Emergency restart iPhone x

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Force restart iPhone

If iPhone is unresponsive and you can’t turn it on or off, try force restarting it.

How to restart or shutdown iPhone 11, X and XS. All ways

After buying a new iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, many users are wondering how to turn off or restart this smartphone. This information will be especially relevant for those who purchase an Apple smartphone for the first time or switch from an iPhone 8 or older devices.

The methods for rebooting and shutting down these models are slightly different.

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Alternative Ways to Restart iPhone X

In addition, there are some alternative ways to restart iPhone X. You can use them if the options described above for some reason do not suit you.

For example, you can turn off your iPhone X through settings. To do this, just open the “Settings” application and scroll down the list of options to the very end. There you will see a “Power off” button that can be used to turn off the device.

You can also turn off iPhone 10 using AssistiveTouch. To do this, go to the settings, open the section “General. Accessibility” and turn on the “AssistiveTouch” function.

After that, a floating button will appear on the screen of your iPhone X, which can be used to perform some operations. In order to turn off the device, you need to click on this button and select the “Apparatus” section.

Then you need to press the “Screen lock” button and hold it down until the shutdown button appears on the screen.

You can also start a reboot by changing some settings. For example, if you go to the “General. Accessibility” section of the settings and enable the “Bold font” function there, a warning about the device restart will appear on the screen. Click “OK” and the iPhone has rebooted.

Another option is to reset your network settings. If you go to “General. Reset” and use the “Reset network settings” option and activate the “Reset network settings” function, the iPhone will restart automatically.

As a last resort, you can reboot iPhone X by draining its battery to zero and charging it. After a little charge it will turn on automatically.

How to Reboot iPhone X in Force Mode

Quickly press and release the volume up key;

Quickly press and release the volume down key;

Press and hold the side button until the smartphone turns off.

Hard Reset, or an emergency (hard hardware) reboot of the iPhone X, can solve the problem of the “white screen of death”, but iOS bootloader crashes will require more drastic measures. So, if you encounter a freeze when updating or reinstalling the system, the smartphone will need a full reset. To avoid data loss, try to make backups before installing updates.

How to restart iPhone x. Apple’s flagship hard reset

A hard and emergency restart of the iPhone X is the shutdown of your gadget in order to restart the device with updated memory and fewer defects. As a rule, on new models you have to use a similar method of starting the device quite often due to the raw version of iOS.

In most cases, a forced reboot avoids smartphone software crashes or freezes. The described operation should not be performed on a permanent basis. This is an extreme measure, which is useful for situations when the iPhone 10 will be very “sausage”, or the usual (soft) restart does not help it.

Note! The method described by us does not destroy data from your smartphone, but simply forces it to restart. Typically, this process will take 10 seconds to complete.

Hard Reset, or the way to force restart the iPhone x, compared to other gadgets from Apple, is a little more complicated. However, there is nothing intricate and complicated here.

The function presented today is called differently: “forced and emergency shutdown”, “hard reset”, “hard and full reboot”, etc. In all cases, we are talking about rebooting the iPhone X, implemented outside the framework of traditional options. And the main problem for users is the lack of Home buttons. But, there is nothing to worry about if you follow our instructions.

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How to Force Reboot/Restart iPhone X. Frozen Screen Fix

Force restart iPhone X or later, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus.

Press and release the volume up button.

Press and release the volume down button.

When the Apple logo appears, release the button.

How to restart iPhone X

Restart iPhone 10 normally

The easiest way to “reboot” the iPhone can be the good old on-off method via the power button. In this case, the restart occurs in an automatic, “safe” mode. Therefore, no user data will be deleted. Procedure:

  • Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time. They are located on the side faces of the smartphone.
  • When a system notification appears on the screen with a proposal to turn off the iPhone, then agree and take the necessary steps.
  • A black screen will appear. Wait 5-15 seconds and turn the device back on. Thus, the smartphone will reboot in the safest possible way.

If you cannot reboot in this way, or you are trying to reanimate a smartphone with a broken screen, then try using the methods described below.

How to restart iPhone 10

Previously, you could reboot or put your iPhone into recovery mode using the volume and Home buttons. On the latest models, there is no Home key. Therefore, the owners of “Apple” devices have a logical question: how to restart the iPhone 10 or put it into emergency mode. Below we will explain in detail how to do this.

How to Force Restart iPhone X

The method is suitable for cases when the smartphone freezes and does not allow entering the menu in order to reboot in the usual way (turn off and on). On iPhone X, follow these steps:

  • Press the key to increase the volume and release it immediately (short press).
  • Press and immediately release the key to decrease the volume level (short press).
  • Press and hold the Power (On) button until the official Apple logo appears on the screen.

Please note that there should not be too much time between the steps described above. Therefore, if you cannot restart your smartphone the first time, then try again. The method is only suitable for iPhone X.

If the screen freezes and you cannot enter the settings, then forcibly restart the iPhone using the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons.

