EA College Football Release Date & Features: 10 Things to Know. Ps5 fifa 23 bundle

EA College Football Release Date Features: 10 Things to Know

EA College Football is making a comeback according to EA Sports, though there’s no firm release date scheduled yet. Here’s everything we know about EA College Football based on official information, traditions, rumors, and what we expect to see down the road. EA College Football is a highly anticipated release because it’s been missing for so long. College football fans have been waiting since 2013 for a new college football game for Xbox and Playstation. And while EA Sports is being coy about EA College Football’s exact release date, at least we know the game’s in the works. EA Sports’ surprise announcement didn’t have a lot of information. Unfortunately, it will likely take awhile for EA to outline College Football’s release timeline and more details. There are some added complexities since college football players are not professionals like the players portrayed in Madden and other popular EA Sports games.

Here’s a closer look at when you can expect the EA College Football release date, what features to expect, which consoles it will be on, and an estimated launch date.

EA College Football Launch Date

The initial EA College Football announcement was light on details and that means you can expect a much bigger launch announcement down the road. The launch date is when EA reveals the game, begins its full-on marketing push, and the game is almost ready. For now, we’ve seen a few tweets and press releases, but nothing more than that. You can expect a future announcement to include EA College Football pre-orders, pre-order bonuses, EA College Football editions, and more. Unfortunately, a full-blown launch looks like it’s still a ways away. If you see EA College Football pre-orders popup at a retailer or via a site like eBay, you’ll want to hold off and wait for the official EA College Football release details.

NEW Information about EA College Football Game! #shorts

EA College Football Release Date

While many gamers were hopeful we’d get a new college football game in the near future, that’s out the window. The company is currently “building out the team and deciding what direction they want the game to go in.” EA says the game will primarily be built by Electronic Arts’ Orlando studio. EA Tiburon is the same studio that develops the Madden series. EA Sports typically releases sports games just before their corresponding real-world seasons begin. For example, EA Sports released Madden 22 on August 20th, just about two weeks before the 2020-2021 NFL season kicked off. So that means we’ll likely see the EA College Football release date land in July or August. And that timeline makes a ton of sense given what we’ve heard about the game’s release window. In November, EA confirmed plans to release EA College Football in the summer of 2024. Initially it looked like the game would arrive in 2023, but that won’t happen. Daryl Holt, EA Sports’ vice president and general manager, told ESPN that this is the “best date for us to bring the game that we think is going to meet or exceed our player expectations.”

Teams in EA College Football

According to Holt, EA Sports has partnered with collegiate licensing company CLC to make sure the company has the ability to bring FBS schools, traditions, uniforms, and playbooks to EA College Football. This means the game should have over 100 teams in the game though it may not have all of them. In an ESPN report from 2021, Notre Dame said it wouldn’t “provide its name, logos and other branding property to EA Sports.” The school said it wouldn’t “until new rules that determine whether athletes will be able to receive a cut of the game’s profits are finalized.” Notre Dame is one of the biggest brand names in college football.

  • Air Force
  • Arizona State
  • Army
  • Clemson
  • Georgia State
  • Kentucky
  • Navy
  • New Mexico
  • Notre Dame
  • Pittsburgh
  • Troy
  • USC

These teams haven’t been ruled out and the schools are able to sign their own agreements with EA. Clemson and USC did just that as both are included in Madden 22.

Brown has also obtained a copy of EA’s proposal that it sent to colleges. It outlines some of the features EA’s hoping to include in the title.

In a more recent report, Brown says the “industry expectation is that every single FBS institution, including the newest members joining from FCS, will participate in the game at launch.”

It’s also important to note that EA’s secured the rights to all 10 FBS conferences as well as the College Football Playoff.

Real Players in EA College Football

Real college teams will be in the game and EA College Football will also include real players.

In 2020, EA told ESPN it was “planning to move forward without rosters that include the names, images or likenesses of real college players.” That was because NCAA rules prohibited athletes from selling their NIL rights while in college.

EA said it was monitoring the NIL legislation progress and that if the situation changed, the game would evolve with it. Well, things have changed.

