Does Samsung Pay are working now. Maps linking instructions for Samsung Pay

How to replace Samsung Pay if it does not work in the Central Bank in its press release mentioned only two payment services, there is another representative of the big three-Samsung Pay. For an unknown reason, Korean contactless payments have not yet announced the closure of banks. However, I would not trust this too much.

Judging by information from open sources, South Korea plans to join sanctions, which means that the maps of the five previous Samsung Pay banks can also be deactivated. But again, like Google Pay, Samsung Pay will continue to use cards of other banks, besides the five above.

Samsung Pay | Как работает и почему это удобно

Samsung Pay alternative to March 2022

Sber Pay

Sber Pay-a payment system that allows you to use a smartphone for contactless and online transaction. When making transactions, the card is not needed. The use of the application in question is completely safe. Guarantees the safety of payment data. Using sberpay for individuals free. The installation requires Android Smartphone. Also, to use this system, it is necessary to be a client of Sberbank and have a VISA, MasterCard card, world.

The main advantages of using the Sberpay system are:

  • Payment occurs instantly. You just need to bring the smartphone to the terminal and confirm the of the funds.
  • The integration is simple and understandable. Before making a payment, the card owner sees a debit card, the amount and currency of the payment on the screen.
  • You can remove cash at the ATM without using the card.
  • Safety of payments for purchases on the Internet.
  • When making payments through Sberpay, the bank is exempted from commission expenses.

Among the shortcomings of this system are restrictions in the application: Sberpay is available to owners of Android smartphones who have a Sberbank card.

Sberpay payment system is part of the Sberbank online mobile application. There is no need to install additional programs.

You will need: to connect the system:

  • Enter the Sberbank application online. If it is not installed on the phone, it must be downloaded through the official store.
  • For registration in Sberbank-Online, you will need to indicate the card number and enter the SMS-Parol. The message will be sent to the number tied to the map. Then the code for entering the application is set. Select an alternative access method. For example, it can be scanning fingerprints.

Link for installing the Sberbank-Online application: Sberpay:

To connect the card to the Sberpay service, you need:

  • Select the map and click on the “Connect Sberpay” function. Here you will see a message that you need to configure the screen lock on a mobile device. This is necessary to ensure the safety of contactless payments.
  • Service configuration. To work with Sberpay, it is important to make sure that the NFC option is included on your smartphone.

Other cards are connected similarly to the service. Using Sberbank Online, it is possible to disable Sberpay at any time or change the main card used to pay for purchases.

In practice, to make a transaction, it is necessary to bring a mobile device to the payment terminal, and then return it to its original position. Enter the unlock code or attach a finger to the scanner. Check the amount and debit card. Bring the device to the terminal and wait for the message “Operation Confirmed”.

Separately, it is worth noting the line of maps of the world proposed by Sberbank. We have already analyzed its advantages and disadvantages. You can issue and get a pension card, social (for benefits), a salary of peace, youth and children’s, as well as a card of instant output in Sberbank. In separate materials, we analyze the conditions and characteristics: what are the limits for cash withdrawal, maximum production time and service price.

“World Pay”

MIR PAY is a mobile payment system developed by the Mir payment system, designed for contactless payment by cards of the Mir payment system using a smartphone using NFC. Is an analogue of Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay.

Mir Pay payment service can be installed on a smartphone based on Android. It allows us to carry out regular payment transactions, today you can connect Mir cards to more than 80 banks.

According to the Ministry of Construction, iPhone owners can pay a smartphone if there is a Mir card, which is currently working with Apple Pay. The exception is the Mir cards of banks under sanctions.

  • Open Google Play and enter Mir Pay in the search bar.
  • Click on the Mir Pay icon and go to the details.
  • Click “install”, wait for download and open the application.

After installing the application, it is necessary to start registering the card. This will need:

  • Enter the mobile application.
  • Select the option “Add card”.
  • Screw the card or manually enter your data: number, validity, name and surname of the holder, CVV code.
  • Check out the rules of the bank and put a checkplace for familiarization.
  • A message with a password will come to the phone tied to the card. With it, you need to activate the card.
  • The payment service will be ready for use after the inscription “To pay for payment, bring the phone to the terminal” on the main screen of the application “.

The first card added to the application will be used to pay for purchases. If several more cards are registered in the application, the money will be automatically written off from the first. To change the card with which funds are suitable, you need to change the settings. To do this, you need to enter the application and in the section “Cards” change the default icon opposite the desired card.

To pay for purchases via Mir Pay, you need to unlock the smartphone and bring it back to the terminal. Sometimes you need to enter a PIN code.

