Easy Way To Install Play Market On Meizu

Easy Way To Install Play Market On Meizu

Since 2016, Meizu no longer has pre-installed Google services on mobile devices. The reasons for such changes are not known for certain. Someone talks about disassemblies in the manufacturer’s internal kitchen, and someone praises the Chinese company for providing the user with the maximum selection of application options and refuses to preinstall even seemingly irreplaceable ones like Google Play.

But, of course, the vast majority of users will need this application while using a smartphone. Therefore, the question for them is relevant: how is the Play Market installed on the Maze M5 or other gadgets that came out after 2016 on their own? There are several ways to resolve this issue. The most popular can be combined into three groups:

  1. Through the built-in installer.
  2. Through an additional application.
  3. Directly through the apk file.

We will tell you about the details of each method, the advantages and disadvantages of each of them within the framework of this article.

Built-in installer Hot Apps

Although Meizu does not install Google services, it made sure that users did not experience problems downloading them on a smartphone on their own. In particular, you can download Play Market on Meizu M5 using the installer, which is installed by default on a mobile device. To do this, do the following:

  1. We go to the desktop of the phone and look for an icon called “HotApps” or “The best” (the name may differ depending on the firmware).
  2. Click on the icon and see a list of programs available for installation. Use the Hot Apps app to download any of them. To do this, just click “Download”.

The only important condition for downloading will be a stable internet connection. Its type does not matter. it can be either mobile data transfer (of course, if you have a tariff that allows you to inexpensively download programs from the Internet), and a connection to a Wi-Fi network. Installation is fast enough, because the program is small. When you are finished using the Hot Apps or The best and successfully download Google services, a notification will appear on the screen. Now it remains to restart the smartphone for the changes to take effect.

Immediately after the reload, the Play Market will appear on the desktop. Now, if desired, you can remove the standard installer. As practice shows, it is needed only for the initial download of Google services, and in the future, all downloads will go through the Play Market.

App Center App

If for some reason you did not manage to complete the installation in the previous way, then there are other options how to download Play Market on the Maze M5. You can do this using the App Center application. Many gadgets shipped directly from China have it installed by default. This program is a kind of gallery through which other applications are downloaded. To solve our problem, we perform the following actions:

  1. We find on the desktop of the smartphone an icon with the name App Center.
  2. Click on the search button, usually located at the very bottom, after which we prescribe in it “Google”. Since the program is Chinese, it is not surprising that the names of the programs are spelled in Chinese. But you can focus, for example, on program icons that are familiar to each user. Yes, and Google Installer usually comes first in the list of options.
  1. Download this particular version, which contains the standard software package from Google, including the Play Market.
  2. After completing the installation, as in the previous method, we reboot the smartphone, and when the system turns on, we can launch the application and check how it works.

Meizu App Store App. Direct installation via apk file

In case users do not succeed in working with the options described above for installing Play Market on a Meizu 5 phone, the manufacturer has provided yet another way to install Google services. There is a so-called APK file, which is not among the pre-installed on the phone, but is available for free download from the Internet. For convenience, we offer instructions for installing Google services in this way:

  1. Download the Google Installer file to your PC or phone.
  2. We turn on the smartphone permission to install programs from unknown sources.
  3. We connect the mobile device to the computer and download the downloaded file to the Meizu M5 phone (if it was not downloaded to it initially) in order to install Play Market in the future.
  1. We start the file manager on the phone, find the file that was dropped from the computer and run it. This will help to start installing the program we need.
  2. We launch the application from the desktop, click the Installer button and wait for the installation of the playmarket and Google services. Immediately after the installation is complete, we reboot the phone and we can delete the installer.

Possible problems

If for some reason the Google Play services on the Meizu M5 do not open immediately after the installation is complete, then you must try to download again:

  1. Launch Hot Apps and drive into the Google Installer search.
  2. Install this installer and run it. Since it was originally installed, then among the available options will be only removal. We choose it.
  3. When the removal is complete, restart the installation.

After completing this process, restart the Play Market to verify that the problem has been solved successfully.

Applications may generate errors of a different nature. For example, Google services have been successfully downloaded, but applications are not installed with their help. If you encounter this situation, try changing your Google account.

Many models in the default settings prohibit the use of mobile traffic to download programs. It can also be an obstacle to the full use of Google Play. To check if you have encountered such a situation, do the following:

  1. Go to “Applications” in settings.
  2. Find item “Download Manager.”
  3. Click on option Erase Data which will automatically clear the device’s memory.

Check again if the problem is resolved. If, after this, for some reason, you cannot download applications, then you should contact the specialists.