Alternative methods

If the iPhone does not force restart, then the problem is incorrectly installed updates for iOs. Then the smartphone can “blunt hard”, freeze and give other errors. How to urgently restart iPhone X:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu and scroll down the page to the very bottom. Here find and select “Turn off”. After that, turn on the iPhone while holding the “Power” button.
  • If this does not help, then use the “AssistiveTouch” function. It turns on through the “Settings”. “Basic. Universal Access” menu. After activating it, you will have a slightly updated interface, and a special icon will appear on the screen, with the help of which a number of operations are performed, including urgently turning on and off the smartphone. This can be done by going from the item “Apparatus”. Here find and hold the “Screen lock” icon until the shutdown button is highlighted.
  • If, in an attempt to update your smartphone, you changed the network parameters and do not know how to return them, then you can reset the parameters using an emergency reboot. To do this, go to the “Settings” menu and select “Reset network settings”.

The methods described above for restarting the iPhone are convenient to use in cases where it “turned off” and does not turn off in the usual ways. In addition, do not forget that you can always trite to discharge the battery, and after waiting for the smartphone to turn off completely, connect it to the charger.

How to restart iPhone 6

There are two methods to restart your iPhone 6.

The first one is designed to reboot the smartphone when it is in working order:

  • you need to hold the power button for three seconds;
  • select the “Restart” button on the display;
  • wait while the smartphone performs these actions.

Then the iPhone 6 will reboot itself, the user does not need to do anything else.

If the smartphone is frozen, then an emergency reboot will help:

  • you need to press the “Power” button and hold it;
  • press the “Home” button;
  • hold two keys for a couple of seconds;
  • the smartphone will automatically shut down.

After the steps taken, it remains to wait until the Apple appears on the display of the iPhone 6 and it turns on by itself.

How to restart iPhone if the screen is not working

To restart iPhone if the screen does not work, you need to use Emergency Restart. Different versions of the iPhone do it differently.

If the user has an iPhone 6S and below, then you need to do the following:

  • you need to simultaneously press the power button of the smartphone and the home key, doing this for 7-8 seconds;
  • after the smartphone turns off completely, you need to release the keys;
  • a bull’s eye should appear, which will be a signal that the smartphone is working in a standard state;
  • if it does not appear, you need to hold down the power key and wait for the Apple on the smartphone display.
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This reboot method is called “Hard Reset” or “emergency reboot” and thus it works on any smartphone, up to iPhone 7. iPhones version 7 and higher received a touch-sensitive home button and such manipulations no longer work with it.

With them, you need to do the following:

  • you need to press the power key and the volume button. So you need to hold the keys for about 7-8 seconds;
  • then an Apple will appear on the smartphone display;
  • if the Apple does not appear, you need to hold down the power key.

This reboot method is relevant even for iPhone X and above, where the Home button has completely disappeared.

How to restart iPhone 8

In order to restart the iPhone 8, you need to do some small manipulations:

  • press the volume up button;
  • at the same time press the “Home” key;
  • wait until the display turns off.

After that, the iPhone 8 and its older versions are automatically activated.

  • you need to press the “Power” key and hold it for a couple of seconds;
  • wait until the page appears where you need to click on the restart button.

Next, the iPhone 8 will reboot and start working in a completely normal and familiar mode.

How to restart iPhone 7

iPhone 7. is the first smartphone from Apple that has slightly non-standard reboot methods. The home button is now touch-sensitive, so the reboot methods have changed.

If the smartphone is working normally, then the reboot can be done as follows:

  • you need to hold the power button for a couple of seconds;
  • a special window will appear in which you will need to press the restart key.

Now the smartphone will perform all the necessary actions on its own.

If the phone does not work, then you need to follow these steps to restart your iPhone 7:

  • simultaneously press the “Volume Control” and “Home” keys;
  • wait 5-7 seconds for the smartphone to reboot.

If the iPhone 7 refuses to turn on in this case, then after the actions taken, you need to hold down the “Power” key until the branded Apple appears on the screen.

How to restart iPhone XR

The iPhone XR changed the way it allowed you to restart your smartphone. There is no Home key, and accordingly, you can reboot the device in another way. With this, the old reboot version still works.

To restart the iPhone XR, the user needs to follow these steps:

  • press the “Power” button and hold it for ten seconds;
  • a special window will appear, at the top of which you need to press the reboot key.

The iPhone XR will now reboot by turning off and on by itself. No further action is required. This method is relevant if the iPhone XR smartphone works as usual. However, even with Apple technology, strange freezes can occur, and in this case, this method of rebooting is ineffective for the user.

There is also a fallback that will allow you to restart your smartphone:

  • you need to hold down the “Volume” and “Power” key for 10 seconds;
  • the smartphone screen, if it worked, will go out, and after a couple of seconds an Apple Apple will appear.

This reboot is called “Hard reset” and is specifically designed to reboot the iPhone XR in case of unforeseen situations.

How to restart iPhone 10

Even the Iphone 10 can freeze and in this case the user must restart their device. This can be done in two ways.

emergency, restart, iphone

If the gadget does not work as usual, then you can restart your iPhone 10 as follows:

  • hold down the “Power” key on the smartphone for a couple of seconds;
  • on the smartphone, regardless of the open application, a window with a reboot will appear;
  • you need to confirm the restart, after the smartphone will perform the necessary actions in automatic mode.