Samsung Pay will continue to work in

Samsung Pay contactless payment service continues to work in some operations may not be available to users. This was reported by Samsung.

“The Samsung Pay service continues its work in the federation,” the report said on March 14 on the company’s official page on the social network.

At the same time, it is noted that due to restrictions on international payment systems in relation to banks, some operations may currently be unavailable. Among them are payments and money transfers using Samsung Pay Visa and MasterCard banks.

Samsung Pay. Как настроить? Как пользоваться?

In addition, the publication indicates that payments on Mir cards of any banks work at Samsung Pay without restrictions.

Earlier, on March 6, the Central Bank said that the Apple Pay and Google Pay services for Visa and MasterCard payment systems will not be available for contactless payment using the smartphone, the MIR PAY mobile payment service, which can be installed on Android smartphone, the regulator noted.

Then, the suspension of work in Visa and Mastersard payment systems in response to a special operation to protect Donbass was announced about the suspension of work. It was noted that this decision will not affect the use of cards within the country.

Since 2014, the Ukrainian authorities have been conducting a military operation against residents of Donbass, who refused to recognize the results of the coup and new power in Ukraine. February 17, 2022, the situation in the region worsened. Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) announced universal mobilization, evacuation of civilians in and asked for help.

On February 21, President Vladimir Putin signed decrees on the recognition of the independence of the DPR and LPR, as well as contracts that, among other things, provide for military assistance to each other.

February 24, Putin announced the beginning of a special operation to protect the civilian population of Donbass. Disagreed with its western country began to introduce new antisanctions.

relevant videos and details about the situation in the Donbass, see the Izvestia television channel.

How to get around the block Samsung Pay so that everything works

Working methods of how to get around the block Samsung Pay in the phone, is not so much. You can tie the world card and continue to use the service, configure payment through Yuman with credit cards Visa and Maskard, or switch to another software (such as Mirpay). And many users do not particularly bother and hide the plastic under the smartphone cover. What is not a bypass of blocking Samsung Pay? Which option is more suitable for you?

How to get around the ban?

The question about bypassing the blocking of Samsung Pay in arose due to the fact that since March Visa and MasterCard cards have stopped working in the system. Because of this, contactless payment by the phone has become unavailable to many users. But in fact, for Samsung Pay customers, a prohibition of prohibition is not so needed. After all, they still have access to payment with the help of the world.

The easiest way to get around the ban Samsung Pay on the use of Visa and MasterCard cards is to tie the world to the system. over, you can arrange them in digital version directly in the bank application. For example, in Sberbank this function is displayed directly to the starting page:

Please note that we need a credit card supporting the national payment system world. Only with its help it is now permissible to pay a phone.

does, samsung, working, maps

Now go to the payment service and tie the plastic there. For this:

Immediately after activation, start using the service.


If you continue to use a visa and a mastercard in Samsung Pay, how to get around the blocking of cards without the release of new plastic, the question is not easy. You can definitely say that adding locked payment systems to the service will no longer be possible. But you can bypass Visa and MasterCard with the help of Humani’s service. For this:

  • Install Yumani on the phone. You will not find the application in Play Market, so you will have to download it from the official site;
  • Pull the smartphone camera on the QR code and scan it;
  • Do not pay attention to the warning, click “still download”;
  • If you have Android 8 and higher, then allow the settings from the browser in the settings. The item can be hidden in the section “Security” (“Allow the installation from unknown sources”);
  • When the installation is completed, open software;
  • Pass the registration;
  • Go to the “maps” section;
  • And release an instant contactless credit card;
  • Replenish the wallet account from any card (no matter the visa, mastercard, world) or in the application itself or through the software of the bank. For example, in Sberbank online this can be done through the SBP service;
  • Now turn on the NFC payment in the smartphone settings;
  • Install Yuman as the main method of payment from the phone;
  • To pay contactlessly, bring the mobile device to the reader and unlock the smartphone;
  • If the amount is over 1000, you will have to enter a pin code.
does, samsung, working, maps

Perhaps this is not the easiest way to get around the ban Samsung Pay to use Visa and Mastercard. Nevertheless, you can continue to continue using payment systems without the release of a credit card World.


There are other applications to get around the restrictions on Samsung Pay and continue to pay for purchases contactlessly from the phone. For example, you can switch to Mirpay. In order to use the program, you need a bank card world. over, many users note that the service works poorly with a virtual credit card, often payment does not pass. Therefore, you will have to get real plastic in the bank. Further:

  • Enter the details or use the scanner to automatically read data;
  • Activate the binding;
  • Configure the payment method (Touch ID, PIN, etc.);
  • Install Mirpay in the settings as the main payment tool.
  • Ready! You can go shopping!
does, samsung, working, maps

Of course, this will not allow you to use Samsung Pay, to circumvent sanctions and blocking cards in the system. But on the other hand it will be possible to further pay a phone in the store.