The United States Supreme Court made a ruling barring the NCAA from limiting academic benefits to college athletes. In turn, the NCAA doesn’t block players from profiting off their name, image, and likeness.

EA Sports has told ESPN that it has a contract with OneTeam Partners to “facilitate collegiate athletes’ names and likenesses” into the game.

The company says the partnership will allow for all eligible FBS players to opt in to have their likenesses included in EA College Football. Players will receive compensation for appearing in the game.

EA College Football Cover

While games like Madden and FIFA feature prominent stars on their covers, it’s unclear who will be on the EA College Football cover.

This was the cover of the last EA Sports college football game

NCAA Football 14, the last college football game released by EA Sports, featured Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson. Robinson was selected via fan voting and he was chosen over other marquee names at the time.

If EA is allowed to use real players, we could see the company take a similar approach to the EA College Football cover. If not, we’ll likely see a generic player or a composite image of more than one player on the EA College Football cover.

EA College Football Price

EA hasn’t confirmed the EA College Football price, but here are a few things you can expect based on EA’s approach with other games like Madden and FIFA.

Assuming EA launches multiple EA College Football editions, we’ll likely see tiered pricing starting at 59.99. That’s how much the base versions of Madden 23 and FIFA 23 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One started at. If EA offers bundles with extras, you can expect those to cost more.

college, football, release, date, features, things

It’s also worth noting that the base version of Madden 23 for Xbox Series X and PS5 initially retailed for 69.99, or, 10 more than a standard copy for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

If EA decides to release EA College Football for last-generation consoles, we could see it use a similar price structure. Those details, of course, won’t come until the company is ready to announce the game.

EA College Football Features

It’ll be awhile before EA outlines the game’s features in full, but Matt Brown has revealed some potential ones.

According to Brown, EA is planning an Ultimate Team Mode for the game. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise given that it’s a cash cow for games like Madden and FIFA.

Brown also says the popular Dynasty mode from previous games “will be a part of the game in some capacity” and that has been confirmed by EA.

EA College Football Consoles

Now that the game’s official, many people are wondering about a potential EA College Football release for PlayStaton 4 and Xbox One. EA hasn’t confirmed either way, but there’s a very good chance we see a launch on those consoles.

Microsoft and Sony launched their Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles back in 2013. The consoles replaced the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. It would be foolish for EA Sports to limit College Football to the latest consoles as it would be missing out on sales to the millions of people that haven’t upgraded to the PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Madden 17, which arrived in 2016, was the last version to support PS3 and Xbox One. FIFA 19, which launched in 2019, was the last version of the game to support the PS3 and Xbox One.

So while nothing is confirmed, EA’s sports games have a history of supporting older consoles and that bodes well for those still holding onto a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox Series X.

That said, if you want the best version of EA College Football, you’ll need to own a newer console like Sony’s PS5 or Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

While a release for older platforms is still up in the air, EA College Football will definitely come to current-generation consoles like the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5.

Holt tells ESPN that conversations about bringing the game back started a few years ago and that the “technology they’ve seen on Next Gen platforms like the Sony PS5 and Xbox Series X” helped spur them along.

EA isn’t talking about the game’s features yet, but you can expect the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions to include at least some of the advancements we’ve seen on board Madden and FIFA for theses consoles.

college, football, release, date, features, things

EA College Football iPhone Android

It’s unclear if EA will provide a college football experience to iPhone and Android users, but a recent job posting seems to hints at a mobile release.

Madden NFL Mobile and FIFA Soccer are extremely popular apps on the App Store and Google Play Store so there’s a good chance EA brings an experience to iPhone, iPad and Android.

This is especially true if EA College Football features an Ultimate Team (MUT, FUT) experience that lives and breathes on micro-transactions.

How to Play College Football on Xbox and Playstation Right Now

If you want to play college football on a console right now you’ll need a PS3, Xbox 360, or a copy of the latest version of Madden.

NCAA Football 14, the last game in the series, isn’t backwards compatible with newer consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X and never will be.

If you still own one of these consoles and you’re interested in playing, you can still find NCAA Football 14 through retailers like Amazon.

