Engineering Menu Samsung Galaxy S9

Engineering Menu Samsung Galaxy S9

Perhaps the lack of ringer volume is the trouble of the vast majority of modern smartphones. But many of us remember well the mid-2000s, when a push-button telephone was able to wake up in the morning not only you, but also neighbors living nearby. Now you constantly want to increase the sound, because it seems too quiet. And this is by no means due to deafness developed. In a word, let’s try to figure out how to increase the volume on Android.

Why did the sound in modern devices become quieter?

The gradual decrease in volume in modern gadgets is a fact that can not be avoided. over, in the future even quieter devices can wait for us! Why? Everything is very simple.

Take a look at the Nokia N95. a symbol of the era of the end of the “zero”. And now look at the new one Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016). Notice the difference? Modern devices are extremely thin. But the physical properties of the speakers have not been canceled. These elements can produce a very loud sound only with their rather large sizes. And in new devices, the speaker has to be great to reduce, as a result of which the maximum volume decreases. The ability to install two speakers saves the situation. But it is used only in the production of expensive flagships. a monodynamic speaker is built into the vast majority of Android smartphones, as this reduces the cost.

Another certain level of maximum volume can be fixed by means of the operating system. This is done in order to extend the life of the speaker. This is also done in order to prevent sound artifacts — squeaking, crackling, and other effects — when playing music. And you can’t do without them if you make the speaker sound to the limit of its physical capabilities.

Android volume control

First, let’s talk about how volume is generally adjusted on devices with the Android operating system. You may be laughing, but many users are not even aware that not only the overall volume is changing, but also its individual aspects!

To adjust the overall volume level, the corresponding keys are located on one of the side ends.

If you want to delve into the volume settings, then complete these steps:

Step 1. Go to “Settings”.

Step 2 Click on “Sounds and notifications”.

Step 3 Here you can separately select the volume of the alarm and ringtone. The music that will play when an incoming call or message arrives is immediately selected.

Using Volume Booster

There are no utilities on Google Play to help increase the sound volume to a level not recommended by the manufacturer. But there are programs that simplify changing the volume of notifications, calls, media playback and other categories. In particular, Volume Booster has this feature. To use it, follow the instructions:

Step 1. Download, install and run Volume booster.

Step 2 After a short splash screen, a window with detailed volume settings appears. Here you can increase the level to the maximum parameter, while, for example, leaving the sound of the alarm not too loud.

Step 3 For comfortable use of this free program, you need to click on the vertical ellipsis located in the upper right corner.

Step 4 Uncheck “Notification”. This will eliminate the appearance of unnecessary notifications that may contain ads.

Step 5 If you want to quickly increase the volume of absolutely all sound categories, then press the red button “Boost”.

Step 6 Wait for the animation to finish. If an Internet connection is connected, a five-second promotional will be shown. Immediately after it, you need to click on the button “Done”.

That’s all, the volume is increased to the maximum parameter! This applies to both notification of incoming messages and the alarm clock.

Again, Volume Booster will not allow you to go beyond certain limits outlined by the device manufacturer. This app simply offers more detailed volume settings. If you want to go beyond what is permitted, then another method will help.

Using the engineering menu

Earlier on the pages of our site we told you about how to get into the engineering menu. Take advantage of this. it is quite possible that in this menu you will find an undocumented function of a strong increase in volume. However, this can be done through the engineering menu far from always. On some smartphones, it is greatly reduced, while in others it is completely absent.

Since the engineering menu is arranged in a special way in each model, we cannot consider in detail how to increase the volume of the conversational speaker. Focus on the item “Audio»- all necessary settings should be contained in this section. If we are talking about conversational dynamics, then it should appear under the name “Speech enhancement”.

We recommend that you write down on the sheet all the changes that you make. This will allow you to go back to the early settings if at some point something goes wrong.


Unfortunately, you can’t always increase the speaker volume on Android. Often, the part of the operating system that is responsible for the sound is tightly blocked. it does not allow other applications to affect it. Neither root access nor any other tricks help in this case. Just as it is impossible to come to the service center to replace the speaker with a louder one. you can only be installed exactly the same.