. Third. the Internet works, but does not open the page of the router’s personal account to make settings. Fourth. the Internet and the router settings page does not work. We will consider these two blocks at the end where ten possible problems and instructions are collected to solve.

The router is configured, the Internet connection is present.

Use a device connected to the Internet or local network through this router, otherwise you can’t get to the authorization page, except perhaps on another device. For the entrance, use equipment that supports the network and work with browsers: PC or laptop on Windows, Linux, iOS; Mobile phone or tablet for Android, Windows or iOS.

Open the browser and enter the address in the address bar: 192.168.one.one

Figure 1: Address line of the browser with the entered address.

In the authorization window, enter the login and password indicated in the instructions for the router and on the sticker at the bottom of the device.

Mobile applications are available for modern routers and modems.

The router is connected for the first time

To enter the Router settings for 192.168.one.1, make sure that preparatory actions have performed correctly:

Connect the device to the mains; Turn on the router with the “VCL / Off”, “ON / OFF” or similar, the second indicator should burn;

Entrance via Wi-Fi

Access to the web configurator can be obtained by wireless connection via Wi-Fi using a smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC with a Wi-Fi receiver. details can be read in the article: “enter the router settings from the phone on Wi-Fi”. Below is a brief instruction entry into account.

Make sure that you activated Wi-Fi if not, press the power button, check the indicator. The indicator is shown in Figure 3, the fourth number;

See the network name and password (network encryption key) on the sticker at the bottom of the router or in the instructions;

Beeline router sticker with a Wi-Fi network and password.

Connect the device from which you enter at 192.168.one.1 for setting up the router by Wi-Fi;

Open the browser and in the address bar indicate the address http: // 192.168.one.1 as shown in Figure 1. Practice under the login and password indicated in the instructions or on the sticker, for example: admin. admin.

Router sticker indicating IP and Login. password

Go through the conductor Microsoft Windows

A simple way to enter the Windows conductor. We open the conductor, for example: “My computer”. In the context menu, we go to the “Network” tab. Visible and used network devices are opened in history. We find the required router and click the right click of the mouse, and then on the item: “View the web page of the device”.

The address that the router considers relatives will open in the default browser. In the example, this is Microsoft Edge on the Windows 10 operating system.

How to configure Wi-Fi and the Internet on Zyxel and D-Link

After entering the admin panel, open the “Wi-Fi Basic Settings” section for the D-Link and “Internet Connection” modem for ZYXEL. The text can be in English if your device has not Russified firmware. For the Internet to work, you need to have a settings from the provider. If they are not, look for them on the official website or contact technical support.

In the “IP” parameters column, set the standard value (determine automatically) if your provider does not provide the selected identifier. If the IP is still static, enter it.

Clon the MAC address from the computer using the appropriate button (on d-link-“take from the computer”) and select the type of pppoe connection. In the PPP and Password Name field, you must enter the data that you received during the drawing up of the contract with your provider.

Similar values ​​can be used to enter your personal account on the company’s website that provides you with Internet access. If you do not know the necessary information or have lost the necessary papers, contact the technical service of the provider.

After entering PPPOE, go to the Safety Settings tab and set the password from the access point. Here you need to choose the type of protection. The safest protocol is WPA2. If you want to change the name Wi-Fi-cat, look for a text field “SSID” and change it at your discretion. The setting of the router is completed on this. Save the settings and use the Internet.

DIR-615 router D-Link

The article described the instructions for the entrance to the settings of the router using the example of DIR-615. The address of the D-Link roares coincides, so it is suitable for other models: DIR-300, DIR-620, DIR-320. The principle is also similar:

Any device that is connected by a cable or by Wi-Fi is suitable-a monoblock, a computer, a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone and others. If desired, you can go into settings through Smart TV. We have a separate article. how to connect a router to a computer. In short, a cable method:

  • connect a power supply to a router, outlet;
  • Connect the router to the computer using a network cable;
  • Connect the Internet cable to the “WAN” or “Ethernet” connector depends on the device.

