Earphone honor flypods one earphone not working

How to connect Honor FlyPods Lite headphones to your phone?

Open the charging case (both Honor FlyPods Lite earbuds must be in the case), press and hold the function button for 2 seconds until the indicator turns on and flashes blue. FlyPods have entered pairing mode. 2. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and pair it with FlyPods Lite Bluetooth headphones.

What to do if only one Honor earphone is connected?

If one Huawei Freebuds earbud does not work, then first check the operation of the left and right earbuds separately. Decrease or increase the volume, perhaps the reason is precisely in the minimum set volume. Try disconnecting the headphones from your mobile gadget and reconnecting.

How to connect FlyPods to your phone?

FlyPods can be connected to iOS and Android devices. To do this, open the case and hold down the button on the back until the notification diode starts blinking white. Next, we find the device in the smartphone and connect. The earbuds have received the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard.

Why the phone does not see wireless headphones?

To figure out why the phone does not find a Bluetooth headset, you need to eliminate some shortcomings: Make sure that the batteries in both gadgets are charged. Make sure the accessory is not being used by another device. Check if the synchronization of the smartphone with the headset is activated.


How to reset Honor headphones?

Press and hold the function button on the charging case for 10 seconds or longer until the indicator flashes alternately red, green and blue. FlyPods headphones are restored to factory settings.

How to connect headphones to a mobile phone?

  • Turn on the headphones and Bluetooth module on your smartphone.
  • Go to the phone menu, find the Bluetooth tab, enter it.
  • You will see a list of devices that are within range of the signal.
  • Click on the device name. the smartphone will try to establish a connection with it.

Why the phone does not see Huawei headphones?

Most often, problems arise from a damaged headphone cord or dirt on the plug. If the earbuds are working properly, then Huawei cannot see them due to a software or hardware failure. A software failure can be caused by the installation of an incomplete and low-quality application for playing audio and video.

Is it possible to contact the service under warranty?

You can, but they are unlikely to help you. For example, Huawei does not provide repairs to FreeBuds in principle. The service center will most likely offer you to try to exchange them at the point of sale where you bought them.

I took out the mesh, and there is a membrane. what is it?

For models with moisture protection, a membrane may be located on the back of the mesh. It does not affect the sound quality in any way. If you think you don’t need moisture protection, just remove it. Better yet, carefully pry it off with a pin (so as not to damage the shape), clean the mesh, and then put it back. For cleaning, you can use a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide.

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Quiet sound in headphones: what’s the matter?

The main problem in such cases is obvious. The loudspeakers in the in-ear headphones (vacuum or earbuds) are covered with a mesh, the holes in which are very small. They gradually become clogged with dirt, including earwax, so the sound gets weaker and weaker. This is typical for any models of headphones, from Chinese consumer goods to the original Apple Airpods.

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Depending on the frequency of use and, sorry, the condition of your ears, problems may arise in six months or just a month later. To return to normal sound, you need to know how to clean your headphones from wax and dirt.

How to Clean Wax Out of Your Headphones When They Play Quietly: A Practical Guide

If your headset is quiet, it is likely that the volume can be returned to normal. Here’s how to clean your headphones: you don’t even need a tool.

One of the main problems with so-called plugs and earbuds is the loss of volume over time. Often, one headphone starts to play quieter than the other, as a result, stereo sound is disturbed. But sometimes both barely squeak, although only recently they were serviceable and no critical influences (such as rain or blows were not experienced). What could be the problem?

Cleaning your headphones: 2 easy ways

Since retailers and manufacturers are on the defensive, let’s try to fix it ourselves. How to remove wax from vacuum earbuds? The cleaning technique depends on the size of the mesh and the ability to retrieve it. In the same Apple Airpods, the mesh is large enough, and in any plugs it is small.

Method 2, with disassembly

The first method does not always help: it is difficult to remove dirt from tiny holes with a stick and a toothpick. For example, in our Huawei FreeBuds, we could not do this. Then you can take drastic measures: try to take out the mesh. This requires a pin that is as thin as possible.

Remove the rubber cap, take the pin and gently pry it by the hole closer to the edge of the mesh. Now we are trying to knock the mesh out. Here you have to be very careful, otherwise the net may fly out in only a direction known to it, and it will hardly be possible to find such a tiny object. See how it’s done.

We took out the mesh easily, because this was not the first take of the shoot. you, most likely, will have more difficult. After the mesh is removed, it remains to clean it with a toothpick and the same stick with alcohol.

Method 1, CIP

You will need a cotton swab and hydrogen peroxide (or alcohol). We moisten the stick, squeeze it well and try to clean the outside of the mesh. Do not overdo it with liquid, so as not to accidentally pour it into the device. You can walk through the holes with a toothpick, just try not to push the dirt in, but take it out.

Customer Reviews Honor FlyPods

I decided to warn everyone before buying. if your device supports Bluetooth 5.0, then you will experience constant disconnections and stuttering. Plus, the left or right ear periodically falls off and you need to reconnect the headphones again. Judging by the forums, the problem is observed in absolutely everyone with this version of Bluetooth. With Bluetooth 4.2 and below, they seem to work fine.

If you do not take this into account, then I liked the sound and everything in the earcups, but unfortunately, with such a quality of communication, all this does not matter.