You’ll be happy to know there’s still a thriving community that supports the game with new roster updates to help keep it fresh.

F1 23 PS5: Release date, gameplay, DualSense, PlayStation 4 version more

F1 23 is racing onto PS5 soon. Here’s everything we know so far.

After a long wait, F1 23 has been officially revealed for the PS5!

After last week’s Konnersport Car Launch, EA and Codemasters took the next step by giving us more details on F1 23 in their official reveal. There are a lot of questions that F1 gamers will be asking themselves about F1 23.

These range from everything to do with Crossplay, general gameplay and whether F1 23 will also be available on old-gen systems such as the Playstation 4.

Here’s everything we know so far about F1 23 on the Playstation 5!

Latest news. Hands-on preview

We have been lucky enough to get hold of an F1 23 preview build thanks to Codemasters. This build, while limited to Grand Prix and Time Trial modes, allowed us to put the new handling model through its paces.

It’s safe to say we have been impressed by the changes made to the handling. While there is a learning curve that won’t be to everyone’s taste, this year is a big step forward.

F1 23 gameplay deep dive shows off improved handling and new Las Vegas circuit

Over the next few weeks in the run-up to launch, EA is releasing weekly deep dives highlighting F1 23’s headline new features. The first of these dropped today, focusing on the improved handling, red flags and the new Las Vegas Circuit.

As the deep dive highlights, F1 23 will boast “more predictable and authentic vehicle behaviour” for acceleration, braking and rotation. New PrecisionDrive technology will offer finer control for pad players, as demonstrated in a comparison between F1 22 and F1 23.

Returning for the first time since F1 2014, the new red flag system will monitor track conditions to determine whether to deploy a safety car, virtual safety car or a red flag stopping the race. Red flags can be triggered by crashes, cars retiring in unsafe positions on track, or even extreme rain.

college, football, release, date, features, things

Built from the ground up from thousands of reference photographs, the new Las Vegas Circuit is also shown for the first time in all its glamorous glory.

We don’t have to wait long for the next deep dive. next week’s will FOCUS on Braking Point 2 and F1 World on 19 May.

F1 23 officially revealed!

The day has finally arrived and F1 23 was officially revealed at long last! There were a lot of important announcements, including the game’s release date.

Braking Point, one of the most popular game modes in F1 2021, is confirmed to be making a very welcome return in F1 23. There’s also a revamped handling model, which should make the driving more realistic and entertaining.

Red flags, which we haven’t seen in the official F1 game since F1 2014 are also set to return for F1 23. F1 Life is going to be changed to F1 World, with more of an emphasis on racing rather than time trial challenges.

The new Grand Prix circuits in Las Vegas and Qatar are also confirmed to be in F1 23 from launch, despite the former not being raced on yet.

F1 23 PS5

There’s no getting away from how impressive the PS5 is as a console. The Playstation 5 can run F1 22 in 4K picture quality and 60 fps. The same will likely be true for F1 23 when it launches this summer.

Whichever edition of F1 23 you buy for the PS5, you’ll have plenty of content to enjoy!

In addition to returning features like Braking Point, there’s also F1 World replacing F1 Life and the new car upgrade system where you earn car parts through race wins and achieving team objectives.

As for new tracks, the Las Vegas street circuit and Qatar are going to be available in F1 23. Furthermore, some extra tracks outside the calendar (Shanghai, Paul Ricard and Portimao) will all return in F1 23.

F1 23 PS5 release date

The release date for F1 23 has been confirmed to be 16 June, so there’s not a lot of time left to wait! This is the case worldwide and for every console F1 23 is going to be released on.

Thanks to the Champions Edition of the game though, you can play F1 23 three days early on 13th June if you pre-order the most complete version of the game.

F1 23 PS5 price

Pre-orders are now live since the announcement trailer for F1 23 has gone live. The standard edition of F1 23 costs £69.99, with EA Play members getting a discounted price of £62.99.

The Champions Edition, on the other hand, thanks to all of the extras that come with it, costs £89.99 or £80.99 for EA Play subscribers.

There are also Braking Point icons, and 18,000 PitCoin to spend in-game.

