Does Your Iphone 6s Have The Right To Repair

Does Your Iphone 6s Have The Right To Repair

The scandal that erupted this summer with unstable batteries at the flagship Samsung made a lot of hype, and the manufacturer was forced to withdraw the device. The brainchild of Apple. an improved s-series of iPhone 6, last year of release, suffered a similar sad fate. Mass complaints began to appear that in the iPhones of this series, unexpectedly, by themselves, the battery packs began to turn off, de-energizing the device when fully charged.

The peak of breakdowns occurred in the summer-autumn of 2016. In this connection, many users suspected that something was wrong. Well, different owners living in different countries could not have identical problems at the same time. For all of them, for no reason, smartphone batteries began to fail.

Representatives of the company for a long time did not admit their guilt in the premature failure of the devices, and invited users to fix the malfunction at their own expense. But nevertheless, in view of the mass appeal, in November of this year, the Cupertinians were forced to agree to a free battery replacement. in order to hush up the impending scandal. Especially after the recent flurry of claims of idle displays on the iPhone 6, and recognition of factory defects in them.

On its website. in the support section, the company officially confirmed the problem. The reason for this was a defective batch of batteries, which was installed in the pilot batch of iPhone 6s. Therefore, if you purchased your gadget almost immediately after the presentation, it is highly likely that the battery of such a device may soon become worthless.But users should not worry. By assurance Apple, defective batteries can potentially do no harm owner (ignite or explode in hands, for example). Built-in protection just blocks the operation of the system, which leads only to spontaneous shutdowns of the iPhone, without any special consequences for humans.

According to preliminary data, models produced during September-October last year are at risk. Before assembling, the batteries for them spent longer than they were supposed to under direct exposure to air, which led to oxidation and accelerated degradation of the batteries.

There are few such iPhones on sale, and the problem will certainly not be so global. You can check if the series of your device is covered by the program for free replacement of the battery module by the link: , directly on the manufacturer’s website.

You can find the serial number on the sticker attached to the company box. Another option is to look at it in the settings of the smartphone itself, but this method only works if the device is in working condition. You can also see it in iTunes on your PC. in the “Overview” tab (provided that you have previously paired the iPhone with this computer). In addition to the mandatory verification of the right to a free replacement, a number of rules are prescribed on the manufacturer’s website that must be followed before repair work begins.

Preparing an iPhone for repair

If the serial number of your device involves a free battery replacement, then before contacting the SC you need to remember the basic rules of cooperation. So, what do you need to do before you give your iPhone for repair?

Before returning for any service, you must create an actual backup of the device. Again, if the smartphone is working and it seems possible. The fact is that during the repair work, the devices are reset to factory settings by default. As a result, all user information is permanently deleted, and it is impossible to restore it without a backup.

Also necessary disable the function of protection against third-party access. “Find iPhone”. Otherwise, when you try to unlock the device, it may automatically lock, and the repair personnel will not be able to check its performance after replacing a failed node.

Also, it is possible that instead of the previous non-working iPhone You may be given another flashed replacement model. And in this case, there will be no talk about the preservation of personal information. For the same reasons, you should remove expensive covers from your smartphone (protective films and other accessories), since they are unlikely to return to their rightful owner.

To prevent possible leakage of personal data, the manufacturer recommends to the user erase iPhone yourself– immediately after creating the backup. The only difficulty here is to launch a device that constantly flies into reboot, and even so that it can last about an hour until actual backups are created.

Also, if before the start of repair. during the diagnosis of the iPhone, mechanical damage is detected, the user will be asked to first repair them (at his own expense). And only then he can count on warranty service.

Hidden risks of free factory service

In principle, all of these rules should be followed for any contact with service centers. You must come to them with the original packaging so that responsible employees can verify the authenticity of the device, and thereby confirm your legal right to free service.

The problem is that far from all regions of the country have authorized Apple service centers. It is possible that you have to send your iPhone to another city, or even a country. And it is unlikely that the manufacturer will compensate you for these costs, and to sue Apple is a thankless task.

However, all customers 6S, by independently replacing a failed defective battery module (or rather paying for the procedure at authorized service centers), the manufacturer promises to compensate for the costs incurred. To get compensation, again, you have to apply for the information given in this post link.

All this is good, but in such an “attraction of unprecedented generosity” there is a small, and very unpleasant remark.

Pcompany representatives are free to decide in their court on the place of replacement of a faulty battery pack from a defective batch. And often this requirement involves repairs only at the place of purchase of the device.

In other words, if you, in order to save money, purchased new iPhones in America or Europe, then now you have to correspond and send them for free after-sales service exactly to the place where the purchase was made. And this is only two weeks to send back and forth, and all this at your expense. And it is not a fact that for a period of long trials the company will provide you with a replacement smartphone. So, in fact, for all this time you will be left without a means of communication.

Calmly, without panic!

But you should not immediately run to change the battery if your device continues to work normally. Even if an iPhone from a potentially “problem” party is occasionally disconnected, this is a variant of the norm. The protection just protects the circuit board in case of any kind of circumstances destabilizing the system (overheating, overcooling, etc.). This is normal!

In addition, the company promised in the next global iOS updates to eliminate this effect by software, so that the battery does not reach the limit with the subsequent “shutdown”. In the meantime, an algorithm will be written in the current firmware version that allows you to collect and analyze information about the battery operation parameters in order to have a complete picture of this vulnerability. You may not have to change anything.

Also, in case of non-critical malfunctions, it makes sense until the last to use the resource of the old battery, and postpone the visit to the center, so that after an official replacement you get a new battery.

In which case you have enough time to get free help (replacement). if the device finally refuses to work. According to the manufacturer, this program will be valid for three years from the date of sale of the device. Therefore, be sure to keep all receipts with the date of purchase!