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I took it like headphones for the summer, when the main ones are overhead, because of the heat it is impossible to be outside. Since the earplugs cannot be worn, the choice was actually from Honor Flypods and Apple Airpods. 100% belonging to the Android ecosystem obviously indicated the purchase of these particular headphones. I must say right away. everything is steaming and connecting perfectly (OnePlus and Windows laptop, even on Linux). I was afraid that they would not fit, but the headphones fit perfectly in the ears, do not interfere and after a short time are almost not felt. I was pleased with the autonomy. The headphones are well suited for long runs or outdoor activities. The sound is normal, obviously not a match for Sony or Bose, but 25k is not worth it either. There is a volume reserve, almost always used at 70%. The only thing that disappointed a little, albeit expectedly, was the noise isolation. In the subway, there is, of course, nothing to do, but even on a noisy street you have to set the maximum volume. I’m not talking about some kind of noise.

And one more thing, not critical for me, but worth mentioning. In a place that is particularly noisy with signals, second freezes and interruptions may occur. The point is clearly in the power and version of Bluetooth, tk. on other headphones everything is ok.

In summary, good headphones for their price and if noise isolation is not critical to you.

They worked, sounded, stopped the music, but after 4 months of active use, they began to tweak. This was expressed in the following: after listening to music, one of the headphones (namely the left one) does not want, in general, to see the battery case. Every time you have to double-check whether it charges or not2 They began to get out of sync Ie you take out two headphones, and only connect one to the phone

And believe me. not much depends on the brand of the phone (I checked)

Firmware I bought it in mid-March 2019. It’s mid-May 2019 in the yard. In total, “in flight” 2 months. They are playing in tandem with [B] Huawei P10 plus [/ B] (VKY L29, stock / native Android 8.0)

Huawei Freebuds Not Pairing ( Even Whether One of Them Does Not Work) | Solution 2020

What can you say:. if the phone is in the left back of jeans and if you turn your head to the left. communication in a certain position is lost. He turned his head a little further. the music continues to play instantly. If you turn to the right. did not notice this if the phone is in the upper left inner of the jacket / jacket. finally the trouble and the pitchfork, the music practically does not play, the connection is lost. Just move your phone. all the rules and chotko in the ears they keep not to say that it is reliable, sometimes it is necessary to correct it. But when you correct, you immediately feel “THAT is like the rules are sitting!”. Battery. in the VSKR loaded. I drive to work 1h 20min and then back. In total, 2h 40m per day, I charge the case on the 5th-6th day in this case, because there are only 1-2 bulbs left so as not to get “into a hole”, therefore I charge it. Total

But all this is nonsense: when you talk to someone, I hear the interlocutor perfectly, but me. everybody says i’m in a barrel and croak. Here is the trouble, of course o.O

But I bought headphones specifically for listening to music. I’m glad here. Rest. as wishlist and applications to the general functionality, it is a pity that they do not work in normal mode.

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I bought it over a month ago in addition to the Honor smartphone. At first, I liked the function of making calls or sending messages using the Google Assistant through headphones. In winter, it is very convenient outside, you do not have to take your phone out of your. take off your gloves, etc. Then I stopped using this function, Google Assistant is unstable. I use headphones for talking on the phone and to listen to music, everything is fine here. The interlocutor hears me perfectly.

They sit well in the ears, you have to try very hard so that they fall out)).

About soundproofing. I was specifically looking for headphones without it. I find it dangerous to walk down the street with soundproof headphones.

Disgusting software. it is the new firmware Autonomy: at 70-80% volume for 2.5 hours. The case charges four times Too high Without third-party software. you can not assign switching tracks, etc.

90%, here 50% is enough, more in noisy places. You can listen in the metro, probably at 803 percent. Xiaomi even has a headphone charging indicator (in the notification bar), the truth is a little crooked.

The first worthy alternative to an apple. Not plugs, but rather earbuds, and in general everything is as it should be. Is that the bases will be thicker.

I liked the sound, there are no problems with pairing with the S9, the case and the headphones themselves are made with high quality, in January there was an opportunity to take it for 5 in China. this is the ideal price for them

How will they sit in their ears. subjectively: out of 5 people surveyed, only one of them fell out of their ears, the rest sit in their ears quite reliably. For some, the lack of noise isolation in principle will be a disadvantage, but this is a feature of the headphone form factor, who needs it. will choose the plugs. After Freebuds, for me personally, such a form factor is more convenient, since the headphones do not interfere in everyday life and you can not remove them from your ears if you need to talk to others, plus, using one earphone as a headset, there is no feeling that you are deaf in one ear. It is quite possible to ride with them due to the fact that the threshold of maximum volume is high, I personally listened to about 85% of the maximum. Regarding the gaps: they are, but not often, mainly in places noisy with a radio signal (near the metro, near power lines. where there are a lot of wi-fi networks), but, again, these gaps are not always there. There is an async when watching a video on YouTube, but it is insignificant (less than 0.3 seconds). The headphones out of the box are DISCHARGED, you need to put them right away 15 minutes in the case: according to huawei, 15 minutes of charging in the case equals approximately 70 minutes of playback. try on headphones before purchasing, shake your head a little if you have not used apple headphones at least once. since they quite realistically may not fit.

Total: a worthy analogue of Airpods both in sound quality and in ease of use, workmanship and other nuances like the case charge indicator. About using as a headset. not everything is unambiguous: it happens that everything is good, and it happens that it is not. Be sure to test and preferably in a noisy place. I recommend buying for those who want Airpods, but the “toad chokes” to spend money on Apple headphones.