Engineering Menu Android Nokia 3

All winphones support a high-speed 3G connection, and almost all models released in the last two years are 4G. That’s just bad luck: if the mobile operator provides a specific area with high-speed network coverage, then there are big problems with the stability of this network. As a result, in practice, users of Windows Phone smartphones cannot use 3G / 4G, because the device constantly switches from fast speed to a slower but 100% stable 2G network.

If you look at the settings of the Windows-smartphone, in the section Cellular network SIM. SIM card settings, you can access the option to select the fastest connection. In theory, the 3G (or 4G) network established here as a priority should in itself provide a fast Internet connection. In fact, this does not change anything. Regardless of which network is preferred in the standard settings, the smartphone still continues to “jump” from one network to another, testing the nerves of a user working with the Internet. There is only one way to make the winphone work with the Internet at a good speed. this is to use the secret engineering menu of Windows Phone.

This is a menu opened by the command ## 3282 #. Using the options hidden here, you can set the minimum Internet speed of the smartphone, which, unlike the installation in the standard menu, will be performed without interference. For example, if you install 3G, then the smartphone will be able to switch to 4G if possible, but not to 2G, unless you cancel this add-on yourself or restart the winphone.

Important: If the operator you are using does not provide the terrain with 3G communications, but despite this you set 3G or 4G in the engineering menu, you will receive a “Call interrupted” error when you try to make a call. In this case, you will also not be able to get through. Make sure that in the area there really is the coverage you need and it is of high enough quality.

How to speed up the Internet on Windows Phone? The sequence of actions is as follows.

1. Dial in the dialer the combination ## 3282 #.

Engineering Menu Android Nokia 3

2. Accept the warning that whatever you do, you do at your own risk by clicking Accept.

3. Open the context menu by clicking the ellipsis button.

4. Select the only available Settings item.

5. In the Network type parameter, set “3G only” (or “4G only”).

6. Exit the engineering menu in any convenient way, for example, by pressing the return button several times in a row.

All. Now your smartphone will work at a speed not lower than 3G (or 4G).

To return the add-in to its standard state, you can use the section Cellular SIM network in the standard settings of Windows Phone, or simply restart the smartphone.

For quick access to the engineering menu, you can later create a contact in the address book with the number ## 3282 # and create its tile on the desktop.

Note that by choosing the only network as the default network, you will not only provide your smartphone faster internet, but also save energy on its battery, because your device will no longer need to spend energy to automatically switch between networks. That is, the autonomy of your smartphone will increase markedly.