Go to the settings

After connection, open the browser that you usually use. Enter 192 in the address bar.168.0.1, click “Enter” from the keyboard. The device integration will open, where you need to enter the login and password to enter the router. Try to enter standard data: login. admin, password. admin, click “Input”. If you give out an error of incorrect data, and you forgot the login and password from the entrance, do not know. drop it on factory.

Keep in mind that this will return the standard router settings not only for this data, but also for everyone else.

After reset, the integration will open with a request for a change of factory password. Invent, enter both fields, for example. admin1. Data will be used for further entry into the router.

After you can start setting up equipment.

The router of the router does not open, the error “fails to open this page” comes out “.

First, check the connection of the router and computer. Go to “Start”. “Programs”. “Office” or “Standard”, then “Command Stand”.

In the window that appears, enter Ping, click “Enter”. If there are answers, the number of packages sent is equal to the number of received. the connection is. Try to prescribe the address of the router in another browser, preferably on Internet Explorer. It is usually used for configuration, equipment firmware. Works more stable, although slower.

If there is no connection, there will be no answers from the router. it will not work to go to it. You need to understand what it is connected with. There is a chance that the DHCP function does not work-the automatic distribution of IP addresses. In this case, setting up a network or wireless adapter manually will help.

How to change WIFI Password 4G LTE Router D-Link DWR-921 in 1 minute

  • There is a connection between devices-a computer, the smartphone is connected to the router via cable or Wi-Fi;
  • tried manual, automatic settings of the adapter;
  • We checked again through the Ping 192 team.168.0.1 and there is no answer.

Write, it turned out to go into the settings? At what stage the problem arose?

Entrance to D-Link settings

First of all, you need to connect the router to PC or laptop. You can use a tablet, smartphone or TV, but it is better exactly a stationary computer or laptop, t.to. Connection is desirable to produce through the cable. If there is no way to use the cable, then we do it through a Wi-Fi laptop or any other device. Consider both cases:

1 connection via network cable

  • A cable is connected to the network connector of the device (PC), one of the four LAN partitions (no matter which one). At this stage, there are practically no problems.

2 Connection to the Wi-Fi router to enter the settings.

Wi-Fi connection is mainly used in the case when it is not possible to connect via a cable, for example, the device does not provide a connector or you simply do not have such a cable. If this is not the first time you set up this router, then you will probably not have problems with a wireless connection. If the device is new and has not previously been tuned, then immediately after turning on it will begin to broadcast Wi-Fi with the standard network name, which coincides with the model of the router, t.e. In our case, it will be the DIR-320 network, since the modem of the D-Link Dir 320 model. Next, we just connect to this network.

  • The network usually does not have a password, but if the password is still required to enter, then the password is indicated on the equipment housing and designated as (WPS) PIN. That’s how:

When a password entry a request appears, just enter the code indicated on the router.

We go to the control panel (admin panel) at 192.168.0.one

note! All information for entering the settings panel, and it is the address, indicated on the router case!

The sticker indicates an IP address, introducing which you will get access to the settings. For D-Link routers, the address is 192.168.0.one. Login and password. standard (admin) if you have not changed it earlier. If the password/login changed, then come in using them. After that, open the browser and prescribe this address in the address bar. We cross it.

After the transition to the address spelled out in the line, a page appears on which the login and password are requested. Here we also indicate the standard. admin/admin. Naturally, if you have not changed this information earlier. And what to do if the login/password has changed, but you forgot it? In this case, there is only one way out-to reset the settings of the D-Link router to the factory. To do this, you need to hold Reset at least 10 seconds on the equipment housing.

After entering the password and login, access to the control panel opens the router.

  • A window appears immediately, where you will be asked to change the login/password, indicating new. You can do it or not, leaving standard. If you change the login and password, then be sure to remember new ones. Then click “Ready”.
  • Save all the entrance settings and press the “System” item, which is located on top. Click “Save”.

Now you can configure the D-Link router control panel. Do not forget to keep changes! When you finish, reboot the device for its correct operation.

How to enter the D-Link router

Router is a device that does not require constant control from the user. It is not rare that the router is configured by the invited master after which it works for a long time without any intervention by the user. This situation leads to the fact that when the user has the need to configure something, he simply does not know how to enter the router. If you are faced with a similar problem, then this article should help you. Here you will learn how to enter the D-Link router.

