Engineering Menu Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro

Almost every smartphone occasionally has some kind of software malfunction, the reason for which lies in the firmware of the device. In order to determine the cause and type of malfunction, there is a special engineering (service) menu where you can test any module of your Xiaomi and find out what the essence of the malfunctions is.

From this article you will learn how to enter the Xiaomi engineering menu, what it is, and what its functions are.

So, it is a combination of hidden device parameters, the purpose of which is to test and correct various errors in its operation. There are simply no such settings in the standard menu, since a user who does not have sufficient experience, knowledge and skills can knock down the correct settings, thereby harming the system. often as a result of such an “intrusion” the smartphone loses connection, it cannot make calls, and so on Therefore, be extremely careful with the service settings of the engineering menu.

Engineering Menu Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro

The main functions of the engineering menu on Android

  • GPS service test;
  • Setting up the microphone and camera;
  • A lot of sound settings and its volume in the main speaker, as well as conversational;
  • Setting up communication networks;
  • Recover IMEI number;
  • Optimization of the OS to reduce battery consumption.
  • How to enter the engineering menu

Let’s look at two main methods that will help us enter the Xiaomi engineering menu.

  1. Through the settings. It is worth noting that this method is universal, that is, it is suitable for any Xiaomi phone. So, go to the phone settings, at the very bottom of the list, click on the item “About the phone”. Find the line “Kernel version”And click on it three times. Most likely, at the bottom of the screen you will see the inscription “It remains to press 2 more times”. perform this action. Done!
  2. Xiaomi codes. Open the phone number and enter a special code ## 6484 ##. After pressing the call button, you will see on the phone display the necessary list of modules for verification. If the input with this code did not help, try several other codes: you need to replace the numbers with 3646633 or 4636.

If the engineering menu does not open

If you were unable to complete the desired action through the first two methods, try using a special software. We have two great applications in stock that will solve the problem: Mobile Uncle Tools and MTK Engineering. You can find some more similar applications yourself.

  • Mobile Uncle Tools is the most powerful program of all. It allows you to perform many different operations with the phone system. After entering it, click on the button “Engineering mode”, And then select “Engineering menu”(MTK). Important! To use this program, you will need root rights (how to get them. in a separate article). Since the author of this program is a resident of China, you may encounter either the Chinese or the English version of the program;
  • MTK Engineering. Install the application, sign in. Click on item “Android Testing“, after which you will see information about the phone, battery, wi-fi and full usage statistics. But in the paragraph called “MTK Engineer Mode” You will find all service settings. The engineering menu that appears will probably differ slightly from the list of modules in the Mobile Uncle Tools program or from the items called up by the first two methods, but its essence does not change from this. you can also adjust the volume, battery consumption and generally change almost any parameters of your device.


The most important thing that we would like to say at the end of the article is please be very careful when fine-tuning your Xiaomi by calling the engineering menu. If you suddenly need to check any of the phone modules or fix problems, you don’t need to immediately change the settings in the smartphone’s engineering menu, but rather, look again for useful information or an article on a specific topic for a specific case on our portal. For your convenience, we have translated the functions of the engineering menu:

  • Key. test of mechanical keys for performance;
  • Blacklight. screen brightness test;
  • TouchPanel. phone sensor test;
  • Tflash. check the memory card;
  • Bluetooth. search for all devices in the access area;
  • SIM Card. testing SIM cards and checking their availability;
  • Vibration. testing vibration;
  • LCD. checking the color of the display;
  • GPS. search for various satellites;
  • Gyro. a gyroscope;
  • G-sensor. testing speed sensors;
  • Proximity Sensor. this function is responsible for the attenuation of the display during a call;
  • Optical sensor. optical sensor;
  • Magnetic sensor. magnetic sensor;
  • RTC. hours (built-in);
  • Receiver. test the main speaker;
  • Speaker. test speaker;
  • LED. test of notification indicators;
  • FM. test of the radio;
  • Headset. checking the headphone jack and playing sounds
  • Camera. test the camera and its flash
  • Battery. test for charging and battery operation;
  • Wi-fi. search for access points;
  • Torch. testing a flashlight.