This is how the iPhone X reboots if it works.

If the smartphone is frozen, then you need to perform slightly different actions:

  • you need to hold down the “Power” key and the “Volume control” key on the smartphone for a couple of seconds;
  • the smartphone screen goes out, which indicates the success of the specified operation.

The iPhone X will restart and work normally, and freezes will disappear completely.

How to restart iPhone 5

There are two ways to restart iPhone 5.

The first method is suitable if the smartphone is working properly and the user can use it:

  • you need to hold down the “Power” key, which is located in the upper right corner of the smartphone;
  • hold for a couple of seconds;
  • it will be possible to make a “Swipe” on the smartphone screen and reboot.

In this case, the smartphone will perform all the necessary operations on its own.

If the smartphone does not work or freezes during operation, you need to do the following:

  • hold down the “Power” button and the “Home” button for 7-8 seconds;
  • after that you need to wait until the Apple appears on the display;
  • if suddenly the Apple does not appear, you need to hold the “power” key for three seconds.
emergency, restart, iphone

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This is how you can restart your iPhone 5.

IPhone freezes reasons

iPhone can freeze for various reasons, here are the main ones:

  • errors inside iOS. quite often, after system updates, the user encounters errors that lead to the freezing of the smartphone;
  • poor quality software. some applications that are poorly optimized may cause the smartphone to freeze;
  • outdated version of the smartphone. old smartphones from Apple can support the new iOS system, but there they often freeze during operation;
  • the smartphone’s memory is full;
  • installed a variety of visual effects that older smartphones cannot support and freeze during operation.

These are the main reasons that can affect smartphone performance. If the iPhone is frozen, then it needs to be rebooted in order to return it to working condition. Unfortunately, not every user knows how to do this.

Updating, uninstalling and reinstalling applications

If you notice that your iPhone is lagging or freezing, then every time you launch the application, the problem may be caused by the application.

You can update the app first.

Go to the App Store Press the News tab find the app and tap it press UPDATE.

The entire update process requires a network connection. After that, just launch the app to see if your iPhone is lagging.

If it still doesn’t work, just try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it again.

Go back to the home screen on iPhone touch and hold the app icon until it wiggles Tap the cross-over in the upper left corner of the app icon to uninstall the app.

Then you just need to find and download the app from the App Store to check if your frozen iPhone is working normally.

The last way to deal with an app is to uninstall it while it is a bad app that can affect the performance of your iPhone.

A quick overview of the reasons why iPhone lags and freezes

The reasons why your iPhone freezes or freezes are different, but it can be done as follows:

Application problems. When an app is running and always freezes on iPhone, it could be a problematic app such as an outdated app, bad app, etc.

Memory problems. Insufficient or insufficient memory space on iPhone will affect speed and cause iPhone lag.

Outdated version of iOS. Apple is always releasing its newer version of iOS and the old version of iOS running in the latest apps, which could be the reason for the iPhone lagging.

Equipment damage. If your iPhone is damaged by hardware, this is the worst reason that causes the iPhone to freeze even when it is disabled.

Other unknown system problems. If your iPhone lags behind due to system error, you need to restore iOS system first.

Once you know the reasons for the iPhone lagging mentioned above, you can easily fix the problem with the related solutions in the second part.

Restart or Force Restart iPhone

If your iPhone is still freezing or lagging behind the settings above, you can try to fix the problem by forcibly restarting your iPhone.

Press and hold both the Sleep / Wake button and the Volume Down button Release them until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

The above steps work for your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. For other iPhone models, check it here for forced restart.

how to force restart iPhone 11 or X ? IPhone X freeze

Refresh iPhone

An outdated version of iOS may interfere with a new app on your iPhone, which could cause the iPhone to become unresponsive.

The solution is simple and you just need to update your iOS.

Go to Settings General Software Update and you will see the iOS update information Click Download and install the iOS update manually.

Advice 1. Make sure automatic updates are turned off, as the notification may interfere with the performance of your iPhone when a new iOS update arrives.
2.If your iPhone lags after iOS update, you can try to downgrade iOS.

Brief instruction

A screen appears prompting you to disconnect. Do not move the slider to the Power Off position. You must continue to clamp the side button. A black screen should appear. The device will start to reboot.

Instead of holding multiple buttons, you should quickly “Increase” and “Decrease” the volume, but not at the same time. Remember. they cannot be pressed at the same time. Only after you have pressed the indicated keys one by one, hold down the side button “Power off” of the device or “Power”.

10 Solutions to Fix iPhone Lag or Freeze

Remote updates

Apple is releasing updates to the iOS iPhone operating system specifically to stay ahead of performance issues in its operating system. If your iPhone is frozen, it could be a software issue that Apple’s update has already fixed. Check for remote software updates in your iPhone’s settings to make sure you’re not missing out on any system or stability fixes.