After Samsung Pay was banned how to get around the lock, dozens, or even hundreds of thousands of service users thought. And they found a little trick. Instead of guessing how to cope with the lock, they just put a credit card under the phone cover. Now, when you need to pay in the store, you can simply attach a smartphone (or rather a card under the case) to the terminal.

How to use?

Remember that the service does not support all cards and not all banks. Therefore, it is better to immediately check on the official website of the participants. And on the spot to decide which issuer is not supported.

And what problems did you face? Did you manage to solve them on your own and make everything work?

What are the banks under the sight

The United States in response to a military operation in Ukraine imposed sanctions against VTB, “discoveries”, Sovcombank, Promsvyazbank and Novikombank. They are actually isolated from the dollar system: their accounts and assets in the American currency are blocked. Maps of these five banks cannot be paid using Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Restrictions against Sberbank is softer. Bank assets in US jurisdiction are not frozen. Financial institutions are given for 30 days to close any corses of Sberbank and begin to reject any transactions with the participation of the bank or its “daughters”. Similar sanctions were introduced against Sberbank Great Britain.

Restrictions against Gazprombank, RSHB, Alfa-Bank and credit bank are valid for the provision of funding and other operations with new debt obligations with a maturity of more than 14 days. Also. with the placement of new shares.

In the Central Bank “Newspaper.Ru “advised to carry a card with you for payment. Nevertheless, “plastic” can be lost, it can be stolen. The phone is always at hand.

Two more problems arise. Several people can use one card using PAY-for example, husband and wife or parents and children. In this case, only someone one can wear physical “plastic”. In addition, virtual cards, which already occupy almost a quarter of the banking cards market, are produced without physical media.

“Newspaper.Ru “found out what alternative payment services using a smartphone are working right now.

Mir Pay

MIR PAY. application of the Mir payment system for contactless payment using a smartphone. You can pay MIR Pay in any terminal in which the cards “Mir” are accepted. The application is available only to owners of devices based on Android OS (from version 6.0 and above) and supporting NFC technology. In Mir Pay, you need to scan the card or add it manually, then activate it. For payment, just bring the phone to the POS terminal and pass the check on the face or fingerprint.

You can download in the App Store and Google Play Umoney wallet (formerly Yandex.Money”). After registering in Yumoney. You will immediately have a virtual card. it is free. It works on the Internet and offline. it can be added to Apple Pay or Google Pay or other service.

How to pay a gadget now

For readers, we have prepared a selection of systems that will replace Apple, Samsung and Google Pay.

Mir Pay

Mir Pay. an application from the Mir payment system for phones that operate on Android. Payment with the help of the Pay world is available everywhere where the cards of this PS are accepted and the NFC reading is connected. Contactless payment using this application will be available only with MIR card.

The connection of the system also does not cause problems. It is necessary to open the application and enter the data of your physical or virtual card to it manually or scan with a camera. After one and a half or two minutes of simple connection and authentication, you can use the application fully and at any time, as soon as there is a need to pay for something through a POS terminal.

Mir Pay is a convenient analogue of Google and Samsung Pay disconnected in our country. At the moment, you can pay for purchases using MIR PAY by Mir cards of more than 80 banks. The Pay World application contains many popular and relevant functions, for example, it is accompanied by a voice assistant named Volodya.

Halva knows how to force your “money tree” to bloom in any conditions: buy goods in 250,000 partner stores in an amount of up to 500,000, receive a cashback up to 10% and increase savings in a convenient online spike to 8% per annum. Make a card and get a “golden key” of financial well.being!

Recall that the MIR card operates in the territory, in the CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia), and in Turkey, the UAE, in Cyprus and in Vietnam.

Also one of the largest online stores in the world-Chinese “AliExpress”-joined the support of the MIR payment system cards and connected the possibility of paying through the payment system.

Owners of the PS “Mir” card can put money without a commission on an account through any ATM. When connecting a cashback, you will have the opportunity to get bonuses for purchases. In addition to the cashback provided by your bank, the card holder will be able to get a return for:

  • Payment of a trip to the subway (using MIR PAY);
  • purchase of travel tickets in public transport of the capital of the country;
  • discount for pensioners in such grocery stores-vertheilers as Dixie and Magnit;
  • Discounts for life and health insurance in a number of companies;
  • Cashback when buying on the Ozon marketplace.