The Standard Edition comes with 5,000 PitCoin and a Standard F1 World Pack.

PS5 features

Loading times are a thing of the past with the PS5, as its lightning-fast SSD means that you get out of the garage and onto the track faster than ever before.

Features such as 3D audio and the adaptive triggers haptic feedback from the DualSense controller will make you feel like you’re in the game like never before.

PSVR2 support

With Gran Turismo 7 setting new standards for VR console racing, PS5 players are wondering if F1 23 will support PSVR2.

Sadly, EA has confirmed that F1 23 will only support PC VR, with no plans to bring it to PSVR2. This is a massive missed opportunity for F1 fans as there are no new PSVR2 racing games on the horizon this year.

EA’s decision is likely due to the PSVR2’s low install base compared to the PS5. This makes it hard to justify the resources required to port F1 23 to Sony’s VR headset.

Trophy list

For players who want an extra challenge, F1 22 had 51 Playstation trophies including the Platinum trophy. This is pretty standard for a full game, so F1 23’s should be similar to the F1 22 trophy list.

PS5 racing wheels

When a controller pad won’t cut it, you can level up by using a racing wheel on your PS5. As the PS5 continues to mature, more wheel manufacturers are making hardware specifically for it.

The Fanatec GT DD Pro is a stellar piece of kit that delivers direct drive, table-mounting, and high-quality performance for Playstation racers.

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, the Thrustmaster T248 is a perfect choice.

What about the PlayStation 4?

One of the biggest question marks around F1 23 on Playstation is about its last-gen system, the PlayStation 4. F1 22 was launched on both PS5 and PlayStation 4, but will that be the same 12 months on?

The answer to that question is yes! As F1 23 has been confirmed for the PlayStation 4 too. Those who purchase either the PlayStation 4 or PS5 game will be able to play on both systems assuming you’re using the same PSN profile.

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FIFA 23: How Dual Entitlement between PlayStation 4. PS5 and Xbox One. Xbox Series X/S works

EA Sports / Sony / Microsoft

Everything you need to know about Dual Entitlement on FIFA 23

As football fans all over the world eagerly await the FIFA 23 release, EA Sports has confirmed that Dual Entitlement will return for this year’s edition. The game developers have promised many changes to the new FIFA title, with advancements to HyperMotion2 Technology, women’s club football and FIFA 23 cross-platform features, just to name a few.

Some fans may be unsure whether to purchase the game when they may be upgrading their console mid-season. If you are in this position, fear not. GOAL has everything you need to know about Dual Entitlement and how it will work with FIFA 23.

What is Dual Entitlement?

With a Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X, Dual Entitlement allows users to upgrade their copy of FIFA 23 on Playstation 4 to Playstation 5, or from Xbox One to Xbox Series X.

This feature has been available to gamers since the release of Xbox Series X/S and Playstation 5 in November 2020. Now though, Dual Entitlement is only available with the purchase of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition. The Standard Edition of FIFA 23 does not include the feature.

Will FIFA 23 be free to upgrade via Dual Entitlement?

Yes. Dual Entitlement allows FIFA 23 players to upgrade to the new console for free. Great news!

What is the FIFA 23 release date?

FIFA 23 launches worldwide on September 30, 2022. You can also pre-order the Ultimate Edition, which gives you a three-day early access pass, enabling you to play from September 27, 2022.

Which FIFA 23 new features are only available on next gen?

You will still be able to experience most of the new features regardless of your console. However, if you play FIFA 23 on a previous generation platform, you will not benefit from the advances to HyperMotion Technology which EA Sports has claimed, “will bring even more real-world football animation into the game, as well as enhancements to your matchday experience.”

Does everyone get Dual Entitlement with the purchase of FIFA 23?

Unfortunately, Dual Entitlement is only available with the purchase of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition. The standard Edition of FIFA 23 does not include Dual Entitlement. That means if you purchase FIFA 23 Standard Edition on PlayStation 4 and upgrade to PS5 later, you will need to purchase the PS5 version of the game to play.

Can I upgrade from Playstation to Xbox?

