Entering BIOS on a Sony Vaio Laptop

I haven’t been installing and setting up a PC for friends for about five years, but last weekend I asked a very good friend to install an SSD and Windows drive in my Sony laptop. He bought his laptop recently, but he had already managed to get endless brakes of the disk subsystem. To be honest, I still do not understand how manufacturers are pushing ordinary screws at 5400 rpm into rather expensive laptops. The complete perversion! The whole thing is terribly slow and the user immediately after the purchase receives a slow laptop.

Seriously, when I bought my last laptop, the first thing I did was get rid of the hard drive. Suppose that at least three times a steep stone (I have a Core i7) and a RAM car, without a smart disk subsystem, you can never fully experience all these wonders.

I could not refuse a friend and decided to recall my youth, so to speak. the time when it was extremely interesting to engage in reinstalling Windows and upgrading hardware. I took a screwdriver and began to unscrew the bolts from the hard drive bay. Unscrewed, pulled out the old screw and installed in its place the Plextor SSD. I turn on the laptop, try to enter the BIOS and break off hard. Instead of the usual settings screen, the laptop writes “Operating system error”.

At first I thought that I did not have time to press F2 during boot. I tried to repeat, but to no avail. Keystrokes Delete, F2Delete also did not give a positive result. Here I fell into a stupor slightly. There was no choice but to turn to Google for help. Literally the first link of search results led me to the knowledge base of SONY, which was the answer to my question.

It turns out to enter the BIOS on a laptop from Sony you need to turn off laptop and press a button ASSIST. I turn off the laptop, press the ASSIST key on the laptop panel and the laptop starts to boot. Literally after 2 seconds, the start menu appears, from which you can immediately go to the BIOS.

Entering BIOS on a Sony Vaio Laptop

The problem was solved simply, but I still do not understand why Sony decided to show off? On all laptops that I used to use, the BIOS was accessed via F2 or Del. When turned on, a message like “To enter the BIOS, press F2.” always appears. In the case of a Sony laptop, nothing appears. The user must learn this information from the small booklet that comes with the laptop. Well, is it not perverted? Wouldn’t it be easier to stick to the standard?

Well, suppose users are to blame for not reading instructions. Then the question is, and on the fig on the device do an additional key? I’m only entering bios before reinstalling Windows. I do this procedure once every three years. The question is, in fig, shove an additional button on the case for such a rarely used procedure?

In general, some companies try to simplify life for users, while others, on the contrary, make it more difficult. I never bought myself laptops from Sony and most likely I will never buy it. I’d rather buy a MacBook Pro for the money.