Open the browser.

The entrance to the D-Link router, as in any other router, is performed through the browser. Therefore, the first thing to do is open a browser. You can use any browser you like. It can be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or any other.

Enter the IP address of the router to the address line.

There is an targeted line at the top of the window of any browser. There is a page address that you are viewing at the moment. In order to enter the D-Link router, you need to enter its IP address to the address bar of the browser.

Do not worry if you do not know the IP address of your router. In most cases, D-Link routers are available at 192.168.0.one. But, 192 can be used.168.one.one. So first try to enter, and then 192.168.one.one. After you select the desired IP address on the screen will appear a window for entering the login and password.

Enter the login and password from your D-Link router.

After entering the correct IP address into the address line of the browser, the authorization form should appear on the screen. The next step is the introduction of a login and password. Without entering these data, you will not be able to enter the D-Link router.

At this stage, the most difficulties arise. Many users simply do not know which password is used on their router. If you are in a similar situation, then you can give the following recommendations:

  • If you enter the router for the first time and before that no one changed the password on the router, then you should use the standard login and password. In most cases, D-Link routers as a standard login use the “Admin” login, and the password is not indicated. This means that you just need to enter the “admin” login and press the input key. The following pairs of login and passwords can also be used on some models of D-Link routers: Admin/Admin, Admin/Password or User/User.
  • If the above pairs of login and password are not suitable, then read the instructions from your router model. There should be all the necessary information. In some cases, the standard password may indicate the sticker on the lower side of the router.
  • If the router is configured by another person, then you should contact him and find out which password was installed.
  • If you cannot find out the password from the router, then you can reset the router settings. After resetting the settings, you can enter the router using a standard password. But, in this case, you will have to configure a router from scratch.

After entering the correct login/ password and pressing the “Login” button you will enter D-Link.

Learning to go to D-Link settings

No matter how stupid it may sound, the first thing you need to connect a router and that electronic device with which you plan to go into settings. In principle, for this purpose it is suitable:

The Internet can be used both wired and wireless. Although my advice, based on great experience: the easiest settings of the router pass through the connection to the PC and the network cable, and not Wi-Fi. But, the business. Next, we will talk about both options.

Option 1. We connect via a network cable

Any self.respecting manufacturer sells a router complete with a cable. Therefore, look carefully in the box, take the cable and connect the two devices. It should turn out as in the picture below:

That is, we use one of the LAN connectors on the router, and we are looking for a network connector in the computer. I hope that at this step no one will have difficulties.

Option 2. We connect through wireless access

Just in case, if it is not possible to connect the router and device via a network cable, then you always have an alternative option: use Wi-Fi. For beginners, it is worth noting the following: as soon as the router is connected to nutrition, it immediately begins to broadcast Wi-Fi network. The name of this network is always standard and corresponds to the router model. That is, if the D-Link router DIR-615, then the network will be called by default “DIR-615”.

On the basis of the above principle, select the network on the device. In the illustration, this is shown on the example of a laptop (more about working through Wi-Fi for laptops is written here):

At the same time, the network can with or without password by default. If you bought a completely new router, then the password for Wi-Fi will be indicated on the router itself. Look for characters after WPS PIN value, as shown below.

Enter this password and the connection should be successful.

Address of the control panel. 192.168.0.one

Please note that absolutely all the necessary information for the first entrance to the settings of the router will be indicated on the device itself. Next, you can change it, just remember the new version.

In particular, on the router’s case you will find an IP address that is introduced in the browser on the command line (for D-Link it is 192.168.0.one). As well as a standard login and password: neutral values ​​of Admin and Admin are always installed, respectively.

So, we open any available browser (Chrome, Explorer, etc.D.) and in the address line we introduce an IP code-192.168.0.one. Press the search.

Do not forget the login and password

Enter the login and password as indicated on the router case (see. above). If suddenly you changed the password and/or login and forgot the meaning, you will have to resort to extreme measures and drop all the settings. To do this, a magic reset button has been created, which must be pressed and hold for about 10-15 seconds. After that, the factory safety settings made by the manufacturer will return.