Although it would be awesome, you will not be able to do this. The Dual Entitlement upgrade is only available when you upgrade from Playstation 4 to Playstation 5, or Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S.

EA Sports

Do I have to purchase FIFA 23 digitally to benefit from Dual Entitlement?

Unlike previous editions, where you could take advantage of Dual Entitlement on PS5 and Xbox Series X versions with a disc drive, this is no longer an option. You will need to purchase the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition, which is only available digitally, to take advantage of the Dual Entitlement feature.

Can I move my game progress to FIFA 23?

Like previous years, your Ultimate Team and Volta progress will be able to be carried over to the next-generation console. Other modes such as Online Seasons and Career Mode cannot be transferred, unfortunately. It is worth remembering at this point that you can only transfer from Playstation 4 to Playstation 5, or Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S.

Can I play players on different consoles?

After a limited start to cross-play in FIFA 22, you will now be able to match up against other players across consoles. specifically, this means you can face off against players on other same-generation platforms in select modes.

It gets a little confusing, but here is how EA Sports has explained things: “If you are playing the Playstation 4 version of FIFA 23, you will be able to match up and play with and against other players who are playing on the same version of FIFA 23. which includes players on Xbox One.

“If you are playing the Playstation 5 version of FIFA 23, you will be able to match up with and play against other players who are playing the next gen version. That means you can match up and play other players across Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Stadia.”

EA Sports

PS5 FIFA 23 bundle to be available in October

Rejoice, football fans and gamers! A Playstation 5 EA SPORTS FIFA 23 bundle will be available in the Philippines in October 2022 at PhP 33,890.

  • Playstation 5 console
  • DualSense wireless controller
  • PS5 software EA SPORTS FIFA 23 software disc
  • Pre-installed game, ASTRO’s Playroom
  • Other package inclusions (HDMI and USB cables, power cord, printed materials)

FIFA 23: What’s new

The latest version of the world-famous football video game features HyperMotion2 Technology. providing twice as much real-world motion capture to create a more realistic football animation in every match.

For the first time ever, Women’s Club Football will also be played. The Barclays FA Women’s Super league and Division 1 Arkema both available.

Both the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 have also come to FIFA 23 as post launch updates at no additional cost, which means one can play no less than the 2022 AFF Women’s Champions, the Filipinas.

Following cross-play tests for Online Friendlies and Online Season tests in FIFA 22, cross-play has now been expanded to accommodate more game modes for FIFA 23.

Ted Lasso is coming

AFC Richmond, the fictional English association club football team from the Emmy Award-winning TV show Ted Lasso has also been added to the roster of over 700 teams, bringing Ted Lasso and team stars like Jamie Tartt, Dani Rojas, Sam Obisanya, Roy Kent, and Isaac McAdoo to the game.

They will play at the Nelson Road home stadium, and FIFA 23 has made the squad playable across Career Mode, Kick-Off, Online Friendlies, and Online Seasons.

Lasso may even be a playable team manager in Career Mode. Players may also swap AFC Richmond into the Premier League or any other playable league under the mode.

Honkai Star Rail version 1.1 coming June 7

New events, missions, gameplay features

Honkai Star Rail has been speeding through players globally and the next pitstop features version 1.1 of the game. The aforementioned version will be called Galactic Roaming and will be available on June 7.

The latest update brings three new playable characters — Silver Wolf, Luocha, and Yukong. They have appeared in the intergalactic story before. Now, they can be officially recruited to assist in the grand space fantasy odyssey.

A series of trials will be added through “Stellar Flare,” “Garden of Plenty,” and “Lab Assistants in Position.” Some of which will put the combat techniques and the strategic thinking of the Trailblazer to the test, while providing bountiful rewards.

New missions, events

In the “Starhunt Game” event, the Trailblazers receive an invite from Herta Space Station’s network security engineer, Leonard. You can assist him to locate the electronic graffiti hidden across the station and uncover the secrets within. As part of the compensation, the graffiti designs can be collected and applied to the in-game surfaces.

In addition, in the city of Belobog, where citizens have finally been saved from the threat of Stellaron, the History Museum is getting ready to be reopened. In the “Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities” event, the Trailblazer will spare no effort to track down clues, recover the lost exhibits, and run the business as the museum manager.