Some financial “buns” are also available, for example, payment of services without a commission on the Public Service portal and on the official website of the City Hall of smartphones on IOS and Android operating systems created the application “Hello, World!”, In which you can find a description of all stocks on the map and information on cashback.

PAY wallet

Another convenient service for contactless payment of purchases from your account. “Pay wallet”. is available only to owners of smartphones based on Android 6.0 “and above. Of course, the application is available to the owners of the phone based on iOS, but more as the archive of data on cards.

During the preparation of the article for the “wallet”, it was possible to attach VISA and MasterCard payment systems cards. However, from 10.03.2022 due to the decision of these companies to leave the financial market distance payment does not work.

PS “Mir”, unfortunately, does not support the application.

Bank cards continue to work in the territory. they can pay for purchases, as before. Payment details you can learn more from the representative of your bank.

Halva universal card is not just a convenient payment tool. It seems like a Swiss knife contains dozens of useful financial instruments in one plastic and mobile application. Keshbek up to 10%, installments of 250,000 stores and income for a remainder of up to 8.5% with free maintenance. Make your life sweeter and more convenient!

SBP and kuar codes

One of the most affordable payment methods is through QR codes at the checkout. If you use the Internet banking of a credit institution, then find in the application the function “Payment for a QR code” and scan the image. The application will open the payment tab, and you can easily transfer money to the organization.

Individual entrepreneurs and self-employed can pay for services and goods within the framework of Internet banking, simple translations (sometimes a commission is charged for them) and if such a function is connected, through a system of quick payments.

If you urgently needed a certain amount, then take a loan on favorable terms. Calculate the monthly payment on the online calculator and send an application.

Samsung decided to abolish the Samsung Pay service in its smartphones. another will be replaced by another. This is reported by The Verge.

According to the source, such Samsung Pay as we knew it will soon cease to exist. The Korean company decided to completely re.register this service and turn it from a payment tool into a full digital wallet.

Now Samsung Wallet will appear on the brand smartphones. a full digital purse. It replaces the existing proprietary applications PAY, PASS and Blockchein Wallet, and also integrates with Smartthings.

You can add bank cards, digital keys to home or cars to the new Wallet, transport or events, club and discount cards, digital certificates-ID cards, driver’s license and so on. In addition, now with the help of a new application it will be possible to pay with cryptocurrency and track Smart tags on personal things.

Samsung Wallet is already available in several countries of the world on brand smartphones running Android 9 or newer. Gradually, it will spread to most devices around the world. Samsung will tell more details at his upcoming Unpacked event.

Recall that Samsung Pay began working with interruptions in March 2022. Add or use Visa/MasterCard card in this service will now not work, and not everyone is working for Mir cards. Users of Android Smartphones are increasingly switching to MIR PAY.

The court forbade Samsung Pay

As well as the import and sale of smartphones that use this payment system. Earlier, the arbitration court ruled that the Korean giant illegally uses the invention protected by the patent

The arbitration court, due to a patent dispute, banned import into and the sale of 61 models of Samsung phones on its territory. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. and its subsidiary of Samsung Elektrokes RUS Company LLC was submitted by SQWin SA, registered in Switzerland. The reason is the use of the invention in the patent 686003 without the consent of the copyright holder, which is the Square SA itself.

The flagship Samsung Galaxy S21, the latest flexible models Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Samsung Galaxy Fold, as well as other devices released since 2017, were banned. In fact, we are talking about all the brand’s running smartphones.

In addition, the court decided to ban the work of Samsung Pay, which “uses the invention protected in accordance with the federation patent”.

But the decision did not enter into force, it is still possible to import and sell it to the mentioned smartphones, as you pay for purchases using Samsung Pay. Electronics sellers have already reported the absence of any problems with Samsung smartphones.

The Korean giant has a month to appeal the decision of the arbitration court most likely, Samsung will dispute the results of the examinations considered by the court and seek cancellation of the patent itself, suggests Partner 2b.Law Office Anton Gorodetsky:

Anton Gorodetsky Partner 2b.Law Office “Since the patent system is national in nature, the court decision can affect the Samsung segment primarily. However, the decision may also have a certain influence on countries that are included in the Eurasian Economic Union and having a common customs territory, in any case, the point in this story should definitely not be expected before the moment of consideration in the court in intellectual rights. And, in addition, most likely, in the near future we will see Samsung’s lawsuit about challenging the reality of granting the legal protection of the plaintiff invention ”.

