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This article describes the options for Hard Reset Sony Xperia M (C1904 / C1905) (C2004 / C2005 DUAL). Hard reset means completely cleaning your phone. After it, all contacts, SMS, notes, phone settings are deleted. It takes on a fresh look, as if you just bought it. When is Hard Reset useful? At a minimum, if you need to sell your phone and you want to prepare, then you’ll erase all the data on it and return it to the factory settings. Hard reset is also useful if your phone starts to freeze a lot, and this can happen if it is overloaded with different software or viruses. Occasionally, it happens that the installed programs on your Sony Xperia M phone (C1904 / C1905) (C2004 / C2005 DUAL) begin to fail and interfere with the full operation of the phone.

How to make Sony Xperia M Hard Reset? There are several options:

First option:

For it, you will need a microUSB cable that came with your phone and computer. You will need to install a special Sony PC Companion program. Read more in detail on the link on our website. “Hard Reset on Sony devices

The second option:

It consists in using the Sony PC Companion program.

1. Download the program from the link.

2. Open the program, turn off the phone Xperia M.

Engineering Menu Sony Xperia C2005

3. Connect the cable to the computer, but not to the phone!

4. Under the inscription Support Zone, click on “Start.”

5. Click on the inscription “Updating the phone / tablet software”.

6. Click on the link “Restore phone \ tablet”.

7. Read the instructions on the screen, fill out the checkmark and follow.

8. We wait while the program downloads the list of models, after which we select Xperia M.

9. Following the instructions on the screen, hold down “Volume Down” on the phone and connect it to the microUSB cable.

10. We are waiting for the completion of recovery. Done.

For clarity, I provide the:.
The third option:

You can also reset the phone “officially” through the phone menu. To do this, follow the path: Menu-Settings “Recovery (Back up reset) ” “Reset settings” and confirmation.

Fourth option:

In the dialer or “Emergency Calls” menu (if the phone is locked with a key), you can try to enter the code: ## 7378423 ##, select the last option in the menu and press the reset.

Very often, hard reset is a method of removing a previously set password or graphic lock (graphic key or pattern). But remember that these actions will delete all information from your phone, therefore it is better to save it in advance on an SD card or on a computer.