If you enter the default settings, you will be asked to immediately install new. The new personal password should be difficult, but at the same time you must be able to drive it twice in a row. If everything is successful, then click is ready.

To save the settings, select the system in the menu and then select to save.

Actually, this is all. When changing settings in the future, do not forget to save them and finally be sure to reboot the router.

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How to go to the D-Link router settings

Usually the router does not require constant control by the user. In most cases, after the initial setting about the router, they forget for a long time.

Nevertheless, sometimes there is a need to go into the settings of the router. For example, in order to open ports. In this article we will talk about how to go to the D-Link router settings.

Run the browser.

The settings of any router are performed through the so-called web-intese. This is a small site that works directly on the router itself and provides convenient and intuitive control of all settings.

Like any other site, you need to go to the web-intese through the browser. Therefore, if you want to go to the D-Link router settings, then the first thing you need to do is start a browser. Launch any browser convenient for you. It can be Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome or any other.

Enter the IP address of the router to the address line of your browser.

There is an targeted line at the top of the window of any browser. This is a line in which the page address is displayed, it is also used to enter search queries. In order to go to the D-Link router settings, you need to enter this ruter address into this line IP line. In this case, you do not need to enter the prefix “http: //”. Just enter the IP address and press the input key (Enter).

If you do not know which IP address your router has, then just try to enter 192.168.0.one. If this IP address turns out to be true, then you will see a window demanding to enter a login and password for access to the router settings. If IP address is not true, the page will not open. You will see a message that a web page is not available. In this case, you need to try IP address 192.168.one.one. In most cases, the router will be available at one of these addresses.

Enter the login and password to access the router settings.

If you entered the IP address of the router correctly, then a window should appear on the screen demanding to enter the login and password (username and password). In order to go into the D-Link router settings, you must know the login and password from the router. After entering the correct pair, the login/password in front of you will open a web-intese with the D-Link router settings.

At the stage of entering the login and password, the most difficulties arise. Quite often, users cannot go into the router settings due to the fact that they do not know which login or password to enter. Unfortunately, this problem does not have a simple solution. In order to enter the settings, one way or another, you will have to enter a login and password.

If you cannot remember the login or password from your router, then try to do the following:

Reasons for the inaccessibility of the settings of the routers D-Link

Consider the most common cases when the transition to the settings of routers is impossible. Note that if these tips have not helped you, and you still cannot open the settings integer, most likely the problem is related to hardware malfunction. It is better to use the device guarantee here if it is still valid. You also need to look at the indicators of your router model. If indicators of data transfer and connections do not burn, most likely our tips will not help you.

Reboot the device, open the settings of your D-Link according to this instructions-setting D-Link DIR-615. Detailed instructions for setting up Wi-Fi router turn the router and pay attention to the sticker. There should be an address for access to the control panel. Most D-Link devices are tuned after input 192.168.0.one. Read the general instructions for the entrance to the router: entrance to the router’s personal account via admin.admin.

Now we need to reset the settings according to this instructions-how to reset the settings and password on the D-Link router?

Wireless connection

Make sure there is a connection. If a wireless connection is established with the router, you can find out about this by the presence of such a badge (do not worry if the icon with the signal level is blocked by an exclamation mark).

If the device is connected using a cable, make sure its integrity. From the side of the router, the cable should be installed in the LAN connector and go to the connector for connecting the computer’s network controllers. If there is a connection, such an icon should be displayed:

In addition, do not neglect the features of obtaining an IP address for your router. In the settings of the network connection, make sure that the IP and DNS address is issued automatically. Detailed information about setting connections is given here. Here you should pay attention to checking the features of the issuance of IP addresses in case the entrance to the setting page of the router is impossible.

In the event that these instructions did not help solve the problem with the opening of the router setting the setting integration, you can try to do this with another Internet recrecer. You can also try to connect the device to another computer. It can also be done using a mobile gadget connected via Wi-Fi Inte Wee.

If it is impossible to set up a router, the problem is most likely associated with the physical failure of its nodes.

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