Does Samsung A8 Support Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging for Samsung Galaxy S8: Review and Experience

Today we will talk about the Samsung Wireless Charger Convertible for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Both flagship smartphones come with a regular power supply, so you have to buy a wireless charger separately. I will detail this accessory which wears the model number EP-PG950BBRGRU, and I will share my personal experience of using.

Does Samsung A8 Support Wireless Charging

To begin with, the original Samsung Galaxy S8 wireless charger has a foldable design. You can either put the phone down so it looks at you, or just put it down. The adapter unfolds in just two steps: push forward and the panel moves up like a slider, then tilt the cover towards you.

The phone can be charged in any position, whether sideways or on the back.


The Samsung Wireless Charger Convertible isn’t cheap, but its bundle is scarce. Charging goes in an economical box with a transparent cover, and there is nothing but an adapter from USB Type-C to microUSB. You will have to use the cable and power adapter that came with your smartphone.

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Could, I think, put a good cable along with the wireless charger to have a spare in your bag just in case. I have to pull out the cable every time I go somewhere to recharge my Samsung Galaxy S8 on the go. I don’t like it to say the least.

Materials and build quality

The body is made of high-quality plastic, which does not emit any unnecessary sounds during charging. The mechanism that underlies the folding design works perfectly. No complaints.

I really liked the surface of the adapter. It is very soft, so I don’t worry if my smartphone will get scratched. It feels like it is leather, but in reality it is not. It took too little time to realize how hard this material is, but I can say that nothing happened to it in more than two months. Not even scratches.

Using a more premium material, such as aluminum, is not possible because the metal is in the way of electric current transmission.

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Is it convenient to use wireless charging?

In short, very much. Whether you come home or go to bed. Put your phone on the wireless charging pad and the phone charges in fast or normal mode. Yes, Samsung Wireless Charger Convertible has fast charging function. This is a new technology. It charges the smartphone 50 minutes faster than the one used in the previous generation chargers.

I should note that fast charging is only relevant if the phone is in standby mode. As soon as you turn on the screen, the usual.

From my own experience, the Samsung S8 charges from 0% to 100% in about 2 hours. If you want to use the phone at the same time, the charging time will increase to 3 hours. As for the S8 Plus, given its larger battery, it will take noticeably longer to charge.

When you place your smartphone on the stand, the LED indicator at the bottom lights up. Thus, the user can see whether the battery is charging or not. In the process, this light shines blue, but when it ends, it turns green.

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Which phones is this wireless charger suitable for??

The Wireless Charger Convertible uses Qi technology, which is widely used by smartphone manufacturers. The list of compatible gadgets includes not only Samsung models. This wireless charger will work with all devices that support the Qi standard.

Specifically, Samsung claims 100% compatibility with the following models:

  • Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge
  • Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus

The price of the device is 4,990 rubles, which at first glance seems too expensive. Consider the fact that the Wireless Charger Convertible saves you the dreaded wires. over, this accessory looks very good, especially in black. There is also an option in a light brown shade. In this design it resembles a shell in which a pearl is hiding.

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