Samsung’s claim was filed by the little.known Swiss company SQWin SA, which owns the right to a patent describing the electronic payment system. The application for it was submitted in 2013, that is, earlier than Samsung launched his payment service. The author of the patent is a certain Victor Gulchenko. SQWin SA has several more similar patents of the same author registered in Germany, South Korea, Japan, the USA and China. That is, Samsung problems can arise not only in the inventor itself does not know anything. The only thing that was found in one of the American patents was that he lived in German Frankfurt two years ago. According to Spark-Inteac, Viktor Gulchenko is a member of the board of directors of Avtodom JSC. Whether it is about the same person, it is incomprehensible.

In the controversial patent, the formula of the invention is described as “a method for conducting online payment using a mobile device of the buyer and the seller’s cash system, which are connected by wireless connection of any known standards and protocols”.

Here’s how the author of the “Summer Technology” program for Business FM Denis Samsonov commented on the claim to Samsung:

Denis Samsonov author of the Summer Technology program on Business FM “I think that both the market and all participants want this attack of the patent troll to be challenged. And this is, in a sense, a test for our judicial system, which should beat off such. I think that the market and all market participants will monitor what is happening. In the ideal world, such cases do not go through “.

But the world is not perfect. For example, in 2006, Canadian Blackberry paid a patent troll under a pre.trial agreement of more than 600 million. And this is far from the only case of this kind.

There were stories and with a happy ending. So, in the late 1990s, a glass vessel was patented, according to the description corresponding to a regular bottle. The owner of the patent tried to achieve deductions from the manufacturers of glass containers, but nothing came of it. Subsequently, this patent was canceled.

The court forbade the use of Samsung Pay what will happen to the service?

The Arbitration Court forbade the work of Samsung Pay to the court, satisfied the claim of the Swiss company Skvin Sa to Samsung Electronics and its representative office about the unlawful use of their patented technology.

According to Kommersant, Skvin Ca owns the right to a device registered in as an invention “for a online payment using a mobile device of the buyer and the seller’s cash system”. From the data “Yandex.Patent “it follows that the application was submitted in December 2013. And Samsung Pay was launched only in 2016, it appeared a year later.

What the Korean IT giant is now, the lawyer Forward Legal Lyudmila Lukyanova argues.

Lyudmila Lukyanova Lawyer Forward Legal “The formulation itself is not enough. As I understand it from the arbitration case of arbitration cases regarding the decision that took place against Samsung, just the court established such borrowings as part of a forensic examination, so I thought that Samsung illegally uses someone else’s invention in its payment system. The first step, the most reasonable and the most logical, is to appeal the court decision that took place against Samsung now. If the decision enters into force and Samsung continues to ignore it, for him this is fraught with responsibility. Therefore, the direction of the fight against the claims of the discovered patent holder. appealing the decision in court, appeal to independent complaints about the absence, for example, of independent novelty and values ​​of the invention, which is registered with the Swiss company, or an alternative path. this is the conclusion with the Swiss company of the amicable agreement and Settlement of mutual claims and questions to each other in a non.court order “.

The press service of the Samsung “Kommersant” said that so far they have only been studying the documents received. “No changes in the company’s operational activities are currently planned,” her representatives say.

Samsung RAU use 17% of users of mobile payment systems. Google Pay is considered the most popular. 32% of users, Apple Pay has 30%. In order to somehow compete with leaders, the Korean company simply needs to appeal the arbitration decision, says the head of the sales department of the international payment provider Ecommapay in Maxim Makarov.

Maxim Makarov, head of the sales department of the international payment provider Ecommpay in “From my point of view, came with this claim to Samsung for the simple reason that among the three mastodons Samsung Pay are the least users. This means that, most likely, the negativity among users will be much less than if they came with the same Apple or Google, because at least even Samsung phones use Google Pay, and they do not use Samsung Pay not so much users. There are no fundamental differences between these technologies, in fact, that Apple, that Google, that Samsung Pay implies simply the creation of a virtual card that is attached to the account of physical. Will Samsung dispute or ignore it, I don’t know, but I very poorly believe that this case will come to the end and Samsung Pay will be banned. The patent itself is written in quite general words, with the same success they can come to Apple and Google, but for some reason they do not do this. What is this company that filed this lawsuit, I honestly could not understand and find. If they give a move, I think that they calmly dispute it. At least, I think that they will definitely do this, because Samsung Pay is not the most popular thing in Android telephone, I think they still want to take about the same position as Google with Apple. By the way, it is quite possible that this is done even to attract even more attention directly to Samsung Pay “.

The court’s decision says that Samsung is prohibited “the use of products that include Samsung RAU, namely the proposal for sale, other introduction to civilian circulation in the territory, this does not imply a ban on the sale of smartphones. If in a month the company does not appeal the court order, it will just have to refuse the pre.installation of the system on the phones. Many Samsung users and previously more often used the payment service from Google due to its convenience.