Enable And Configure iPad Pro 11

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a powerful free utility for setting up functions and optimizing the Windows 10 system from the developers of another useful tool. Windows FixWin 10 error correction software. Both utilities do not have a Russian interface language, and therefore, if this is not acceptable for you, I recommend that you get acquainted with Dism where he is present.

In this review, about the main features available in Ultimate Windows Tweaker, using the utility, and additional points that you might find useful.

Features of Ultimate Windows Tweaker

After starting the program, you will be asked to create a system restore point using the built-in Windows 10 tools. I recommend that you do this and try to create them always before using such utilities.

After starting the program, its main window will open with a very simple, if not counting the English language interface, where all the features are grouped into sections in the paragraph on the left. We will go through them in order (the links in the list lead to separate instructions, which describe how to do the same manually):

  • System information. Information about the system. Here you can find out the System Experience Index (Windows Experience Index) or run a test, run a system integrity check or restore the storage of Windows 10 components.
    Enable And Configure iPad Pro 11
  • Customization. Settings and personalization options (located on several tabs) that allow you to set the appearance of some system elements, turn off background blur on the lock screen, change the transparency of the taskbar, and change many other options. To apply the changes made here and in the following sections, you will need to click “Apply Tweaks”.
  • User accounts. Management of user accounts, including changing account control settings and enabling the built-in Administrator account.
  • Performance. Disabling some services to potentially improve system performance (disabling Windows 10 services to improve OS performance), changing the time during which it waits for programs and services to complete when the computer is turned off or freezes.
  • Security privacy. Os privacy and security settings.
  • Context Menu. Manage Windows 10 context menus on the desktop and in other locations. For these purposes, I can also recommend a separate program, which can be found in the article Editing the context menus of Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7 in the Easy Context Menu.
  • Additional. Some additional options that do not fall into the above categories.
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The options I’ve tested for Ultimate Windows Tweaker are working properly, and there are really many options available. There are functions not available in other such utilities, but vice versa in some parameters: some features of Winaero Tweaker or Debotnet are not present here.