Dozens Of Popular Apps From Google Play Infect Android With Lots Of Ads

Dozens Of Popular Apps From Google Play Infect Android With Lots Of Ads

At the same time, applications that showed ads to users at the level of the entire operating system began to do this only a few days after installation, and sometimes weeks. That is why, most likely, no one could identify them as malware for a long period of time. The total number of installations of all detected programs with such “capabilities” exceeded 1.5 million, that is, now more than a million people suffer because of them, being always forced to see various kinds of ads on their smartphones and tablets, including one for adults. The malware was detected in the Sun Pro Beauty Camera and Funny Sweet Beauty programs, as well as in a number of others with similar capabilities.

This whole situation proves once again that you can’t just blindly download any application from Google Play, being completely sure that it is reliable and tested. Unfortunately, this is far from always the case. That is why it is worthwhile to carefully study the developers who offer this or that software for download. If a developer has a bad reputation, for example, associated with scandals, then it is better to refuse to use his applications for the sake of his own information security. Otherwise, it is likely to pick up a virus that will harm in any way, including by way of advertising.

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