Three new Companion Missions provide opportunities to gain in-depth stories of these intriguing characters. Some useful functional features will be implemented as well, such as the friend chat and automatic enemy pinpointing, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

Honkai Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.1 will arrive on June 7, 2023, on PC, Epic Games Store, iOS, and Android. Its Playstation version is under development. information will be revealed soon. With the cross-save and cross-play functions, players can enjoy their adventures across different platforms.

Ps5 fifa 23 bundle

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Best Gaming Consoles: PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and more

Trending Products

Sony Playstation 5 / PS5 Disc Edition Console FIFA 23 Bundle

The Playstation 5 Console EA SPORTS FIFA 23 Bundle brings The World’s Game to the pitch with HyperMotion Technology, Haptic Feedback, 3D Audio and more.

EA Sports FIFA 23 on PS5

Key Features

Lightning Speed: Harness the power of a custom CPU, GPU, and SSD with Integrated I/O that rewrites the rules of what a Playstation console can do.

Maximum Football. Announcement Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

HYPERMOTION2 Gameplay Technology: Powered by Football, advances to groundbreaking EA SPORTS FIFA HyperMotion gameplay technology take FIFA 23 to over 6000 true-to-life football animations that deliver realism every time you step on the pitch.

Haptic Feedback: Feel every tackle and experience a more true-to-life football experience in FIFA 23 with the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback.

Adaptive Triggers: Enjoy a new level of immersion with the DualSense wireless controller’s adaptive triggers.

Tempest 3D AudioTech: The pitch comes to life around you in EA SPORTS FIFA 23 with the PS5 console’s immersive Tempest 3D AudioTech. with stereo headphones (analogue or USB).


EA SPORTS FIFA 23 brings even more of the action and realism of football to the pitch in The World’s Game, with advances in HyperMotion Technology driven by twice as much real-world motion capture helping to create more true football animation than ever before in every match. Play the biggest tournaments in football with both the men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup coming to FIFA 23 during the season, play as women’s club teams powered by dedicated HyperMotion2 animation for the first time, plus enjoy cross-play features that make it easier to play against friends. Enjoy a new way to play and build your dream squad in FIFA Ultimate Team with FUT Moments and a revamped Chemistry system, or live out your football dreams in Career Mode as you define your personality as a player and manage some of football’s most famous names. In VOLTA FOOTBALL and Pro Clubs, bring more personality to the pitch with new levels of customisation and enhanced street and stadium gameplay. However you play, experience The World’s Game with over 19,000 players, 700 teams, 100 stadiums, and over 30 leagues. including the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, new Barclays FA Women’s Super League and France D1 Arkema with unrivalled authenticity in FIFA 23.

HyperMotion2 Technology. Advances to HyperMotion gameplay technology with twice as much match data capture unlock new features and bring over 6000 authentic animations taken from millions of frames of advanced match capture to FIFA 23.

FIFA World Cup. Experience the pinnacle of international football with the men’s FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023, with more information to follow in the build-up to each tournament.

Women’s Football. Play as women’s club teams for the first time in EA SPORTS FIFA history as the Barclays FA Women’s Super League and Division 1 Arkema come to FIFA 23 at launch. Plus, enjoy dedicated HyperMotion2 capture that powers the women’s game to make female players move authentically in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. FUT Moments and a revamped Chemistry system give you a whole new way to play and build your dream squad, as new ICONs and FUT Heroes join the game’s most popular mode.

VOLTA FOOTBALL. Get together with friends or the VOLTA FOOTBALL Community and express your style in new and upgraded VOLTA Arcades, with more ways to make your Avatar your own.

©2022 Electronic Arts Inc. EA, EA SPORTS, and the EA SPORTS logo are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc.’s Official FIFA licensed product. © FIFA and FIFA’s Official Licensed Product Logo are copyrights and/or trademarks of FIFA. All rights reserved. Manufactured under license by Electronic Arts Inc.

“Playstation”, “Playstation Family Mark”, “PS5 logo”, and “Play Has No Limits” are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. “Sony” is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

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